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Source:The Richardson Post|By Howell Woltz

November 24,2020



These forces swore to defend my home nation from enemies'both foreign and domestic'–and those who foment coups and steal elections in my homeland and abroad certainly qualify as'enemies'


Words fail me to describe the profundity of this news


Legendary Special Forces(Green Beret)hero,Christopher C.Miller,has been appointed Acting Secretary of The Department of Defense by the President,following the sacking of Mark Esper.

传奇特种部队(绿色贝雷帽)英雄,克里斯托弗 c 米勒,已被任命为代理国防部长,由总统后,解雇马克 Esper

I just watched the ceremony and announcement of this momentous move on the Hallowed Grounds of Ft.Bragg in my home state of North Carolina,where monuments to Special Forces heroes past,stand in remembrance.


Only a handful of insiders knew this move was coming,and Mark Esper—fired Secretary of Defense—was apparently not among them,though I'm sure he suspected his sacking was on the way.

只有少数内部人士知道这一行动的到来,而被解雇的国防部长马克埃斯珀(Mark esper)显然不在其中,尽管我确信他怀疑自己即将被解雇。

In fact,Esper might be considered the enemy for publicly opposing the president's use of The Insurrection Act of 1807 to put down the Marxist BLM/Antifa/Democrat riots over the summer with military forces—if needed.

事实上,Esper 可能会被视为公开反对总统利用1807年的起义法案来镇压马克思主义的BLM/ Antifa /民主党夏季暴动的敌人——如果需要的话。

The president never invoked this centuries-old Act,but Esper outed himself as a Sleeper for the Deep State with protestations against his boss—over something that never happened—which served the Marxists well.

奥巴马总统从未援引这一历史悠久的法案,但埃斯珀公开表示自己是"深层国家"(Deep State)的潜伏分子,抗议他的老板——为了一件从未发生过的事情——这对马克思主义者很有好处。

But the jaw-dropping moment for me,was just before Special Forces Legend,Chris Miller's speech,when the young man introducing him came to the podium.


I was just writing about him—former Undersecretary of Defense,Ezra Cohen-Watnick—and I did a double-take.It was the same man in my script.


Without getting too deep in the weeds as they say,this brilliant young man began his career in the only Constitutionally recognised intelligence force in America—Office of Naval Intelligence—which I found so interesting.



Ladies,Gentlemen&Patriots—let me introduce the man we believe to be'Q'—Trump's secret weapon—Ezra Cohen-Watnick


He was then'trained'in Defense Clandestine Services and by the CIA in'tactics'(I now believe to observe them),then moved to work in the Defense Intelligence Agency under Lt.General,Michael Flynn—all within about a decade after puberty.

之后,他在国防秘密服务部门接受了"训练",在中情局接受了"战术"方面的训练(我现在相信他是在观察他们),然后在迈克尔·弗林中将手下的国防情报局(Defense Intelligence Agency)工作——这一切都发生在青春期后的十年内。

He's that smart,so when General Flynn became Director of National Intelligence and moved to the White House,he wisely brought Ezra Cohen-Watnick with him.


Deep State hacks who prompted General Flynn's ouster—including President Trump's Chief of Staff,Red-loving H.R.McMaster—also tried to have Cohen-Watnick removed,but President Trump would have none of it.

促使弗林将军下台的 Deep State 黑客——包括特朗普总统的幕僚长、热爱红色的人力资源部长麦克马斯特(h.r.mcmaster)——也曾试图让科恩-沃特尼克下台,但特朗普总统不同意。


A RINO Globalist or Chinese flag is more appropriate for McMaster than one from America—which you may notice is missing—no PATRIOTIC AMERICAN GENERAL would allow such a photo—but an Obama globalist did


President Donald Trump knows talent—and this young man went to his alma mater,University of Pennsylvania—so perhaps he had his eye on Ezra.

唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)总统了解人才——这位年轻人上的是他的母校宾夕法尼亚大学(University of pennsylvania)——所以,他可能看上了以斯拉(Ezra)

Trump refused staff recommendation to fire Flynn's protégée and moved Ezra to check out the Department of Justice—which many including myself believe was to keep an eye on Jeff Session and the hapless gang there.

特朗普拒绝了工作人员解雇弗林门生的建议,并让以斯拉去调查司法部(Department of justice)——包括我在内的许多人都认为,司法部是为了监视杰夫塞申(Jeff Session)和那个倒霉的黑帮。

His mission was not a job,in my opinion,but to gather evidence for what appears to be this very moment in history—a Reckoning with the Deep State.


