通过 GCR 恢复共和国(摘要)|2020年9月8日星期一更新

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通过 GCR 恢复共和国(摘要)|2020年9月8日星期一更新

作者:Judy ByingtonMSWLCSW,临床医学家,记者,作家,"22张面孔:珍妮·希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活的内幕。"

Source:Dinar Chronicles

"Never forget how absolutely powerful your voice is.Never forget how absolutely contagious and unstoppable Faith,Hope and Love are.For hundreds of years they have schemed against us and yet after centuries of oppression and war,we are still here.Where We Go One,We Go All."InEviTable



Judy Note:All bankers globally have been told to expect the Shotgun Release to start overnight tonight Mon.7 Sept.If all went to plan,on Tues.8 Sept.liquidity would be released and emails would go out with a Secure Link web site in order to set exchange/redemption appointments.


You would have until Mon.14 Sept.to exchange at the Contract Rates–only available at Redemption Centers.On Tues.15 Sept.the General Public could exchange at the new International currency rates.


On Thurs.1 Oct.there would be full online functioning of the Quantum Financial System for global business,plus full online use of the asset-backed USN for the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year start that was also on Thurs.1 Oct.

101日星期四,量子金融系统将在全球范围内全面运作,另外,在101日星期四开始的恢复共和国联邦政府财政年度中,资产支持的 USN 也将全面在线使用。

If you're in a Prosperity Program and haven't heard from anyone yet,go into a Redemption Center and tell them you're in a Prosperity Program.They would manage both your currency exchange and accessing your Prosperity Program account and you wouldn't have to wait.Your accounts were already established.Your name was known.


Various sources have reported that a 10-day blackout and readjustment of the banking system to the Quantum Financial System began on Fri.4 Sept.and would go until at least Mon.14 Sept,perhaps longer(although not all banks were affected).


WARNING:Major arrests of Cabal members were occurring globally and paid rioters were planning on"protests"in cities worldwide.It was advised to stay off the streets and out of harm's way as much as possible.


Behind the scenes Epstein's sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell has been testifying against global government leaders,royals and corporate heads in order to save her own life.This has resulted in thousands being arrested around the world for treason,pedophilia,child trafficking,money laundering and Obstruction of Justice.Children continued to be rescued globally as Maxwell has given up info on where they have been held,abused and ritually killed.

在幕后,爱泼斯坦的助手吉斯莱·麦克斯韦(Ghislaine Maxwell)一直在指证全球政府领导人、皇室成员和企业领导人,以求自保。这导致了世界各地数千人因叛国、恋童癖、贩卖儿童、洗钱和妨碍司法公正而被捕。由于麦克斯韦透露了他们被关押、虐待和仪式性杀害的地点,全球儿童继续得到救助。

Rescues continued of tens of thousands of tortured,malnourished children,including the recovery of tiny mangled corpses found in a sophisticated network of Deep Underground Military Bases(DUMBS).The complex underground network ran beneath cities in the US,Canada,Mexico,Australia and across Asia and Europe.Child Rescue missions across the globe were expected to continue for the next couple of weeks.


It was believed that since at least the end of World War II,the DUMBS had been financed,built and run by members of the illuminati,Deep State,or Cabal using US taxpayer dollars funneled through a CIA Black budget.Although,deeper tunnels were found to exist that were ancient in origin.

据信,至少自二战结束以来,DUMBS 一直由光照派、深州或阴谋集团的成员资助、建造和运营,使用的是中情局黑色预算中的纳税人资金。尽管如此,人们还是发现了一些起源于古代的更深的隧道。



DUMBS Part Two:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cogTtoYz-A

Over 50,000 traumatized or deceased children have been recovered in the US,while over 500,000 have come out of Australia's network and it was estimated that over a million abused children would be discovered in the next couple of weeks.Underground tunnels worldwide were being destroyed after the rescues,causing small earthquakes.


The vast operation,which included arrests of pedophile perpetrators,was headed by President Trump and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force in cooperation with Interpol and various nations'special military forces throughout the world.For over a year US Special Forces had been in training for the mission which began on Oct.16 2019 with the rescue of over 2,100 caged babies and children beneath the China Lake Military facility in California.







