2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

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 September 25, 2022 2022年9月25日

2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

This is a short[er]update I thought should get out ASAP since there is so much interesting information flowing.


India has had more than their share of pain and suffering at the hands of non-doctor-but-remarkable-health-expert-Bill Gates, and we believe they saw to it that he got what was coming to him a few years ago. Now they may be taking the law seriously again and dealing a hand of justice for Covid crimes.

印度在非医生但是非凡的健康专家比尔 · 盖茨手中承受了太多的痛苦和折磨,我们相信他们看到了他几年前所遭受的一切。现在,他们可能重新认真对待法律,为冠状病毒疾病犯罪伸张正义。


Lest we forget… 别忘了..


2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

There is a lot of interesting chatter on Telegram about what will happen and when. For example, Q the Storm Rider says this: Link to Telegram.

电报上有很多有趣的讨论,关于什么时候会发生什么。例如,风暴骑士 Q 说: 链接到电报。


CNN 的清理工作差不多完成了!


到2023年,它们将成为推动特朗普大选获得全力支持的渠道,并在世界各地几乎所有主要国家和机场引入德克拉斯空运公司... ..。

( Been telling for you all for long time…..CNN IS GOING TO FLIP..)

(告诉你们很久了... ... CNN 要翻了... ...)

The above makes perfect sense, because to have the reach the White Hats need to do this, they must have big networks like Fox and CNN. The snoozers don’t research the alternative news to look for the truth because they think the 6:00 news tells them everything they need to know.

以上说法完全合情合理,因为要达到白帽子需要做到这一点,他们必须有像福克斯和 CNN 这样的大型网络。打瞌睡的人不会研究另类新闻来寻找真相因为他们认为6点的新闻会告诉他们他们需要知道的一切。

2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

Stormrider also shared this… Link to Telegram.

风暴骑士也分享了这个... 链接到电报。

[COMMUNICATION SHUT DOWN]>>>this text is running through the CABLES;:… the last week’s and increasing…..//// [通讯中断] > > > 本文通过电缆运行; : ... 上周的和增加...////
Usually when CABLES are hot, its only weeks away….. 通常情况下,当电缆是热的,它只有几个星期的时间... ..

> With the U.S. elections of he Republicans getting ready to take control of the House… 随着共和党人在美国大选中准备控制众议院... ..
( Which WILL effect the Whole world.. Bringing EXPOSURE to the PLANDEMIC/ FAUCI NIH CDC. WUHAN, CHAPEL HILL…/ (这将影响整个世界. . 给大流行病/FAUCI NIH CDC. 武汉,教堂山.../
EXPOSURE OF THE VACCINES BIO-WEAPONS/ EXPOSURE OF STOLEN ELECTIONS/ FBI DOJ COVER-UPS / ( will CONNECT world wide stolen elections schemes – colour Revolutions involving CIA Microsoft big tech. Usual [DS] SOURCES)../ EXPOSURE OF BIDEN CRIME FAMILY CORRUPTION…. ECT ECT ECT EXT EXPOSURE ECT ECT ECT ECT …../////….. when Republicans../Patriots/ democratic turn coats plants take control of the House….. The EXPOSURE of the Deep State Crime syndicate operations will be EXPOSED that is connected globally…… 曝光疫苗生物武器/曝光被盗选举/美国联邦调查局司法部掩盖/(将连接世界范围内被盗选举计划-颜色革命涉及中央情报局微软大科技。[资料来源]。.揭露拜登家族的腐败犯罪..。电击,,电击。当共和党人。.爱国者/民主党转变立场工厂控制了众议院... ..。深州犯罪集团行动的曝光将被曝光,这将与全球有关... ..


> MORE IMPORTANTLY _UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS ALSO WANT THE SAME COMMUNICATION SHUT DOWNS TO HAPPEN….( It’s all for military purposes from securing phone data from [DS] Operatives to installing full grid control of the internet and social media to banking systems and All would lead to Marshal law .. 11.3)….. 更重要的美国太空部队军事情报行动也希望同样的通讯关闭发生... ... (这一切都是出于军事目的,从保护特工的电话数据到安装对互联网和社交媒体的完全网格控制到银行系统,所有这些都将导致执法。.11.3) ..
________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Let’s see what develops in the next week’s…. 让我们看看下周会发生什么..

October surprise 十月惊喜

And this TikTok video was forwarded to the Stormrider by David Nino Rodriguez. It is a quote from President Trump to prepare, because the country is about to go through 2 very painful weeks, but when we come out the other side… Link to Telegram.

