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一份在 Central Islip 公开的起诉书指控了 MS-13的14名世界级别最高的领导人,他们现在被称为 Ranfla Nacional,作为联合国的董事会运作,并指挥 MS-13在世界各地的暴力和犯罪活动将近20年。


Earlier today,an indictment was unsealed in Central Islip,New York charging 14 of the world's highest-ranking MS-13 leaders who are known today as the Ranfla Nacional,which operated as the Organization's Board of Directors,and directed MS-13's violence and criminal activity around the world for almost two decades.

今天早些时候,一份在 Central Islip 公开的起诉书指控了 MS-1314名世界级别最高的领导人,他们现在被称为 Ranfla Nacional,作为联合国的董事会运作,并指挥 MS-13在世界各地的暴力和犯罪活动将近20年。

Specifically,the indictment charges the defendants with conspiracy to provide and conceal material support to terrorists,conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries,conspiracy to finance terrorism and narco-terrorism conspiracy in connection with the defendants'leadership of the transnational criminal organization over the past two decades from El Salvador,the United States,Mexico and elsewhere.


Defendant Borromeo Enrique Henriquez,aka"Diablito de Hollywood,"is widely recognized as the most powerful member of the Ranfla Nacional.Three of the indicted defendants,Fredy Ivan Jandres-Parada,aka"Lucky de Park View"and"Lacky de Park View,"Cesar Humberto Lopez-Larios,aka"El Grenas de Stoners"and"Oso de Stoners,"and Hugo Armando Quinteros-Mineros,aka"Flaco de Francis,"remain at large and should be considered armed and dangerous.Members of the public with information concerning their whereabouts are strongly encouraged to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation's(FBI)toll-free MS-13 tip line,1-866-STP-MS13(1-866-787-6713),or U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations(HSI)at(866)347-2423 or,FBI and HSI have offered$20,000 in rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of each of the three fugitives.Henriquez and 10 other defendants are in custody in El Salvador.The United States will explore options for their extradition to the United States with the Government of El Salvador.

被告博罗梅奥·亨利克斯,又名"好莱坞的迪亚布利托",被广泛认为是兰夫拉民族党最有权势的成员。其中三名被起诉的被告,弗雷迪·伊万·詹德雷斯-帕拉达(Fredy Ivan Jandres-Parada),又名"Lucky de Park View""Lacky de Park View",塞萨尔·温贝托·洛佩斯-拉里奥斯(Cesar Humberto Lopez-Larios),又名"El Grenas de Stoners""Oso de Stoners",以及雨果·阿曼多·昆特罗斯-奥斯(Hugo Armando quinteros-aka"Flaco de mineros")仍然逍遥法外,应被视为携带武器且危险。如果市民知道他们的下落,请致电联邦调查局免费热线 MS-131-866-STP-MS13(1-866-787-6713)或美国移民及海关执法局的国土安全调查组(HSI)(866-rrb-347-2423)。联邦调查局和国土安全调查局已经提供了20,000美元的奖金,以奖励提供信息导致逮捕和定罪的三名逃犯。亨利克斯和其他10名被告在萨尔瓦多被拘留。美国将与萨尔瓦多政府探讨将这些人引渡到美国的各种选择。

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A.Rosen,Acting U.S.Attorney Seth D.DuCharme for the Eastern District of New York(EDNY),Director of Joint Task Force Vulcan(JTFV)John J.Durham,FBI Director Christopher A.Wray,and Executive Associate Director Derek Benner of HSI,announced the unsealing of the indictment.

