事实:名誉教授蒙大拿州立大学的 Ardy Sixkiller Clarke 博士是切罗基/乔克托人,他多年来一直在研究星人,并收集他们与印第安人之间的遭遇。这篇文章只是其中的一篇。


I've been studying the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials for a very long time,and one of the things that fascinates me most is when I come across corroborating stories that have absolutely no connection to one another.I've come across more interesting corroborations in my research by reading another book that explores the subject,written by Dr.Ardy Sixkiller Clarke,a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University.Dr.Clarke is Cherokee/Choctaw and has been researching the Star People for many years,collecting encounters between them and Native Indians.I recently published two articles detailing indigenous stories of encounters with the"Star People."One was regarding an indigenous elder who shared a story about the"Star People"that crashed on his reservation,which you can read.The second article,published a few days ago,was about an elder who showed Dr.Clarke a petrified alien heart,which he claimed belonged to the Star People,and you can read that here.I wrote a third article using the same book titled,"They Live Underground,Indigenous Elders Share Stories About'Star People'Living Inside The Earth,"and you can read that here.

我研究不明飞行物和外星人这个话题已经很长时间了,最吸引我的事情之一就是当我偶然发现一些确凿的故事,这些故事彼此之间完全没有联系。在我的研究中,通过阅读另一本探索这个主题的书,我发现了更多有趣的佐证,这本书的作者是 Ardy Sixkiller Clarke 博士,他是名誉教授的蒙大拿州立大学。克拉克博士是切罗基/乔克托人,多年来一直在研究星人,收集他们和印第安人之间的遭遇。我最近发表了两篇文章,详细介绍了与"星人"相遇的土著故事,其中一个是关于一位土著长者,他分享了一个关于"星人"在他的保留地坠毁的故事,你可以阅读。几天前发表的第二篇文章,是关于一位老人向克拉克博士展示了一颗石化的外星人心脏,他声称这颗心脏属于星人,你可以在这里读到。我用同一本书写了第三篇文章,书名是《他们住在地下,土著长者分享关于生活在地球内部的'星人'的故事》,你可以在这里阅读。

The book is called Encounters With Star People,Untold Stories of American Indians,which is where this information comes from.


While writing the third article in this series,one interesting corroboration was that an Elder was telling Dr.Clarke a story about an ancient group of human-looking extraterrestrials that lived underground near Mount Hayes,Alaska(or in that general area).This instantly reminded me of the US Government program in conjunction with the CIA and Stanford Research Institute called STARGATE.One of its functions was to study remote viewing,which is the ability to perceive and describe a distant location regardless of distance.It's an ability that allows the'viewer'to be able to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away(or in some cases even more)from their physical location—a location that they have never been to.

在撰写这个系列的第三篇文章时,一个有趣的佐证是,一位长者正在向克拉克博士讲述一个关于一群古老的、长得像人类的外星人生活在阿拉斯加海耶斯山(Mount HayesAlaska)附近地下的故事(或者在那个广阔的区。这立刻让我想起了美国政府与中央情报局和斯坦福研究所合作的叫做星际之门的项目。它的功能之一是研究远距离观察,即不论距离如何,感知和描述一个遥远的位置的能力。这种能力使"观察者"能够描述一个远在数十万公里(有时甚至更远)之外的地理位置——一个他们从未去过的地方。

After the program was declassified and they began giving interviews,it was discovered that a common theme among the army remote viewers was extraterrestrial experiences.Multiple viewers like Pat Price Lyn Buchanan gave the location of multiple ET bases located on Earth,which also happened to be underground.One of them was underneath Mount Hayes.This obviously fascinated me.You can read more about that and see the sources here,and here.