这个 TikTok 的视频是由 David Nino Rodriguez 转发给风暴骑士的。这是特朗普总统准备的一句话,因为这个国家即将经历两个非常痛苦的星期,但当我们走出另一边... 链接到电报。

2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

That dark night of the soul is coming, folks.


And Nicholas Veniamin channel was kind enough to post the highlights from an interview with Juan O’Savin on September 20 that you will want to read. It is in two parts.

尼古拉斯 · 维尼亚明(Nicholas Veniamin)频道很好心地贴出了9月20日胡安 · 奥萨文(Juan O’Savin)的采访要点,你可能会想读一读。它分为两部分。

Key Points from 关键点
“10 Days of Darkness” video with 《黑暗10天》短片
“Juan O Savin”, posted on September 20, 2022. “ Juan O Savin”发布于2022年9月20日

1.) At the 2 minute mark, 1)两分钟后,
Juan is letting us know that the Cabal’s source of strength and power (the “Federal Reserve” and their “bagmen” the IRS) are finished! 胡安正在让我们知道,秘社的力量和权力来源(“美联储”和他们的“中间人”国税局)已经完蛋了
(Though most of knew this in March of 2020 when the then Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchen stated they had ‘merged the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve with the balance sheet of the Treasury.’). (尽管大多数人在2020年3月时任财政部长的史蒂夫•姆努钦(Steve Mnuchen)表示,他们已经“将美联储的资产负债表与财政部的资产负债表合并”。)

Juan speaks to the points at the 2 minute, 29 second mark that the U.S. Courts have found that the IRS and the Federal Reserve are Puerto Rico corporations, who literally have offices there a few blocks from each other. 胡安在2分29秒的时候说到了这一点美国法院发现美国国税局和美联储都是波多黎各公司他们的办公室离彼此只有几个街区
He goes on to underscore his statement with the fact that the IRS is not listed in the Federal Registry. Why would that be if they were a part of the U.S. government? 他接着强调了他的陈述,事实上,国税局没有在联邦登记处登记。如果他们是美国政府的一部分,为什么会这样?
And if you had in the past had to go to Court to challenge the IRS, you went to a what is called an “Administrative Court”, which is like a Court of Records, or a County Clerk’s Office.” 如果你过去不得不去法院质疑国税局,你会去所谓的“行政法院”,就像是档案法院,或者县书记官办公室

Quick summary: This means the core of Nesara (then quickly Gesara) will take place, which is the integral part of part of the restoration and restitution of all things that have been stolen from us as slaves to the deep state central banking system, (Federal Reserve/IRS). 快速总结: 这意味着 Nesara (紧接着是 Gesara)的核心将会发生,这是恢复和归还我们作为奴隶被深层国家中央银行系统(美联储/国税局)偷走的所有东西不可或缺的一部分
The curtain of the Wizard of Oz is about to be pulled back so all can see they have been lied to! 绿野仙踪的帷幕即将拉开让所有人都看到他们被欺骗了
The Federal Reserve is neither Federal or a reserve! 美联储既不是联邦也不是储备
It is a European corporation, it is not part of our federal government. 它是一家欧洲公司,不是我们联邦政府的一部分

2.) At the 7 minute mark 2)比赛进行到第7分钟
he starts talking about the high level witch Maria Abramovich (who as he states, is a guy), who was appointed by the U.N. to be “Artistic Director”/Ambassador to Antarctica. 他开始谈论高级女巫玛丽亚 · 阿布拉莫维奇(他说,她是个男人) ,她被联合国任命为“艺术总监”/驻南极大使
Not long after Trump won the 2016 election, Newt Gingrich went to Antarctica. 特朗普赢得2016年大选后不久,纽特•金里奇(Newt Gingrich)就去了南极洲
Then others such as a delegation from the Coptic church went there to hold high level ceremonies.” 然后其他人,比如科普特教会的代表团,去那里举行高级别的仪式。”
(He adds he will a little bit later when the dust settles explain how Antarctica figures into all of this). (他补充说,稍后当尘埃落定时,他会解释南极洲是如何融入这一切的)

3.) 10 minute mark 3.10分钟
September 23-24 “Drama, some significant drama around that time”. 九月二十三日至二十四日「戏剧,当时一些重要的戏剧」

“October 8th watch Congress and the discussion centered around the 25th Amendment (which is about what happens to the presidency if the President dues or becomes incapacitated or disabled).”


