萨拉博士|2020/08/31 为了推迟2020年总统大选,会不会制造一个假旗?

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萨拉博士|2020/08/31  为了推迟2020年总统大选,会不会制造一个假旗?

On November 4,2016,NASA,FEMA,the Department of Energy,Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL),U.S.Air Force,and the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services collaborated in a planning exercise simulating a destructive asteroid impact set for September 20,2020.The exercise planners envisaged that the asteroid,up to 800 feet(250 meters)in size,would hit somewhere along a narrow band across Southern California or just off the Pacific Coast.



Here's what the NASA/JPL news release had to say about the simulated asteroid impact hypothesized to take place in three weeks time:


The exercise simulated a possible impact four years from now—a fictitious asteroid imagined to have been discovered this fall with a 2 percent probability of impact with Earth on September 20,2020.The simulated asteroid was initially estimated to be between 300 and 800 feet(100 and 250 meters)in size,with a possibility of making impact anywhere along a long swath of Earth,including a narrow band of area that crossed the entire United States.


In the fictitious scenario,observers continued to track the asteroid for three months using ground-based telescope observations,and the probability of impact climbed to 65 percent.Then the next observations had to wait until four months later,due to the asteroid's position relative to the sun.Once observations could resume in May of 2017,the impact probability jumped to 100 percent.By November of 2017,it was simulated that the predicted impact would occur somewhere in a narrow band across Southern California or just off the coast in the Pacific Ocean.


This is not the first or only simulated asteroid impact exercise designed by scientists and government agencies.A more recent asteroid impact exercise occurred in 2019 and hypothesized an asteroid impact for New York City on April 29,2027.An asteroid similar in size to that envisaged earlier back in November 2016,would hit with a destructive force ranging from 100 to 800 megatons.


It's worth noting that the largest hydrogen bomb test in history,the 1961 Tsar Bomba,had a destructive force of 50 megatons."Coincidentally",Russia just released classified footage of the Tsar Bomba showing its destructive effects in the remote Arctic region of Novaya Zemlya.Clearly,if an asteroid were to hit the continental U.S.or just off the Pacific Coast with anywhere near an 800 megaton destructive yield,an entire region would be devastated with an extremely high death toll.



What gives the September 20,2020 asteroid impact simulation great relevance today is not the approaching target date for a hypothetical asteroid impact,but a series of worrying scientific and political developments.These developments firmly point to a major false flag attack that is about to be unleashed by the Deep State in a last-ditch effort to prevent the 2020 Presidential election from occurring.


In evaluating the possibility that an asteroid impact is about to be staged in real life for a political agenda,it's worth pointing out that Dr.Werner von Braun,former head of NASA's Marshall Flight Center,was the first to reveal that a false flag asteroid attack would one day be staged by the Deep State.

在评估小行星撞击是否可能为了政治目的而在现实生活中上演时,值得指出的是,前 NASA 马歇尔飞行中心负责人沃纳··布劳恩博士,是第一个揭露有一天深海之州会上演小行星撞击假旗的人。

In 1974,he confided in Carol Rosin,a former executive to Fairchild Industries,about a sequence of false flag events that would be orchestrated by the Deep State in order to promote their agenda for the weaponization of space.

1974年,他向费柴尔德的前任执行官 Carol Rosin 透露,深海国家将策划一系列假旗事 件,以推动他们的太空武器化议程。[链接到以前的文章]

Von Braun said that an asteroid attack would be orchestrated once the Deep State had exhausted earlier contrived threats posed in turn by the Russians,terrorists,and nations of concern.When such threats no longer carried the political justification for massive military spending,a new scenario would be thrust upon the American public in order to maintain and even increase military spending further.This would ultimately lead to the weaponization of space,according to Von Braun.


What makes Von Braun's warning particularly important given the September 20 date set in the 2016 asteroid impact exercise is the closing of over 100 of the Earth's largest observatories due to the COVID-19 crisis.There appears to be no real health justification for such unprecedented closures.After all,night-time telescopes are largely automated involving relatively few astronomers.

