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(Natural News)The Situation Update for Jan.15th,2021 covers five key breaking stories,all with"bombshell"implications for world events:


1.Capitol raid official narrative collapse;CNN complicit in the staged event,radical Leftist arrested,FBI admits Trump didn't cause the riot.

国会大厦突袭官方叙事崩溃;CNN 参与了这次事件,激进的左派被捕,FBI 承认特朗普没有引发骚乱

2.Declassification now under way as Trump announces release of"foot-high"stack of documents exposing the criminals of the Obama administration.(Total panic in DC now under way…)


3.Project Veritas exposes Twitter's Jack Dorsey in a video announcing plans for expanded,long-term censorship of conservatives.Veritas

计划在一段宣布计划扩大对保守派的长期审查的视频中曝光了 Twitter 的杰克·多尔西

4.FBI now trolling for scapegoats by calling and visiting gun rights people,hoping to find someone stupid enough to get wrangled into playing a role in the FBI's false flag theatrical events(staged raids on capitol buildings).联邦调查局现在通过打电话和拜访持枪权利人士来寻找替罪羊,希望找到一个愚蠢到在联邦调查局的假旗戏剧事/件(对国会大厦进行突袭)中扮演角色的人

5.Long Beach Port/ship delays caused in part by US Coast Guard searching for weapons being brought in from C*a as part of C*a's staging for war against the United States


Trump's"declass"bombshell is part of the exposure of the corrupt,criminal cabal that currently runs America.Joe Biden may even be implicated,and it's certain that Chief Justice Roberts will be named in some of the documents,as he signed the illegal FISA warrants.

特朗普的"解密"重磅炸弹是揭露目前掌控美国的腐败犯罪集团的一部分。乔·拜登甚至可能被牵连其中,而且可以肯定的是,首席大法官罗伯茨将在一些文件中被点名,因为他签署了非法的 FISA 授权令。

The deep state is in a total panic,and this is why they were desperately trying to remove Trump from office with a drive-by impeachment following a staged false flag attack on the capitol.


But Trump still holds all the cards,and he's still President for five more days.


Here are the highlights for today's Situation Update:


  •     Long-time contact expresses skepticism toward Steve Pieczenik's promised claim that Trump would be sworn in next week.Pieczenik described as a super high-IQ battlefield manipulator.Who's right?We'll know soon…
  • 这位长期接触的人对史蒂夫·皮切尼克承诺特朗普将于下周宣誓就职表示怀疑。皮切尼克称他是一个超级高智商的战场操纵者。谁是对的?我们很快就会知道…。
  •     Watch out for the"confirmation bias"trap in your own beliefs.
  • 小心你自己信念中的"确认偏见"陷阱
  •     Conservative MP calls for nationwide rollout of vitamin D tablets,a Spanish region saw an 82%drop in covid deaths after handing out vitamin D.
  • 保守党议员呼吁在全国推广维生素D药片,西班牙一个地区在发放维生素D后,covid - 19死亡人数下降了82%。
  •     Trump taking more executive action to sever ties between corrupt lawmakers and Chinese-affiliated companies.
  • 特朗普采取更多行政措施,切断腐败议员与中国附属公司之间的联系
  •     Dirty bomb threat for America may explain Trump's delay in taking action…have they found all the bombs yet?
  • 美国的脏弹威胁或许可以解释特朗普迟迟不采取行动的原因......他们找到所有的炸弹了吗?
  •     The FBI,Antifa and CNN are all conspiring to create a huge number of false flag shootings at state capitols in the coming week.It's all theater.
  • 联邦调查局、Antifa CNN 都在密谋在下周在州首府制造大量的假旗枪击事件。这都是在演戏
  •     Angela Merkel to step down as German chancellor in 2021…–BBC and The Economist 
  • 安吉拉·默克尔将于2021年卸任德国总理...-BBC 和《经济学人》
  •     Dutch government weighs possible resignation…–Reuters 
  • 荷兰政府考虑可能的辞职...-路透社
  •     Estonia's PM resigns over corruption probe on his party–ABC News 
  • 爱沙尼亚总理因政党腐败调查辞职 ABC 新闻
  •     Italy Government on Verge of Collapse as Renzi Party Quits–Bloomberg 
  • 意大利政府濒临崩溃,伦兹党宣布退出
  •     Global financial collapse is rapidly approaching.UK government broke.China broke.US blowing out massive debt bubble.
  • 全球金融崩溃正在迅速接近。英国政府破产了。中国破产了。美国吹出了巨大的债务泡沫
  •     Oxygen shortage in Brazil…makes no sense since the atmosphere is nearly 20%oxygen.
  • 在巴西,氧气短缺是毫无意义的,因为大气中的氧气含量接近20%
  •     BLM activist charged for instigating many elements of the capitol riot on Jan.6th.
  • 16日,BLM 激进分子因煽动国会大厦暴乱被起诉
  •     CNN promoted that same activist(Sullivan)as a"journalist"when he was actually complicit in the violence.
  • 美国有线电视新闻网提升了同一个活动家(沙利文)作为"记者",但他实际上是暴力的同谋
  •     CNN's Jade Sacker penetrated the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering,"We did it!"…CNN was in on the entire thing,staging it just like elements of Sandy Hook which used"crisis actors"posing as parents or snipers.
  • 美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)"玉塞客"(Jade Sacker)穿过国会大厦,听到一名劳工运动党/反法党成员的欢呼,"我们成功了,美国有线电视新闻网参与了整个事件的筹划,就像桑迪胡克的元素,使用"危机演员"假装父母或狙击手
  •     John Solomon reports on Lou Dobbs that Trump ordered declass of intelligence docs from Obamagate.
  • 约翰·所罗门对卢·多布斯的报道称,特朗普下令从奥巴马门撤销情报文件的机密性
  •     From JustTheNews:"A bombshell revelation in the remaining FBI documents on Russia collusion shows that the entire narrative was created and leaked to the news media to neutralize Hillary Clinton's concern that her email scandal hadn't gone away."
  • 来自 JustTheNews 的消息:"联邦调查局剩余的关于俄罗斯勾结的文件中爆炸性的披露表明,整个叙事是被编造出来并泄露给新闻媒体的,目的是消除希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)对她的电子邮件丑闻没有消失的担忧。"
  •     Former military personnel warn:75,000 C*e troop in Canada,175,000 in Mexico,preparing to invade the USA.But US forces will destroy them quickly.
  • 前军事人员警告:75,000天*军队在加拿大,175,000在墨西哥,准备入侵美国。但美国军队会很快摧毁他们
  •     US military has long had proof of C*a's bioweapons attack and now cyber attack on the USA.
  • 长期以来,美国军方一直掌握着天*生物武器攻击以及现在美国遭受网络攻击的证据
  • "We are in a full blown Military Operation right now to remove the threats and install our President back in power and control the violence in the big cities."
  • "我们正在进行一场全面的军事行动,以消除威胁,让我们的总统重新掌权,并控制大城市的暴力活动。"
  •     Most actions won't be evident until the very last minute,perhaps the 19th or the 20th.
  • 大多数行动直到最后一刻才会显现出来,也许是19日或20
  •     Discussion of whether we are all being played by an elaborate psyop,or whether there really is a military coup under way against the deep state.
  • 讨论我们是否都被一个精心策划的心理活动所玩弄,或者是否真的有一场针对深层国家的军事政变正在发生
  •     Mexican President announces he will lead effort to halt Big Tech censorship.
  • 墨西哥总统宣布将领导终止科技巨头的审查制度
  •     US Navy+US Coast Guard involved in searching ships off the LA/Long Beach Harbor for weapons from C*a,contributing to long delays for port access.
  • 美国海军和美国海岸警卫队参与了对洛杉矶/长滩港外的船只进行搜查,寻找来自天*的武器,导致进入港口的长时间延误
  •     How the FBI tricks stupid people into being their scapegoats for false flag ops.FBI agents are medium IQ,but most of the people they target are super low IQ.So the FBI ends up thinking they're really smart because they often have an IQ advantage over morons.
  • 联邦调查局如何欺骗愚蠢的人成为他们的替罪羊,为假旗行动。联邦调查局探员的智商中等,但他们所针对的大多数人都是超低智商。所以联邦调查局最终认为他们真的很聪明,因为他们的智商通常比白痴要高
  •     The absurdity of claiming people who breached the capitol building used Parler.They also bought cars from Ford.Should Ford be deplatformed?
  • 声称闯入国会大厦的人使用了帕勒的说法是荒谬的,他们还从福特购买了汽车。福特应该被赶下台吗?
  •     Texas AG announces investigation into Big Tech for censorship.
  • 德克萨斯州公司宣布对科技巨头进行审查
  •     Headline:Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths to vaccine side effects.Those who died were frail and old.
  • 标题:挪威药品管理局将13例死亡与疫苗副作用联系起来,死者年老体弱
  •     Covid vaccines confirmed as depopulation"euthanasia"shots for the elderly.
  • Covid疫苗被证实为老年人的"安乐死"疫苗
  •  Microsoft,Oracle,and Salesforce pushing for"vaccine credentials"which they claim will"empower"people to"return to life."
  • 微软、甲骨文和 Salesforce 都在争取"疫苗认证",他们声称这将"赋予"人们"回归生活"的能力

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