Born in 1986,this brilliant young man at the age of just 34,is the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence—and was,in my opinion—symbolically chosen to introduce the new Department of Defense boss,Chris Miller,to send a signal to the rats that their days are numbered.

这位才华横溢的年轻人出生于1986年,年仅34岁,现任美国国防部负责情报事务的副部长。在我看来,他被象征性地选中介绍新的国防部长克里斯米勒(Chris Miller),以向老鼠们发出一个信号:他们的日子不多了。

And he introduced this guy—a no nonsense legend:



This real warrior,Christopher miller,will be protecting the president and our nation from enemies,both foreign and domestic—which seems to be a very long list


So let's connect some dots—but not in order.



Recognise the lady who has fought relentlessly for justice for general Michael Flynn—and seemingly knows more about Scytl and the Democrat vote fraud than anyone?That was a clue

还记得那位为迈克尔·弗林将军伸张正义而不懈奋斗的女士吗?她似乎比任何人都更了解 Scytl 和民主党选举舞弊?这是一条线索

Here's Clue 1


Attorney Sidney Powell is a relentless warrior whose shaking voice warned the Deep State last Thursday night in Trump's litigation team's press conference that she would'release the Kraken'on them for what they had done to her country.

律师西德尼鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)是一位冷酷无情的战士,上周四晚上,在特朗普诉讼团队的新闻发布会上,他颤抖的声音警告"深州"(Deep State),她将"释放北海巨妖"(Kraken),惩罚他们对自己的国家所做的一切。

This fine lady was visibly and audibly upset by what she had just witnessed.


So what had Sidney Powell seen that the others had not?We've got a clue for you.


Attorney Powell has taken on the Deep State like none other,and is doing all of this on her own—not being paid by the president or his campaign—yet clearly knows more than any of the president's own attorneys about what actually took place with the international'switching'of votes to elect Biden.

鲍威尔检察官独一无二地与"深州"(Deep State)展开了较量,所有这一切都是她自己做的——没有得到总统或其竞选团队的资助——但他显然比总统自己的律师更清楚,国际社会为了选举拜登而"转换"选票,到底发生了什么。

More forbidding to the bastards hiding in the dark,Sidney says she has'the receipts'now to prove it.


And from what we've discovered from our sources here in Europe,we believe her,as CIA insiders have admitted providing her the goods—because she was protecting General Flynn—but we have nothing from Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

根据我们在欧洲的消息来源,我们相信她,中情局内部人士承认向她提供情报因为她在保护 flynn 将军但我们对 Ezra Cohen-Watnick 一无所知。

He is invisible and incommunicative—perhaps a wise choice as the most pursued man on earth.


Lt.General Flynn has been so corruptly and terribly destroyed by the Obama Department of Justice,the Courts and the Deep State,that it is amazing he is still alive—but it is doubtful he could have been the source for Sidney Powell,as he has been precluded from involvement by those who tore up his life—over nothing.


Yet we've been warned every step of the way what was coming by this thing called Q-Anon,yet no one knows who this is—or even if such a person exists.

然而我们每一步都被这个叫 Q-Anon 的东西警告过,但是没有人知道这个人是谁,甚至没有人知道这个人是否存在。

We now think we know,and may God protect him.


How many Flynn protégées have waded through all the Swamp puddles and know where the snakes,alligators,lizards and frogs nest?


Just one—Ezra Cohen Watnick—General Flynn's chief protégée.

只有一个 ezra Cohen watnick Flynn 将军的首席门徒。

Clue 2—again,not in order


While everyone in DC disavows'Q'and Social Media now bans its very mention,I noticed only one man who acknowledged Q and publicly took an oath to its cause—General Michael Flynn.


Don't believe me?On Independence Day this year(July 4th),General Flynn and his entire family took the WWG1WGA oath with him."Where we go one,we go all".

不相信我?在今年的独立日(74),弗林将军和他的全家人一起参加了 WWG1WGA 的宣誓仪式。我们去哪里,我们就去哪里。"

General Flynn is in the middle of the video giving the hand signal(I have no clue what it means,but after his Deep State experience,the middle finger might have been more appropriate).

弗林将军在视频中间给出了一个手势(我不知道这是什么意思,但是在他的 Deep State 经历之后,中指可能更合适)

Now it makes sense that a pathetic ridiculous little Obama District Court Judge in DC(the Not-So-Honourable Emmet Sullivan)is violating law and Constitution to prevent General Flynn's case from being dismissed!


