2019年8月20日15:41:32九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?已关闭评论 79724718字阅读82分23秒



Standing by the towering 15ft-high solid oak front door,Prince Andrew gives a nod and a cheery wave to the pretty brunette as she leaves the£63 million Manhattan mansion.



He appears entirely at ease but then,for a split second,glances around the door as if to check that no one had witnessed the brief encounter.


As well he might.


For these exclusive pictures come from a never-before-seen video of the Duke of York staying at the New York home of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.And some of the other images caught on camera make for disturbing viewing.


The footage of the Duke of York–then the UK's Special Representative for International Trade–was taken less than an hour after Epstein,who had been convicted of sex with a child in 2008,left the house in the company of a young,shivering blonde woman.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?On December 6 2010,paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was seen leaving his home on New York's East 91st Street before Prince Andrew was also spotted inside 2010126日,有人看到恋童癖者杰弗里·爱泼斯坦离开位于纽约东91街的家,之后安德鲁王子也被发现在家中九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?The Duke appears entirely at ease but then,for a split second,glances around the door as if to check that no one had witnessed the brief encounter 

公爵看上去完全放松,但是,有那么一瞬间,他环视了一下门,好像要确认没有人目睹了这次短暂的邂逅九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?Earlier that day,wrapped up against the cold in a fur-trimmed coat,Epstein glances towards his chauffeur-driven black Bentley 


The video was shot on December 6,2010,during a visit by the Prince to Epstein's nine-storey 21,000 square foot mansion dubbed the'House of Horrors'by many of his young victims.


By then Epstein–who took his own life last weekend–was on a child sex offender register,yet one observer told The Mail on Sunday that several of the women leaving and entering the home while Andrew was apparently inside'looked very young indeed'.

爱泼斯坦上周末结束了自己的生命,那时他已经登记在儿童性侵犯者名单上,但一名观察员在周日接受《每日邮报》(The Mail)采访时表示,当安德鲁在家时,一些离开和进入家中的女性"看起来确实很年轻"

The Duke has vehemently denied claims by Epstein's alleged'sex slave'Virginia Roberts that she had sex with the Prince on three occasions,the first when she was 17 and once at the US millionaire's now-notorious 40-room mansion at 9 East 71st Street in Manhattan,the setting of these pictures.

爱泼斯坦所谓的"性奴"弗吉尼亚罗伯茨(Virginia Roberts)曾三次声称自己与王子发生性关系,第一次是在她17岁的时候,第二次是在这位美国百万富翁位于曼哈顿 East 71st Street 9号、拥有40个房间、如今臭名昭著的豪宅里。公爵对此予以了强烈否认。

Her allegations,submitted to a court in 2014,were later thrown out by a judge who ordered them to be struck from the record as'immaterial and impertinent'.


Since Epstein's suicide last weekend as he faced further child sex trafficking charges,Buckingham Palace has repeated its denial of wrongdoing by the Prince.


'Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts,'it said.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?Following him,a young blonde-haired woman with a ponytail emerges from behind the imposing Manhattan home's 15ft-high oak doors in a flimsy grey sweater 

在他身后,一个年轻的金发女人,扎着马尾,穿着一件薄薄的灰色毛衣,从曼哈顿庄严的15英尺高的橡木门后走了出来九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?The woman,barely reaching Epstein's shoulders,walks with him to the car visibly shaking and trembling from the cold 那个女人几乎没有碰到爱泼斯坦的肩膀,和他一起走向汽车,明显地由于寒冷而颤抖九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?She talks to the Bentley driver for a moment,clasping her hands as if asking for something,before dashing back towards the front door 


'Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.'


The Queen also made a public show of support by allowing Prince Andrew to sit next to her as they were driven to a church service near Balmoral last Sunday.


However,these images are sure to raise fresh questions about the 59-year-old's judgment as they place him inside the private,inner sanctum of Epstein,who continued to abuse young girls even after a controversial 2008 plea deal that saw him serve just 13 months,much of it on day release.


