2023年2月11日: 战争伤疤和战争创伤|星际飞船地球

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 February 11, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年2月11日

2023年2月11日: 战争伤疤和战争创伤|星际飞船地球

In the news from the front we are hearing sobering reports of unexpected casualties in the complex situation in Turkey following two major earthquakes, bizarre weather, suspicious radar signatures and  accompanying blue flashes in the sky just prior to the first major tremor.


If you listened to SGAnon’s File 39 perhaps you got the impression I did that we may have lost some Alliance personnel in one of those quakes. That is how I took the intel provided but I would love to be wrong. I always worry about them down in those tunnels as we have heard some horror stories about the evil they encountered.

如果你听过 SGAnon 的39号文件,也许你会有这样的印象: 我们可能在其中一次地震中失去了一些联盟成员。我就是这样得到情报的,但我希望是错的。我总是担心他们在隧道里,因为我们听说过一些关于他们遭遇邪恶的恐怖故事。

Understandably, the cabal sees the destruction of the tunnels and DUMBs as serious threats and would no doubt seek to prevent those missions.

可以理解的是,阴谋集团认为隧道和 DUMB 的破坏是严重的威胁,毫无疑问会试图阻止这些任务。

We just never know where our next battle is going to erupt and as we know, the enemy also sees the hidden camera interviews from Project Veritas as very damaging.


BREAKING: Project Veritas Board Gets Massive Cease & Desist Letter From Top Donors After Rumored James O’Keefe Ouster

最新消息: 真理计划委员会在传闻詹姆斯 · 奥基夫被解职后收到了来自顶级捐赠者的大量停止和终止信

The back story may go something like this, as the crew’s research suggests: Link to video.

背景故事可能是这样的,正如工作人员的研究所建议的: 链接到视频。

Asked what’s behind James O’Keefe put on paid leave by Project Veritas following viral Phizer “directed evolution” video, Janine said cards show O’Keefe working in background following credible death threats to him & family. Currently under White Hat protection.

当被问及詹姆斯 · 奥基夫在病毒式的 Phizer“指导进化”视频之后被“真理计划”(Project Veritas)停止带薪休假的原因时,珍妮表示,卡片显示奥基夫在受到可信的死亡威胁之后仍在幕后工作。目前受白帽保护。

Regardless of what we hear about the “Chinese spy balloon” and the value to the “Wake Up” operation currently underway at the hands of the White Hats, I am confident that the Earth Alliance is aware of anything happening on or above us instantaneously. If the balloon presented an immediate or serious threat, they would have dealt with it and we may not have heard about it for months or years later.


2023年2月11日: 战争伤疤和战争创伤|星际飞船地球

There is at least one purpose to the balloon at this point in the ‘movie’ and it will play out in the typical dramatic and absurd ways most revelations do. Some believe it may have been launched by the White Hats as part of the escalating fake WWIII scenario we understand is going to unfold to wake the normies. Rumours of additional balloons is not surprising and the drama will probably increase, possibly in multiple directions.


No sooner had I typed that, when this headline popped up on Telegram about another incident that occurred.


U.S. military shoots down ‘object’ flying in territorial waters over Alaska


So Biden ordered it shot down. An “object”. They never specify what it was, but say it landed. The article seems purposely vague. Obviously the military has a good idea of what it was. Jets can’t catch a UFO but it might be planned.

所以拜登下令将其击落。一个“物体”。他们从来没有说明是什么,但说它着陆了。这篇文章似乎故意含糊其辞。显然军方对此很清楚。喷气机无法捕捉 UFO,但它可能是计划好的。

What if it was manned? What if that move exacerbates the already tenuous diplomatic relations between nations already? What if this is grounds for Russia to attack the US? I know… I have a vivid imagination, but it seems possible they might take a similar route to create a war that will get the attention of the zombies who don’t pay attention to anything but Hollywood and sports.

如果它是有人驾驶的呢?如果这一举动加剧了已经脆弱的国家间外交关系呢?如果这是俄罗斯攻击美国的理由呢?我知道... 我的想象力很丰富,但他们可能会采取类似的方式来制造一场战争来吸引僵尸的注意力他们只关注好莱坞和体育。

They might also use the “sky event” to get Humanity current with the latest technologies for flight. We’ll see what happens. Things are definitely getting more interesting by the day.


2023年2月11日: 战争伤疤和战争创伤|星际飞船地球

TR3B triangle craft on US military aircraft carrier [old tech] 美国军用航空母舰上的 TR3b 三角飞行器[旧技术]

There have been other balloons that were armed and dangerous.还有其他携带武器的危险气球。

For those who really want to know what the Alliance is up to with their “Plan”, check out this Telegram from Derek Johnson.

对于那些真正想知道联盟的“计划”是什么的人,看看德里克 · 约翰逊的电报。

This one, well above Commercial Zone, still hasn’t made “News” which are under the Continuity of Government controlled by 47 US Code 606 titled “War Powers of the President”… Under CIC Trump due to Article II of the Constitution and MANY other Laws and Orders ? You can’t know if you don’t read Laws & Orders ?

这个,远高于商业区,仍然没有制造“新闻”,这是在政府的连续性控制下,由47个美国法典606题为“总统的战争权力”... 在中投特朗普由于宪法第二条和许多其他法律和秩序,你不能知道,如果你不读法律和秩序

Great Question: is this one of ours?


?? None were Chinese. That’s all the distraction. It’s a “Look over here!!! Don’t look there.” How many people even knew about these before it hit their Black Box or phone screen? ☠️?

没有一个是中国人。这就是所有的干扰。是“看这里! ! !”!别往那儿看”有多少人在黑匣子或者手机屏幕上出现之前就知道这些东西?