代理司法部长杰弗里·a·罗森(Jeffrey a.Rosen)、代理美国司法部长塞思·d·杜查姆(Seth d.DuCharme)、联合火神特遣部队(JTFV)主任约翰·j·达勒姆(John j.Durham)、联邦调查局(FBI)局长克里斯托弗·a·沃伊(Christopher a.Wray)和国土安全调查局(HSI)执行副局长德里克·本纳(Derek Benner)宣布解封起诉书。

Acting Attorney General Rosen said,"The indictment announced today is the highest-reaching and most sweeping indictment targeting MS-13 and its command and control structure in U.S.history.When Attorney General Barr announced the creation of JTFV in August 2019,he envisioned a whole-of-government approach that would combine proven prosecution tools from the past with innovative strategies designed specifically to eliminate MS-13 leadership's ability to operate the gang and direct its terrorist activity.This indictment reflects an important step toward achieving that goal.By working side-by-side with our enforcement partners and with our partners in El Salvador,we have charged MS-13's highest-ranking leaders with operating a transnational criminal organization that utilizes terror to impose their will on neighborhoods,businesses and innocent civilians across the United States and Central America."

代理司法部长罗森说:"今天宣布的起诉书是美国历史上针对 MS-13及其指挥和控制结构的最高级别和最全面的起诉书。当司法部长巴尔于20198月宣布成立联合反恐小组时,他设想了一种整个政府的办法,将过去经过验证的起诉工具与专门为消除 MS-13领导层操纵该团伙和指挥其恐怖活动的能力而设计的创新战略结合起来。这项指控反映了朝着实现这一目标迈出的重要一步。通过与我们的美国执法伙伴和我们在萨尔瓦多的伙伴并肩工作,我们指控 MS-13的最高级别领导人经营一个跨国犯罪组织,利用恐怖手段将其意志强加于美国和中美洲的社区、企业和无辜平民。"

"MS-13 is responsible for a wave of death and violence that has terrorized communities,leaving neighborhoods on Long Island and throughout the Eastern District of New York awash in bloodshed,"said Acting U.S.Attorney Seth D.DuCharme."Even when incarcerated,the Ranfla Nacional continued to direct MS-13's global operations,recruit new members,including children,into MS-13,and orchestrate murder and mayhem around the world.Today's ground-breaking indictment seeks to demolish MS-13 by targeting its command and control structure and holding MS-13's Board of Directors accountable for their terroristic actions."

代理联邦检察官塞思·d·杜查姆(Seth d.DuCharme)说,"MS-13应该为一波死亡和暴力事件负责,这波事件已经使社区陷入恐慌,让长岛和整个纽约东区的居民区陷入了血腥冲突。""即使在监禁期间,Ranfla Nacional 仍然指挥 MS-13的全球行动,招募包括儿童在内的新成员加入 MS-13,并在世界各地策划谋杀和故意伤害。今天的突破性起诉书试图通过打击 MS-13的指挥和控制结构,并追究 MS-13董事会对其恐怖主义行动的责任,来摧毁 MS-13

"The FBI is committed to combatting all forms of terrorism that threaten the American people as well as our international partners,"said FBI Director Christopher Wray."In collaboration with our federal,state,local and international partners,we took aggressive steps to target and pursue some of the highest levels of leadership of MS-13.This operation is a clear signal to others who engage in this type of transnational criminal activity:the FBI will work tirelessly to bring them to justice wherever they are based."

联邦调查局局长克里斯托弗·雷说:"联邦调查局致力于打击威胁美国人民和国际伙伴的一切形式的恐怖主义。""与我们的联邦、州、地方和国际合作伙伴合作,我们采取了积极步骤,瞄准和追求 MS-13的一些最高领导层。这一行动向从事这类跨国犯罪活动的其他人发出了一个明确的信号:联邦调查局将不懈努力,将他们绳之以法,无论他们在哪里

"For over a decade,HSI has remained steadfast in our resolve to dismantle transnational gangs like MS-13,"said HSI Executive Associate Director Benner."As one of the most violent and dangerous criminal enterprises,MS-13 and Ranfla Nacional were directly responsible for unthinkable violence and criminal activity in communities across the United States and throughout Central America.As a result of the hard work and substantial resources dedicated to Joint Task Force Vulcan by our domestic and international law enforcement partners,this indictment will have a lasting disruptive effect on the future global illicit activities of this transnational criminal organization."

