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Are you tired of winning yet?


I love researching posts.Sometimes there's a moment as I am scrolling through Twitter when I stop and say,'Wow!'This tweet today by Secretary Mike Pompeo was one of those moments...

我喜欢搜索帖子。有时我在浏览 Twitter 的时候会停下来说,'哇,国防部长迈克·庞皮欧今天发的这条推特就是其中的一个时刻


'The Trafficking In Persons Report is the gold standard for countless stake holders around the world to combat human trafficking...'(Sec Pompeo)


As Q often says,'How many times does a coincidence have to occur before it becomes mathematically impossible?'Within a week there have been two signs about RV and three signs(over three days)about gold or gold standard.In each case the CONTEXT was odd.Why?To draw the attention of people with ears to hear and eyes to see.That's us!

正如Q经常说的那样,"一个巧合要发生多少次才会在数学上变得不可能?"一周之内,有两个 RV 的标志和三个黄金或黄金标准的标志(超过三天)。在每种情况下,上下文都是奇怪的。为什么?吸引有耳朵的人注意听,有眼睛的人注意看。那就是我们

An Anon posted a tweet about Q drop number 4494-and it was picked up by Q.President Trump was interviewed by Sean Hannity today.During the interview,POTUS talked about the Democrats working with China to produce fake mail-in ballots for the November election,by printing'millions of ballots on the exact same paper,using the exact same machines...'



We are in the midst of a global war,fighting against a vicious invisible enemy.However,in spite of the gravity of the situation,there is so much positivity among Light Warriors.So many brave Anons(and not so anonymous)speaking the truth to help awaken the sleeping population.


Check out this gutsy red-pilling speech by Jesse Watters at Fox News in a tweet by Lisa Mei Crowley...

看看这篇来自福克斯新闻的杰西·沃特斯(Jesse Watters)在推特上发表的煽动性的演讲(Lisa Mei Crowley)


Many more digital soldiers publicly swore their oath of allegiance today-and for one lucky Anon,that included a shout out from Q...



New Q drop 4527 includes a huge hint that Dan Scavino-President Trump's Communications Advisor-is on the Q team.This tweet by Lisa Mei Crowley explains...

新的Q下降4527包括一个巨大的暗示,丹斯加维诺-特朗普总统的通信顾问-是在Q团队。这条由 Lisa Mei Crowley 发布的推文解释道:


This revelation about Scavino is a bold move.It shows that Q is finally ready to step out of the shadows.It may be a sign of overt victory over the Deep State.


Do keep good heart,fellow digital soldiers.It's an oldy but it truly IS darkest just before the dawn.We stand on the threshold of the dawn of a Golden Age of peace,prosperity and freedom for humanity.We Light Warriors signed on for this gig.We will fight bravely and boldly to the end.



If you need a boost to your vibration head to Twitter,especially Lisa Mei Crowley or I ET 17.You will see gems such as this tweet to cheer you up.Enjoy...

如果你需要振奋你的情绪,请登录 Twitter,尤其是 Lisa Mei Crowley 或者 i ET 17。你会看到诸如此类的让你振作起来的推文。享受..


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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