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On July 3,2019,a photo was released of a flying rectangle shaped UFO near the island of Maui that was taken over a year earlier,and only recently discovered by the photographer.What is remarkable about the photo is that it shows what appears to be a craft very similar to one photographed near MacDill Air Force base in October 2017,which was revealed by my Florida source,JP,to be a weapons platform used by U.S.Air Force Special Operations.

201973日,一张长方形飞碟在毛伊岛附近飞行的照片被公布,这张照片是一年前拍摄的,直到最近才被摄影师发现。这张照片的引人注目之处在于,它显示的似乎是一架非常类似于201710月在麦克迪尔空军基地附近拍摄的一架飞机,我的佛罗里达线人 JP 透露,这是美国空军特种作战部队使用的一个武器平台。

The similarity of the craft seen in the respective photos raises the intriguing possibility that the flying rectangle photographed near Maui may have been involved in the shooting down of a nuclear ballistic missile aimed at Hawaii on January 13,2018,widely thought to have been a false missile alert.


First,here is the photo of the Maui rectangle along with an insert showing a close-up.



According to the photographer:


While driving up mount haleakala in maui i took this picture and didnt notice anything until weeks later when i was going over my vacation photos.the object was not seen live.the object was in only one frame,nothing before or after.unkown altitude but as you can see it was above the cloud line[sic].


The photo was taken on May 24,2018,but the flying rectangle only discovered and reported by the photographer on July 3,2019,to MUFON.

这张照片拍摄于2018524日,但这个飞行的长方形直到201973日才被摄影师发现并报告给 MUFON

Now here is some important background for understanding the deep significance behind the 2018 Maui rectangle UFO sighting in terms of photos previously sent to me by JP.

以下是一些重要的背景资料,可以帮助我们理解2018年毛伊岛长方形 UFO 目击事件背后的深层意义,这些照片是以前 JP 发给我的。

I have known JP since 2008,and he has regularly given me updates on his multiple contact experiences with human looking extraterrestrials,along with his experiences with covert Air Force operatives who have abducted and interrogated him at classified facilities or in their antigravity spacecraft.My evaluation of him is that he is a reliable and credible source,and I have created a webpage with my articles about the photos he regularly sends me.

我从2008年就认识 JP 了,他经常给我讲述他与外表像人类的外星人多次接触的经历,以及他与秘密空军特工在机密设施或反重力航天器中绑架和审问他的经历。我对他的评价是,他是一个可靠和可信的消息来源,我创建了一个网页,上面有我的文章,都是关于他经常发给我的照片。

In October 2017,JP sent me a series of photos of a rectangle shaped UFO that he witnessed near MacDill Air Force Base,home of US Special Operations Command.He took the photos after being prompted to do so by two mysterious men he believes were covert Air Force operatives.

201710月,JP 给我发了一系列照片,是他在美国特种作战司令部所在地麦克迪尔空军基地附近目击到的一个长方形 UFO。他认为两个神秘人物是空军的秘密特工,在他的提示下拍下了这些照片。



One set of nine photos taken on October 19,2017, shows a rectangle shaped UFO flying together with a triangle shaped craft.



In another set of five photos taken on October 23,2017,JP witnessed a rectangle UFO flying alone near MacDill.Both incidents involved covert operatives encouraging JP to take the photos.What follows is a short video featuring the October 23 photos and with some close-ups.

20171023日拍摄的另一组五张照片中,JP 目睹了一个长方形的 UFO 独自在麦克迪尔附近飞行。这两起事件都涉及秘密特工鼓励 JP 拍照。以下是1023日的照片和一些特写镜头的简短视频。

In one of the October 2017 incidents,JP recalls having been taken aboard the flying rectangle where he saw personnel wearing the patches of Air Force Special Operations.He says that during his visit to the flying rectangle,he was in a corridor where he could peer outside and saw many instrument panels.He later speculated that these were part the craft's weapons control system.

201710月的一起事件中,JP 回忆说,他被带上飞行的长方形飞机,在那里他看到穿着空军特种作战服的人员。他说,在他参观飞行矩形时,他在一个走廊里,在那里他可以看到外面的许多仪表板。他后来推测这些是飞船武器控制系统的一部分。

JP's experience matched other insider accounts that flying rectangles are heavily armed weapons platforms used by a secret space program run by the Air Force,Defense Intelligence Agency,the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office.Corey Goode,a prominent Secret Space Program insider,had the following to say about the weapons systems of flying rectangles:


I think similar platforms or UFOs have been reported in the 80s and 90s as they were first building out of these platforms that have modular weapons and personnel delivery systems or configurations.They were built up on that superstructure type frame a long time ago and they been on improved upon since but these are pretty old technologies both the TR 3B and the square platform.