A. 202097日东部夏令时下午8:14弗莱明的军事情报联系:

1.The RV teams have been doing clean up today Labor Day in the USA,Mon.7 Sept.


2.All bankers globally have been told to expect the Shotgun Release to start overnight tonight Mon.7 Sept.


3.If all goes to plan,Tues.8 Sept.liquidity would be released and notifications would go out with a Secure Link web site in notification emails to set exchange/redemption appointments.


4.If they rearrange the timing it would only be minimal because Trump,DoD and the RV teams know they have to finish not only us in Tier 4b redemption,but also the general public Tier 5 during this month of September.

4.如果他们重新安排时间,那只会是最小的,因为特朗普、国防部和RV团队知道,他们不仅要完成我们在4b 层的赎回,还要完成普通公众在9月份在5层的赎回。

5.A September finish was essential to be ready for the Thurs.1 Oct.full online functioning of the Quantum Financial System for global business,plus full online use of the asset-backed USN for the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year start that was also on Thurs.1 Oct.

5.101日,量子金融系统(Quantum Financial System)在全球商业领域的全面在线运行,以及资产支持的 USN 的全面在线使用,这些资产支持的 USN 用于恢复共和国的联邦政府财政年度开始,也是在101日。

6.Governments around the world were fully expecting the global asset-backed QFS system to be ready for global government business and private business by Thurs.1 Oct,which was now less than four weeks away.

6.世界各国政府都充分预期,全球资产支持的 QFS 系统将在周四前为全球政府企业和私人企业做好准备。

7.This was it for us!September 2020 was the month that they had to finish the RV release and to do that they had to start us now.

7.这对我们来说就是这样!20209月是他们必须完成 RV 发布的月份,为此他们必须现在就启动我们。

8.The Ghislaine Maxwell(Epstein child trafficker)files would come out this week or next.


9.This info confirmed Charlie Ward's info that Wed.9 Sept.would reveal a surprise related to Trump's Trump Card that Trump has been waiting to use against Deep State opponents.


10.Since Ghislaine Maxwell has been testifying behind the scenes to save her own life against global government leaders,royals and corporate heads,1000s are being arrested around the world now for treason,pedophilia,child trafficking,money laundering and obstruction of justice.


11.He confirmed Charlie Ward's sources that children continued to be rescued globally as Maxwell has given up info on where they have been held and abused and ritually killed.


12.The Deep State house of cards was coming crashing down as the Covid-19 Scamdemic was being exposed as a hoax globally(google"phibetaiota.net covid-19 hoax update 640 Doctors Say Global Scam"and google the French Army report that proves it has been a planned overblown made-up pandemic,see https://benjaminfulford.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/French-Army-Report-on-COVID-19-and-5G-Translated-to-English.pdf).

12.随着 covid-19冠状病毒疾病在全球范围内被揭露为一个骗局,深州的纸牌屋正在倒塌。(谷歌"phibetaiota.net covid-19骗局更新640医生说全球骗局",谷歌法国陆军报告证明这是一个有计划的夸大其词的流行病,见

13.The RV/GCR was released as another weapon to bring down the Deep State New World Order plans of the globalists.

13.RV/GCR 作为另一种武器被释放,以摧毁全球主义者的"深州新世界秩序"计划。

14.Over the next two weeks as children continued to be rescued through Alliance military operations from traffickers globally,we needed to be ready since the Deep State may try to intensify BLM and Antifa rioting in urban areas.It's best to be aware of your surroundings in urban settings so that you were not a target.This was important before,during and after the RV redemption appointments.

14.在接下来的两个星期里,随着联盟继续通过军事行动从全球贩运者手中解救儿童,我们需要做好准备,因为深州可能试图加剧城市地区的 BLM Antifa 暴乱。最好在城市环境中注意你的周围环境,这样你就不会成为目标。这一点在RV赎回约会之前、期间和之后都很重要。

15.Stay ready,practice your project presentation as they wanted us in and out as quickly as possible,and pray over all.



1.The RV schedule was holding true to what was put out in weekend updates.


2.Rates were locked in&things were locked down for the Shotgun Release that started overnight Sun.-Mon.6,7 Sept.


3.Notifications were flying fast and furious through telephone calls as the Adjudicated Accounts confirmed donors and members(Prosperity Package recipients from years ago).


