粒子物理学家说:5G 是最终的直接能量武器系统

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粒子物理学家说:5G 是最终的直接能量武器系统

事实:基于她的研究和个人经验,粒子物理学家 Katherine Horton 博士认为,5G 网络是作为一个直接能量武器系统,与全球精英奴役人类的目标保持一致。

反思:5G 的推出会成为人类觉醒和改变我们共同轨迹的终极催化剂吗?


Dr.Katherine Horton sees the current rollout of the 5G network in a way that is different from mainstream perception.And for good reason.

凯瑟琳·霍顿博士认为,目前5G 网络的推出方式与主流观点不同。而且理由充分。

To begin with,she is a particle physicist with a PhD from prestigious Oxford University.She worked as a high energy physicist on the particle collider at the German Electronsynchrotron DESY in Hamburg,Germany,and on the infamous Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva,Switzerland.

首先,她是著名的牛津大学的粒子物理学家,拥有博士学位。她曾在德国汉堡的德国电子同步加速器 DESY 的粒子对撞机上担任高能物理学家,也曾在瑞士日内瓦的欧洲核子研究中心臭名昭著的大型强子对撞机实验室工作。

At Oxford,Dr.Horton worked as a research fellow at St John's College,a position that allowed her to expand her research from particle physics into medical physics and the physics of complex human systems.As part of the latter,she conducted systems analysis research of the English legal system,economies,the financial system,currencies,as well as white collar crime and organised crime.


In other words,she has the credentials to be public enemy number one to a global elite that are trying to deceptively use technology as a key cog in their plan to enslave humanity under a totalitarian world government.


A Targeted Individual


During her childhood in Romania,Dr.Horton alleges that she and her family experienced intimidation and terrorism because they were highly educated and refused to take part in the snitching and informant criminality being promoted by mob networks there.


Dr.Horton says that stalking and other such activities ramped up in November 2011,as she was attending a High Court case in London as part of her systems analysis research into the English legal system.She says she was openly being stalked on her way home from court and started noticing a thug waiting for her outside her home every morning to follow her to the train station.


Attempts to face these forces head-on,through the courts and through activism,have lead to a rise in these attacks upon her which include not only human intimidation but torture through Directed Energy Weapons.You can read more details about her experiences on her Stop 007 website, which among other things offers support and legal guidance for Targeted Individuals.

通过法院和激进主义与这些势力正面交锋的企图导致了对她的这些攻击的增加,这些攻击不仅包括对人的恐吓,而且包括通过定向能武器实施的酷刑。你可以在她的 Stop 007网站上阅读更多关于她经历的细节,该网站为目标人群提供支持和法律指导。

Trying To Contextualize The 5G Network

5G 网络的背景

In the extensive interview below hosted by Alfred Lambremont Webre,Dr.Horton attempts to bring to bear her vast knowledge of the capabilities of energy weapons,and awaken us to the fact that these are the true modern weapons of warfare of today,not the ballistic weapons that we still see portrayed in movies and talked about in geopolitical conflicts.


She also employs her knowledge and personal experience of the'Targeted Individuals'phenomena,as well as her run-ins with the shadow government and their military and intelligence tentacles to create a broad context for what the 5G network really is:

她还利用她对"目标个人"现象的知识和个人经验,以及她与影子政府及其军事和情报触角的冲突,为5G 网络到底是什么创造了一个广阔的背景:

I think the average person struggles so much understanding what all this is about and that's what they[Global Elite]are banking on.So they are banking on the fact that,for example,there is a very simple con hidden in this marketing ploy that is 5G.For example when they brought up 3G and 4G,everybody assumes that 5G is just a better 3 and 4G so what's all this fuss about?Is it just Luddites who are just,you know,they just,they are scared,and they are tree-huggers,and they just don't really enjoy watching happy kitten videos super-fast on their phone?But that's not what it is.So 5G is a fundamentally different system.

我认为普通人很难理解这一切是关于什么的,而这正是他们(全球精英)所依赖的。因此,他们寄希望于这样一个事实,例如,在这个营销策略中隐藏着一个非常简单的骗局,那就是5G。例如,当他们提出3G4G 时,每个人都认为5G 只是一个更好的3G4G,那么有什么值得大惊小怪的呢?是不是只有勒德分子,他们只是,你知道,他们只是,他们只是害怕,他们是环保主义者,他们只是不喜欢看快乐的小猫视频在他们的手机上超快?但事实并非如此。所以5G 是一个完全不同的系统。

I think what I would like to do is to take all the people who are maybe even more overwhelmed than I am,you know,I want to pick them up where they're at,maybe,and then bring them up to speed and tell them everything I know,so by the end of the show they at least know what I think and what I know,so that they can make up their own mind what they think.And there's several discoveries I had,trying to research the subject,and I should say that my main focus is not even 5G or 5G campaigning.My main focus is campaigning to have all the Directed Energy Weapons systems shut down,which includes also satellite weaponry,weaponry hidden in cars,weapons carried by gangstalkers in rucksacks,and all this sort of stuff and out of all that,5G is,if you like,the state system.It encapsulates everything.It can do a bit of everything and it will be everywhere.