国土安全调查局执行副局长本纳表示:「十多年来,国土安全调查局一直坚定不移地致力瓦解 MS-13等跨国团伙。」。"MS-13 Ranfla Nacional 是最暴力和最危险的犯罪集团之一,它们对美国各地和整个中美洲的社区发生的难以想象的暴力和犯罪活动负有直接责任。由于我们的国内和国际执法伙伴为瓦肯联合特遣队投入了大量资源和辛勤工作,这项起诉将对这一跨国犯罪组织今后的全球非法活动产生持久的破坏性影响

As alleged in the indictment,the Ranfla Nacional comprises the highest level of leadership of MS-13.In approximately 2002,the defendants and other MS-13 leaders began establishing a highly organized,hierarchical command and control structure as a means to effectuate their decisions and enforce their orders,even while in prison.They directed acts of violence and murder in El Salvador,the United States,and elsewhere,established military-style training camps for its members and obtained military weapons such as rifles,handguns,grenades,improvised explosive devices(IED)and rocket launchers.As leaders of MS-13,the defendants controlled swaths of territory and engaged in public relations efforts on behalf of the transnational criminal organization.Further,the defendants used MS-13's large membership in the United States to engage in criminal activities,such as drug trafficking and extortion to raise money to support MS-13's terrorist activities in El Salvador and elsewhere,and directed members in the United States to commit acts of violence,including murders,to further its goals.

正如起诉书所指称的,Ranfla Nacional MS-13的最高领导层组成。大约在2002年,被告和 MS-13的其他领导人开始建立一个高度组织化、等级化的指挥和控制结构,作为即使在监狱中也能执行其决定和执行其命令的手段。他们在萨尔瓦多、美国和其他地方指挥暴力和谋杀行为,为其成员建立军事式的训练营,并获得步枪、手枪、手榴弹、简易爆炸装置和火箭发射器等军事武器。作为 MS-13的领导人,被告控制了大片领土,并代表跨国犯罪组织从事公共关系工作。此外,被告利用 MS-13在美国的大量成员从事犯罪活动,如非法毒品贸易和勒索,以筹集资金支持 MS-13在萨尔瓦多和其他地方的恐怖主义活动,并指示在美国的成员犯下暴力行为,包括谋杀,以推进其目标。

As further alleged in the indictment,a central theme of the rules implemented by the Ranfla Nacional was the requirement of loyalty to MS-13,or to the"barrio."The requirement for loyalty was central to all aspects of life for MS-13 members.Members who disobeyed the rules,showed disloyalty to the gang or to its leaders,cooperated with law enforcement,or disrespected other members were subject to severe punishment,including death.The rules put in place by the Ranfla Nacional allowed the gang to flourish in parts of the United States,including within the EDNY where,under the defendants'command,MS-13 has committed numerous acts of violence—including murders,attempted murders,assaults,kidnappings,drug trafficking,extortion of individuals and businesses,obstructed justice and sent dues and the proceeds of criminal activity by wire transfer to MS-13 leaders in El Salvador.

正如起诉书中进一步指称的那样,Ranfla Nacional 实施的规则的一个中心主题是要求忠于 MS-13"barrio"对于 MS-13成员来说,忠诚的要求是生活各个方面的中心。违反规定、对帮派或其领导人不忠、与执法部门合作或不尊重其他成员的成员将受到包括死亡在内的严厉惩罚。由 Ranfla Nacional 制定的规则允许该团伙在美国的部分地区蓬勃发展,包括在 EDNY,在被告的指挥下,MS-13犯下了许多暴力行为----包括谋杀、谋杀未遂、袭击、绑架、非法毒品贸易、敲诈个人和企业、妨碍司法公正以及通过电汇向萨尔瓦多的 MS-13领导人汇款和犯罪活动所得。

