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There are various topics I want to write about, first of all the identity of my other two soulmates who are incarnated on Earth (one in Europe and one in Asia), and I want to write an article about spirituality in relation to the primary anomaly and another one on sexuality in relation to spirituality and the primary anomaly. You can expect upcoming posts about these aforementioned subjects, but at this point I feel I need to give some clarity on the status of the planetary liberation process.


There are hundreds of websites, blogs and video channels out there in many languages that talk about various subjects directly related to planetary liberation from the dark forces, and some have a large following of hundreds of thousands of people, but most of them are still only scratching the surface really. True liberation is not just about the virus, vaccines, lifting lockdowns, travel bans and other restictions, economic freedom and financial abundance, the end of government corruption, corporate media lies and debt slavery, it's about much more than that. It's about consciousness, about realizing in the flesh your divine gifts, about manifesting your wildest dreams in harmony and unity with all of the Creation.


As for the operations of the light forces, they do need to deal with certain segments of the physical surface Cabal (specifically Order of the Black Sun, Black Nobility and Jesuit leaders), but that has progressed quite a lot already. The bigger concern of the light forces is the effects the activities of the Chimera have had on the general population; only now that the Chimera are gone do they have the full picture of how the Chimera have affected humanity. Think in terms of implants, programming and conditioning, trauma, tunnels of Set, soul contracts, occult power and suppression of life force and free will. The light forces have established that in order for the Event to be the predominantly positive and uplifting experience they want and need it to be for the bulk of humanity, the three primary implants in all people need to be dissolved (all other implants have been dissolved earlier). So they are working on that, and they are working on people's subconscious and energy bodies to soften conditions, heal traumas and undo programming. I have had a few very hard weeks (and the tunnels of Set had everything to do with it), but this week so far has been much calmer and with less physical discomfort, so this is a good sign the light forces are making substantial progress. All remaining obstacles towards the Event are now being addressed and will continue to be resolved until the Event is kicked off.





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