Those who don’t know, if you weren’t following what CIC Trump did with China and the tariffs of 2017… plus the relationship with President Xi and the People’s REPUBLIC of China which is WAY different than the Chinese Communist Party… you would understand what’s happening right now is a part of the plan and Operation.

那些不知道的人,如果你没有关注中投特朗普对中国的所作所为以及2017年的关税... ... 再加上与习近平主席和人民中华民国的关系,这与中国共产党有很大不同... ... 你就会明白,现在发生的事情是计划和行动的一部分。

The number one thing to learn first to understand these are distractions is the Continuity of Government.


If you don’t know what a Continuity of Government is then you definitely won’t understand why it was needed and what it looks like.


Thought this Operation is complex, it can be understood better by keeping it simple and using the Blueprint to navigate.

虽然这个操作很复杂,但是通过保持它的简单性和使用 Blueprint 来导航可以更好地理解它。

I suggest the COG first ??

我建议先找 COG

We knew the Plan was going to involve events and go indirections we could never anticipate, and that is why we just try to remain calm and watch the show. Is this accurate? We would like to think not, but we don’t know. Link to Telegram.


According to the UN, the death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria will “likely exceed 50,000.”


Death toll in Turkey and Syria earthquake rises to 27,043, with 85,442 others injured.



North of the 49th, things are looking up. Farewell to John Tory.

49街以北,情况有所好转,再见了,约翰 · 托里。

Toronto mayor admits affair with female former staffer, resigns: ‘Serious error in judgment’

多伦多市长承认与前女职员有染,辞职: “判断严重失误”

The military is still weeding out the bad apples.


White Hat Officer Suspected of Treason Dies Under Interrogation


Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday was excellent for getting me up to speed, as always, and I particularly appreciated his coverage of the AI aspect Chat GPT and “DAN” [do anything now”. It sounds like it could be very accurate. Are they using this to get us to a point where we can accept what is probably a lot more AI involvement in our civilization than most people realize? That comes after the 26 min. mark. 56 min.

Dave 昨天的 X22报告很好的帮助我跟上了进度,一如既往,我特别感谢他对 AI 方面的报道,聊天 GPT 和“ DAN”[现在做任何事情”。听起来可能非常精确。他们是在利用这一点让我们能够接受人工智能在我们文明中的作用可能比大多数人意识到的要多得多吗?那是在26分钟之后。Mark.56分钟。

I also enjoyed this Bo Polny update with Nino Rodriguez. Bo’s accuracy is fairly good and they raise some interesting points. Bo is not a prophet, but he does mention them occasionally and it’s fascinating to hear Juan O’Savin and Bo pick up the Purim and Haman threads and Bo’s overall message is a positive one. 1 hr. 16 min.

我也很喜欢尼诺 · 罗德里格斯对波波尼的更新。Bo 的准确性相当不错,他们提出了一些有趣的观点。薄并不是先知,但他偶尔也会提到这些话题,听胡安•奥萨文(Juan o’savin)和薄拿起 Purim 和哈曼的帖子很有意思,而且薄总体上传达的信息是积极的。1小时。16分钟。

The headlines are apt to get stranger and stranger as more and more truth bombs are dropped. Yellow Rose for Texas channel showed a lot of parts breaking off the sun via the NASA cameras several years ago. It’s hard to know what to make of it, except that our heavenly bodies are apparently not what we were told.

随着越来越多的真相炸弹投下,新闻标题变得越来越离奇。几年前,美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的黄玫瑰德克萨斯频道(Yellow Rose for Texas channel)展示了太阳的许多部分。很难知道这是怎么回事,除了我们的天体显然不是我们被告知的那样。

Part of the Sun broke off and scientists have never seen anything like it


A bit of trivia regarding NASA. I hear that the reason they launch their craft with a “T minus” countdown is because NASA is “Satan” minus the “T”. Hidden in plain sight.

关于 NASA 的一些琐事。我听说他们发射飞船的倒计时是“ T-”因为美国宇航局是“撒旦”减去“ T”。隐藏在众目睽睽之下。

I also read or heard somewhere this past week that the “eclipses” we experience are actually the ETs replacing the bulbs in the sun. Nothing would surprise me any more.


This you may have heard elsewhere, as well. Link to Telegram. Curiouser and curiouser.


The “Chinese surveillance balloon” was shot down 6 years, 6 months and 6 days after the most deadly hot air balloon disaster in America history which killed 16 in 2016. Checkout the path of the surveillance balloon, it looks almost identical to the path of the first total solar eclipse.


This fellow from down under publishing as FCB does a brilliant exposé on the real Pirates of the Caribbean and their activities in  the Human trafficking islands belonging to Epstein, the Bidens, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines, etc., and others. What a convenient little hive of activity down there where they covertly control the flow of children and money via the IRS. 27 min.

这个家伙从底层出版作为 FCB 做了一个辉煌的揭露真正的加勒比海盗和他们的活动在人口贩卖属于爱泼斯坦,拜登,维珍航空公司的理查德·布兰森,等等。多么方便的一个小活动蜂巢在那里他们通过国税局秘密控制儿童和资金的流动。27分钟。


It seems like any news is old news in hours or even minutes, but my appointments with the bone bender cramp my style, as does my reduced effectiveness in knocking things off my growing list so all I can do is try to stay current and extend deep gratitude to the crew for their steadfast updates, research, insights, and heads ups. As well, Hubby’s away so I have to pick up the slack while curtailing activities that aggravate my physical status so at this point I’m so far behind I think I’m first. Where’s that damn clone?!


Enjoy your weekend folks. The momentum is only going to pick up from here, so strap yourselves in.  ~ BP

周末愉快,伙计们。动量只会从这里增加,所以系好安全带。~ BP

2023年2月11日: 战争伤疤和战争创伤|星际飞船地球


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