X22报告|第2863集: 绿色新政刚刚瓦解,所有门户的大门已经打开

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X22报告|第2863集: 绿色新政刚刚瓦解,所有门户的大门已经打开

Ep. 2863a – Boomerang, Green New Deal Just Fell Apart, [CB]/[WEF] Failed

回旋镖,绿色新政刚刚瓦解,[ CB ]/[WEF]失败

Ep. 2863b – Knock, Knock, The Door Of All Doors Has Been Open, Here Comes The Pain, Panic In DC




The people around the world are rising up, the leaders are panicking, they are blaming the anger on climate change, but the people are angry and the criminal leaders. The [CB]/[WEF] agenda is falling apart, the green push has hit a wall, the people see this very clearly, [CB] panicking.

世界各地的人们正在起义,领导人们正在恐慌,他们把愤怒归咎于气候变化,但是人们很愤怒,犯罪的领导人。[ CB ]/[WEF]的议程正在瓦解,绿色推动已经碰壁,人们非常清楚地看到这一点,[ CB ]恐慌。


The [DS] is working out of fear and panic, they know they have nothing on Trump but they push to indict Trump, this charge will not stick, they do not have any evidence, so what is the motive, to manipulate the midterms and to create chaos using riots. This agenda will fail, it is a trap the patriots are ready. The [DS] treasonous crimes will destroy them, the documents that Trump declassified will be used against them in the court of law. The people must see the Truth. Trump calls on Durham to move forward.



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