They can't afford to have him loose and back in Trump's Second Term—because he has the knowledge of how to destroy them all.


Clue 3


Sidney Powell used the term'Release the Kraken'to describe what she is going to do to the Deep State Democrat and RINO scum—and most thought she was referring to the legendary mythological octopus-like giant.

西德尼鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)"释放北海巨妖"(Release the Kraken)这个词来形容她将要对深州民主党人和绿诺科技公司(RINO)的人渣做的事情——大多数人认为她指的是传说中像章鱼一样的巨人。

But she wasn't.



According to the CIA's own information operations centre


"Kraken is a Department of Defense cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions of other nations and enemies."(Hat tip to Pam Geller Reports)

"挪威海怪是国防部的一个网络战计划,它追踪并黑客其他系统,以获取其他国家和敌人邪恶行为的证据。"( Pam Geller 报道的帽子提示)

But we now know that the SCYTL server seizure was from a secret operation in Frankfurt—actually controlled by the CIA.

但我们现在知道 SCYTL 服务器被查封是来自法兰克福的一个秘密行动实际上是由中情局控制的。

It appears the CIA partnered in the Obama scheme with his mentor,George Soros,the CCP and Globalists seeking'the Great Reset',which is Marxist-speak for an overthrow of the U.S.Government—and its president—to"fundamentally transform the United States"as Obama promised.

美国中央情报局(CIA)似乎与奥巴马的导师乔治索罗斯(George Soros)、中共和全球主义者(Globalists)合作,寻求"大复位"(the Great Reset)——这是马克思主义者对推翻美国政府及其总统的说法——"从根本上改变美国",正如奥巴马所承诺的那样。

So who in Sidney Powell's orbit could possibly know about the secret CIA hacking program"Kraken"?


Was it just a coincidence that she used the one term that might let the rats know she was on to them at last Thursday's presser?


And if her source knew the term,might he also have access to the program to hack and track the hackers?


If he were the man over all intel—oh say like Ezra Cohen-Watnick,her client's Number One—he either knew about it and had access to it,or the lowlifes were breaking the law and he caught them red handed.

如果他是掌握所有情报的人比如说 Ezra Cohen-Watnick 她客户的头号人物他要么知道并能接触到,要么就是那些人渣犯了法,被他抓了个现行。

Clue 4—Right on cue


So,who always shows up at just the right moment to save the day like the Lone Ranger and Tonto?


Even imprisoned by Deep State operatives of multiple nations,Julian Assange has done it—just like he did before the 2016 election—giving our president the'win'in a projected Hillary's landslide—by dumping the Democrat's own e-mails proving election fraud,in their own primary.

朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)甚至被多个国家的"深层政府"(Deep State)特工监禁,但他还是做到了——就像他在2016年大选之前做的那样——通过在民主党自己的初选中丢弃这位民主党人证明选举舞弊的电子邮件,让我们的总统在希拉里的压倒性胜利中"获胜"

Here is the description of yesterday's'exposition':


"Wikileaks has dumped 8,761 CIA Documents on Tuesday revealing CIA base in Frankfurt#Germany which was used to hack elections incl"malware,viruses,trojans,weaponized'zero day'exploits,malware remote control systems and associated docs.->


The leaks purportedly revealed that a top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt as starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe,China and Middle East.


German daily"Süddeutsche Zeitung"reported the building was known to be home to a vast network of intelligence personnel including CIA agents,NSA spies,military secret service personnel,Department of Homeland Security employees and Secret Service employees.


"It reported the Americans had also established a dense network of outposts and shell companies in Frankfurt.


It appears the CIA was using the same foreign data center to hack the US elections…and got caught."


Now it all makes sense—and explains why the coup players are going nuts.



Brutalised by the Deep State 5-eyes thugs,this hero,Julian Assange,remains defiant


Social media has shut down any mention of this(yep,me too—I'm'banned'from Twitter for even talking about it).

社交媒体已经关闭了任何提及此事的功能(是的,我也是——我甚至因为谈论此事而被"禁止" Twitter 上使用)

The press is whistling past the graveyard ignoring the evil spirits they have themselves created and conjured.


The dirtbags in government and Establishment Republicans who will profit from the Great Reset to World Marxism are saying"Perhaps we should just'move on'."


Not a chance as long as the 80 million of us Americans who were just robbed have had our say.


We may lose,but not without a fight—perhaps even a real one.


