《今日美国》的畅销书作者詹妮弗 杰恩斯(Jennifer Jaynes)被发现中枪身亡,她曾写过揭露致命疫苗“深州”(Deep State)的惊悚小说

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《今日美国》的畅销书作者詹妮弗 杰恩斯(Jennifer Jaynes)被发现中枪身亡,她曾写过揭露致命疫苗“深州”(Deep State)的惊悚小说Jennifer Jaynes,USA Today bestselling author of Malice and other novels exposing the vaccine deep state,was found shot to death on Monday,November 25th,according to media reports(see links below).Jaynes was a celebrated author whose books achieved USA Today bestseller status.Her novels showcased the criminality,child abuse and deep-rooted fraud of the vaccine industry.


She also wrote children's books that focused on teaching children the importance of consuming nutritious foods.See her website,books,DVDs and more at www.JenniferJaynes.net

她还写了一些儿童书籍,重点教导儿童摄入营养食物的重要性。在 www.Jenniferjaynes.net 上查看她的网站,书籍,dvd 和更多信息。

《今日美国》的畅销书作者詹妮弗 杰恩斯(Jennifer Jaynes)被发现中枪身亡,她曾写过揭露致命疫苗“深州”(Deep State)的惊悚小说Her most recent book,Malice,explores the medical ethics battle of a character named Dr.Daniel Winters,who tries to expose a dangerous vaccine that the medical establishment knows is harming and killing children.Her thriller Malice is also available as an audio book on Audible.com.See four of her book titles at this link on GoodReads.com.

她最近的一本书《恶意》探讨了一个名叫丹尼尔·温特斯博士的人物的医学伦理之战,他试图揭露一种危险的疫苗,医学机构知道这种疫苗正在伤害和杀害儿童。她的惊悚小说《怨恨》也可以在 audible 网站上找到一本有声读物。点击 GoodReads.com 上的链接查看她的四本书的书名。

Jaynes was reportedly found with two gunshots to the head,according to AmarketNews.com.(Not one gunshot,but two.)The death was reportedly ruled a"suicide,"which begs the question of how a person can shoot themselves in the head twice.

amarketnews 网站报道,杰恩斯头部中了两枪。(不是一声枪响,而是两声。)据报道,这起死亡事件被判定为"自杀",这就引出了一个问题:一个人怎么能朝自己的头部开两枪。

Many of her fans suspect Jaynes may have been murdered by the vaccine industry,which has a long history of advocating criminal fraud,bribery and kickbacks,outlandish medical experiments on human children,coordinated science fraud and other heinous crimes.


《今日美国》的畅销书作者詹妮弗 杰恩斯(Jennifer Jaynes)被发现中枪身亡,她曾写过揭露致命疫苗“深州”(Deep State)的惊悚小说

《今日美国》的畅销书作者詹妮弗 杰恩斯(Jennifer Jaynes)被发现中枪身亡,她曾写过揭露致命疫苗“深州”(Deep State)的惊悚小说

Social media channels and contact details for Jennifer Jaynes

社交媒体渠道和 Jennifer Jaynes 的联系方式

Our prayers go out to the family members of Jennifer Jaynes,who was a courageous and brilliant researcher and writer.We are not yet aware of any organized effort to investigate her death or help raise funds for her family,but here are some publicly available addresses that may help you organize or share the word about such efforts:



7 Facebook@JenniferJaynesAuthor Email:info@jenniferjaynes.net

Her book publicist appears to be Ashley Vanicek who works for Thomas&Mercer,an imprint owned by Amazon.com—a corporation that has recently joined with Big Pharma to start retailing dangerous prescription drugs that will be delivered by drones.Vanicek's contact is publicly listed as amazonpublishing-pr@amazon.com–which appears to be a generic email address.

她的新书发行人似乎是阿什莉·瓦尼切克(Ashley Vanicek),她在亚马逊(amazon)旗下的 Thomas&Mercer 公司工作。亚马逊最近与大型制药公司(Big Pharma)合作,开始销售危险的处方药,这些药物将由无人机运送。Vanicek 的联系人被公开列为 amazonpublishing-pr@amazon.com,这似乎是一个普通的电子邮件地址。

Jaynes'literary agent is publicly listed as Italia Gandolfo,who works for Gandolfo Helin&Fountain(GHliterary.com).The agency has a public page describing the works of Jennifer Jaynes at this link:https://ghliterary.com/clients/jennifer-jaynes/

斯的文稿代理人被公开列为意大利甘道夫(Italia Gandolfo),她为甘道夫海林与方丹(Gandolfo Helin&Fountain)工作。该机构有一个公开页面,描述了珍妮弗·杰恩斯的作品,链接如下:https://ghliterary.com/clients/Jennifer-Jaynes/

We do not publish this information to inconvenience Jaynes'publisher or agent,of course:We hope to help spur a deeper investigation into her death,given all the suspicious deaths of individuals who have courageously spoken out against the"vaccine deep state"which quite literally consists of murderers and execution squads that seek out and silence individuals who pose a threat to the controlled vaccine narrative.


Ironically,the very description of the criminal vaccine industry that Jaynes wrote about in her own books is reality,not fiction.And many Jaynes fans believe they came for her and killed her.


