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米迦勒|我们需要彼此Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael.


Once again I come to bring you good news. The time is now for joy; the time is now for much Light; the time is now for realizations. Be assured that the Light that is covering this planet at this moment is definitively sweeping all the negative energies that have been sown on this planet from the entrails, from the surface, from the air.

我再一次来给你带来好消息。现在是欢乐的时刻; 现在是许多光的时刻; 现在是实现的时刻。请放心,此刻覆盖这个星球的光明无疑正在扫除所有的负面能量,这些负面能量已经从这个星球的内脏,从表面,从空气中播撒下来。

When we shout, “THE LIGHT HAS WON!” it is not a simple phrase; it is not a pride phrase; it is not an ego phrase. It is a phrase of victory; it is a phrase of accomplishment. It is a phrase of understanding of what exactly has already happened. Although many, even awakened ones, still feel that everything is very confused, that they don’t see how the Light is on the planet; I tell you that the Light illuminates the shadows; the Light exposes those tiny corners that have been darkened for eons of time.

当我们大喊: “光明胜利了!”它不是一个简单的短语; 它不是一个骄傲的短语; 它不是一个自我的短语。这是一句胜利的话,是一句成就的话。这是对已经发生的事情的一种理解。尽管许多人,甚至是觉醒的人,仍然觉得一切都很混乱,他们看不到地球上的光是如何存在的; 我告诉你们,光照亮了阴影; 光暴露了那些长久以来一直黑暗的小角落。

There is not a spot on this planet, either on the surface or in its bowels, that the Light has not yet reached. The Light of the Central Sun has no barriers, no walls, no steel plates, no rocks, no water, nothing to stop it from penetrating. It is a Light of very high vibration, so vibrant that Gaia needs to hold her bowels so that she doesn’t shake, because what is inside Gaia also needs to be expelled, put out, and the Light is doing that.


Very soon you will know all that has been done to your planet. You have had much of the destruction of the surface of your planet and its bowels, but everything that has been done inside your planet, so that in the future, which they assumed, this very planet would explode and create chaos in the universe; you will know all of this. You have no idea what you will know. You think you know everything. You think you have read, heard, seen everything. You haven’t seen even 1% of the truth. That is why we have been so, so, so insistent that you protect yourselves, that you have us around you, because the impact will be profound.

很快你们就会知道对你们星球所做的一切。你们的星球表面和内部已经遭受了很多破坏,但是你们星球内部已经发生的一切,所以在未来,他们假设,这个星球将会爆炸,在宇宙中制造混乱; 你们将会知道这一切。你不知道你会知道什么。你以为你什么都知道。你认为你已经阅读,听到,看到了一切。你连1% 的真相都没看到。这就是为什么我们一直如此,如此,如此坚持要求你们保护自己,让我们在你们身边,因为影响将是深远的。

There is no awakening possible that will keep you from suffering from the truths that will come. However ready you are, however confident in our protection, you will be shaken, you will suffer, and I won’t deny it, you will rebel; but it is exactly because you are inside that cocoon formed by all of us, that all of this will be fleeting, and nothing will reverberate back to the Whole. Because if it were, the energy of this planet would not remain at adequate levels.

没有任何觉醒可能会阻止你从即将到来的真相中受苦。无论你多么准备好,无论你多么有信心保护我们,你都会动摇,你会受苦,我不否认,你会反抗; 但正是因为你在我们所有人形成的茧中,所有这一切都会转瞬即逝,没有任何东西会回荡到整体。因为如果是这样的话,这个星球的能量将不会保持在足够的水平。

So we can say that you need us, and we need you. We will say that you will live through another dark moment of your souls, where the truths will come piercing through your skin, your flesh, your consciousness; but you will be enveloped in Light, in unconditional love for each one of us, and after you live through this moment, you will be cleansed and you will go back to being balanced and peaceful beings. But you will need to live this moment. You will need to cry, you will need to scream, you will need to kick and scream, and scream at everything and everyone. But we will be there, around you. Because you need to feel it all, you need this pain to be stored in every cell of your body. Why?

所以我们可以说你需要我们,我们也需要你。我们将告诉你们,你们将经历另一个你们灵魂的黑暗时刻,真理将穿透你们的皮肤,你们的肉体,你们的意识; 但是你们将被包裹在光之中,为我们每一个人,在无条件的爱之中,在你们经历这一时刻之后,你们将被净化,你们将回到平衡与和平的存在之中。但是你需要活在当下。你将需要哭泣,你将需要尖叫,你将需要踢和尖叫,尖叫对每一件事和每一个人。但是我们会在那里,在你身边。因为你需要感受这一切,你需要把这种痛苦储存在你身体的每一个细胞里。为什么?

So that you will never forget what you have experienced in this dimension; so that your soul will never forget what it has been a part of. Yes, every soul present on this planet was a part of it, none can deny it. So let it be registered in every cell of your body, as a deep and incurable pain, but that will not cause you harm; it will only remain as a memory, a painful memory, a memory… I might even say an extremely painful memory on a physical level when remembered; but it will be that memory that will prevent you from repeating it all again in the future.

