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July 29,2021 2021729

CDC-the biggest flip flop establishment on the planet-is now calling for all vaccinated Americans to still wear masks.In my play-book,this is a classic case of'how far can we push the sleepers until they wake up...?'Imagine being fully vaccinated and WILLINGLY still wearing a mask without question.The mind boggles.


Even the MSM is being forced to comment on the flip-flopping.BOOM.

甚至连 MSM 也被迫对这种摇摆不定的态度发表评论

怎样才能唤醒沉睡者?|星际之门通讯Israel is not the only country promoting'booster shots'for the jabbed.My retired double jabbed neighbors are talking quite happily about getting their booster shots.



Andrew Torba,CEO of Gab with a powerful message about FIGHTING BACK.I love his Gab address-when you own the company,you can be just the letter'a'!



Refuse to comply at all costs.We are HUMAN BEINGS made in the image of God.If your job is making you get the vax,find a good lawyer and sue or do whatever you need to do to find a new job.If they think they are going to dupe us again with this mask nonsense,they have another thing coming.Throw out all your masks.If businesses make you wear one,make a big,loud(but fully legal and peaceful)scene and never shop there again.If they force your kids to wear these stupid masks all day in school get a bunch of parents and get loud at every single school board meeting.Then do whatever you can to home school your kids.Name and shame the businesses,school board members,and anyone else who continues to push this bogus narrative that is destroying our country and people.


And this is what fighting back looks like-the 220,000 strong USA Postal Union OPPOSES mandatory jabs.



President Trump is fighting back too-he condemns the masking of children.


'We won't go back!'



The purpose of the jab/mask narrative is coming into sharp focus now.It is THE dividing line.Now that the narrative has crossed into the territory of nonsensical mandates,let's see how people will react.


Meanwhile, stay calm and centred. Remember, this is all just a SHOW. As Cue said, 'You will love how the show ends.' Cue also said, 'The ending won't be for everyone.'


The way this blog community stepped up to support Deb and George tells me there is so much Love and Light on this planet-far more than we may know.

这个博客社区支持 Deb George 的方式告诉我,这个星球上有太多的爱和光——远远超过我们可能知道的

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Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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