我想我要做的就是把那些可能比我更不知所措的人,你知道,我想把他们带到他们所在的地方,然后让他们跟上节奏,告诉他们我知道的一切,这样在节目结束时,他们至少知道我在想什么,我知道什么,这样他们就可以自己决定他们在想什么。我有几个发现,试图研究这个课题,我应该说,我的主要焦点,甚至不是5G 5G 的竞选。我主要关注的是关闭所有的定向能武器系统,包括卫星武器,藏在汽车里的武器,背包里的黑帮成员携带的武器,以及所有这些东西,如果你愿意的话,5G 就是国家系统。它囊括了一切。它可以做任何事情,而且它将无处不在。

So your 5G system is like a gangstalker with a Directed Energy Weapon in his rucksack who shoots you in the face as you're walking behind him,you know,on the pavement for example.But it will not be a gangstalker,they can do away with those,if they just have these 5G antennas every 50 or 100 meters.So the 5G system will do everything that the current global weapons systems can do and,it can also,I strongly believe,it can also instantly kill.Ok?

所以你的5G 系统就像一个背包里装着直接能量武器的黑帮分子,当你走在他身后的时候,他会朝你的脸开枪,你知道,比如在人行道上。但它不会成为一个黑帮分子,他们可以消除这些,只要他们每50100米就有这些5G 天线。因此,5G 系统将做到目前全球武器系统所能做的一切,而且,我坚信,它还可以瞬间杀死。好吗?

So in other words,if you want to cut to the chase,my view of the 5G system,and I'll show you why I think that's the case,the 5G system should be best imagined as the government,or this shadowy group that has infested the government,taking over every city on the planet and every village and even the smallest town and even the,you know,the forest,where you think there is nothing,and putting up hidden machine guns that follow you and your family pointing right at you and these are,you know,set sharp so that they can shoot you dead at the speed of light if somebody so wishes.Ok?So that is the best description of the 5G system that I have.

所以换句话说,如果你想切入正题,我对5G 系统的看法,我会告诉你为什么我会这么认为,5G 系统最好被想象成政府,或者这个阴暗的组织,它已经滋生了政府,占领了地球上的每一个城市,每一个村庄,甚至是最小的城镇,甚至是,你知道的,森林,在你认为什么都没有的地方,放置隐藏的机关枪,跟着你和你的家人,指向你,这些,你知道,设置成锐利的,这样他们就可以以光速射杀你,如果有人愿意的话。好吗?这就是我对5G 系统最好的描述。

A Complex System With Grisly Motives


The above description and much of her explanation in the video may strain credulity for many readers.It certainly challenges the mainstream worldview that our elected leaders are the flawed but ultimately legitimate authorities of our world,that wars and killing are conducted for justifiable reasons,that intelligence agencies protect us and will not try to harm us,or that we are not in some way victims of complex social engineering designed to turn us all into obedient slaves.But here at CE we have been poking holes in mainstream perception since our beginnings a decade ago,and today the longstanding hidden plans for mass surveillance,enslavement and depopulation are coming ever more clearly into view.

上述描述和她在视频中的大部分解释可能会让许多读者难以置信。这无疑是对主流世界观的挑战,主流世界观认为我们选举出来的领导人是我们这个世界上有缺陷但最终是合法的当局,认为战争和杀戮是有正当理由进行的,认为情报机构保护我们,不会试图伤害我们,认为我们在某种程度上不是复杂的社会工程的受害者,这个工程旨在把我们变成顺从的奴隶。但是在 CE,我们从10年前开始就一直在戳主流观念的漏洞,今天,长期隐藏的大规模监视、奴役和人口减少的计划正变得越来越清晰。

How clearly is the depopulation agenda coming into view?In the interview Dr.Horton points us to the website deagel.com,a website that monitors the sale and distributions of military weapon technology all over the world.She shows us that plans for genocide are actually reflected in published estimates of depopulation within the next decade.As you can see from the page below,which can be directly accessed here,the population of the United States is predicted to be 100 million by 2025,down from 327 million in 2017.