鉴于2016920日的小行星撞击演习,Von Braun 的警告显得尤为重要,因为新型冠状病毒肺炎天文台危机,100多个地球上最大的天文台被关闭。这种前所未有的关闭似乎没有真正的健康理由。毕竟,夜间望远镜在很大程度上是自动化的,只有相对较少的天文学家参与。

What makes this situation even more remarkable is the recent"accidental damage"to the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico.On August 11,2020,a large cable snapped,making the observatory unusable for the foreseeable future.This means that at this critical time,when asteroids are regularly being reported to be just missing the Earth,there are currently very few astronomers observing the night sky.


According to Steven Jonowieck of the McDonald Observatory in Texas:


If everybody in the world stops observing,then we have a gap in our data that you can't recover…This will be a period that we in the astronomy community have no data on what happened.


Jonowieck's comment is critical since it confirms that there is no independent astronomical data on what is currently happening in space.What makes this even more telling is that in the 2016 Asteroid Impact exercize set for September 2020,observatories played the key role in identifying and tracking the asteroid before its destructive impact.


Here's what Shepard Ambellas,from Intellihub,had to say about the recent closing of observatories:

以下是来自 Intellihub Shepard Ambellas 对于最近关闭的天文台的看法:

Defying all logic,a number of telescopes and observatories around the world remain closed amid the coronavirus pandemic while the impact risk of near-earth Earthbound objects remains at an all-time high.Over 100 telescopes have been reported to have been shut down in a move that virtually makes no sense and now one of the world's largest radio telescopes named the Arecibo Observatory has been rendered inoperable after sustaining damage after cable unexpectedly snapped creating about a 100-foot long gash in the dish itself,furthering fueling the problem…


To make matters worse,the Puerto Rico-based telescope was tracking a near-Earth object when it went offline.Withal,there has never been a more perfect time for an asteroid to strike and the Department of Defense,the White House,and other agencies are aware.


With the closure of so many observatories,if the Deep State was planning to stage a false flag asteroid attack,this would be the perfect time for it.There would be relatively few professional astronomers with data that could refute the narrative put out by government agencies and mainstream news sources if a false flag event were to occur.

随着这么多天文台的关闭,如果深州计划发动一次假标志性的小行星攻击,这将是它的完美时机。如果假旗事 件发生,能够驳斥政府机构和主流新闻来源叙述的数据的专业天文学家相对较少。

For example,if covert space weapons such as "Rods of God",were used to simulate an asteroid strike,there would be few astronomers with data to challenge a contrived official narrative orchestrated by the Deep State using their worldwide media assets.



Why now?One powerful reason is the Deep State's assessment through internal polling that Donald Trump is going to easily win the 2020 Presidential election.This is supported by multiple polls showing that Trump is making major inroads among independent and minority voters with his law and order approach.Joe Biden is also showing no real desire to get out to meet with voters,seriously tackle Trump head-on,and there are even calls now for him to abandon the debates.

为什么是现在?一个有力的原因是深州通过内部民调评估唐纳德·特朗普将轻松赢得2020年总统大选。多项民调显示,特朗普的法律和秩序策略在独立选民和少数族裔选民中取得了重大进展,这一点得到了支持。乔·拜登(Joe Biden)也没有表现出与选民见面、认真应对特朗普的真实愿望,甚至现在有人呼吁他放弃辩论。

Even impartial left-leaning observers,such as Dr.Jonathan Turley,a Georgetown University Professor,are mystified by the Democratic Party's lack of desire to condemn the riots and violence that has affected major urban areas and led to social chaos.This is leading to a massive swing to Trump as the law and order President.

