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Just a heads up there is a lot of interference happening not just with us but with all lightworkers and those getting out the truth about what is really happening verses the lame stream media.I want to apologize to anyone I have not gotten back too as far as texts,emails etc.My phone and emails have been extremely tampered with as of late.The host of my emails has been censored by Microsoft and other major providers.If I do respond it goes nowhere or gets stuck in the outbox.I am switching to proton mail,during the switch please go through the website to contact me.My producer for ECETI Stargate on Youtube and BBS Radio has also been under cyber attack.Most recently his Comcast cable was dug up and severed.We are being censored and shadow banned.Obviously,we are over the target.

提醒一下,有很多干扰不仅发生在我们身上,也发生在所有的光之工作者和那些了解事实真相的人身上,而不是那些蹩脚的流媒体。我想向所有我没有回复的人道歉,包括短信、电子邮件等。我的电话和电子邮件最近已经被非常干扰。我的大量邮件已经被微软和其他主要供应商审查过了。如果我真的回复了,它就会无处可去,或者卡在发件箱里。我正在切换到质子邮件,在切换期间请通过网站 与我联系。我在 Youtube BBS 收音机上的 ECETI 星际之门的制作人也遭到了网络攻击。最近,他的康卡斯特电缆被挖出并切断。我们正在被审查和影子禁止。很明显,我们已经超过目标了。

I continuously get emails from people who believe they are already in the 5thdimension and beyond any backlash.Goodonya.The work is in the 3rdand 4thdimension.A wise woman once said spiritual people are of no earthly good.What she is referring to is denial and ungrounded spiritual ego.If you're not getting backlash,you're not a threat and not doing the work.There is a big difference between new age Facebook spirituality and rolling up your sleeves in dealing with the dark side,the other side of the coin.The dark side exists within and without.Believe me the dark side operates from a different truth outside of universal law.In fact,it operates through draconian law which temporarily is the law of the land and has usurped Universal Law.Enlightenment means to be in knowledge of both sides of the coin.

我不断收到人们的电子邮件,他们认为自己已经处于第五维度,没有任何抵触情绪。这项工作是三维和四维的。一个聪明的女人曾经说过,属灵的人对尘世没有任何好处。她指的是否认和没有根基的灵性自我。如果你没有遭到强烈反对,你就不是一个威胁,也不是在工作。 Facebook上新时代的灵性和真正卷起袖子实干去对抗黑暗面就像硬币的另一面,是有很大的区别的。黑暗面存在于内部和外部。相信我,黑暗面来自于宇宙法则之外的另一个真理。事实上,它是通过严酷的法则来运作的,这个法则暂时是这片土地的法则,并且篡夺了宇宙法则。启蒙意味着了解事物的正反两面。

We are still feeling the effects of the Super Moon and the wave of energy that passed through our solar system.Another is coming in two weeks.Whatever we denied and did not have the courage to face,own and heal will continue to surface exponentially energized.This is a blessing and a curse,a two-edged sword.The blessing is we are moving closer to Unity Consciousness and Universal Law,the powers that were are collapsing,falling apart along with the enslavers and controllers.The bad news is there will be chaos,we all have a little controller and enslaver within ourselves the deeper roots of which are wounds and traumas from past experience.It is time to release the past,heal and forgive.


The greatest of all tyrants are the most wounded.They will not fair well through these shifts and no matter what they do externally it will fail.Their kingdoms will crumble,they have no foundation and are not in alignment or frequency specific to the ascension process.Their only way out is to shift their resources and energy towards the awakening and healing process,along with a deep and sincere soul plead for forgiveness.It's never too late.This includes those in ignorance or willingly doing their bidding.Dharma goes a long way in balancing one's books.It is better to do it now rather than face it in your light review which will determine your next incarnation.There is a forward march.Those caught in the victim,persecutor,savior hamster wheel will miss the boat.We can only lead by example and have no power over the choices of others.By choosing to be true to your heart and soul,following your own unique soul purpose then acting on it is how you save others.You cannot instill want into another being or force another to go within and heal.It is about as fruitful as teaching a pig to sing.It is a waste of time and annoys the pig.This is a parable for those PC correct control freaks no I am not calling people pigs.I made an exaggerated metaphor.My advice is to pray,meditate,drop into the heart and feel,ask for healing,get out in nature and find a process oriented therapy that works.


Be well,


James Gilliland


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      那句话想表达的应该是 Facebook上新时代的灵性和真正卷起袖子实干去处理黑暗面 就像硬币的另一面样 是有很大的区别的
      因为国外主要用的都是fb 这里应该是想表达在(新时代fb上有很多灵性的内容)网络上认知了解或者谈论灵性 和实际实干做去对抗黑暗面 是巨大的不同 是相当于硬币另一面的相差程度

      对了还有平常直接看翻译每看英文 不过一次偶然瞅了一眼 有篇文章里句尾 逗号了再加个period 翻译成时期了 这个应该是错误的翻译 国外说句话以period的结尾 是加强语气的作用是表示强调 就是表示强调那样的 不是字面上的时期


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          @ jasmine 感恩,谢谢,有的不当之处,你们尽管提出更正,让我们一路同行!

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            @ jasmine dealwith在这里应该是对抗对付的意思 之前打错了抱歉

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                @ jasmine 改了,谢谢!