人口减少的议程有多清晰?在采访中,霍顿博士指给我们看一个监控世界各地军事武器技术销售和分布的网站 deagel.com。她向我们表明,种族灭绝计划实际上反映在公布的未来十年人口减少的估计数字中。正如你在下面可以直接访问的页面中看到的,到2025年,美国人口预计将从2017年的3.27亿下降到1亿。

粒子物理学家说:5G 是最终的直接能量武器系统

For Dr.Horton,this insidious decline in the American population over the next few years is likely contingent upon a successful implementation of the 5G network in the US.But this does not mean her overall message is one of doom and gloom,meant to evoke fear and hopelessness.Rather,as someone who has fought against this authority for the better part of her life,she believes that this rush to roll out 5G is a desperate attempt on the part of the global elite,the'criminal cartel'as she calls it,to hold on to the power they have held since Biblical times:

对霍顿博士来说,未来几年美国人口的这种潜在下降很可能取决于5G 网络在美国的成功实施。但这并不意味着她的整体信息是一个厄运和阴暗,意味着唤起恐惧和绝望。相反,作为一个在她生命的大部分时间里都在与这种权威作斗争的人,她认为这种推出5G 的热潮是全球精英----她称之为犯罪集团----的一种孤注一掷的尝试,以保持他们自《圣经》时代以来一直掌握的权力:

I want to show what the 5G system really looks like in practice,then I want to show,you know,how the industry is actually gloating with it,they know that this is a weapon,they're gloating,they're jeering at us,and they're making fun of us and then I will show you what this weapon is planned to be used for and is already being used for right now.

我想展示5G 系统在实践中的真实样子,然后我想展示,你知道,这个行业实际上是如何沾沾自喜的,他们知道这是一种武器,他们沾沾自喜,他们嘲笑我们,他们取笑我们,然后我将向你们展示这种武器计划用来做什么,现在已经在使用了。

So what I'm talking about is not just,oh,it's five years in the future,no,this system is killing people right now.And now,the only question is:the time lag between us'realizing,'accumulating a critical mass,and shutting this system down,and arresting the criminals–whoever thought of putting this into the mange,knowing full well[the consequences]–now that time delay pretty much maps out how many people are going to die,ok?


And this crime cartel…they know what they're doing,and their goal is to kill as many people as they possibly can,and that is because they realize that with the population growing and the Internet coming in,they cannot hold the same type of control on humanity–it is mathematically impossible to hold the same type of control on humanity–that they used to have,you know,back in the 1980s,even the 1990s and the control they had up until the 1990s was pretty much the control they had going back to Biblical times,and Babylonian times and before.


Dr.Horton reviews some of the presentations that the technical companies have put into the public domain about 5G and shows many instances where these companies seem to be mocking us at our expense,putting in plain sight,with thinly-veiled images and symbols in their drawings,their plans to roll out a weapons system that can target any individual they choose.

霍顿博士回顾了这些技术公司就5G 问题向公众发布的一些报告,并列举了许多例子,说明这些公司似乎在嘲笑我们,让我们看到他们的计划,他们打算推出一种可以针对任何他们选择的个人的武器系统。

It is perhaps this hubris of the ruling class that will be the main cause of their downfall,as they are just helping to accelerate human awakening.For Dr.Horton,the most important thing is that those who receive her message spread it far and wide,because we are actually the ones who will determine how long the time window is before we reach a critical mass and are able to stop the operations of this criminal cartel altogether.From her own personal experience of being a Targeted Individual,her collaborations with other victims,and her research,Dr.Horton truly believes that the more quickly we awaken to these truths and take our power back,the more quickly we end the needless suffering and killing of innocent people.



While some things are uncertain in these times,there can be no doubt that as a collective,humanity is beginning to awaken to what has actually been going in the world.Zbigniew Brzezinski noted this in 2008,and it was a sage warning to his global elite partners:


For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated,politically conscious and politically interactive.There are only a few pockets of humanity left in the remotest corners of the world that are not politically alert and engaged with the political turmoil and stirrings that are so widespread today around the world.The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity,cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination.(source)


As was discussed in a CE article by Claire Edwards a few days ago entitled'The 5G Paradox:How The 5G Control Grid Can Lead Us To Freedom,"the frantic attempts to roll out 5G networks across the globe may come to backfire on the global elite.I say may,since the involvement of awakened citizens around the world is not guaranteed.The only way that a critical mass of people powerful enough to change humanity's trajectory can be reached will be if those of us who are in a position to do so make the effort to speak and act in ways that raise the awareness of others to the agenda and dangers of 5G.

正如克莱尔爱德华兹(Claire Edwards)几天前在一篇题为《5G 悖论:5G 控制网格如何引领我们走向自由》(The 5G Paradox:How The 5G Control Grid Can Lead Us To Freedom) CE 文章中所讨论的那样,在全球推广5G 网络的疯狂尝试可能会给全球精英带来反效果。我说可能,因为世界各地觉醒的公民的参与是不能保证的。只有我们这些有能力改变人类发展轨迹的人努力发言和行动,提高其他人对5G 议程和危险的认识,才能达到足以改变人类发展轨迹的关键群体。

One such action would be tuning into the free online 5G Crisis:Awareness&Accountability Summit running from August 26th to September 1st that features a host of expert speakers including our own Joe Martino.

其中一个行动将是加入免费的在线5G危机:826日至91日举行的意识与问责峰会,届时将有包括我们自己的乔•马蒂诺(Joe Martino)在内的多位专家主讲。


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