X22报道|第2927集: 美国中央银行将倒闭,美国的复苏从现在开始

2022年11月17日17:59:31最新动态X22报道|第2927集: 美国中央银行将倒闭,美国的复苏从现在开始已关闭评论3921阅读模式


X22报道|第2927集: 美国中央银行将倒闭,美国的复苏从现在开始

Ep. 2927a – Optics Are Important, The System Will Come Down On The [CB]/Biden Watch

光学是重要的,这个系统将在[ CB ]/拜登的监督下崩溃

Ep. 2927b – America’s Comeback Starts Right Now, The Decision On Timing Was Always Left To Trump




The [DS]/[CB]/[WEF] are now pushing the world into their new system, the have no choice, everything was set in motion during the pandemic. As they push the economy is going to breakdown and Trump is going to point this out every step of the way. The great awakening also includes the [CB] system and the fiat currency.

DS/CB/WEF 现在正在推动世界进入他们的新体系,他们别无选择,一切都在大流行期间启动。随着他们推动经济走向崩溃,特朗普会一步一步地指出这一点。大觉醒还包括[CB] 体系和法定货币。


Trump made his announcement that he running again, this announcement was for the normies because they didn’t know if he was going to run again. Trump took the temperature of the country and decided to continue with the plan and bring the people to the precipice. Trump let us know that America’s comeback starts right now and the road ahead is going to be very rough, it will be a storm of all storms. The military has always left the decision up to Trump. 



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