4.If you're included in a Prosperity Program and haven't heard from anyone yet,you should go into a Redemption Center and tell them you're in a Prosperity Program.They would manage both your currency exchange and accessing your Prosperity Program account right there and you wouldn't have to wait.Your accounts were already established.Your name was known.


5.The Quantum System was incredibly efficient.Nothing would drop between any cracks.


C.202096日星期日,查理·沃德9-6-20,notes by Kat:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiI-P732pW4

1:45 Charlie Ward:So many things going on behind the scenes…a really busy week upcoming…There's been a lot of young children rescued from a lot of tunnels around the world…I've learned a lot of information…some I can share with you,some I cannot…


2:06 Once they've rescued the children they've been destroying the tunnels…and there's been a huge tunnel destroyed in the Philippines today…


2:34 When we talk about Melbourne Australia…so far there's been 300,000 children rescued from there…And this is why you're in serious lockdown and being kept out of the way…there's a lot of things going on that I can't tell you about…


2:46 But there's a lot of things that are going on that are very very positive but they're distracting you by locking you down and restricting you and everything else…and doing some crazy things to distract you away from the TRUTH…


2:58 So now's the time to stay calm..we've got a week or two left of this…of some serious stuff going on…


13:55 There's a lot of amazing things going to happen but YOU NEED TO WAKE UP to see them…




President Trump was 100%in control,but was letting things play out so that people would realize the amount of evil that was out there.This week and next week were very pivotal.Stay home and grounded.


300,000 children were found in tunnels beneath Melbourne.They believe they would rescue around a million in Australia.


The ventilators the US produced were actually Med Beds and they were produced for use of the tortured children.


Something big was going to happen on Wed.9 Sept.


E.Thurs.3 Sept.2020 Charlie Ward:"Charlie Ward Roundtable:Trust the Plan 8-15-20"by Kat-8.16.20


36:44 Charlie Ward:I know that Australia as a country is panicking like crazy right now as to what to do because they're in really really bad lockdown…


37:24…Australia you're going to have to learn to be in lockdown because at this moment in time I don't think you've got ANY IDEA how many children are currently being rescued in your country…We're not talking about 100's…we're not talking about 1,000's…we're talking about TENS OF THOUS and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN that are being rescued in Australia right now…And this is the reason for the lockdown and the extreme measures you are under…It's time to hibernate right now[Australia]…keep out of the way until this is done…they're going through a very difficult phase and they're not telling you what's happening and that's the problem…they're not telling you so you're panicking…


38:08 You don't need to panic…you need to remain calm…and know that things are going on behind the scenes…there's a reason why you're in lockdown…they don't need people out and about right now they need people away from the scenes…while they're doing something that's incredibly dangerous…and incredibly challenging…


1:01:45 Charlie Freak:What happened is,they went into Melbourne…they found another layer beneath this enormous tunnel system in Australia…they started in Sydney…they described it to us…think arachnid…it's a web…and it was below…this one goes all the way…WOW…all they do is dig…BTW that's why the dependency on oil and gas…because it's a cover for them constantly being underground…So this second tunnel system goes all the way around in a ring around Australia with a big central line running towards Ayers Rock…from one night 9 p.m.to 6 or 7 a.m.there were explosions every 2 or 3 seconds that entire time…that's why there were police out there…you can't have people looking on…this is serious stuff having to take down these tunnels…and they're deep deep deep underground…and the explosions are like earthquakes…


F.BlazeTV--Riding the Dragon:The Bidens'Chinese Secrets(Full Documentary)


On Sat.5 Sept.62 girls locked in a shipping container bound for Europe were rescued by Customs at the port in Delaware.According to Charlie Ward,to date the Australian military has rescued over 300,000 tortured children from Cabal tunnels beneath Melbourne.It was estimated that over a million children would be rescued by the time they cleared out the extensive network that circled Australia.On Sun.6 Sept.there was a huge tunnel in the Philippines that was destroyed after clearing out the abused children.Australian VIP Child Sex Ring:https://youtu.be/ZyGTaIrvhgs

