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The Wondrous New Age


There's nothing like free money to calm people's nerves and dull their brain.Stupidity is an unwitting tendency towards self-destruction.It's why operations run by bad people always go bad.It is why,since the Deep State is run by bad people–sociopaths are actively drawn to it–guaranteeing its inevitable collapse.


最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌Normally,businesses earn the money to cover their expenses by providing goods and services.That's how a real economy works;A baker makes money by baking,not by getting a check from the government.In other words,the baker produces real wealth.


But now,the world is in a'Wondrous New Age',where anything is possible no matter how ridiculous it is.Everything is Free except the people themselves,they are heading for their imprisonment into the New World Order.By stripping away their liberty,step by step,and now quarantined they have lost their free movement.


It was the ability to produce goods and services that gave people the ability to buygoods and services.In reality,money has no value of its own.Not even gold.It is given value depending on how many goods and services are available to buy with it.For example;Give a million dollars to a shipwrecked survivor on a deserted island and it is worthless.Give it to a man in London and he can live like a king.


最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌But now,before our very eyes,we'll see that insight put to the test:What happens,if you didn't sell any cars last month?They'll give you money.What,if you couldn't go to work?Hey,no problem,they have a check with your name on it.Your restaurant served no meals,your cruise ship didn't leave the harbour,nobody bought airplane tickets?Problem solved;they'll pass out sufficient free money.


Question:Can fake money replace real output?People will find out in a while.Who pays the piper and calls the tune?In a normal,healthy economy,the producers call the tune,because they're the ones with the money.In an unhealthy,central bank-controlled economy,with a fake-war-economy,the Central Banks call the tune.So,open your eyes and wake up.


Radical transformation in monetary policy


The Fed-Central Bank has distributed over$3 Trillion of Repos in just two months!This radical transformation in monetary policy has occurred in the last two months,which very few people seem to fully understand and appreciate.Namely,the Fed central bank has embarked on one of the most aggressive monetary policy of re-accommodation regimes in history.


最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌It is important to note that most repos expire after just one day and must be redone everyday to maintain the same level of liquidity.$3 trillion,nonetheless,represents a historic liquidity injection.As noted,the Fed's balance sheet is growing at the fastest pace since the depths of the Financial Crisis,and has now surpassed the 7 Trillion mark.More money without more goods to purchase,leads to a Weimar-style hyperinflation that boosts equity prices to dizzying heights in what is called a"crack-up boom".


The money system has entered a massive liquidity crisis,and despite all expectations,the Central Bank's various attempts to compensate with stimulus measures have done little to boost markets back to their previous glory.In Weimar Germany,stocks did get an epic rally,until it all came crashing down in 1924 and then again in 1927.The notion of the endless fiat-driven bull market is a lie perpetuated by central bankers and their supporters.

货币体系已经进入了一场大规模的流动性危机,尽管人们有种种预期,但中央银行采取的各种刺激措施对于提振市场恢复往日荣光几乎没有起到什么作用。在 Weimar Germany,股市确实出现了史诗般的反弹,直到1924年全面崩盘,然后在1927年再次崩盘。无休止的由法定驱动的牛市的概念是一个由中央银行家和他们的支持者延续的谎言。

The problem for markets is not just the coronavirus pandemic.The real issue is that corporate stock buybacks'support for equities has disappeared.The trillions of dollars in loans that have been feeding corporate share prices through buybacks over the past few years just went up in smoke due to the downturn.Companies have been using central bank repo loans to juice stocks beyond all reason.In the past three years,the valuations have been ridiculous compared to the dismal earnings of the same businesses.All that cash was wasted,and these corporations remain in debt up to their eyeballs.This only can end in infinite cycles of suppressed business activity,supply chain breakdowns,business closures and job losses.


最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌With a dollar collapse,the populace will have little choice but to either bow down to the new digital system or go rogue and start building their own systems using their own production,barter,local vouchers,and of course gold&silver.Make no mistake,this is the world we are heading to.


