2013年3月9日讯息 『每周解放冥想─第二阶段』

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『柯博拉Cobra』2013年3月9日讯息『每周解放冥想─第二阶段』 Weekly Liberation Meditations Phase 2每周解放冥想─第二阶段 The planetary

Weekly Liberation Meditations Phase 2
The planetary situation on the non-physical planes has improved to the point where we can begin with the second phase of our weekly liberation meditations.
To refresh you memory, you can read about the first phase here:
Or visit the main facebook group here:
We are now expanding our weekly meditations into phase 2. The second phase includes the Goddess Vortex technology to speed up the process of clearing the non-physical planes.
We are continuing with our weekly meditation every Sunday at 7 pm GMT. You can find your local time here:
2013年3月9日讯息 『每周解放冥想─第二阶段』
1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize all negative entities around the Earth being removed from etheric and astral planes along with all their negative spiritual technologies and magical tools and all those entities being escorted into the Light by the non-physical freedom fighters of the Light. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from spiritual slavery, free from all evil Archons, Reptilians, demons, elementals and other negative non-physical beings. Visualize the vibration of the etheric and astral planes getting lighter and brighter until all dark beings are gone and only Light remains.
3. Visualize members of the physical dark Cabal, such as central banking criminals Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the Jesuits etc. peacefully surrendering and stepping down from their positions of power, releasing control over the financial system and the mass media. Visualize civil authority arresting those members of the Cabal that do not wish to surrender. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.
4. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression. Visualize bright spiritual golden age with angels, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, spiritual guides and other beings of Light inhabiting etheric and astral planes. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source.
5. Stand up, lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise.
6. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow coloured stars scattered within that pillar of Light.
7. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise.
8. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while. When you finish, sit down again, watch your palms for a few moments to reduce dizziness.
旋转的同时,吟唱咒语“eee…..aaa…. (伊~~啊~~)”。让声音的振动传遍全身,接着观想一个明亮的彩虹漩涡从心轮不断扩大,包覆整个地球。然後呼请指导灵、扬升大师、昴宿星人、天使、双生灵魂、灵魂伴侣、灵魂家族以及其他光之存有。继续唱咒音和旋转,与自己召唤的光之存有们待在一起。冥想结束之後可以看着自己的手掌,减少眩晕感。
Weekly Liberation Meditation Phase 2 Video (Goddess Vortex)
You can do this meditation weekly or even more often if you feel so guided. More people join us in this unified effort, sooner the non-physical planes will be liberated to ulitimately lead us into the Event.
翻译:Patrick Shih
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