我认为类似的平台或不明飞行物已经在80年代和90年代被报道,因为他们第一次建造出这些平台,有模块化的武器和人员运载系统或配置。它们很久以前就建立在上层结构类型的框架之上,并且自那以后一直在改进,但是 TR 3 b 和正方形平台都是相当老的技术。

JP recalled his experience aboard the rectangle craft only after he photographed it as a result of being prompted by the two Air Force covert operatives.After being prompted and taking the photos,he then remembered being just taken aboard the craft as his head gradually cleared from a daze after receiving an injection during the abduction.

在两名空军秘密特工的提示下,JP 拍摄了这架长方形飞机的照片,之后才回忆起他在这架飞机上的经历。在被提示并拍摄了照片之后,他记得自己刚刚被带上飞船,在绑架过程中接受了注射后,他的头逐渐从茫然中清醒过来。

In my earlier analysis of JP's photos and his eyewitness testimony,I concluded that the flying rectangle is a weapons platform used by Air Force Special Operations that can be deployed in the upper atmosphere and in Earth orbit.

在我之前对 JP 的照片和他的目击证词的分析中,我得出结论,飞行的矩形是空军特种作战部队使用的武器平台,可以部署在高层大气层和地球轨道上。

The similarity between the flying rectangles photographed by JP in October 2017,with the UFO photographed near Maui on May 24,2018,is remarkable.Here is a side by side comparison of the Maui photo with what was photographed by JP on October 19 and 23.

Jp 201710月拍摄的飞行矩形与2018524日在毛伊岛附近拍摄的不明飞行物之间的相似性是显著的。下面是毛伊岛照片与 JP 1019日和23日拍摄的照片的对比。


What lends great significance to the Maui photo is that it was taken four months after the alleged"false ballistic missile alert"for Hawaii issued on January 13,2018.


I covered the alleged false missile alert in a series of online articles(see here,here&here),and more recently in an extensive chapter in my 2019 book,the U.S.Air Force Secret Space Program:Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force.

我在一系列网络文章(见这里,这里和这里)中报道了所谓的虚假导弹警报,最近在我2019年出版的书《美国空军秘密空间计划:转变外星联盟和空间力量》(the u.s.Air Force Secret Space Program:Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force)中的一个大章。

Remarkably,the military intelligence group QAnon,appeared to have given a warning of an impending false flag attack involving a"Defcon 1"scenario in a series of posts beginning on January 7,2018,only six days before the Hawaii alert.

值得注意的是,军事情报组织 QAnon 似乎在201817日发布的一系列帖子中,就在夏威夷警报发布的前六天,发出了一个即将发生的假旗攻击的警告,其中包括"Defcon 1"的场景。

萨拉博士|一个飞行的长方形飞碟击落了一架瞄准夏威夷的核动力弹道导弹?What my research revealed was that the ballistic missile alert was not a false alarm at all,but was instead a false flag attack intended to start World War III by framing North Korea.What stopped the false flag attack was the US Air Force Secret Space Program(SSP),which had recently undergone a dramatic change in attitude,policies,and leadership,the genesis of which I discuss in great detail in my 2019 book.


There were multiple witnesses of something being shot down on the morning of January 13,2018,near Maui.The US Coast Guard subsequently spent the next week scouring the ocean for debris of what had been shot down as Maui boat captains have confidentially reported to me and others.

2018113日上午,在毛伊岛附近,有多名目击者目睹了一些东西被击落。随后,美国海岸警卫队(US Coast Guard)花了一周时间在海上搜寻被击落船只的残骸。毛伊岛(Maui)的船长们已向我和其他人透露了这件事。

These witness reports,along with the testimonies of multiple whistleblowers all support the conclusion that a nuclear ballistic missile was shot down by White Hats within the US military opposed to a Deep State effort to covertly start another world war.


The false flag attack occurred in January 2018,and four months later a flying rectangle is accidentally photographed near the island of Maui.Given the photos and testimony of JP,it appears that a flying rectangle used as a weapons platform by Air Force Special Operations was being secretly deployed near the Hawaiian islands during the critical months after the attack.If so,it may have been also directly involved in neutralizing the January 13 false flag attack on Hawaii.

假旗袭击发生在20181月,四个月后,一个飞行的长方形飞碟在毛伊岛附近被意外拍到。根据 JP 的照片和证词,空军特种作战部队用作武器平台的一个飞行的长方形似乎在袭击后的关键几个月里被秘密部署在夏威夷群岛附近。如果是这样的话,它可能还直接参与了113日假旗袭击夏威夷的事件。

Synchronistically,a day after the release of the Maui flying rectangle photo,President Donald Trump declared at the July 4 Independence Day celebration that Space Force was soon to be created as the sixth branch of the US military.


It is highly likely that soon after the formal inauguration of Space Force,and its incorporation of classified space units manned by Air Force Special Operations,that some of its secret arsenal of antigravity vehicles will be revealed to the general public.


In a future July 4 celebration,perhaps as early 2020,flying rectangles may be among the highlights of the air show as they drop down from space directly over the Washington Mall.Included among the flying rectangle craft may be the one that was photographed near Maui in 2018,and which may have also been involved in shooting down a ballistic nuclear missile attack on Hawaii that was intended to start World War III.




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