2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球

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 September 25, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年9月25日

2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球

If you hadn’t noticed, September 23rd and 24th rolled around and through and we’re still here! Nothing big entered the public sphere, but we acknowledge that very big things could have unfolded behind the scenes that we will learn of later.


The crew suggests this:


Ariel on Twitter: "Do you know how historical this meeting is? This is literally "The End" of the Cabal system. This is what you wanted right?This is what you keep asking for right?This is what you click on this channel for right?You all thought this was going to come with fire works? / Twitter"

Do you know how historical this meeting is? This is literally "The End" of the Cabal system. This is what you wanted right?This is what you keep asking for right?This is what you click on this channel for right?You all thought this was going to come with fire works?

For those not aware, President Trump spoke at a rally in Summerville, South Carolina today and he was dropping all kinds of truth and not holding back. Even Fox News ran it live—that is until Trump mentioned the astonishing following Tucker Carlson now has on Twitter after Fox fired him. I have no doubt there will be a lot of comms distilled from that address but for now, we can say that without doing the numerology, gematria, or referencing Q drops, it was awesome.

对于那些不知情的人,特朗普总统今天在南卡罗来纳州萨默维尔的一次集会上发表了讲话,他放弃了所有的真相,而且毫无保留。甚至连福克斯新闻(Fox News)也在直播,直到特朗普提到,在福克斯解雇塔克•卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)之后,他在 Twitter 上的粉丝数量惊人。我毫不怀疑会有很多通信从那个地址提炼出来,但现在,我们可以说,没有做命理学,宝石学,或参考 Q 滴,这是令人敬畏的。

It’s what everyone wants to know and he outright stated [and he’s always accurate] that in less than five months “we” will defeat Joe Biden and take our country back. He spoke to the corruption and many other aspects of the problems we have been encountering, including war, and made a point of the measures to be taken to end child trafficking. You can listen to this important communiqué from the Commander-in-Chief below on Right Side Broadcasting on Rumble.

这是每个人都想知道的,他直截了当地说(他总是准确地说) ,在不到五个月的时间里,“我们”将击败乔 · 拜登,夺回我们的国家。他谈到了腐败问题和我们所面临问题的许多其他方面,包括战争问题,并强调了为制止贩卖儿童而应采取的措施。你可以收听这个重要的公报,它来自下面的总司令节目“右翼广播”。

LIVE: President Donald J. Trump to Deliver Remarks In Summerville, SC – 9/25/2023

现场直播: 特朗普总统将在萨默维尔发表讲话,SC-9/25/2023

Trump posted too, and the comms are flying now! There is a whole string of them on this Telegram channel:

特朗普也发了帖子,通讯器现在也在飞! 这个电报频道上有一大串这样的帖子:



Timestamp: 5:44 ET>17:44 MIL
Video: 28 seconds

时间戳: 美国东部时间5:44

Another topic no one can leave alone is the enigmatic October 4th [or 11th] Emergency Alert “Test”. We have heard it’s legit, that it will be the cabal conducting it, which I doubt, that they will use our devices as a weapon to blast us with 5G and activate deadly technology within us, blah, blah, blah. We do have great imaginations, do we not?


I don’t know what it is, why it is, who is going to conduct it, or how, but I do believe it is actually the White Hats because the enemy has been all but vanquished. Castrated. Eviscerated. It’s time to move the “plan” forward. We have a financial system to crash. That has to be prior to the exit of the Biden actor.


This post from W.H. Grampa is interesting though…

这个来自 W.H. 爷爷的帖子很有趣..。


WH 爷爷


@ WHGrampa



October 4th Emergency Alert System test may be delayed until the 11th ..
If the weather across the country is generally good we’ll get it on the 4th …
It’s an evolving situation

10月4日紧急警报系统测试可能会推迟到11日。.如果全国的天气总的来说是好的,我们将在4日得到它... 这是一个不断变化的情况


As some might wonder… what does weather have to do with an Emergency Alert???  I guess we’ll find out. Perhaps “weather” is a comm or not meant to be taken literally.


I listened to a terrific Capt. Kyle Q&A this weekend and he addressed the “test” adequately, in my opinion. Don’t worry about it. Listen on Rumble at the link below. Kyle also added his perspective on a number of other important topics that listeners were desperate to hear, including more detail on the “mass exodus” that will result when we are required to register on the new Quantum Financial System in our countries of origin to participate in NESARA/GESARA. A lot of it is optics, but the fact that Canada/USA/Mexico will be amalgamated would probably mean that those NOT from these countries must return home to their own jurisdiction—or miss out.