即使是不偏不倚的左倾观察家,如乔治城大学教授 Jonathan Turley 博士,也对民主党缺乏谴责骚乱和暴力的意愿感到困惑,这些骚乱和暴力已经影响到主要的城市地区并导致了社会混乱。这将导致特朗普成为法律和秩序方面的总统。

It's as though Democratic leaders have abandoned any hope of winning the election and are promoting widespread social chaos in the hope of pinning the blame on Trump in a desperate Hail Mary move.


What the above circumstantial evidence suggests is that rather than have Trump win another election,the Deep State is instead about to unleash a major false flag operation to prevent the 2020 election from occurring.


This would create even more chaos since the U.S.Constitution has no provision for President Trump remaining in office beyond January 20,2021.This would also impact the House of Representatives and 1/3 of Senators who are facing reelection on November 3,and whose terms expire on January 3,2021.


This is how Alan Dershowitz,a retired Harvard University Professor,who has Deep State ties through his close association with the convicted pedophile,Jeffery Epstein,frames the issue:

退休的哈佛大学教授艾伦·德肖维茨(Alan Dershowitz)通过与被判有恋童癖的杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffery Epstein)的密切联系,与深州有着密切联系。他是这样阐述这个问题的:

What does the Constitution provide in the event that an emergency precludes an election before the end of a term of the president?…We begin,of course,with the words of the Constitution….the 20th Amendment says"the terms of the president and vice president shall end at noon"on January 20.Nothing could seem clearer…


But if there is no election,there is no president elect nor vice president elect.Congress does provide for a line of succession to the White House"if by reason of death,resignation,removal from office,inability,or failure to qualify,"there is neither a president nor a vice president….However,even if Congress has the authority to fill this gap in the Constitution,it is unclear that it has done so with the existing law,because the line of succession begins with the House speaker.


But there would be no House speaker if there were no election,because there would be no House,all of whose members would be up for election in November.The terms of all members of the House would end,as stated in the Constitution,on January 3…


There would,however,be a Senate,with a majority of its members not up for election in November and,therefore,still serving their terms.This is important as the next in line would be the president pro tempore of the Senate,which is Charles Grassley.However,if there were no election,there may be a Democratic majority among the remaining senators not up for reelection,unless sitting governors or state legislators were allowed to fill vacant seats,which is another issue.

然而,参议院的多数成员将不会在11月的选举中产生,因此,他们的任期仍将继续。这一点很重要,因为下一个继任者将是参议院美国参议院临时议长,即 Charles Grassley。然而,如果没有选举,剩下的参议员中可能会有多数民主党人不参加连任,除非现任州长或州立法委员被允许填补空缺席位,这是另一个问题。

Dershowitz is pointing out that without an election,it would be up to the rump of U.S.Senate to select the next U.S.President.The two-thirds of the Senators that would still be serving until their terms ended either on January 3,2023 or 2025,would make the necessary choices.


Out of the 65 sitting U.S.Senators who are not up for reelection in 2020,33 are Democrats,30 are Republicans,and 2 are Independents–Bernie Sanders and Angus King.Both Sanders and King caucus with the Democrats.This means that in the scenario of an abandoned 2020 Presidential election,after January 3,the current Majority Leader,Mitch McConnel,and President Pro-Tempore,Chuck Grassley,would be replaced by Democrats who would now be the majority party with a voting advantage of 35 to 30.


The new President Pro-Tempore of the U.S.Senate would be either Chuck Schumer(current Senate Minority Leader)or the replacement to the current Democratic Whip since Richard Durbin is among those who would lose his current position(Senate Minority Whip).Being fourth in the Presidential line of succession,after the positions of President,Vice President,and House Majority Leader positions all become vacate on January 3 and 20,2021,Schumer or Durbin's replacement would become the new President.New federal elections would then be scheduled according to the timetable and agenda of the now Democratic-controlled Senate.