As further outlined in the indictment,the Ranfla Nacional has exercised its power over the Government of El Salvador by committing acts of violence and intimidation over government officials,law enforcement and the population of El Salvador at large.In doing so the Ranfla Nacional has ordered the killing of law enforcement and government officials in El Salvador as well as ordering a"green light,"or killing,of a FBI Special Agent detailed to El Salvador investigating MS-13 and its members.Moreover,by controlling the level of MS-13's violence,the Ranfla Nacional exercised leverage with the Government of El Salvador.For example,as alleged in the indictment,from approximately 2012 until approximately 2015,the Ranfla Nacional entered into a"truce"with the then-Government of El Salvador.As part of this agreement,the Ranfla Nacional directed MS-13 to reduce homicides in El Salvador in exchange for improved prison conditions,benefits and cash payments.In 2015,when this agreement collapsed,the Ranfla Nacional blamed the United States,believing that the U.S.government pressured the government of El Salvador to end the"truce"as a condition of receiving funds from the United States.Thereafter,in early 2016,the Ranfla Nacional began planning for a major campaign of coordinated violence in El Salvador in retaliation for the harsher measures imposed on its members after the end of the"truce."As alleged in the indictment,the defendants ordered all cliques in El Salvador to create a specialized unit of MS-13 members to target police officers,military members,and government officials in El Salvador.These members underwent military training at MS-13 military training camps in El Salvador.The defendants also ordered all cliques,including those in the United States and in the EDNY,to provide profits from their MS-13-related criminal activity to be used to purchase weapons for the planned attacks on police in El Salvador.In total,the defendants collected over$600,000 U.S.dollars for this fund which was used to purchase weapons,including M-16s and M-60 machine guns,grenades,IEDs,and rocket launchers.Furthermore,the defendants ordered increased violence,including murders,in the EDNY and other parts of the United States,which saw a dramatic increase in MS-13 violence in 2016 and 2017.

正如起诉书进一步概述的那样,Ranfla Nacional 对萨尔瓦多政府行使权力,对政府官员、执法人员和萨尔瓦多广大民众实施暴力和恐吓行为。为此,Ranfla Nacional 下令杀害萨尔瓦多的执法人员和政府官员,并下令杀害一名被派往萨尔瓦多调查 MS-13及其成员的联邦调查局特工。此外,Ranfla Nacional 通过控制 MS-13的暴力程度,对萨尔瓦多政府施加影响。例如,如起诉书所述,从2012年左右到2015年左右,Ranfla Nacional 与当时的萨尔瓦多政府达成了"休战"。作为这项协议的一部分,Ranfla Nacional 指示 MS-13减少萨尔瓦多的杀人事件,以换取改善监狱条件、福利和现金支付。2015年,当这项协议破裂时,Ranfla Nacional 指责美国,认为美国政府向萨尔瓦多政府施压,要求其结束"休战",作为从美国获得资金的条件。此后,在2016年初,Ranfla Nacional 开始计划在萨尔瓦多发动一场大规模的协调暴力运动,以报复在"休战"结束后对其成员国采取的更严厉措施正如起诉书所指控的那样,被告命令萨尔瓦多境内的所有派系成立一个 MS-13成员专门小组,以萨尔瓦多的警官、军人和政府官员为目标。这些成员在萨尔瓦多 MS-13军事训练营接受了军事训练。被告还命令所有派系,包括在美国和 EDNY 的派系,提供他们与 ms-13有关的犯罪活动的利润,用于购买武器,用于计划袭击萨尔瓦多警察。被告共为该基金募集了60多万美元,用于购买包括 m-16 M-60机枪、手榴弹、简易爆炸装置和火箭发射器在内的武器。此外,被告下令在 EDNY 和美国其他地区增加暴力,包括谋杀,在2016年和2017年,MS-13暴力事件急剧增加。

Finally,as alleged in the indictment,the Ranfla Nacional directed the expansion of MS-13 activities around the world,most significantly into Mexico,where several high-ranking leaders were sent to organize operations there.In Mexico,MS-13 leaders made connections to obtain narcotics and firearms,conducted business with Mexican drug cartels such as the Zetas,Gulf Cartel,Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación(CJNG)and Sinaloa Cartel,and engaged in human trafficking and smuggling.

