行星地球在5D 新纪元中移动|最后的警钟

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The new Earth is born
Lies and Deception
Turnaround has begun

The new earth is born


Current events that many can already observe are converging towards the completion of the planetary cycle. Every day more and more information arrives, those who have eyes to see and 行星地球在5D 新纪元中移动|最后的警钟ears to hear understand this upheaval. Everything is converging in the same direction, confirmation that we are indeed in the great planetary change towards the 5th Dimension.


The new earth is born and with it a new humanity. If previously the word Apocalypse caused goosebumps for most, now there is plenty of understanding, comfort and confidence in the future to provide.


The new Light came to Earth at the end of 2012 and brought in higher energies, beginning the Aquarian Age, moving our Planet into the Fifth Dimension.


Everything is accelerating now! What used to take centuries now shows itself in months or a single year. An Apocalypse that used to cause fear now begins to inspire confidence, because it is nothing but the revelation of what was hidden. It is the window that opens, allowing Light to illuminate its surroundings and show the reality that could not be perceived before.


One by one, this Light dissolves the veils of forgetfulness as human consciousness begins to remember everything. They will remember who they are, where they came from and why they came here on Earth.


They will remember past lives but also have knowledge of the future. They will activate all innate knowledge since the time this consciousness was integrated into their Super Soul. It will indeed be a time of revelations!


Everything will be exposed! And what is coming is so great why it could not come earlier because our limited consciousness cannot absorb this reality.


The fruit cannot be picked earlier or it will be lost. Nor can it be picked too late, or it may rot on the stem. The moment of revelation is now.




The Anunnaki dark powers, have enjoyed unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. But now face our helpful alien brothers and sisters, our Light Forces, the digital Soldiers and Patriots. Through their great effort, progress has been made, to remove these negative forces from planet Earth for good. It were the negative forces that sabotaged positive 行星地球在5D 新纪元中移动|最后的警钟initiatives and made it impossible to break the negative isolation. But that has now ended for good.

Anunnaki 黑暗势力,在地球上享有无限的自由已经有几十万年了。但是现在面对我们乐于助人的外星兄弟姐妹,我们的光之部队,数字战士和爱国者。通过他们的巨大努力,已经取得了进展,从地球上永远消除了这些负面力量。正是负面的力量破坏了正面的力量 但现在这种情况已经永远结束了。

On Earth, we have found help from the extraterrestrial Palladians with their inherent desire to activate spiritual and mental forces in the world. They are narrowly connected to the world of Lightworkers.


Palladians encourage valuable efforts, joy, light and love on our world to further our ascension in order to enter the 5D world.

为了进入5D 世界,圣骑士鼓励我们在世界上进一步提升的宝贵努力、喜悦、光明和爱。

Extraterrestrials are able to bring great advancement in the mental and spiritual consciousness of people on planet Earth. Know, that Palladians and Earthlings are similar in many ways.


Palladians live and come from the constellation of stars known as the Pleiades. There are seven stars in the Pleiades. They come from a star called Taygete, which is home to the planet Erra.


The sleepers have to convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemy and tyrants are. In a nutshell; the Covid pandemic is a propaganda lie to wipe out humanity on Earth.


Lies and Deception


行星地球在5D 新纪元中移动|最后的警钟The sooner humanity wakes up and sees the lies and deception, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be modest; let this be a challenge for everyone to join in to materialise our maximum potential.


Our planet is thoroughly polluted by huge amounts of toxic chemicals, radiations, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, etc. Supported by half-truths, fraud, falsified images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and above all brainwashing.


Our physical body is “thoroughly poisoned and polluted” caused by radiation and air pollution, as well as heavy metals and dangerous toxins through pharmaceutical drugs and foods. All this is stored in the human organism, requiring physical detoxification.


The great upheaval has begun! This process can no longer be stopped! Both from above and below, energies are converging on Earth. This is, for many thousands of years, the long-awaited moment. To move forward into our new 5D-World!

大动乱开始了!这个过程不能再停止了!无论是从上面还是下面,能量都在地球上聚集。这是千百年来期待已久的时刻。进入我们新的5D 世界!

First, Russia is preparing for the unification of nations by merging nations that were once part of the Federation supplemented by some that were not before.


NATO and the Khazarian CIA, know they cannot defeat a strong Russia and that their elitist lifestyle is at risk. Some Khazars have tried to hoard money in other countries to secure their wasteful lifestyle. The end for them is coming as they are being hunted and tracked down globally by military forces scouring our planet with technologies that track each of them.


The Deep State cabal has been finally defeated, what is left are cabal puppets and their cronies, each of whom will now be removed before most of humanity wakes up.


Turnaround has begun


Know; the new world is already a reality; the upheaval has begun right before your eyes. Wasn’t that originally your choice too? Start forgetting everything you learnt before and forget it for good.

知道; 新世界已经成为现实; 剧变已经在你们眼前开始。这不也是你最初的选择吗?开始忘记你以前学过的所有东西,然后永远忘记它们。

Get a totally new perspective on life, and discover the real truths. Have love for our new beautiful world with real freedom, which brings you closer to our Father/Mother God. It is important to know that the worst evil is over and will never return.


Everyone’s job now is to pass on this good message to everyone else you know. Help them raise awareness. And restore the confidence that each has ever had!


行星地球在5D 新纪元中移动|最后的警钟These will be decisive moments in this final phase of planetary transition. These revelations are not understood by all, but at least by a part of humanity, enough to guide the rest. You are one of those selfless Lightworkers incarnated on Earth, to bring about this transition. With a thousand years of preparation, it is known why you have come.


It is no coincidence that you have incarnated at this time for this Planetary Transition and Soul Elevation. The total cosmic cellular memory is being restored. The veils of forgetfulness are being dissolved as a result. To bring to life the innate knowledge in consciousness. You are a beacon of light on this path for others.


All will be exposed and revealed! First for you and next for the other woken ones. Later for other awakened ones. You, belong to a great army of awakeners, to occupy the whole Planet and lead others.


Everything will be intense and profound. The new energies will break through the bars that have held Earth captive for a long time. Your light will guide those who will open their eyes.


Many will need your help. Even those who do not yet know what their mission is. They are learning what needs to be done, it comes from within. It is as if you have always known! It is as if you have never forgotten! Everything will reveal itself as a magical compass.


It will undoubtedly be a great event!  It will be the event that will be much talked about but little is known now. And it will not stop at a single event; many cascading events will follow, ultimately showing a New 5D-Earth and with a New Humanity.

这无疑将是一个伟大的事件!这将是一个会被谈论很多的事件,但现在知之甚少。它不会在单一事件中停止; 许多级联事件将随之而来,最终展示一个新的5D 地球和一个新的人类。

The Old Cycle closes. The fears dissolve. The Earth is liberated. The Gamma Light intensifies. Consciousness is expanded. Truths are displayed. Limited beliefs dissolve into the Light.


All this may seem frightening, but in reality it will be a time of joy for humanity on Earth and in all parts of the Galaxy.


Oblivion disappears, the soul of every incarnated mortal reveals itself! A naked soul can hide nothing. Everyone knows the best-kept secrets of the other. It will be understood that everything was an experience in the life theatre of Great Duality.

遗忘消失了,每一个化身凡人的灵魂都显现出来了!赤裸的灵魂无法隐藏什么。每个人都知道对方保守得最好的秘密。人们会理解,一切都是在 Great Duality 的生活剧场里体验到的。


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