What strengthens such an alarming scenario,which would nullify President Trump's reelection campaign,is Nancy Pelosi's recent strange claims about the Presidential chain of succession and Continuity of Government,which were made in a recent interview on MSNBC:

南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)最近在微软全国有线广播电视公司(MSNBC)的一次采访中提出了一些关于总统继承链和政府连续性的奇怪说法,这些说法加强了这种令人担忧的局面,而这种局面将使特朗普总统的连任竞选无效:

"Whether he[Donald Trump]knows it or not he will be leaving,..Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected President of the United States."…Pelosi's statements were made after she had attended last month's Continuity of Government meeting in which the Pentagon had revealed to top officials in the chain of succession to the presidency that there is a chance for a potential disaster to strike before the elections which could cripple the U.S and other countries.


Pelosi appears to be alluding to some Continuity of Government crisis that leads to Trump's removal from office and the installation of a"duly elected"President after some natural disaster.



In sum,Von Braun's warning of a future false flag asteroid impact,the closure of over 100 major observatories,swarms of recent asteroid near misses,the self-defeating electoral strategy of the Democratic Party in encouraging riots and social chaos,Joe Biden's bizarre absence from serious politicking,Nancy Pelosi's strange reference to Continuity of Government and Presidential succession rules,and finally Alan Dershowitz's description of how the abandonment of the 2020 election would force Trump to leave office on January 20,2021,all point to a Deep State plan to prevent Trump from being re-elected.


A contrived asteroid strike on the U.S.using covertly deployed space weapons controlled by the Deep State would lead to catastrophic destruction and almost certainly the abandonment of the November 3 federal elections.


The Deep State strategy would then be to run out the clock so that on January 20,Trump's position as President is vacated as required by the Constitution.There would also no longer be a serving House of Representatives,and all that would be left is a rump U.S.Senate that would be controlled by the Democratic Party.


Could such a diabolical plan actually succeed in both deceiving the American public through a false flag asteroid attack and preventing President Trump's all but inevitable reelection?


Currently,the U.S.Space Force is in the process of integrating all space assets from the different military services in a comprehensive way that would prevent such a false fIag event from occurring.Historically,the Deep State has used assets from the U.S.military,intelligence community,and major aerospace corporations for false flag attacks such as the September 11,2001"terrorist attack",and the failed January 13,2018,Hawaii ballistic missile attack.

目前,美国空间部队正在以一种全面的方式整合来自不同军种的所有空间资产,以防止发生这种虚假的 fIag 事 件。纵观历史,深州利用美国军方、情报机构和主要航空航天公司的资源进行虚假袭击,如2001911日的"恐怖袭击",以及2018113日未遂的夏威夷弹道导弹袭击。

Space Force will eventually end that practice as far as military space assets are concerned.Space Force's rapid integration process is something that greatly worries the Deep State as I will explain in my upcoming September 26 webinar,"Why Space Force Terrifies the Deep State and Rogue Secret Space Programs".


萨拉博士|2020/08/31  为了推迟2020年总统大选,会不会制造一个假旗?

However,the Deep State still has significant space assets from the U.S.intelligence community,major aerospace corporations,and even foreign powers(China),that it could co-opt for a false flag asteroid impact event.Space Force and"White Hats"in the U.S.Military Industrial Complex will have to closely monitor these"rogue"space assets to ensure they would not be coopted into such a false flag event.

然而,"深州"仍然拥有来自美国情报机构、主要航空航天公司、甚至外国列强(中国)的大量太空资产,它可以利用这些资产发起一次小行星撞击事 件。美国军事工业联合体的太空部队和"白帽子"将不得不密切监视这些"流氓"太空资产,以确保他们不会被拉入这样一个虚假的事 件。

There is compelling circumstantial evidence pointing to a Deep State plan to launch a false flag asteroid attack,or some other contrived"natural disaster",sometime between September 20 and the November 3,2020,federal elections.However,widespread public awareness of such a diabolical plan and proactive intervention by Space Force or White Hats can prevent such a plan from being successful.


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