October 23-24th “Watch Military”. 10月23-24日“观察军队”

“Then around October 29th due to the rituals and what they have done in the past (satanic rituals the deep state observe, Halloween, is when these satanists feel they get the most power from Satan because they increase child sacrifices). 然后在10月29日左右,由于这些仪式和他们过去的所作所为(深层国家观察到的撒旦仪式,万圣节,是这些撒旦崇拜者觉得他们从撒旦那里获得最大力量的时候,因为他们增加了儿童祭祀)
Also, watch around that time because certain things have to happen shortly then in the political world (hard deadline with the midterm elections on November 8th).” 另外,在那个时候注意一下,因为某些事情不久之后就会在政界发生(11月8日中期选举的严格期限)。”

4.) 11 minute mark Juan says around that time (10/29 on) he thinks that is when “we will have a full stop, everything freezes in its tracks for 10 days while things get sorted out, REORGANIZED (shifted to Quantum, probably…my opinion).”

4)11分钟马克胡安说,大约在那个时候(10月29日) ,他认为那是“我们将有一个完整的停止,一切都冻结在它的轨道10天,而事情得到整理,重组(转移到量子,可能... 我的意见)。”

5.) 12 minute mark the Military Court evidence can be held and presented quite differently than in non-military courts, (in my opinion here, because of the brilliant foresight of President Trump’s Executive Order 13848… Outlining the specifics of what groups and their punishment for high treason in interfering in our National election. Because the Military is sworn to uphold preserve and protect our Nation, they will be the ones to adjudicate the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election at Gitmo in a Military Tribunal). 5)12分钟后,军事法庭的证据可以与非军事法庭的证据截然不同(在我看来,这是因为特朗普总统13848号行政命令的卓越远见... ... 概述了哪些团体以及他们对干涉我们国家选举的叛国罪的惩罚的细节。因为军队发誓要维护和保护我们的国家,他们将在军事法庭上裁决2020年 Gitmo 总统选举的结果)
Juan goes on to say that “Very costly preparations have been going on at Gitmo for upgrading and expanding the Military Courtrooms, which includes 2 new courtrooms and an evidence room, which was just finished a few months before, for special council to view all the evidence in a classified setting by the attorneys, as well as a 200 million dollar hospital designed especially for geriatric patients is going to be finished and ready to go by the middle of October.” 胡安接着说,“ Gitmo 正在进行非常昂贵的准备工作,以升级和扩大军事法庭,其中包括两个新的法庭和一个证据室,这是几个月前刚刚完成的,为特别委员会审查所有的证据在一个保密设置的律师,以及一个2亿美元专门为老年病人设计的医院将完成,准备在10月中旬。”

This October, humm, I wonder who ordered that? Obviously the White Hats.

今年十月,嗯,我想知道是谁下的命令? 显然是白帽子。

6.) 13:12 minute mark Juan says “There is something coming, and it is not years away, it is almost here! 6.)13:12分钟马克胡安说: “有什么东西要来了,不是几年之后,就快到了
When the ‘full stop’ happens, even a 10 days of stopping all communications, it does not necessarily include power, though there might be in certain areas the grid is off for some reason, they have got to make some changes on the cell phone stuff. 当“完全停止”发生时,即使是停止所有通讯10天,也不一定包括电力,尽管某些地区可能由于某些原因停电,他们必须对手机做一些改变
Some of the bad guys who think they are safe communicating with each other with their satellite phones…well Space force isn’t about outer space, it is about digital space. We can turn their phones off whenever we want. 一些坏人认为他们可以安全地用他们的卫星电话与其他人交流... ... 嗯,太空力量不是关于外太空,而是关于数字空间。我们可以随时关掉他们的手机

Something is coming! 有东西来了
We are in a life and death battle!” 我们正在进行一场生死之战!”

7.) 23:32 minute mark Juan says if “I am correct, and we don’t have elections (midterm elections are set for November 8th), then what kind of angst, or turmoil might be present? Is the 25th amendment going to be in play? When would that get played? Is it sometime in October?”

7)23:32分钟马克胡安说,如果“我是正确的,我们没有选举(中期选举定于11月8日) ,那么什么样的焦虑,或动荡可能会出现?第二十五修正案会生效吗?什么时候才能播放?是在十月的某个时候吗?”