这个周末我听了一个很棒的凯尔上尉的问答,在我看来,他充分地阐述了“测试”。别担心。在下面的链接中收听 Rumble。凯尔还就听众迫切希望听到的其它一些重要话题提出了自己的观点,包括更多有关“大规模撤离”的细节,这些撤离将导致我们被要求在我们原籍国的新量子金融系统上注册,以参与 NESARA/GESARA。其中很多是光学的,但加拿大/美国/墨西哥将被合并的事实可能意味着那些非来自这些国家的人必须返回他们自己的管辖区ーー否则就会错过。

2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球

Maybe it will apply to every one of us by citizenship. We’ll have to wait and see. Eli is half Canadian and half American. I hope they’re not going to get persnickity about it. Since he was born in Arizona I am hoping he’s an anchor puppy.

也许它会适用于我们每个人的公民身份。我们只能拭目以待了。Eli 一半是加拿大人,一半是美国人。我希望他们不会对此吹毛求疵。因为他出生在亚利桑那州,我希望他是一个锚小狗。

Live Q&A With Capt: Kyle 9-22-23

现场问答与队长: 凯尔9-22-23

There has been talk about a version of Jade Helm again, and some reported that they were purging the military of “individuals” who think for themselves from the automatons who will simply follow any order, unquestioningly.


If the story we got about the F-35 that “went missing” was true and the pilot refused to follow his order to use DEW weapons on a particular city and bailed, I’d say the enemy failed in that endeavor. The military has a substantial number of patriots in it, with families of their own, a conscience, and a love for their nation.

如果我们得到的关于 F-35“失踪”的故事是真的,飞行员拒绝服从他的命令在某个特定城市使用 DEW 武器并且逃跑了,我会说敌人在这方面的努力失败了。军队里有相当数量的爱国者,他们有自己的家庭,有良知,热爱自己的国家。

2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球

There is only one Field McConnell and I am so glad his gag order has expired, his health has improved, and he is back on the airwaves bringing his truths and opinions to welcoming ears despite the extreme hardships and tragedies he has endured these past few years. He weighed in on the F-35 too, as he was a pilot himself. You can listen on Rumble at the link below.

世界上只有一个菲尔德 · 麦康奈尔,我很高兴他的禁言令已经过期,他的健康状况有所改善,尽管过去几年他经历了极端的艰难险阻和悲剧,他还是回到了电台,把他的真理和观点带到了人们的耳边。他也参加了 F-35的比赛,因为他自己就是一名飞行员。你可以在下面的链接上收听 Rumble。




2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球

You may have heard that the CBDC bill is supported by about 60 representatives and we don’t need to worry about the government’s plan to foist digital currency on us so they can further control us and our finances. It will be blocked. However… they never give up.

你可能已经听说 CBDC 法案得到了大约60名代表的支持,我们不需要担心政府计划把数字货币强加给我们,这样他们就可以进一步控制我们和我们的财政。会被封锁的。然而... 他们从不放弃。

Vincent Kennedy on Twitter: "Get ready for the onslaught of StableCoins.FYI, a stablecoin is based off of a Central Bank Currency. Making it a CBDC. Don't be fooled, the banks are positioning as we speak. https://t.co/Ien6HRFSlU pic.twitter.com/MjMfbMfubI / Twitter"

Get ready for the onslaught of StableCoins.FYI, a stablecoin is based off of a Central Bank Currency. Making it a CBDC. Don't be fooled, the banks are positioning as we speak. https://t.co/Ien6HRFSlU pic.twitter.com/MjMfbMfubI

The arrests that have taken place so far are impressive and encouraging, but we hear that the “storm” of arrests of a whole army of cabalists is yet to come and it will be done all at once because it’s the only way to execute that aspect of the Plan without some getting word and fleeing like the cockroaches they are. Naturally we will NOT be told when that will take place.


Real Raw News brings us an update.


JAG Arrests U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery军法署逮捕美国乌克兰经济复苏特别代表

They’ve been busy. There’s more…


General Mark Milley Arrested!马克 · 米利将军被捕了!

The war isn’t over and the bullies continue to browbeat those who publish the truth or allow others to do so.


2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球


2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球

We know Humanity is the jewel in the string of pearls amongst the clods of dung we are forced to live amongst, but in the water-colour words of Kahlil Gibran…


Humanity is a crystalline river, singing, in a rippling rush, and carrying the secrets of the mountains to the depths of the sea.
But you are as a swamp with worms in its dregs and snakes on its banks.


Who can disagree with that?


We only need to remember who we are and our power in this realm. We do not bow to snakes and we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Justice must be done, and it shall be—in Divine timing.


See you next time, folks.  ~ BP


2023年9月25日: 求知、内省、超越|星际飞船地球


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