'The Prince looked entirely at ease in Epstein's house,'a source told The Mail on Sunday last night.


'There were girls coming and going.One,who came out of the house with Epstein about an hour before Prince Andrew said goodbye to the brunette,was tiny and shivering.


'It was a particularly cold New York December day.What I remember most is the constant procession of girls and women going to and from the house.


'It was chilling to see.Everyone knew by that point that Epstein was a convicted paedophile,yet he was flaunting his lifestyle in plain sight.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?Back at the house,she shivers on the doorstep before the door opens and a woman resembling Epstein's former PA Sarah Kellen emerges 

回到家,门打开之前,她在门口的台阶上瑟瑟发抖,一个像爱泼斯坦以前的私人助理莎拉·凯伦的女人出现了九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?As the young woman disappears inside the 40-room mansion,'Kellen'in scarf and polo neck walks towards Epstein's car 


'When the Prince came to the door I was stunned.He looked totally at ease.He said a few words to the girl,who was very pretty,and then she walked off down the street in the direction of Central Park.


'If I hadn't known it was Prince Andrew,I would have thought he owned the place.He looked so comfortable and relaxed as he stood there at the door.


'He didn't appear to have a concern in the world as he smiled and waved goodbye to the girl.


'It was only as the girl walked off that he glanced around the door frame,almost as if to check no one was watching.'


The video was taken less than 24 hours after the Prince was infamously photographed walking through Central Park with Epstein.


He had met the US businessman through Ghislaine Maxwell,the daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell and a woman the FBI says is now of'renewed interest'in its ongoing case into allegations made by scores of women that they were sexually abused by Epstein and his wealthy friends at homes in London,New Mexico,New York and the US Virgin Islands.

他通过吉斯莱恩马克斯韦尔(Ghislaine Maxwell)与这位美国商人会面。吉斯莱是名声扫地的大亨罗伯特马克斯韦尔(Robert Maxwell)的女儿。FBI 称,马克斯韦尔目前对几十名女性提出的指控"重新产生了兴趣"。这些女性被指控在伦敦、新墨西哥、纽约和美属维尔京群岛的家中遭到爱泼。

九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?At 4.40pm an attractive brunette emerges from Epstein's house,pauses for a moment and turns around to the door 

下午440分,一位漂亮的黑发女子【澳大利亚前左翼总理的女儿凯瑟琳 · 基廷(Katherine Keating)】从爱泼斯坦的房子里出来,停了一会儿,转身走向门口

Ms Maxwell has repeatedly denied that she acted as a'madam'for Epstein and has described Ms Roberts's claims as'malicious lies'.


Epstein's New York home was as weird and twisted as the man himself.The entry foyer where Prince Andrew stood to wave off the brunette was decorated,according to an account by writer Vicky Ward in Vanity Fair magazine,with'row upon row'of individually framed artificial eyeballs–imported from England.

爱泼斯坦在纽约的家和他本人一样古怪扭曲。据《名利场》(Vanity Fair)杂志作家维姬沃德(Vicky Ward)的描述,入口大厅里,安德鲁王子站在那里向黑发女郎挥手致意,大厅里装饰着一排排从英国进口的独立框架人造眼球。

The video footage shows the initials'JE'in raised brass letters on the wall next to the front door.


What is not seen is the heating element that Epstein had installed beneath the concrete pavement to melt the New York winter snow.


On a wall in the hall was a bizarre portrait of former US President Bill Clinton in red heels and the infamous stained blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky when she performed a sex act on him.


Nearby hung a giant painting of Epstein inside a prison surrounded by barbed wire and gun-toting guards.


