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When I first read that Epstein had allegedly committed suicide,my instant reaction was:'No way.The Alliance has faked his death and he's in the witness protection program.'Incidentally,I believe that JFK Junior also faked his death and has been in the witness protection program ever since.



Jordan Sather's latest video goes into depth on Epstein's'death'...


The video features a tweet from Joe M(at 6'40")that makes sense to me...

这段视频是Joe M (at 6'40")发的一条推特,对我来说很有意义.....

'We figured out some magic to protect the President.You telling me they couldn't protect the second most prominent Deep State target in the world?He's more valuable than Assange.No 24 hour armed military guard?Forget it.#PatriotsInControl.'(Joe M tweet)

我们想出了一些魔法来保护总统。你是说他们不能保护这个世界上第二重要的深层国家目标?他比阿桑奇更有价值。没有24小时武装警卫?算了吧。#爱国者控制中心(Joe M tweet)

Joe produced the excellent Q'Trust the Plan'video.I totally agree with his take on Epstein in this tweet.


It was interesting to read the comments in Jordan's live chat.As someone said,if you transport a body to the morgue,it is in a zipped up body bag.You wouldn't see the face.Someone WANTED us to see the face.


Jordan presents a photographic comparison with the alleged'dead body'and Jeffrey Epstein(at 12'25").Clearly it is not the same person-the nose,ear and hair line are all different.Also when a person dies by hanging,their face is not peaceful with closed eyes as portrayed in the photo.

乔丹用照片与所谓的"尸体"和杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(at 12'25")进行了比较。显然不是同一个人——鼻子、耳朵和发际线都不一样。此外,当一个人死于绞刑,他们的脸是不和平的闭着眼睛,因为在照片描绘。

The National Security Agency would have monitored his cell 24/7.Would there REALLY have been a'camera malfunction'and a sudden dismissal of the suicide watch staff at EXACTLY the time Epstein supposedly died by hanging-in a secure cell which would have no means for hanging himself?


Monsters with giant egos like Epstein do not commit suicide.The top Deep State actors do not believe they have done anything wrong.Why do you think they are fighting to the bitter end when they have clearly lost the war?


So what really happened with Epstein?We can only surmise but I think the Alliance may have faked his suicide.They did a hash job of it so that people would suspect foul play and question it-which is already happening.This is how the Alliance can begin to'wake up'the sleeping population ahead of the military tribunals that will reveal the Deep State atrocities.


Finally,here is an interesting theory from a Reddit comment...


'If Epstein is now dead by suicide to the entire world,and Q team has him safe for trial,say in GITMO(my thoughts)due to the attempt on his life on July 24th,would he actually have to come back to life?...Could he not be tribunaled after giving all his evidence and given an immediate death penalty?He is already pronounced dead to the world now.'


We are right in the eye of the Deep State take-down storm.Disinformation is flying around like debris in a tornado.What to believe?Where to turn?It's enough to make you feel dizzy and overwhelmed.


There is only one way to navigate through the coming days:listen to your heart.Trust your own instincts.YOU are the captain of your soul-no one else.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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