最后,正如起诉书所指控的那样,Ranfla Nacional 指示扩大 MS-13在世界各地的活动,其中最重要的是进入墨西哥,在那里,几名高级领导人被派往那里组织行动。在墨西哥,MS-13领导人通过关系获得毒品和枪支,与墨西哥贩毒集团如 ZetasGulf CartelCártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación(CJNG) Sinaloa Cartel 做生意,并参与人口贩卖和走私。

In August 2019,Attorney General William P.Barr created JTFV to carry out the recommendations of the MS-13 Subcommittee formed under the Attorney General's Transnational Organized Crime Task Force(TOC Task Force).The Attorney General's TOC Task Force resulted from President Donald J.Trump's February 2017 Executive Order directing the Departments of Justice,State,and Homeland Security,and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to coordinate a whole-of-government approach to dismantle transnational criminal organizations,such as MS-13,and increase the safety of the American people.

20198月,总检察长威廉·p·巴尔设立了联合打击跨国有组织犯罪小组委员会,以执行总检察长跨国有组织犯罪工作队下设立的 MS-13小组委员会的建议。总检察长的 TOC 工作队是唐纳德·j·特朗普总统20172月行政命令的产物,该命令指示司法部、国务院和国土安全部以及国家情报总监办公室协调整个政府的方法,以摧毁跨国犯罪组织,如 MS-13,并增加美国人民的安全。

Since its creation,JTFV has successfully implemented a whole-of-government approach to combatting MS-13,including increasing coordination and collaboration with foreign law enforcement partners,including El Salvador,Mexico,Honduras and Guatemala;designating priority MS-13 programs,cliques and leaders,who have the most impact on the United States,for targeted prosecutions;and coordinating significant MS-13 indictments in U.S.Attorney's Offices across the country,including the first use of national security charges against MS-13 leaders.

自成立以来,联合反恐小组成功地实施了一个全政府打击 MS-13的办法,包括加强与萨尔瓦多、墨西哥、洪都拉斯和危地马拉等外国执法伙伴的协调与合作;指定对美国影响最大的 MS-13方案、派系和领导人进行有针对性的起诉;在全国各地的美国检察官办公室协调重要的 MS-13起诉,包括首次对 MS-13领导人提出国家安全指控。

JTFV has been comprised of members from the Department of Justice's National Security Division and the Criminal Division,as well as U.S.Attorney's Offices across the country,including the EDNY;the District of New Jersey;the Northern District of Ohio;the District of Utah;the Eastern District of Virginia;the District of Massachusetts;the Eastern District of Texas;the Southern District of New York;the District of Alaska;the Southern District of Florida;the Southern District of California;the District of Nevada;and the District of Columbia.In addition,all Department of Justice law enforcement agencies are involved in the effort,including the FBI;the U.S.Drug Enforcement Administration;the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives;the U.S.Marshals Service;and the U.S.Bureau of Prisons.In addition,HSI also plays a critical role in JTFV.

该联盟由司法部国家安全司和刑事司以及全国各地的美国检察官办公室的成员组成,包括 EDNY、新泽西地区、俄亥俄州北部地区、犹他地区、弗吉尼亚州东部地区、马萨诸塞州东部地区、纽约州南部地区、阿拉斯加地区、佛罗里达州南部地区、加利福尼亚州南部地区、内华达州地区和哥伦比亚特区。此外,司法部所有的执法机构都参与了这项工作,包括美国联邦调查局、美国缉毒署、烟酒枪支及爆炸物管理局、美国美国法警安全管理局和美国监狱管理局。此外,人类猪型流感在 JTFV 中也发挥着关键作用。

Acting Attorney General Rosen expressed his sincere thanks to Attorney General Raul Melara of El Salvador for the assistance of his office,as well as investigators from El Salvador's Policía Nacional Civil,Centro Antipandilla Transnacional unit for their invaluable cooperation.Additionally,numerous Department of Justice components contributed to this indictment,including:the National Security Division's Counterterrorism Section;the Justice Department's Office of International Affairs;the Criminal Division's Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development,Assistance and Training;and Organized Crime and Gang Section;and the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces Executive Office.Finally,consistent with President Trump's Executive Order and the Attorney General's whole of government approach,the Department of State has provided critical support for JTFV's mission.