8.) 26 minute mark Juan says, “If the election does not take place, you might be under some sort of ‘military environment’ (Marshall Law), for a period of time, is that a week or two or a month? We still have to have an election. We do have a military that has an obligation to ensure and protect honest elections and get us to a point in time where the elections can take place. 8)26分钟马克胡安说,“如果选举没有举行,你可能在某种‘军事环境’(马歇尔法) ,一段时间,是一个星期或两个月或一个月?我们还是得选举。我们的军队有义务确保和保护诚实的选举,使我们能够及时举行选举
Some people might have to go visit a desert island (Gitmo). 有些人可能不得不去参观一个荒岛(关塔那摩)
Some drama is about to be happening in South Carolina.” 南卡罗来纳州即将上演一些戏剧性事件。”

9.) 28 minute mark, Juan says it would probably be wise to not have your money in fiat currency, etc or anything connected to that system, he says you probably might want to consider getting into gold and silver.


10.) 31 minute mark Juan says “You might get tired of winning!

第10分钟)31分钟,胡安说: “你可能会对胜利感到厌倦!

Be careful what you ask for! This is what we have been waiting for!Don’t complain that the waves are too big, and that it’s scary. 小心你的要求!这就是我们一直在等待的!不要抱怨海浪太大,太吓人
This is a horror story, a James Bond film on steroids, but in a very bad way. 这是一个恐怖故事,一部服用了类固醇的007电影,但是以一种非常糟糕的方式
The storm is here, it will be scary and gripping! 暴风雨就在这里,它将是可怕的和扣人心弦的
God is in charge, He is wiping out all of the enemies’ sandcastles. 上帝掌管一切,他正在摧毁敌人所有的沙堡
We are fighting for survival on planet earth, our enemies want us all dead.” 我们在地球上为生存而战,我们的敌人想让我们都死。”

11.) 33 minute mark Juan says 11分钟)33分钟,胡安说
“The 10 days of darkness is a communication shutdown. “10天的黑暗是通讯中断
There will not be any internet, or any communications, so you won’t be going anywhere (Marshall Law), you won’t be going going to the ATM or the gas station, (no internet, nothing will work), the EBS announcement will be on. 不会有任何互联网,或任何通信,所以你不会去任何地方(马歇尔法律) ,你不会去自动取款机或加油站,(没有互联网,什么都不会工作) ,电子广播公司的公告将打开
You may very well have a ‘Cuban Missile crisis’ type of event going on, that the systems (the enemies computers) will be diverted to the good guys to take over and stop. 你很可能有一个“古巴导弹危机”类型的事件正在发生,系统(敌人的计算机)将被转移到好人接管和停止

Remember, Space Force is not about outer space it is about cyberspace.


The power will be transferred and it will be very clear who is in charge. 权力将被移交,谁将掌权将会非常清楚
All the questions everyone has will be answered, so just relax, take a deep breath. 每个人的疑问都会得到解答,所以放松,深呼吸
Pray and take care of each other!” 祈祷,互相照顾!”

2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

The following article about the Nancy Pelosi connections to the massive amount of abuse of the Child Protective Services, Foster care, etc. in California is a real eye-opener and I appreciated the education about the customs of the Native American community. It was a really interesting article with a couple of videos in it which I didn’t get to yet.

下面这篇关于南希 · 佩洛西与加利福尼亚州儿童保护机构、寄养机构等大规模虐待行为之间的联系的文章真的让人大开眼界,我很欣赏关于美洲原住民社区习俗的教育。这是一篇非常有趣的文章,里面有一些我还没看到的视频。

The coverups in that state involving law enforcement and elected officials are off the charts. So many children were victimized and murdered by these sickos parading as beneficent members of the community when children are purposely placed with child predators. To be clear, however, this is not limited to California. It goes on in every state in America and people need to be aware and stop it. As Putin stated, the world is run by satanic pedophiles. The wrong people are in power and it has to end.


EXPOSED: Dead Children In The CPS System Near Bohemian Grove And Pelosi’s Pedophilia Links

曝光: 波西米亚小树林和佩洛西恋童癖链接附近 CPS 系统中的死亡儿童

Florida sex trafficking sting nabs 160 people – including Georgia deputy police chief and two Disney workers


2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

Italian parade with a giant Emperor Trump effigy


This next tactic is shockingly overt. The Italian people are threatened and told how to vote in the upcoming election—or else. What will they do to the Trump lovers and American MAGA emulators?

下一步的策略非常明显。意大利人民受到威胁,并被告知如何在即将到来的选举中投票ーー否则将面临其他后果。他们会对特朗普爱好者和美国 MAGA 模仿者做什么?

“If Things Go in Difficult Direction, We Have Tools” – EU Chief Ursula Von der Leyen Threatens Italians of Repercussions If They Vote in Populist Candidate Giorgia Meloni

“如果事情朝着困难的方向发展,我们有工具”——欧盟首席乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩威胁意大利人,如果他们投票给民粹主义候选人乔治亚 · 梅洛尼,他们将受到影响

Italy will hold elections on Sunday. It is widely expected that populist candidate Giorgia Meloni will become Italy’s first female prime minister.