The Balance sheet of the Fed has exploded over the past few week and is supposed to hit 9 Trillion,which is compared to 2008/9 of 4 Trillion,totally absurd.All this is done to keep the system operational.It must be clear this is not going to last,and soon it will be the complete destruction of the central bank money system,destroying the central bank economy,opening the way for the people economy to completing the transition into the the QFS-monetary system with asset backed real money.


Meanwhile,the bankers are waiting for the big collapse to come.They will personally be okay because they will have amassed hard assets like gold and silver.They are trying to hold all the gold,all the silver,all the real estate and all the stuff that has value.They want all the tools,factories and food supplies,but everything else,based on numbers,paper and debt,that will collapse.So,they will be able to pick up everything for pennies on the dollar.


Poverty is the Deep State-weapon of choice


最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌Chaos,poverty and bankruptcy will be universal.Social structure will break down.Forces will be set in opposition to one another.All parties are armed.Because poverty is the DS-weapon of choice.All people are chained down to hard work through debt and poverty,believing that one day,with enough dedication to hard work,they may free themselves.


In 1803,the French economist Jean-Baptiste Say noticed that it wasn't money that made people rich,it was output.Every boom that is based on inflation,rather than on real earnings,is doomed to fail.Because,as Say put it,you buy products with products,not with money.He meant that real wealth is the ability to provide goods and services to others,ultimately a measure of time and productivity.Time cannot be increased.Only productivity can be improved,which requires a time-consuming process.

1803年,法国经济学家让-巴蒂斯特·赛伊注意到,让人们致富的不是钱,而是产出。任何基于通胀而非实际收益的繁荣都注定会失败。因为,就像 Say 说的那样,你用产品买产品,而不是用钱。他的意思是,真正的财富是向他人提供商品和服务的能力,最终是时间和生产力的衡量标准。时间不能再延长了。只有生产力可以提高,这需要一个耗时的过程。

Consequently,it doesn't help to hand out pieces of paper with ink on them.Instead of stimulating growth and productivity,inflation does just the opposite.It distorts,disguises and stifles the key price information that people need,to make decisions.


The result is always negative;bubbles,crises and lower growth rates.Compare the growth figures by looking at the averages over the last 10 years with the averages of the 10 years preceding those,and see that the past 10-year period barely achieved half of the 10 preceding years.


Pandemic war efforts while 5G is the real threat


The MSM will keep pushing their global Corona Virus–Covid-19 Pandemic fear informational war for the rest of this month and beyond.


Trump and the Alliance have turned the pandemic on its head and are using it against the Deep State as cover for ongoing operations in the coming weeks,and thereafter to start the planned redemption exchanges.


最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌By now,the Deep State has already lost the war,but like pockets of Nazi troops fighting on in the days and weeks after the formal Nazi surrender in WW2 on May 7 1945,the Deep State also will fight to the bitter end.They will stop at nothing in order to regain control.However,every thing necessary is now undertaken to avoid the Deep State would get in the way of the upcoming RV to all recipient accounts.

到目前为止,深层国家已经输掉了战争,但就像纳粹军队在194557日二战中正式投降后的日子里和数周里继续作战一样,深层国家也将战斗到底。他们将不惜一切代价夺回控制权。然而,现在所有必要的事情都在进行,以避免深层状态会阻碍即将到来的 RV 到所有接收账户。

The military operation against the Deep State is still underway.Over the past several days it has been involved in subterranean tunnel warfare,arresting Deep State rats and rescuing by now 50.000 trafficked children and women victims.


Be aware,the fight against Corona virus is the threat that will turn out to be hugely over-hyped.Just another phony war,being a motive for more money printing.And like so many wars over the last 100 years,this one is phony too.It is just a smokescreen for the insiders to shift more power and wealth to themselves.


Fortunately;More and more people are waking up to the fact that the coronavirus is being used to curtail freedoms around the world.It is totally fake;doctors have been ordered by their government to label all deaths as coming from the"coronavirus."All hospital personal had to sign under penalty of dismissal a non disclosure agreement to not speaking about patient occupancy.