The disgraced financier reportedly said the artwork was'to remind me that I could go back to prison any time'.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?As the brunette begins to walk away from the house,the Duke of York waves goodbye without stepping inside 当黑发女子开始离开房子时,约克公爵挥手告别,却没有走进屋内九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?After she leaves,Andrew pauses to peer around the giant oak door,as if he is checking to see if anyone has seen him 

她离开后,安德鲁停下脚步,环视着那扇巨大的橡木门,好像在查看是否有人见过他九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?As the light begins to fade,another brunette arrives at Epstein's house-the latest in a procession of young,attractive women who visited the property that day 天色渐暗,另一个黑发女子来到爱泼斯坦家,她是当天来到爱泼斯坦家的年轻漂亮女子中的最后一个

A chandelier had a'life-size female doll hanging from it,and one woman who claims to have been assaulted by Epstein said a bathroom had prosthetic breasts on the wall'so he could play with the nipples as he took a bath'.


Dozens of photographs of Epstein with his famous friends,including Bill and Hillary Clinton,Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and filmmaker Woody Allen,were on display in his study beside a life-size stuffed tiger and a stuffed grey poodle.


One can only wonder how Andrew missed the procession of women or the signs of Epstein's sexual deviance.


Indeed,Epstein's'pride and joy'was a large'human chessboard'at the bottom of the main staircase which had customised figurines modelled on his female'staff members wearing suggestive clothing'.


Then there was the life-size statue of a naked African warrior.Not to mention the'leather room'.


When the FBI raided the house after Epstein was arrested last month,it reportedly found'thousands'of indecent images of under-age women on computer hard drives locked in his office safe.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?Epstein was last week found dead in his Manhattan jail cell as he awaited trial for sex trafficking allegations 爱泼斯坦上周被发现死在他曼哈顿的监狱里,他正在等待性交易指控的审判九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?

Others have claimed that Epstein had photographs and videos of his famous friends'engaged in sex acts'which have now been seized by the FBI–prompting conspiracy theories that Epstein was murdered despite official autopsy results released on Friday stating definitively that the cause of death was suicide.


The video obtained by The Mail on Sunday is particularly shocking for the fact that–even two years after his 2008 child sex conviction–Epstein was seemingly flaunting his penchant for young women in plain view and in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.

《每日邮报》(The Mail)周日获得的这段视频尤其令人震惊,因为即便是在2008年被判与儿童发生性关系罪两年后,爱泼斯坦似乎还是在世界上最繁忙的城市之一的中心,在平淡无奇的视野中炫耀自己对年轻女性的偏好。

The footage begins just before 2.30pm on December 6,2010,as two security men leave Epstein's mansion and chat to another security man in a waiting Chrysler.


Epstein's black Bentley arrives in the street about 20 minutes later,shortly before a delivery man from Le Gourmet delivers a parcel.

大约20分钟后,爱泼斯坦的黑色宾利(Bentley)开到了街上,不久之后,《美食家》(Le Gourmet)的一名送货员送来了一个包裹。

Shortly after 3.10pm,an unidentified young woman in a red'beanie'hat leaves the house.She heads in the direction of East 66th Street,where Epstein owned a flat and where,according to some alleged victims,he'kept'young Eastern European girls as virtual prisoners.

下午310分过后不久,一个戴着红色无檐便帽的年轻女子离开了房间。她朝 East 66th Street 的方向走去,爱泼斯坦在那里有一套公寓,据一些所谓的受害者说,他在那里"关押"年轻的东欧女孩,把她们当作实际上的囚犯。

九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?The Duke has vehemently denied claims by Epstein's alleged'sex slave'Virginia Roberts(right)that she had sex with the Prince on three occasions,the first when she was 17 and once at the US millionaire's now-notorious 40-room mansion at 9 East 71st Street in Manhattan 爱泼斯坦的"性奴"弗吉尼亚·罗伯茨()曾三次声称自己与王子发生性关系,第一次是在她17岁的时候,第二次是在这位美国百万富翁位于曼哈顿东719号的拥有40个房间的豪宅里

About 25 minutes later,an older,professional-looking woman with blonde hair leaves the house.