The CCP is more nervous than a pregnant nun at Confession,and the Soros Foundation and Dominion Software sports have taken leave of office(s)—which were coincidentally in the same buildings.

中共比忏悔会上怀孕的修女还要紧张,索罗斯基金会(Soros Foundation) Dominion 软件公司(Dominion Software)的体育项目已经离开了办公室——而这两个项目恰巧就在同一栋楼里。



So we near the endgame


And I'm not sure that any one man on earth can defeat the billionaires,power-mongers,Marxists,Globalists,Islamists and general filth arrayed against we the'deplorables'—even Donald Trump.

我不确定地球上任何一个人能够打败亿万富翁、权力贩子、马克思主义者、全球主义者、伊斯兰主义者以及那些针对我们这些"可悲的人"——甚至唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)——的普通人渣。

And it's not only us,it's the European lovers of their own nations and the billion plus Chinese who suffer under the CCP as well as their neighbors down under who will be consumed.


They all agree with us.


When one throws in the largest democracy on earth,India,one begins to understand why the Soros/Davos jerks are shaking in their Guccis.

当人们把世界上最大的民主国家——印度——扔进去,就会开始明白,为什么索罗斯(soros)和达沃斯(davos)的混蛋们在他们的 gucci 里发抖。

Trump's opponents—both foreign and domestic—have openly and notoriously flaunted the laws to steal an election in my home nation,and we have the evidence.


They are definitely enemies of the United States and its Constitution—but also of all free people.


I've listed hard evidence of the fraud for a week,so don't give me the tired CNN line'but there's no evidence'.

一个星期以来,我已经列出了欺诈的确凿证据,所以不要再给我 CNN 那句令人厌倦的台词"但是没有证据"

When 71 of precincts out of just one city(Milwaukee,Wisconsin)have more votes than voters(up to 350%)that's all one needs to know.


When this fraud is precisely repeated in six Democrat stronghold states using the same methods and the same Tech Oligarch's cash(Zuckerberg),it is a coup d'etat.


The court challenges presently deployed will give my home nation a chance to allow the'system'to correct itself and reverse this theft of America by Marxists who plotted this a century ago under President Woodrow Wilson.

目前部署的法庭挑战将给我的祖国一个机会,允许"体系"自我修正,扭转一个世纪前在伍德罗·威尔逊(Woodrow Wilson)总统领导下策划这一切的马克思主义者对美国的盗窃。

But if that process has also been compromised beyond utility by the Marxist forces within and without,then the perpetrators should be arrested by Special Forces—whom I now believe report to'Q'.

但是如果这个过程也被内部和外部的马克思主义势力所破坏,那么肇事者应该被特种部队逮捕——我现在相信他们是向 q 报告的。

Those proven by affidavits and other evidence to have directly participated in this plot to deprive America of its choice of presidents should be arrested on charges of treason.


That includes the Social Media Smurfs



These four men are as evil as George Soros—and maybe worse


They gambled and lost.They forgot Rule#1,"If your plan is to kill the king,do not miss"


The traitors include not only these Oligarchs—our new'Robber Barons'—but Wall Street Globalists and the Grand Master,admitted Nazi-Collaborator,George Soros.

这些叛徒不仅包括这些寡头——我们新的"强盗大亨"——还包括华尔街的全球主义者以及承认与纳粹勾结的大师乔治索罗斯(George Soros)

The indictments should include the CEOs of Big Media,the Democrat Party,RINOs who suckle at the teat of big government and thrive on endless wars,CIA participants,military officers and security forces on the wrong side,as well as the Department of Justice and FBI who played such a wilfully blind part—or participated.

起诉书应该包括大媒体、民主党(Democrat Party)的首席执行官、在大政府面前吃奶、在无休止的战争中茁壮成长的里诺斯(RINOs)、中央情报局(CIA)的参与者、军官和安全部队站错了队,以及司法部(Department of Justice)和联邦调查局(FBI)在其中扮演了如此故意视而不见的角色——或者参与了战争。

All—should be arrested,tried,and sent south—to Guantanamo Bay—so this never,ever,happens again.


As an interesting note from my law days,the criminal code,Title 18,made"Misprision of a Felony"—not telling when someone broke the law—one of the first four,and not telling about treason qualifies.


Yes,here is the law under which all Democrat Party hacks and operatives should be charged:


"Whoever,having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States,conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States,shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years,or both."


18 USC§4

My suggestion to you miscreant traitors is to call Sidney Powell right this moment and join the choir.


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