This has happened with all wars,like WWI.WWII,Vietnam.Korea,Iraq,Syria.Drugs,Poverty,Terrorism.–Now,it is a war against a protein molecule.Here's how it works;First,both the press and the government hype up the threat.The mob becomes hysterical.It hears,shocking tales of how evil the enemy is.In WWII,Americans read about the Enemy最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌bayonetting babies and mass-raping nuns.None of it was true.In Vietnam,it was the shot in the Bay of Tokin,it was told that if the red armies weren't stopped in Da Nang,they would overtake America next.

这种情况在所有的战争中都会发生,比如一战。越南第二次世界大战。朝鲜、伊拉克、叙利亚。毒品、贫穷、恐怖主义。这是一场针对蛋白质分子的战争。首先,媒体和政府都在大肆宣传这种威胁。群众变得歇斯底里。它听到了,关于敌人是多么邪恶的令人震惊的故事。在第二次世界大战中,美国人读到了敌人用刺刀杀死婴儿和大规模强奸修女的故事。这些都不是真的。在越南,这是在 Bay of Tokin 的拍摄,据说如果红军不在岘港停下来,他们下一个就会超过美国。

In 1975,people were warned that marijuana would turn the whole country into a nation of heroin addicts.In 2003,they told that Iraq had"weapons of mass destruction."Then,as the war fever grows,more and more of the nation's output and energy is shoved toward the war effort.


In WWII,auto factories were commandeered to build tanks;now they're told to build ventilators.The War Against Terror consumed some$5 trillion.The War on Poverty cost$27 trillion,according to a Heritage Foundation estimate.Finally,new"emergency"legislation gave the government more power to keep people from challenging the"war"narrative.


Passed in the heat of war fever in 2001–apparently,no member of Congress had read it,the Patriot Act was signed,that gave the government broad,new powers to eavesdrop,seize property,and invade privacy.It was an"emergency"measure;but its worst features are still the law of the land,today.


And now,a new Corona war,a new hysteria,and another big power grab by the swamp creatures.In little and big steps,governments take more power.As a Zero Hedge article pointed out:

现在,一场新的冠状战争,一场新的歇斯底里,以及沼泽生物又一次大规模的权力争夺。在小的和大的步骤中,政府获得了更多的权力。正如《零对冲》(Zero Hedge)一篇文章所指出的:

We're not allowed to know what the Federal Reserve is up to.Because we're"at war"with a virus?!


As awake people already know;all these phony wars are disasters,and unnecessary.


And now what?The Rothschild central banks lock down the economy,resulting in declining output.But.they also increase the supply of printing-press money.More money,fewer goods and services.That sounds like,Inflation!


After 40 years of falling yields and dropping inflation rates,consumer price inflation would be just the kind of thing people could expect.And it's coming.


    Homeowners:Hold onto those low-interest,long-term mortgages


    Investors:Switch to hard assets;gold,silver,oil,land.


    Prepare for lower living standards,chaos,and monstrous absurdities.


In a few months,the feared Corona will be just another virus on a long list of viruses.As Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ)has solved the virus infection,making Deep State promoted vaccination obsolete.However,Bill Gates in his recent nonstop media appearances,appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on all western children,implicating 50 vaccinations before age 5!

再过几个月,令人恐惧的 Corona 将成为一长串病毒清单上的又一个病毒。由于羟氯喹已经解决了病毒感染,使得深州推广的疫苗接种被淘汰。然而,比尔·盖茨在他最近不间断的媒体露面中,似乎高兴地表示,新型冠状病毒肺炎危机将给他机会,迫使他的第三世界疫苗计划对所有西方儿童,包括5岁之前的50次疫苗接种!

But,the current death toll from the COVID-19 virus is nearly 138,000 worldwide.That is still only a fraction of the 650,000 who die each year from the flu.This is only 0,002%of the populace that died of Corona infection!A percentage of two-thousands of one percent is not a pandemic.It is virtually laughable that so many of us are wearing a face mask for a threat that doesn't exist.There are only three countries,Brazil,Nicaragua and Sweden that correctly have left their populace free to make their own decision about the virus crisis.