代理总检察长罗森向萨尔瓦多总检察长劳尔·梅拉拉表示衷心感谢,感谢他的办公室提供的协助,并感谢萨尔瓦多国家民警中心的调查人员提供的宝贵合作。此外,司法部的许多部门对这项起诉作出了贡献,包括:国家安全司反恐科;司法部国际事务办公室;刑事司海外检察发展、援助和培训办公室;有组织犯罪和帮派科;以及有组织犯罪缉毒工作队执行办公室。最后,根据特朗普总统的行政命令和总检察长的整个政府做法,国务院为 JTFV 的使命提供了关键支持。

The charges announced today are allegations,and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.If convicted,the defendants face a maximum sentence of life in prison.


The government's case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S.Attorneys James Donnelly,Matthew Shepherd,and Stewart Young from JTFV,and Assistant U.S.Attorneys Paul G.Scotti,Justina L.Geraci,and Megan E.Farrell from the EDNY's Long Island Criminal Division.

来自 JTFV 的助理检察官詹姆斯·唐纳利、马修·谢泼德和斯图尔特·杨,以及来自 EDNY 长岛刑事部的助理检察官保罗·g·斯科蒂、贾斯蒂娜·l·格拉西和梅根·e·法雷尔正在起诉政府的案件。

To learn more about the Justice Department's efforts in combating MS-13 from 2016 to 2020,see report at

想要了解更多关于司法部在2016年至2020年间打击 MS-13的努力,请参阅 的报告。

A copy of the indictment and wanted posters in English and Spanish can be downloaded by clicking on:indictment,Fredy Ivan Jandres-Parada Wanted poster in English and Spanish,Cesar Humberto Lopez-Larios Wanted poster in English and Spanish,and Hugo Armando Quinteros-Mineros Wanted poster in English and Spanish.

可点击下载英文和西班牙文的起诉书副本和通缉海报:起诉书、Fredy Ivan Jandres-Parada 通缉海报(英文和西班牙文)Cesar Humberto Lopez-Larios 通缉海报(英文和西班牙文) Hugo Armando Quinteros-Mineros 通缉海报(英文和西班牙文)

The Defendants:




ELMER CANALES-RIVERA("Crook de Hollywood")


EFRAIN CORTEZ("Tigre de Park View"and"Viejo Tigre de Park View")

EFRAIN CORTEZ("Tigre de Park View""Viejo Tigre de Park View")年龄:51

RICARDO ALBERTO DIAZ("Rata de Leewards"and"Mousey de Leewards")

里卡多·阿尔贝托·迪亚兹("Rata de Leewards""Mousey de Leewards")年龄:47

EDUARDO ERAZO-NOLASCO("Colocho de Western"and"Mustage de Western")

EDUARDO ERAZO-NOLASCO("Colocho de Western""Mustage de Western")年龄:48

EDSON SACHARY EUFEMIA("Speedy de Park View")

EDSON SACHARY EUFEMIA("Speedy de Park View")年龄:46



FREDY IVAN JANDRES-PARADA("Lucky de Park View"and"Lacky de Park View")

FREDY IVAN JANDRES-PARADA("Lucky de Park View""Lacky de Park View")年龄:45


莱昂内尔·亚历山大·莱昂纳多("El Necio de San Cocos")年龄:40

CESAR HUMBERTO LOPEZ-LARIOS("El Grenas de Stoners"and"Oso de Stoners")

塞萨尔·汉贝托·洛佩兹-拉里奥斯("El Grenas de Stoners""Oso de Stoners")年龄:42

JOSE LUIS MENDOZA-FIGUEROA("Pavas de 7-11"and"Viejo Pavas de 7-11")

何塞·路易斯·门多萨·菲格罗亚("Pavas de 7-11""Viejo Pavas de 7-11")年龄:56



雨果·阿曼多·奎特罗斯-密涅罗斯("弗拉科··弗朗西斯")年龄:48岁索尔·安东尼奥·图尔西奥斯("Trece de Teclas")年龄:42


阿里斯蒂德斯·迪奥尼西奥·乌曼佐尔("Sirra de Teclas")年龄:42


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