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An issue that has been bothering me is the lengthy duration of the process of planetary liberation from the dark forces due to new obstacles that came up over the years and which we were not told about earlier.It can seem like being kept hanging on or like a carrot being dangled before you and then pulled away at the last minute,let alone that it is exceedingly difficult to explain to people who are not or not so much into the subject matter.It is now about 9 and a half years ago that messages started being shared about imminent mass arrests of the Cabal based on communications coming from Drake Bailey,I can still remember the YouTube videos about it.But now we're still awaiting the Event.So I asked my twin soul Isidra directly and this is what she told me about it.

一直困扰我的一个问题是,由于多年来出现了新的障碍,我们以前没有被告知,地球从黑暗势力中解放出来的进程持续了很长时间。它可能看起来像是一直挂在你面前,或者像一根胡萝卜在你面前晃来晃去,然后在最后一分钟又被拉开,更不用说向那些对主题不太感兴趣解释这件事是极其困难的。大约9年半以前,人们开始分享关于即将大规模逮捕阴谋集团的信息,这些信息来自德雷克·贝利(Drake Bailey),我仍然记得 YouTube 上有关此事的视频。但是现在我们仍然在等待事件的发生。所以我直接问我的双生灵魂 Isidra,这是她告诉我的。

First of all there was an awful lot of anomaly on and around planet Earth on all levels and dimensions.For the light forces it was like looking into a fog,they could vaguely discern some shapes and colors but it was impossible for them to get a full picture of what was going on.They didn't know about the real depth of the darkness on Earth and all its components.The dark forces,specifically the Chimera,pressured Source to stop sharing information about their operations with the light forces.Source complied,knowing that they could do even worse things than what they were already doing.So Source and the light forces have instead embarked on a gradual process of transformation and breaking down of the layers of darkness and obstacles,and with each step Source could start to share a bit more of what the dark forces were doing and had set up.The light forces feel encumbered that they couldn't give full clarity earlier,but it was never their intention to mislead or to string people along.The communications from Drake Bailey back in 2012 were not sanctioned by the light forces and were done on his sole discretion.Now the light forces do have the full picture,but still they cannot tell everything there is to know.


The light forces can tell a bit more about what will happen at and after the Event.Drastic intervention in all major matters on Earth will be taking place.It will not only be full disclosure taking place through the mass media,mass arrests and the reset of the financial system,but all kinds of grave wrongdoings will be halted ASAP.This includes but is not limited to severe pollution and damage to the environment by factories and production lines,industrial scale slaughter of livestock,fraud and deceit,personal taxes,drug and human trafficking,organ harvesting,descruction of rainforests and natural habitats,the pharmaceutical industry and the Covid plandemic with its restrictions.It is expected that armed conflicts,terrorist activities and organized crime worldwide will cease quite swiftly after the masterminds behind them are arrested.All governments will be disbanded,stock markets will close permanently and financial speculation will be stopped,national banks will be taken over and international institutions will be either dissolved or reformed.Those people most in need and lightworkers and lightwarriors will receive priority assistance directly from the light forces;this can be members of the Resistance Movement,Galactic Confederation and soul family members or even ascended masters.Advanced healing technologies,free energy devices and replicators will be distributed as quickly as logistically feasible.

光明势力可以告诉我们更多关于事件发生时和发生后会发生什么的信息。地球上所有重大事件的剧烈干预都将发生。这不仅是通过大众媒体进行的全面披露,大规模逮捕和金融系统重置,而且各种严重的错误行为将尽快停止。这包括但不限于工厂和生产线对环境造成的严重污染和破坏、工业规模屠宰牲畜、欺诈和欺骗、个人税收、毒品和人口贩卖、器官摘除、破坏雨林和自然生境、制药业和 Covid 流行病及其限制。预计全球范围内的武装冲突、恐怖主义活动和有组织犯罪在幕后策划者被逮捕后会很快停止。所有政府将解散,股票市场将永久关闭,金融投机将停止,国家银行将被接管,国际机构将被解散或改革。那些最需要帮助的人以及光之工作者和光战士将直接接受来自光明势力的优先援助;这些人可以是抵抗运动的成员,银河联盟和灵魂家族成员,甚至是扬升大师。先进的治疗技术、免费的能源设备和复制器将在后勤可行的情况下尽快分发。

A recent interview of Kim Goguen,the alleged trustee of the World Trust,by Tank(Steffen Rowe)came to my attention.I listened to it and I must say she makes a complete mish mash out of the factors involved in planetary liberation.She even claims that the Archons are synthetic AI creations of the Chimera that have a very limited lifespan of maximum 4 years.This is bullocks and totally conflicting the information Cobra himself gave back in 2012 and early 2013 about the Archons.The Archons are beings that came from the Andromeda galaxy and who made a similar fall from grace as the Chimera and didn't want to return to the Light after that.They have been the primary aides of the Chimera ever since.She also talks about moscovium having atomic number 235 and not being on the periodic table of elements;again bullocks,moscovium has atomic number 115 and is on the up to date periodic table.This is a woman that is too much into sounding smart and is quite confused and fragmented;which doesn't mean she has bad intentions or that all of what she has to say is inaccurate.

坦克(史蒂芬•罗饰)最近对世界信托基金会所谓的受托人金国根(kimgoguen)的采访引起了我的注意。我听了她的采访,我不得不说,她对行星解放所涉及的因素进行了大杂烩。她甚至声称执政官是奇美拉的人工智能创造物它们的寿命非常有限最多只有四年。这完全是胡说八道,完全与 Cobra 自己在2012年和2013年初提供的关于 Archons 的信息相矛盾。执政官是来自仙女座星系的生物,他们和奇美拉一样堕落了,在那之后不想再回到光中。从那时起,他们就一直是奇美拉的主要助手。她还谈到了莫斯科元素周期表的原子序数是235,而不是元素周期表;同样胡扯的是,莫斯科元素周期表的原子序数是115,是最新的元素周期表。这是一个过于注重听起来聪明的女人,她非常困惑和支离破碎,这并不意味着她有恶意,或者她所说的一切都是不准确的。

Finally I want to thank those people who made a donation.I am very grateful for it and it helps me while I sort out my financial situation.



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