Remember,the MSM and your Government are the liars and deceivers,please Wake Up and join the patriots to liberate ourselves from the centuries-long enslavement.Question yourself;What makes the coronavirus so special?

记住,MSM 和你们的政府都是骗子,请醒醒吧,加入爱国者的行列,把我们从长期的奴役中解放出来。问问你自己;是什么使冠状病毒如此特别?

To conclude;the coronavirus is fake.However,the simultaneous 5G electromagnetic attacks are the real threat.Hopefully,we and the patriots are dealing with this danger soon.For those of you who still do not understand the 5G-threat;which is not"fake news,"read these three articles and you understand what it is all about.

得出结论:这种冠状病毒是假的。然而,同时发生的5G 电磁攻击才是真正的威胁。希望我们和爱国者们能尽快应对这一危险。对于那些仍然不了解5G威胁的人来说,这不是"假新闻",读读这三篇文章,你就会明白它到底是什么。

Moreover;The Swamp is much deeper than ever thought.After all,when the world is at war,all the resources of the nation are marshalled under governments'control.New bailout programmes are unveiled,and will provide up to 2.3 Trillion dollars in loans to support the economy.They are flooding the economy with worthless money;to make it flush,why not?


Corona Hype is turned against the Deep State


President Trump says he wants money to the people,money directly into the accounts of people.Are they bringing the old system down?So,let it go as the fiat system the world is in,must be brought down.And,while doing it,give some to the最后的警钟——夸大的流行病恐慌people!Why not?This 2.3 Trillion additional money that will go into the economy does not include the 2 Trillion that just went in for the stimulus.


Meanwhile,many people are asking when will arrive my stimulus check.Well,they are saying it,even small business should see loans.It is said,direct deposits are coming through into people's accounts.


There still is a great need for awakening by everyone.People in the Q-movement are already awake,and are now impatient with the process of the Global Currency Reset.


However,stopping the corruption without bringing along the 90%of sheeple who are still sleeping will create a result that will not last.The majority of us have to become awake and as brothers and sisters to show:Where We Go One We Go All.


80%say they have never heard about the Deep State;this is very deplorable.They even don't know their evils;like poisoning the air,water,food,medicine,truth,government,dishonoured law enforcement,inhumanity and who are in the Corruption game.Here is the answer:


    Deep State–Those government employees who institutionalise Government and Bank Corruption and commit Treason.


    Patriots–Those who expose and hold accountable the Corruption and Treason


In the meantime,the Quantum financial system QFS has been fully integrated.Wire transfers of funds would go through in seconds.


The brainwashed and sleepwalking sheeple will be shocked to learn the truth!


The latest manoeuvre they have been using it to try to trigger a war between the U.S.and China by telling the American people;"It were the Chinese who triggered the pandemic,"and telling the Chinese"it was America who did it."


Being conscious is essential;the world will never be the same again,after the coronavirus ends.Although many may try to rebuild the past way of life.They better prepare to meet the challenges,for the new way forward,that still has to be conceived,as the central bank economy is going to change into the people economy.


Building on what has been learned from FWC-articles;you could do your own research and distribute this knowledge to all your contacts before it's too late,as it almost is!As you by now have become aware through the Corona hype,The Deep State can only win through lies and deception and when people remain unaware of their own unconsciousness,ignorance,indifference and apathy,then they will win.

基于从 fwc 的文章中学到的东西,你可以自己做研究,并在为时已晚之前将这些知识分发给你的所有联系人!正如你现在已经意识到通过冠状炒作,深州只能通过谎言和欺骗赢得,当人们仍然不知道他们自己的无意识,无知,冷漠和冷漠,然后他们会赢。

So please wake up,stop following the mainstream media that purposely keep people ignorant,afraid and enslaved.Inform others too,by sharing this valuable information with everyone you know.Opening more eyes in defeating the global mafia.It is NOWor NEVER!


Stay tuned…



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