One minute later,at 3.35pm,Epstein,wearing a thick white fur-lined winter coat,leaves his property,followed by a young-looking girl dressed in a flimsy grey top.She appears to be carrying his glasses.


In a deeply troubling scene,the blonde-haired woman–who barely reaches Epstein's shoulders–appears cold and shaking as she walks with the millionaire to his Bentley.


Epstein clambers into the back seat as the young woman stands on the street,seemingly being given instructions.An older passer-by glances at the incongruous-looking couple.


After around two minutes,the girl jogs back to the house when she stands on the front step and presses the doorbell,visibly shaking with cold.


It is opened by a professional-looking brunette woman closely resembling Sarah Kellen,Epstein's former assistant whom several alleged victims have dubbed a'co-conspirator'in Epstein's crimes.

开幕式由一位看上去很像爱泼斯坦前助理莎拉·凯伦(Sarah Kellen)的黑发女子主持,几名据称的受害者称凯伦是爱泼斯坦所犯罪行的"同谋"

Kellen,who is now married to a US race-car driver called Brian Vickers,has never commented publicly about the Epstein case.

凯伦目前与美国赛车手布赖恩维克斯(Brian Vickers)结婚,从未公开评论爱泼斯坦案。

九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?On a wall in the hall was a bizarre portrait of former US President Bill Clinton in red heels and the infamous stained blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky when she performed a sex act on him 大厅的墙上挂着美国前总统比尔·克林顿穿着红色高跟鞋和臭名昭著的蓝色连衣裙的怪异肖像,莫妮卡·莱温斯基在他身上做爱时穿的就是这条裙子

However,she appeared in court during a defamation suit brought by Ms Roberts against Ms Maxwell and'pleaded the Fifth'when asked about her role in Epstein's sex trafficking scheme.


In America,invoking the Fifth Amendment is a legal term which means you do not have to give evidence that might incriminate you.


At 4.30pm,the door opens and a pretty brunette emerges.She pauses and turns back to the house where Prince Andrew can be seen at the door.


The pair chat for a few seconds before the woman walks away,leaving Andrew to glance up the street before closing the door.


Forty minutes later,as the light begins to fade,another young-looking dark-haired woman arrives at the house.


In an unpublished manuscript released in the US as part of a huge trove of documents related to a defamation suit brought by Ms Roberts against Ms Maxwell,which was subsequently settled,Ms Roberts talks about meeting Prince Andrew in Epstein's New York home.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?In her account of her encounter with Prince Andrew,Ms Roberts described how the Prince sat on a sofa and posed with a Spitting Image puppet of himself 在描述与安德鲁王子的邂逅时,罗伯茨女士描述了王子如何坐在沙发上,与一个随地吐痰的木偶合影

She gives an account–supported by another alleged victim–of how the Prince sat on a sofa and posed with a Spitting Image puppet of himself.


'When Andrew cupped my breast with a doll made in his image I only giggled away,'she wrote in the book,described in court documents as a'fictionalised'account of her life.


Last night,the source of the video said they had decided to go public with the footage to encourage further victims to come forward.


'I'm haunted by the shivering young girl who was with Epstein.What became of her?'asked the source.'Now I'm reading everything that went on inside and know the full horrors of what went on,I'm wondering,was she a victim too?'


This weekend,Prince Andrew was relaxing in the sunshine in Spain on a holiday with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.


The source said:'When the video was taken he looked like a man without a care in the world.


'You have to wonder if that's still the case.'


So many disturbing questions.It's time Andrew answered them…Royal Author ANGELA LEVIN on how the Prince MUST disclose everything he knows about Jeffrey Epstein




The last time we saw Prince Andrew,he was stepping off a flight to Malaga in the company of his former wife Sarah Ferguson before taking a limousine to the luxury resort of Sotogrande.

