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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 18,2021 2021918


What an eventful day and where does the time go?There is time sensitive stuff below.


It seemed not an hour went by without seeing an update worth sharing from any possible corner of the world.It is not easy to chronicle this journey any more from up here in low Earth orbit.It's demanding,overwhelming—and exciting!


Thankfully the crew comprises intrepid and skilled truth-seekers who bring us updates from all fronts.Scan their comments below each post on our website for more juicy bits.


If all you're doing is reading our updates from your email notification,you're probably missing those comments.Board the ship here on the World Wide Web.


You may need to refresh the page to get the current and most recent posts uploaded daily.


2021-09-18 16:00UTC ? pic.twitter.com/l4KugADdep

It's quite a war.Not only are we fighting to remain current in all the breathtaking developments,we're battling the the fake news,fighting to stay healthy and to wake others up and protect our rights so we never have to step back in retreat.


There are many victories to report.


The deep state protest in DC this morning was a non-event and evaporated without a false flag,as our earlier intel suggested.Link to video on Telegram.

正如我们之前的情报显示的那样,今天早上在华盛顿发生的深层次的抗议活动没有任何事件发生,也没有任何虚假信息。链接到 Telegram 的视频。

Earlier in the build up to the rally outside the Capitol in DC,rival protesters confronted each other before the police swooped in and the press swarmed for pictures.


The officers appear to only take one of the demonstrators away,however.


We're getting there!Canada rising!


You got this Toronto! Record breaking crowds dominate Bloor Street as the Freedom Rally proceeds west. ?? pic.twitter.com/dXcsmx8bVt

Queen Romana humour…


Romana Didulo@romanadidulo~Head of State&Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government,Queen of Canada@romanadidulo,[18.09.21 09:37]


The only thing the Pissositos can negotiate is the flavour of their

#milkshakes    2021年9月18日星期六晚上电影院|星际飞船地球  2021年9月18日星期六晚上电影院|星际飞船地球


The Milkshake enhances all of their natural senses–to make sure they fully enjoy their Spa experience 


Ah…the spa…for a unique Caribbean vacation.A long one.But this is only for the ones who escape capital punishment for their treason and crimes against Humanity.



Monday will be an interesting day,as it's also the scheduled date of the illegal/unlawful/treasonous Canadian Federal Election!


Are you ready? https://t.co/y9NlKMFnjlMONDAY. 8PM. Bombshell...

Simon Parkes has posted more official documents from the influential team bringing sweeping change to America and the world.


Man Of God Documents…


Even Kuwait is standing up against vaccine tyranny.Link to video on Telegram.

甚至科威特也在反对疫苗暴政。链接到 Telegram 的视频。

All the peoples of the world are rising up on all the continents


The big awakening


Nothing can stop what is coming


 2021年9月18日星期六晚上电影院|星际飞船地球  Même le Koweït se dresse contre la tyrannie vaccinale.


Tous les peuples du monde se lèvent sur tous les continents


Le Grand Réveil


Rien ne peut arrêter ce qui vient


LT did another great video to bring us up to speed on developments he feels are important to note.

LT 做了另一个伟大的视频,让我们了解他认为值得注意的事态发展。



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Here's the story on those Aussies who blocked traffic in Melbourne in the Tweet video we saw earlier.The people of Oz have had their eyes pried open by the shocking tyranny on their continent.


Construction Workers Take to Melbourne Streets to Protest COVID-19 Restrictions 


You might also want to check out the updates on Wake Up Kiwi as New Zealand,like the other commonwealth nations,is having a rough go with[Mr.]Jacinda Ardern;acting Prime Minister.

你也可以看看 Wake Up Kiwi 的更新,因为新西兰和其他英联邦国家一样,正在和代理总理 Jacinda Ardern 进行艰难的谈判。

Even the usually reserved Swiss are thumbing their noses at the globalists using a Russian patriot tactic.


Swiss Citizens Revolt,Install Tables Outside in Front of Bars,Restaurants to Ignore Vax Passports 


What else do we have to look forward to?


James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is locked and loaded:Link to Telegram.Please be prepared to assist if you are technically able.


REQUEST:We're prepared to get banned from all of our platforms after we publish our upcoming series of videos inside the Federal Govt,pharmaceutical companies,FDA and more in the coming weeks ahead—showing ADMiSSIONS FROM THEM IN THEIR OWN WORDS,things they want to keep secret from you.The videos get successively more damning with each release.


I ask that if we can banned for exposing reality,download the clips on here and upload on your platforms.@project_veritas#distributionbyproxy

我请求如果我们可以因曝光现实而被禁止,在这里下载剪辑并上传到你的平台上。@project veritas#distributed byproxy


Canada,Romana Didulo has provided a place to share the names and locations of retailers where the"unclean"un-vaxxed can shop.There's one post for every province,or soon will be,as I write this.Link to Telegram. Scroll for more provinces.

在加拿大,romanadiduro 提供了一个地方,让人们可以分享零售商的名字和地点,这些零售商可以购买"不干净"的无价值商品。在我写这篇文章的时候,每个省都有一个帖子,或者很快就会有了。链接到 Telegram。更多省份。

ALBERTA-Businesses where no Vax is required to Shop.Please,post them here so non-vaxed can shop there.

