美国政府科学家警告: 即将到来的巨大太阳风暴可能摧毁许多卫星

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美国政府科学家警告: 即将到来的巨大太阳风暴可能摧毁许多卫星By 作者Nikolay Atanasova

A new era of space weather is about to rock our world—and it’s probably going to destroy many satellites in the next five years, according to solar storms expert Tzu-Wei Fang, a space scientist at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC).

美国国家海洋和大气管理局(NOAA)空间天气预报中心(SWPC)的空间科学家、太阳风暴专家方(Tzu-Wei Fang)表示,一个新的太空天气时代即将撼动我们的世界,并可能在未来五年内摧毁许多卫星。

“Whatever you’ve experienced in the past two years doesn’t matter,” Fang told crowds on Monday (August 8) at the 36th Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah.


“Whatever you learned the past two years is not going to apply in the next five years,” he added.

他补充说: “过去两年学到的东西,在未来五年都不会适用。”。


A new solar activity cycle is much stronger than anticipated and it’s already presenting major problems for satellite operators who are trying to keep their spacecraft in orbit while maintaining functionality.


Solar storms can destroy satellites with ease.


美国政府科学家警告: 即将到来的巨大太阳风暴可能摧毁许多卫星

An increase in solar activity will risk damaging or disrupting spacecraft. Credit: NASA


During a panel discussion organized by the Secure World Foundation this week, Fang warned the audience that the February solar storm, which was responsible for the destruction of dozens of newly launched SpaceX Starlink satellites, was only the tip of the iceberg.

在安全世界基金会(Secure World Foundation)本周组织的一次小组讨论中,方舟子警告听众,2月份的太阳风暴只是冰山一角,它摧毁了数十颗新发射的 SpaceX Starlink 卫星。

“That storm was actually a minor storm in our catalog,” she said. “It’s not a huge storm.”


One effect of the increased space weather activity the world will experience during this new solar cycle is an increased amount of drag on satellites as huge solar storms heat and expand the upper atmosphere, increasing its density.


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This was demonstrated in February when a solar storm caused 38 of 49 newly launched SpaceX Starlink satellites to reenter the atmosphere. The spacecrafts’ thrusters were unable to overcome the increased atmospheric drag generated by the solar storm, therefore the satellites fell back into the atmosphere and were destroyed.

今年2月,一场太阳风暴导致49颗新发射的 SpaceX Starlink 卫星中的38颗重返大气层,就证明了这一点。航天器的推进器无法克服太阳风暴产生的大气阻力,因此卫星落回大气层并被摧毁。

The SWPC has been collaborating with SpaceX in order to investigate the aforementioned occurrence and determine, among other things, how models of space weather can more accurately predict atmospheric circumstances and solar storms that can destroy satellites.

SWPC 一直在与 SpaceX 公司合作,以调查上述情况,并确定空间天气模型如何能够更准确地预测可摧毁卫星的大气环境和太阳风暴。

In the near future an article that provides a summary of those findings will be published in a journal.



This new solar storm cycle—called Solar Cycle25 by space scientists—follows an 11-year period that was relatively calm. During that time, many more satellites were launched than ever before. 

这个新的太阳风暴周期 25 太阳活动周期,在此之前的11年间,空间科学家们相对平静发射的卫星比以往任何时候都多。

According to space scientists like Fang, this kind of data coordination between SpaceX and SWPC is extremely important because most existing satellite technicians are likely not ready for the huge solar storms that are coming.

根据像 Fang 这样的空间科学家的说法,SpaceX 和 SWPC 之间的这种数据协调非常重要,因为大多数现有的卫星技术人员可能还没有为即将到来的巨大太阳风暴做好准备。


Satellite operators cannot simply ignore the consequences of solar storms.


“It’s very important that we all be aware of the impact of the space environment, how your satellite is going to mitigate this radiation environment and how you’re going to mitigate the drag effects,” she said.

她说: “我们都必须意识到太空环境的影响,你的卫星将如何减轻这种辐射环境,以及你将如何减轻阻力效应,这一点非常重要。”。

美国政府科学家警告: 即将到来的巨大太阳风暴可能摧毁许多卫星

To make matters worse, the strength of Solar Cycle 25 is already moving in a direction that is significantly stronger than what was anticipated—and it won’t be peaking until around the middle of this decade.


A strong enough solar storm is even capable of destroying the internet and smartphones.


“If you look at the beginning of this year, things are very crazy. We’ve had a solar flare almost every week, Fang warned. Because Solar Cycle 25 is trending higher than predicted, there is an increased chance for more huge solar storms over the next several years.


“We’re already way beyond where we predicted at this point,” he warned.

他警告说: “我们现在已经远远超出了我们的预测。”。


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