所以你们永远不会忘记你们在这个维度中所经历的; 所以你们的灵魂永远不会忘记它曾经是什么的一部分。是的,这个星球上的每一个灵魂都是它的一部分,没有人能否认这一点。因此,让它记录在你身体的每一个细胞里,作为一种深刻的、无法治愈的痛苦,但是它不会给你带来伤害; 它只会留下一种记忆,一种痛苦的记忆,一种记忆... ... 我甚至可以说,当被记起的时候,在身体层面上是一种极其痛苦的记忆; 但是,正是这种记忆将阻止你在未来重复这一切。

Because each one of you will not die to go to the Fifth Dimension. So your minds will be active, remembering every detail, every step that you have taken on this journey. So once again I repeat: We need you. We need you to have us around you so that we can form this cocoon and not let your imbalance spread across the planet; and you need us so that you can live through all this imbalance, but as if by magic, return to equilibrium and to your consciousness, extremely aware of the duty done.

因为你们每个人都不会为了进入第五维度而死去。所以你们的大脑将会活跃起来,记住你们在这个旅程中所采取的每一个细节,每一步。所以我再次重申: 我们需要你。我们需要你们有我们在你们周围,这样我们才能形成这个茧,不让你们的不平衡蔓延到整个星球; 你们需要我们,这样你们才能生活在所有这些不平衡中,但是就像魔法一样,回到平衡和你们的意识中,非常清楚你们所做的责任。

We are in the same boat, as you say. You need us and we need you. Now for this to happen, you need to trust each one of us from the heart. Hear, hear again and again, the words of Sananda. Don’t come to us just for salvation; come to us because you trust us; come to us because you want our help to get you through whatever it is; to help you live this catharsis to the bottom of the well, but with the certainty that we will be there pulling you out.

就像你说的,我们在同一条船上。你需要我们,我们也需要你。现在,为了让这一切发生,你需要从心底里相信我们每一个人。听啊,听啊,听啊,听啊,听啊,听啊。不要只是为了得到救赎而来到我们这里; 来到我们这里是因为你们信任我们; 来到我们这里是因为你们需要我们的帮助来帮助你们度过任何困难; 来帮助你们度过这种情绪的宣泄,直到井底,但是确信我们会在那里把你们拉出来。

So my brothers, I say to each one of you, seek your masters; and seek with heart and you will find them. Get it out of your mind: “I can’t do it”, “I don’t deserve it”, because if you put those phrases in your mind, you really can’t do it. So I would say, start by saying:

我的弟兄们,我告诉你们各人,要寻找你们的主人。你们要用心寻找,就必寻见。把它从你的脑海中抹去: “我不能这么做”,“我不配这么做”,因为如果你把这些短语放在你的脑海里,你真的不能这么做。所以我想说,从这句话开始:

“I AM light!”;


“I AM a powerful being!”;


“I AM a being in balance!”:


“I AM a being who emanates Light and attracts Light!”;


“I AM able to connect with my masters!”


And do whatever you want to do to connect with them. Once again I repeat: We need you and you need us. The time has come when we will effectively live the partnership we have been creating all this time. We are not just here to speak pretty words and to teach interesting things. Our mission is to protect each one of you; it is to create around you a cocoon where the explosions will happen inside, but in the end you will be a new being, a more enlightened being, and more conscious; otherwise, if you explode outside this cocoon, you will be one more to add to all those who will explode all over the planet, because they will not accept the truths, they will not accept everything that will be said. Which group do you want to belong to?

做任何你想做的事情去和他们交流。我再重复一遍: 我们需要你,你也需要我们。现在是时候了,我们将有效地履行我们一直以来建立的伙伴关系。我们来这里不仅仅是为了说漂亮的话,教有趣的东西。我们的使命是保护你们每一个人; 它是在你们周围创造一个茧,在那里爆炸将发生在你们的内心,但最终你将成为一个新的存在,一个更开明的存在,更有意识; 否则,如果你爆炸在这个茧之外,你将成为一个新的添加到所有那些谁将爆炸在这个星球上,因为他们不会接受的真相,他们不会接受一切将被说。你想加入哪个组?

And repeating what Sananda said: Don’t come to us for salvation, because that is ego. Look for us because you want our protection, you want us to be around you as that cocoon, so that you can live intensely all these moments. And it is exactly because we are around you that we will help you get back into balance. And you can be sure that you will come out of this whole process evolved beings, in the broadest sense of the word, and beings who are practically ready for the Fifth Dimension.

并且重复萨南达说过的话: 不要到我们这里来寻求救赎,因为那是自我。寻找我们,因为你们需要我们的保护,你们希望我们像茧一样围绕在你们身边,这样你们就可以在这些时刻强烈地活着。正是因为我们在你们身边,我们才会帮助你们回归平衡。而且你可以肯定,你们将从这整个进程中出来,在最广泛的意义上来说,是进化了的存在,并且实际上已经准备好进入第五维度。

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