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At this time the Lightforces have advanced enough to re-establish some important communication channels which were lost to the cabal.Especially several positive inner Earth factions had no valid communications for a long time.


Faking communications of all kinds were one of the biggest tools of the cabal.As you might guess,receiving a believable death threat by someone is pretty much a difference to a call for help or a message of sending support.That kind of fake and trickery is exactly what the cabal used between many positive factions on and off Earth.They created hate among allies and turned every valid communication to positive forces into psychological terror for both parties involved.This problem went on for several thousand years throughout the whole solar system.


They are experts in getting plots established towards both sides of the communication once they faked the recipients.They developed those plots for torture,invasion and ultimately killing and perfected them for thousands of years,also creating something like creating psychological profiles of the participants while they listen and analyze.Many cabal members did nothing else but invading and faking communications believably,they had enormous staff for those fakes.


Therefore it is even more important that valid and safe communications are returning to Earth gradually.Several big positive factions in the inner Earth have been reconnected as they have also been connected to the Galactic Federation orbiting Earth.Many were astounded how far the fake communications were developed although they already had deep insights about such cabal measures.Also the cabal tried to fake the re-established communications again fast during the process of validation.The cabal obviously have very high interest to keep the powerful positive forces on and off Earth disconnected as they still invest a lot of energy in disturbing the reconnections.


As a result of the re-connection of powerful allies against the cabal,they launched several attacks,among other consequences also responsible for a recent'black alert'reported on Cobra's page.


That is pretty much what will happen in the years to come and always happened to some degree on Earth.If there are progresses for the positive factions,the cabal tries to'take revenge'immediately.First off to invade everything that happened in the ways of finding out details and getting right into the positive progress(and revert it if they can get in between).But also you might compare it to some sick way they like to see as establishing balance towards the primary anomaly if something positive happens.Additionally they use this mechanism as a way to condition and brainwash the positive factions and connect something positive that happened with something heavily bad afterwards.The cabal use the same tactics already if someone on Earth successfully created a communication to someone positive who could help.Some lightworkers might know this effect of immediate attacks following every step forward from their own ascension path by now.


Also in the same turn it was discovered that the cabal are already trying to fake communications among members of the Galactic Federation and the positive species who arrived to help within the solar system.Those beginning miscommunications were fixed before the cabal could proceed and serious damage could be averted.But of course it is alarming that the higher species involved had to get active to protect communications that were already slightly invaded but still seen as valid by the participants.Think of Lightforces'weapon systems adjusted by the cabal if you want a worst case of what could have happened.You can be sure though that the highest species will definitely double check important communications and processes,so not much ground to win for the cabal in that area.


Also similar fakes and plots were established for those humans who wake up on Earth.Basically the cabal usually present those waking up several preconfigured plots(also by faking communications etc.)until the ascendent falls for one of these stories as being the truth.They did so through all ages,especially towards the end of cycles.Therefore they again have thousands of years of experience of what humans fall for.Also they read as much of the psyche of the ascendent they can if their targets do not fall for a premade plot easily.Next step is they create individual plots taking into account the things they read in the psyche.This invasive process gets more cruel and strenous all the time usually until the ascendent either accepts the plot as truth or gives up and joins the cabal(which is pretty much the same result).Of course their snowball-/chainletter-principle can and will never work out at all for any members of the cabal,let alone newcomers.But it certainly will look like it for those easy targets joining them out of free will.


If the light forces would not constantly protect the targets of the cabal,virtually all of Earth's population would have joined them either for treats or because they could not endure the torture any longer.In these times of nearing defeat,the cabal tries to recruit and force bigger souls to join them even harder than ever before.By now we have many new falls daily which was not the case years ago.The cabal needs more consciousness energy to fight off the Lightforces advancements and therefore they try more intensively.Some even call it the harvest,some say that this is the separation of the wheat from the chaff but both descriptions are rather terms of the cabal themselves for absolute cruelty.They just drive up the psychoterror individually and worldwide(just look at Covid-probably no-one would say it stabilizes the psyche).Then their targeted individuals are usually falling much easier.And in some cases they even move from psychlogical torture on to physical torture(through directed energy-weapons and similar technology).On takeover the new members then usually have to bind their very life to destroying/overtaking the next targeted individuals.That means if they do not succeed in creating more psychological or physical damage towards their targets daily,they themselves are tortured.That is cruelty of the cabal's'snowball'principle-it is unsolvable for those who joined them as well as for those who are targeted.The chimera and top cabal think that establishing such deadlock mechanisms of inevitably destroying and torturing life was smart and intelligent-they are proud of having established such mechanisms.That is pretty much one of the many depths of their anti-life agenda they set up on Earth.


However this will pretty much be the scenario the cabal will try to continue until the Lightforces reached the compression breakthrough.The cabal sees those new victims as one of the counter-weights against the breakthrough among other short-sighted methods of gaining energy.Basically if more humans are'bound'in these ways to the cabal,less people even want liberation.So we might see even more strange behaviours of the'majority'soon.


Though even describing their methods might already be slightly cruel,descriptions like this might help some people to get through the worst.




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