意大利将在周日举行选举。人们普遍预计,民粹主义候选人乔治娅•梅洛尼(Giorgia Meloni)将成为意大利首位女总理。

The elites are already in full panic.


CNN reported on the race. They’ve already started their smears:

CNN 报道了这场比赛。他们已经开始诽谤了:

Her policy platform will be familiar to those who have followed far-right rhetoric in recent years: She’s openly questioned LGBTQ+ and abortion rights, aims to curb immigration, and appears obsessed with the idea that traditional values and ways of life are under attack because of everything from globalization to same sex marriage.

她的政策纲领对于那些近年来追随极右翼言论的人来说是熟悉的: 她公开质疑 LGBTQ + 和堕胎权利,旨在遏制移民,并且似乎痴迷于传统价值观和生活方式因为从全球化到同性婚姻的一切而受到攻击的想法。

It should be of little surprise to learn that one of her biggest fans is Steve Bannon, the man who largely created the political ideology of former US President Donald Trump and is credited with giving birth to the American alt-right movement.

史蒂夫•班农(Steve Bannon)是她最大的粉丝之一,这应该不足为奇。班农在很大程度上创造了美国前总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)的政治意识形态,并被誉为美国另类右翼运动的诞生者。

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen threatened Italy this week. Von der Leyen warned Italian voters that the European Union has ways to deal with rogue states that represent their people.

欧盟委员会(European Commission)乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩本周对意大利发出了威胁。冯德莱恩警告意大利选民,欧盟有办法对付代表意大利人民的流氓国家。

The regime will not allow dissent.



Italians responded by removing the EU flag from their headquarters in Rome.



Via US News and World Report:


European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen has warned Italy of consequences should it veer away from democratic principles, issuing a barely veiled threat ahead of Sunday’s election that a rightist bloc led by Giorgia Meloni is expected to win.

欧盟委员会(European Commission)乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩警告意大利,如果背离民主原则,后果将不堪设想。他在周日大选前几乎毫不掩饰地发出威胁,称以乔治亚•梅洛尼(Giorgia Meloni)为首的右翼集团有望获胜。

The comments highlighted concern in some European capitals over the forthcoming election and suggested that relations between Brussels and Rome could get turbulent if Meloni and her partners secure victory.


“My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” von der Leyen said at Princeton University in the United States on Thursday, responding to a question on whether there were any concerns with regard to the upcoming elections in Italy.


“If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools,” she added.


Matteo Salvini, the head of the League and a part of Meloni’s conservative alliance, denounced her comments as “shameful arrogance”.

联盟主席、梅洛尼的保守派联盟成员马泰奥•萨尔维尼(Matteo Salvini)谴责她的言论是“可耻的傲慢”。

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Max Igan did an update on that bizarre behaviour he discussed last week where random people suddenly turned their head, raised their arms, spun around, and then seemed to twitch and die in many cases. There are additional cases in this video, and he adds some notes about the victims all having cell phones and appearing to see something that doesn’t show up in the video footage.

马克斯 · 伊根对他上周讨论过的那种奇怪的行为做了一个更新,在那种行为中,随机的人突然转过头,举起手臂,旋转,然后似乎在很多情况下抽搐并死亡。这个视频里还有其他案件,他加了一些注释,说受害者都有手机而且似乎看到了视频里没有的东西。

Are these people just random tests of the latest weaponized technology, or did they offend the establishment and get labeled as “dissidents” or potential problems? No one else in the vicinity was affected and we understand cell phones could potentially be weaponized to target individuals. I don’t know which of the recent videos Max uploaded included this material so please use this link to the crew’s channel if you are on Telegram. They have a growing channel.


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2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球

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Closing for today with a reminder NOT to donate any money to the Red Cross. Now that Hurricane season is here they would love for unsuspecting Humans to refill their coffers. They are not a Humanitarian organization they are a corrupt cabal “charity”which steals donations and uses the money for their own purposes including money laundering.  ~ BP

今天的活动结束时提醒大家不要向红十字会捐款。现在飓风季节已经到来,他们希望毫无戒心的人类能够重新填满他们的金库。他们不是一个人道主义组织,他们是一个腐败的阴谋集团“慈善机构”,他们窃取捐款,把钱用于自己的目的,包括洗钱。~ BP

2022年9月25日周日文摘: 即将到来… 准备|星际飞船地球


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