X22报道|第2651集: 叙事已经失败,特朗普又回来了

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X22报道|第2651集: 叙事已经失败,特朗普又回来了

Ep. 2651a – [CB]/Fake News Getting Ahead Of Inflation, The Narrative Already Failed

Ep. 2651a – [CB]/假新闻先于通货膨胀,叙事已经失败

Ep. 2651b – Hold On, Trump Is Coming Back, Operators Are Standing By, Panic In DC

Ep. 2651b等等,特朗普回来了,接线员在等待,华盛顿陷入恐慌



The [CB] is losing control of the narrative, nobody is believing that inflation is under control. 56 percent of voters believe [JB] doesn’t care about inflation and will do nothing to help the situation. Fake news says the only to survive inflation is to spend your paycheck fast. [JB] goes back on promise, students will have to pay student debt.

(CB)正在失去对叙事的控制,没有人相信通胀已得到控制。56% 的选民相信(JB)不关心通货膨胀,也不会做任何有助于改善现状的事情。假新闻说唯一能挺过通货膨胀的办法就是快速花掉你的薪水。[ JB ]食言,学生将不得不偿还学生债务。


The [DS] is panicking, they are now trying one last try to get everyone vaccinated and to implement more controlling rules over the people. The people are fighting back. [HRC] is panicking, she know that Trump has the base and the fake news is doing the job anymore. She is back in the spotlight warning about losing democracy. Is she ready to replace someone in the administration, starting to look that way. Trump during one of his rally’s plays a song to let everyone know that he is coming back. Panic in DC, operators are standing by. 



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