在星期六。95日在特拉华州的一个港口,被锁在运往欧洲的集装箱里的女孩被海关救起。据查理·沃德称,到目前为止,澳大利亚军方已经从墨尔本地下的秘密通道中救出了超过30万名饱受折磨的儿童。据估计,当他们清除环绕澳大利亚的广泛网络时,将有超过100万儿童获救。太阳报。96日,菲律宾有一条巨大的隧道,在清除了受虐待的儿童后被摧毁。澳大利亚 VIP 儿童性戒指:https://youtu.be/ZyGTaIrvhgs

A lot of sovereigns as well as those in the government were being arrested for trafficking,corruption and pedophilia in the US,Scandinavia including their Monarchs,the UK,Spain,New Zealand,Australia,South Africa,Canada and the whole of Europe.The Queen and Royal family,Federal Reserve,Pope,and 13 Illuminati families were removed three months ago.Gates,Soros and Rothschilds would be soon.Since Epstein's sidekick Maxwell was arrested,she has"sung like a canary"according to Charlie Ward.Tens of thousands of children have been rescued and hundreds arrested.The next two weeks were critical.A Military Intel video on the US tunnels:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XFezTn2C6Y&feature=youtu.be





The Coronavirus:Special Edition(09-2020)||Operation Disclosure


I. 我信任史酷比,你在 CV-19上吗?



On Fri.30 Aug.many banks worldwide including all in the UK,closed and then opened up again on Tues.1 Sept.–the same day the Quantum Financial System took over the old Cabal SWIFT System.

830日星期五,包括英国在内的世界各地的许多银行关闭,然后在91日星期二重新开业。同一天,量子金融系统接管了旧的阴谋集团SWIFT 系统。

South Africa and most other countries were in the process of nationalizing their Central Banks(owned by private individuals of the Rothchild Banking Empire since at least 1913).The Rothchild Central Banks would go bankrupt as leaders of various countries took over the banking system using a gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System.That meant The People were claiming ownership of their own monies.


On Mon.31 Aug.in a meeting with RV Teams Trump approved the liquidity Shotgun Start and set a schedule for the RV rollout for between Tues.1 Sept.and Tues.8 Sept.


Overnight Tues.to Wed.1,2 Sept.the new currency rates were locked in for Tier 4b exchanges/redemptions.

隔夜星期二至星期三,91日,2日新的货币汇率被锁定在4b 级交易所/赎回。

On Tues.1 Sept.gold/asset-backed currency(including the US Note)Quantum Financial System became the sole financial online platform for all 209 countries,while behind the scenes all sixteen NESARA/GESARA measures began implementation and the new currency rates appeared on Bank Screens.

91日星期二,黄金/资产支持货币(包括美国钞票)量子金融系统成为所有209个国家唯一的在线金融平台,而在幕后,所有16 NESARA/GESARA 措施开始实施,新的货币利率出现在银行屏幕上。

All bankers globally have been told to expect the Shotgun Release to start overnight Mon.7 Sept.If all went to plan,on Tues.8 Sept.liquidity would be released and emails would go out with a Secure Link web site in order to set exchange/redemption appointments.


Some banks have announced that they would be in a blackout for ten banking days from Fri.4 Sept.at 1 pm EDT until Mon.21 Sept.


On Wed.9 Sept.the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note(USTN)was expected to be publically acknowledged.


Fri.11 Sept.was the 19th Anniversary of 9-11.


Mon.14 Sept.was the deadline to exchange/redeem at Contract rates at licensed Redemption Centers through appointments obtained by calling 800#s received through a secured website.


On Tues.15 Sept.the General Public Tier 5 could begin exchanging at the new International Rates,plus the NESARA debt forgiveness programs would begin.

915日星期二,第五层公共交易所可以开始按照新的国际汇率进行交易,另外 NESARA 的债务减免项目也将开始。

Thurs.1 Oct.was the beginning of the new fiscal year for the Federal Govt,plus was the beginning of the US Restored Republic and return to the original Constitution.


On Thurs.29 Oct.according to Q,there would be an event called October Surprise.Rumor was that surprise would be an announcement that the presidential election would be done through a new technology whereby voters could cast ballots over their phones and computers and thus rid us of the influence of a corrupt Mass Media and fixed mail-in votes that influenced election results.


From Oct.2020 to Oct.2021 USD currency notes would be exchanged on a 1:1 to the new USN Treasury notes.


The fiat Federal Reserve US Dollar would no longer be valid after Oct.2021.




Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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