X22报告|第2884集: 人们现在拒绝世界经济论坛,被低估总是好的

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[ DS ]已经输了。世界各地的人民已经看到了他们的议程,在看到暴政之后,人民已经决定投票给一个完全不同的方向。

X22报告|第2884集: 人们现在拒绝世界经济论坛,被低估总是好的

Ep. 2884a – People Are Now Rejecting The [WEF], It Has Begun, The World Is Changing


Ep. 2884b – It’s Always Good To Be Underestimated, The Old Guard Is In The Process Of Being Destroyed


X22报告 发表于2022年9月26日


The [DS] lies are now being exposed. The economy is falling apart and all the promised that were made have never come true, actually the opposite has happened. The people are not buying what the [WEF] is selling, literally. The world is waking up and change is in the wind.

现在[ DS ]的谎言正在被揭穿。经济正在崩溃,所有的承诺从来没有实现,事实上相反的情况已经发生。人们并不买(WEF)真正卖的东西。世界正在觉醒,变化随风而来。


The [DS] have lost. The people around the world have seen their agenda and the people after seeing tyranny have made a decision to vote in a completely different direction. We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard. The old guard is trying to fight back but every move they make destroys themselves even further. Trump is using the art of war, he has been underestimated and the [DS] was caught off guard because they believe Trump was not doing anything, but the war was fought differently this time, it was irregular warfare.

[ DS ]已经输了。世界各地的人民已经看到了他们的议程,在看到暴政之后,人民已经决定投票给一个完全不同的方向。我们目睹了旧卫队的毁灭。保守派正试图反击,但他们的每一步行动都会进一步摧毁他们自己。特朗普正在使用战争的艺术,他被低估了,[DS]猝不及防,因为他们相信特朗普什么都没做,但这次打仗的方式不同,非正规作战不同。


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