该项目解密后,他们开始接受采访,发现军队远程观察者的一个共同主题是外星人的经历。像 Pat Price Lyn Buchanan 这样的多位观众给出了地球上多个外星人基地的位置,而这些基地也恰好位于地下。其中一个就在海斯山下面。这显然让我着迷。你可以阅读更多关于这方面的内容,看看这里和这里的资料。

Throughout her book,Dr.Clarke interviews many indigenous people that share similar experiences with thousands of other contactees and abductees.These are people who have had no contact with each other but have shared stories that are very similar with regards to extraterrestrial contact and specific details like what these beings look like and why they're here,etc.According to historian and retired Temple University professor Dr.David M.Jacobs,"the consistency is mind-boggling."You can read more about that here.

在她的书中,Clarke 博士采访了许多与其他成千上万的接触者和被绑架者有着相似经历的塔鲁人。这些人彼此之间没有任何联系,但是他们分享的关于外星人接触的故事非常相似,还有一些具体的细节,比如这些生物长什么样,为什么会在这里等等。根据历史学家和退休的天普大学教授 David m.Jacobs 博士的说法,"这种一致性是令人难以置信的。"你可以在这里了解更多。

As I've expressed in my previous articles about Dr.Clarke,she's been researching the Star People and collecting encounters between them and Native Indians for many years,but I'd like to highlight a specific one in this article.In this story,Dr.Clarke recounts visiting an Elder on a reservation named"Talie,"who told her that:


"I have been seeing the star beings all my life.The first time I was about 8 years old.I was berry picking down by the river.I watched the craft come down and land across the river.I crossed the river,stepping carefully on the rocks so I didn't get my feet wet.I was curious;I had never seen anything like it.When I got within 20 feet,a door opened and I walked inside.I remember that the star beings made me feel welcome.There were two women.One brushed my hair and told me it was beautiful.Sometimes I took them flowers and sometimes rocks.My grandmother told me that rocks had souls,and I tried to explain that to them.I don't think they understood.But they did teach me how to heal with my hands.The star doctors taught me how to cure diseases with my hands.They taught my grandmother how to heal too.People used to come from all over for healings."


She talks about how when her grandmother passed,the star beings were very sad,and that she was tasked with continuing her work and to learn about herbs and healing people naturally and metaphysically.When asked by Dr.Clarke to describe them,she said:


"They are fair and tall and thin.They are much smarter than us but interested in our ways.They travel the stars learning from others throughout the star system.They collect information on the aging process of Earth people.They are trying to learn why we die so young.The Star People live much longer than we live.A normal age for them is 1,000 Earth years.They don't have diseases like we do.Alcohol and tobacco use is not used by their civilization.Individuals chose their jobs early in life and stay in that job forever.They become experts in their field,which results in many discoveries that improve their lives.The star doctors visit earth all the time.They mostly observe,but there are'helpers'all over the world who serve as contacts.Both my grandmother and I have been their helpers.The Star People call themselves'Observers.'They brought life to this planet and they study how it had changed."


This is another piece that corroborates with many of the stories I've heard people explain who claim to have had contact experiences.It seems that some of these beings are simply curious observers of planet Earth,collecting data,almost as if some of them are on science missions to bring information about other planets and civilizations back to their own planet.


When Dr.Clarke asked Talie if she could remember anything else that she had learned from them,she replied:


"Yes.They were not violent.I was told that there were four violent species in the(our)universe.Humans were one of them."


Dr.Clarke ends this chapter of the book by explaining that:


"Over the next five odd years,I often stopped to see Talie when I visited the reservation.She remained strong and alert until her death at 95.On the day of her funeral,several people saw a UFO appear in the sky and hover there.I was one of them."



We now have thousands of documents,radar trackings,pictures and videos of unidentified flying objects along with hundreds of'high-ranking'individuals from within academia,military,government,etc.emphasizing we are not alone.This is the biggest story in human history with huge implications,and really begs so many other questions.This is why it's always interesting to explore the lore that exists within this field and read about supposed contact stories.Perhaps one day we will be the extraterrestrials exploring another planet.


As far as the comments made about humans being one of the most violent species in the universe,there is still a lot of good here.We are empathetic beings,with so much potential for good.We are indeed changing,but if you were an ET looking down at what happens on our planet,you would probably be scared to come and visit.


It's also important to keep in mind there are many stories of many different species,it's a big subject and topic.




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