我们最后一次见到安德鲁王子时,他正和前妻莎拉弗格森(Sarah Ferguson)一起乘飞机前往马拉加,然后乘坐豪华轿车前往豪华度假胜地 Sotogrande

Business as usual,in other words.


Andrew will be glad of the chance to get away from it all,no doubt,as friends say he has been unusually stressed of late–and no wonder.


For the 59-year-old is once again in the spotlight over his close friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?Prince Andrew,here with Virgina Roberts,then aged 17(centre),and Ghislaine Maxwell(right),is once again in the spotlight over his close friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein 安德鲁王子和17岁的弗吉尼亚·罗伯茨()以及吉斯莱·马克斯韦尔()再次成为人们关注的焦点,因为他与性犯罪者杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的亲密友谊

Only days before Epstein's prison suicide,a number of legal documents had been unsealed by the US courts and one of these included lurid allegations about Prince Andrew's conduct with a 17-year-old girl–something he has always denied.


Last week,his lawyers repeated the same brief formula they have stuck to all along:'It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts.Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.'


No doubt they are correct.Yet hiding behind lawyers is no longer enough for Prince Andrew,a father of two daughters and a man who holds a pivotal place in British national life.


Day by day,the evidence of Epstein's nauseating crimes mounts up–and the true extent of Andrew's friendship with Epstein grows ever clearer.


The shocking video evidence in today's Mail on Sunday makes it all-too-plain the Prince remained on friendly terms with Epstein even when it was obvious just what sort of man he was.


This was no brief acquaintance.


They had known each other for some time,ever since Epstein's former lover and alleged fixer Ghislaine Maxwell introduced them in the 1990s.


The Prince became a regular guest at Epstein's celebrity-filled dinner parties in Manhattan and,as their friendship grew,the invitations were returned.


In June 2000,Epstein and Ghislaine attended the Dance of the Decades,a spectacular party at Windsor Castle hosted by the Queen to mark Andrew's 40th,Princess Anne's 50th,Princess Margaret's 70th and Prince William's 18th birthdays.

20006月,Epstein Ghislaine 参加了在温莎城堡举行的舞会----一个由女王主办的盛大派对,以纪念安德鲁的40岁、安妮公主的50岁、玛格丽特公主的70岁和威廉王子的18岁生日。

九年前,安德鲁王子被拍到(附视频)在恋童癖者杰弗里•爱泼斯坦价值6300万英镑的堕落豪宅里……那么,他怎么会忽略了这位亿万富翁性变态的迹象呢?Jeffrey Epstein¿s interest in very young women became clear when the shocking case of Virginia Roberts was revealed.She said she had been recruited to work as a 15-year-old masseuse for Epstein and had been treated as the billionaire¿s¿sex slave¿弗吉尼亚·罗伯茨令人震惊的案件曝光后,杰弗里·爱泼斯坦对年轻女性的兴趣变得明显起来。她说,她曾被爱泼斯坦招募为一名15岁的女按摩师,并被当作亿万富翁的性奴来对待

In the autumn of that year,Andrew flew to New York and attended a Halloween'hookers and bondage'party in Manhattan,where Ghislaine dressed as a prostitute.


In December of the same year,Andrew threw a birthday bash for Ghislaine at Sandringham,which Epstein attended before all three went to Phuket in Thailand,to celebrate the New Year.


Andrew was snapped sunbathing on a yacht with topless young women.


The criminal nature of Epstein's interest in very young women became clear when this newspaper revealed the shocking case of Virginia Roberts,who says she had been recruited to work as a 15-year-old masseuse for Epstein and had been treated as the billionaire's'sex slave'.


There is an infamous photograph from early 2001,believed to have been taken in Ghislaine's Belgravia home,which shows Andrew with his arm around the bare midriff of Ms Roberts,while Ghislaine is grinning in the background.