阿尔伯塔-无需购买 疫苗的企业。请将它们贴在这里,以便非疫苗可以在那里购买。


I'd say this is an impressive crowd for little ol'Strathmore,Alberta.


Very large crowd in Strathmore today pic.twitter.com/rkjgKgDnfC

Eyes on CA.This is another interesting post on Telegram with links to explore.It's a series of Telegram posts to view together re:the RCMP.

关注 CA。这是 Telegram 上另一个有趣的帖子,有链接可以探索。这是一系列的帖子一起查看:加拿大皇家骑警。

Unsealing of Documents=7 Trumpets SQQN


For those that don't know,outside of Canada—the RCMP is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


SIX Fifty Fiftieth Street
(https://t.me/QPatriotsNews/12834)After 6,Comes 7,QDrop 40
(https://t.me/QPatriotsNews/12795?single)Killers on the 23rd
(https://t.me/QPatriotsNews/12852)BC Hydro Numbers/Outages
(https://t.me/QPatriotsNews/12858)Unsealing of Records
(https://t.me/QPatriotsNews/12787)Mike Lindell Fixing Voting Machines


I think this will interest our discerning crew.What are the odds indeed?


It's obvious why the demons attack Q.Q is their enemy.Link to Telegram as shared by Nicholas Veniamin.Learn more here from Alan Fountain's website.

这就是为什么恶魔攻击 q q 是他们的敌人。链接到尼古拉斯·维尼阿明共享的 Telegram。更多信息请访问 Alan Fountain 的网站。

WHAT ARE THE ODDS A LAW Was NAMED HB 17 IN 2015?Two Years Before Q?

2015年,一个定律被命名为 HB 17的几率是多少?

In my Video Pod Casts and Articles I have excluded some proprietary Intel and experiences I encountered due to both the Esoteric yet Unexplainable Events I Experienced sharing how Q Team&Space Force entered my life in 2015.(Im Sharing in My New Ebook Series)

在我的视频播放和文章中,我已经排除了一些我遇到的私有的 Intel 和经验,这些都是由于我在2015年分享 q Team&Space Force 如何进入我的生活所经历的深奥而无法解释的事件。(在我的新电子书系列中分享)


Alan Fountain–Interview Disclosing Trauma Ritual By The Deep State for Exposing GA Pedo-Ring 

艾伦喷泉-采访揭露创伤仪式的深度状态揭露 GA 佩多环

Some odd behaviour…do we recognize a zombie when we see one?Do we?


Poor guy obviously has no idea what he's doing.Link to video on Telegram.

可怜的家伙显然不知道他在做什么。链接到 Telegram 的视频。

I guess,the zombie part of the movie is about begin…..uh,get your Popcorn?????


Here's Dave's latest X22 Report and his perspective on current operations.

以下是戴夫最新的 X22报告和他对当前行动的看法。

Watch The X22 Report On Video The Great Reset and the Green New Deal are not going well for the [CB], [JB] held a climate forum and many of the residents around the world did not attend. Pelosi takes a shot at capitalism, the problem is not capitalism it is the [CB].


Interesting image…



What's even more strange is this…Link to Telegram. Phil Godlewski.

更奇怪的是......链接到 Telegram,菲尔·戈德列夫斯基。

Just to alert people:the National Memo just published a story that is a total abortion.It is the strangest thing.Totally false.


I indeed say that Arizona RINOs have been trying to kill or water down this report.I never say that I think the final report is going to concede that Biden won.That is what the headline says,but there is not a aquote in there that supports that.And I don't.I think the rpeort is going to confirm Lisa Harris'canvas:that there is double-digit election fraud.

我确实说过,亚利桑那州的 RINOs 一直试图扼杀或淡化这份报告。我从未说过我认为最终报告会承认拜登获胜。标题就是这么说的,但是没有一句引用可以支持这一点。我不知道。我认为这份报告将证实丽莎·哈里斯的说法:有两位数的选举舞弊行为。


You might want to tune in to Phil Godlewski's intel tonight 8 EDT/5 Pacific.


I have a HUGE intel drop for tonight's Live,in addition to part 2 of Devolution


8PM Eastern  2021年9月18日星期六晚上电影院|星际飞船地球


Be there.DLive.tv/philgodlewski


And since we're getting into the strange stuff…if you're not aware of this"rumour"about President John F.Kennedy…Link to Telegram. It's probably true.Some circles have reported that he recently died at 103 years of age,making Junior now JFK.

既然我们正在谈论这些奇怪的事情......如果你不知道关于约翰·f·肯尼迪总统的这个"谣言"......请链接到 Telegram。这可能是真的。一些圈子报道说他最近去世了,享年103岁,成为了现在的小肯尼迪。

And what should appear moments ago but a new Jetson White video about JFK.I haven't even watched yet.


Follow the trail of the abundance of evidence that still exists for those with eyes to see. This exposé provides a plausible explanation of what happened in Dallas on 11/22/1963. 'The Called - Makings

I must get some popcorn going for tonight's movies.We'll probably be back tomorrow,but if not…don't worry.~BP




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