As a targeted whistleblower and investigative journalist myself,I have been forced to pursue thousands of hours of pistol,rifle and shotgun combat training over the last decade in order to ensure my own safety against the vaccine criminal cartels.I am armed at all times and cannot speak in public without hiring a minimum of four armed security personnel to watch my back.


It appears that Jennifer was about to launch a much larger media project,as she is the owner of Ink Bug Media which has a web domain that's not yet populated with content:InkBugMedia.com

似乎珍妮弗打算发起一个更大的媒体项目,因为她是 Ink Bug Media 的所有者,拥有一个尚未被内容填充的网络域名:bugmedia.com

Jaynes'fan base is,of course,horrified to discover that this talented,courageous woman has been killed.Jaynes had a very loyal following of readers and fans who spoke very highly of her work…and honored her commitment to exploring the truth about the criminal vaccine industry,even if it meant writing so-called"fiction novels"to get the word out.


As one Amazon.com reader wrote:


My oldest daughter and her younger brother both had reactions to vaccines.Reading about Suzie almost had me hyperventilating.The scenario was nearly identical to what happened with my oldest daughter.The seizures that began after receiving a"necessary"baby shot have never gone away…I don't think what she wrote as fiction is very far from the truth in regards to pharmaceutical companies today.Just listen to a few drug commercials and really hear the long list of side effects.


The book received rave reviews from readers who found its story line to be compelling and rooted in truths about the criminal vaccine industry.Other readers wrote:


This book,Malice,was to date,even her best novel.I was drawn into this book from page one to the final page.A great psychological thriller that takes you on a journey that is is so heart pounding,you can't wait to read what happens next.This story is written in a way that the storyline is believable and the material is well researched.There was a twist I didn't see coming,and that was a game changer!!I could not put this book down!Superb novel!!


《今日美国》的畅销书作者詹妮弗 杰恩斯(Jennifer Jaynes)被发现中枪身亡,她曾写过揭露致命疫苗“深州”(Deep State)的惊悚小说

This was the best book I've read in a long time!As a physician,I could so relate to this doctor just starting out,whose ideals come in conflict with corporate medicine and pharmaceutical corruption.The author presents some shocking truths about the practice of modern medicine,which makes this a must-read for anyone working in the medical field,or for anyone who places their trust in those hands.I could not put this book down,and was rewarded with some unexpected plot turns as the story unfolded.Brava,Jennifer Jaynes!So well done!


Jennifer Jaynes captivates her audience with suspense.Every Jennifer Jaynes book including Malice I had read within a few days because I was so engaged in her writing.I appreciate the research that she puts in to her writing.Even though her writing is fictional she includes truths about what is encountered in our society.In Malice she informs her readers about the truth of the drug industry.Well done Jennifer!


Prayers for Jennifer Jaynes


We pray for Jennifer Jaynes and her surviving relatives,and we hope that her novels will reach an ever-expanding number of readers and fans who realize that the criminal cartel Jaynes is describing in her novels isn't fiction at all.It's the reality of the Big Pharma drug cartels and their vaccine deep state"black hat"operations that engage in murder-for-hire.


It isn't fiction.It's the vaccine industry's business model.


Jaynes'death comes on the heels of over 75 other holistic doctors,naturopaths and wellness educators who have died under extremely mysterious circumstances over the last three years or so.Erin Elizabeth of HealthNutNews.com has exhaustively documented many of these mysterious deaths in her website articles and public speeches.

在杰恩斯去世之前,在过去三年左右的时间里,已经有超过75名全科医生、自然疗法专家和健康教育工作者在极其神秘的情况下去世。Healthnutnews.com Erin Elizabeth 在她的网站文章和公共演讲中详尽地记录了许多这种神秘的死亡。

To all holistic medicine practitioners:Arm yourself and learn to defend your life against the violence of the vaccine industry.If you aren't legally carrying a pistol with you at all times,you are not prepared for the reality of the vaccine industry's execution squads.


Remember:An industry that murders and maims children for profit thinks nothing of killing whistleblowers and writers who get in their way.The vaccine industry has zerovalue for human life.Many vaccine researchers knowingly and deliberately oversee the tainting of vaccines with cancer viruses in order to cause widespread cancer outbreaks.And yes,vaccines are manufactured using aborted human fetal tissue,as the CDC openly admits.The aborted human ingredients are called MRC-5 and WI-38 human diploid cells.The FDA admits to their use here. And the CDC openly lists such ingredients in this vaccine excipient document(PDF).Here's a link from GSK that admits the use of aborted human fetal tissue ingredients in their MMR vaccine.

记住:一个为了利益而谋杀和残害儿童的行业,对于杀死那些妨碍他们的告密者和作家毫不在乎。疫苗产业对人类生命毫无价值。许多疫苗研究人员有意识地、故意地监督含有癌症病毒的疫苗的污染,以便引起广泛的癌症爆发。是的,疾病控制中心公开承认,疫苗是用流产的人类胎儿组织制造的。流产的人类成分被称为 MRC-5 WI-38人类二倍体细胞。美国食品药品监督管理局承认他们在这里使用。疾病预防控制中心在这份疫苗辅料文件中公开列出了这些成分。这里有一个来自葛兰素史克的链接,承认在他们的 MMR 疫苗中使用了流产的人类胎儿组织成分。




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