有一张2001年初拍摄的臭名昭著的照片,据信是在吉斯莱恩位于 Belgravia 的家中拍摄的。照片中,安德鲁一只胳膊搭在罗伯茨裸露的上腹部,而吉斯莱恩则在背景中咧着嘴笑。

It is all the more worrying,then,that Ms Roberts–who is now a mother of three living in Australia–claims she witnessed Epstein having sex with underage girls on a daily basis.


Still worse,Ms Roberts has alleged Epstein'forced'her to have sex with Andrew in London and on two other occasions when she was 17.


There has been no claim that Andrew was aware she had been acting under duress–and in any case he denies that any such incidents happened at all.


It is important to stress also that an American judge threw out the allegations against the Prince and ordered them to be struck from the record as'immaterial and impertinent'.


In another of the witness statements now open to the public,alleged Epstein victim Johanna Sjoberg claims Andrew touched her breast while sitting on a couch at Epstein's New York apartment in 2001.


The Prince continues to vehemently deny all such claims,but what is beyond doubt is that shortly after Epstein was released from jail for child sex offences,his old friend came to stay.


A now familiar photo of the pair strolling through Central Park showed a level of misjudgment which we simply would never expect from our Royals.


The MoS's exclusive clip of Andrew grinning as he waves goodbye to an unidentified brunette from behind Epstein's oak door underlines just how close the pair were.


In the minutes before Andrew appears at the door,women are seen coming and going from the mansion–many of them questionably young in appearance.


Was Andrew aware?Did he ask no questions?Epstein had just been released from a prison sentence for abuse,after all.


It has been reported Epstein paraded his sexual perversions in his homes with naked photos of young girls and soaps in the shape of male and female genitals.Did Andrew see any of this?If so,why did he continue the friendship?


It is clear there are serious questions that need answers–and it's high time we heard them.The Duke of York is not an ordinary citizen,but a senior Royal and father to two grown-up Princesses.


He was made Britain's special trade representative on his retirement from the Royal Navy,a post he still held in 2011 when the MoS first exposed his friend.Andrew remains Commander and honorary Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy.


These enormous privileges bring great responsibility–but they don't seem to have had much effect on his social behaviour.


Instead he has garnered a reputation for a self-indulgent lifestyle that includes meetings with unsavoury Middle Eastern tyrants and potentates.He seems to lack self-awareness and appears unconcerned that his actions risk grave damage to the Royal Family.


Sarah Ferguson has said:'We really believe in being good parents for our girls.In our every day[life],we really respect each other and honour each other.'


Yet her former husband seems unable to see any disconnect between standing proudly in morning dress for the wedding of his daughter Eugenie last October and the seedy friendship with a criminal abuser he would rather not discuss.


Why has he got such a high-handed and reckless attitude?


His childhood might help explain.Born in 1960,Andrew quickly became an adored second son,one who the Queen hoped would stabilise her marriage.It was said at the time Philip felt constrained by Royal life and that the relationship was tense.


But Andrew's arrival did the trick.It also tied in with the Queen's wish to be a more involved mother.She even wrote to her cousin Lady Mary Cambridge:'The baby is adorable.All in all,he's going to be terribly spoilt by all of us I'm sure.'


Perhaps this was a sort of compensation for her earlier strictness with Charles.But the result has been unfortunate:Andrew behaves as though he is free to do exactly as he chooses.


Does he not know how shocking his friendship with Epstein appears?It is time for the Duke of York to accept the serious misjudgment he has made and co-operate with authorities to disclose everything he knows about Epstein's lifestyle and actions.


Has he contacted the police in Britain or America to try to help shed light on what by any standards was a horrific series of crimes committed by his former friend?It's impossible to know because Buckingham Palace refuses to say.


But if he hasn't,he should.The alternative is to try yet again to bury it in soft sand,to hide away and,like a coward,hope his 93-year-old mother will make things better.

Angela Levin's Harry–Conversations With The Prince is published by Bonnier.





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