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Within a year's time most hospital procedures are obsolete


Concealed Technologies;Med Bed,Quantum,Anti-Gravity,Replicators


Perpetual Fountain of Youth


Moving to new channel


Healing through Frequency Therapy


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟Anyone who is not on the specific Earth-frequency for awakening and healing,meaning open to incoming ascension energies;the inward waves of harmonic resonances leading to unity consciousness,will either have to transform or fail.This consist of your body and soul,and isnot fantasy,it is measurable,real science and fact,called Schumann resonances that are global electromagnetic resonances,generated and incited by energies in our universe and noticeable during lightning.


The older we get;the more errors occur in the coding of DNA.As a result,the overall condition of our bodies decreases over time.We grow old,we get wrinkles,we get sick and eventually die.

年龄越大,DNA 编码中的错误就越多。因此,随着时间的推移,我们身体的整体状况会下降。我们变老,我们长皱纹,我们生病,最终死亡。

A method to treat physical complaints by means of radio frequencies,is aided by highly advanced and avant-garde equipment,to treat physical complaints or to prevent,reduce and heal.Intentionally,hidden from the public eye,as it is not benefitting Big Pharma.


We hear sound because our ears distinguish different frequencies and resonances,which are interpreted as sound by the brain.Light is received by our eyes and translated by the brain into images.Both sound and light have frequencies.Radio frequencies are used in this treatment.The equipment transmits specific frequencies to the body.These are particularised for each individual.People can distinguish different musical instruments and individual tones in the complexity of frequency signals of music,so can our body individually distinguish radio frequencies from a complex signal.


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟Some do feel this as vibrations,others cannot.Every matter has its own frequency;just tap the table or the window and you will hear the difference in sound,which is each ownfrequency.In the same way,atoms and molecules and cells have their own frequency.If those frequencies correspond to the frequency of cells or molecules in the body,a resonance is generated.This is called bio-resonance.Living matter reacts to any frequency that matches and consequently can be received.


Cells can be affected by bacteria,fungi,viruses,cosmic radiation,X-rays,ultraviolet light and toxic substances.These changes in the DNA code,which is copied to the next generation,occur through cell divisions,ionising radiation,some viruses and recently through mRNA Covid vaccination.These changes in codes are passed on to the next cell generation.

细胞会受到细菌、真菌、病毒、宇宙辐射、x 射线、紫外线和有毒物质的影响。这些 DNA 代码的变化,复制到下一代,通过细胞分裂、电离辐射、一些病毒以及最近通过 mRNA Covid 疫苗发生。这些代码的改变会传递给下一代单元格。

At each cell division,errors occur in copying DNA,and even after repair by the cell's own DNA repair mechanism,some of the errors remain.As a result,of DNA changes over time cells can no longer perform their original function.

在每一次细胞分裂中,DNA 复制过程中都会出现错误,甚至在细胞自身的 DNA 修复机制修复之后,仍然存在一些错误。因此,随着时间的推移,DNA 的变化使得细胞不再能够发挥它们原来的功能。

This,among other things,is called auto-immune reaction that increases,together with an ever-worsening presence of pathogenic micro-organisms.A protective mechanism against further mutation is existent,causing the irreparably damaged cells to be put into a silent mode,called senescence,aging of organism,a sort of hibernation,stopping further cell divisions.


These senescent cells increase in number during aging and in themselves have a degenerative influence on their immediate environment.All in all,both the quality and quantity of functional cells decrease.–New research is underway enabling the removal senescent cells to be replaced by functional cells.


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟Frequency therapy applies a multitude of different frequencies simultaneously.It is a homeopathic harmless treatment,comparable to rewriting a hard disc in a computer,but in this case the rewriting of the immune system and DNA structure who are reprogrammed completely eliminating autoimmune diseases that among other roots are caused by mRNA injection.More information regarding treatment is available via email.

频率疗法同时应用多种不同的频率。这是一种顺势疗法的无害治疗,类似于在计算机中重写硬盘,但是在这种情况下,重写免疫系统和 DNA 结构的程序完全消除了自身免疫性疾病,其中包括由 mRNA 注射引起的疾病。更多关于治疗的信息可以通过电子邮件获得。

Within a year's time most hospital procedures are obsolete


President Donald Trump said on June 14,2020 to the nation,"within a year's time or so almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete."Every city will have many medical beds and Tesla chambers capable of healing and repairing DNA along with curing all ailments.Like;Age regression,up to 30 years.No more Cancer,Autism,Alzheimer,Fibromyalgia(fi·bro·my·al·gi·a)a condition that causes joint pain all over the body,sleep problems,fatigue,and often emotional and mental distress,and many other deficiencies.

2020614日,唐纳德·特朗普总统对美国说,"一年左右的时间,几乎所有的医院程序都将过时。"每个城市都会有许多医疗床和特斯拉房间,能够治愈和修复所有疾病的 DNA。年龄回归,最多30岁。再也没有癌症、自闭症、老年痴呆症、纤维肌痛(fi bro my al gi a)——这种疾病会导致全身关节疼痛、睡眠问题、疲劳,常常还有情绪和精神痛苦,以及许多其他缺陷。

Proof is in the signed executive orders.Med beds have the ability to regrow organs that are missing,such as a gall bladder,kidney or lymph nodes etc.Through the use of light spectrums and frequencies.


The Holographic Medical Pods or Med Beds are automated Stations where a medical expert Healer selects the type of procedure to be done from the computer database,the patient lies down in the Pod or Bed and the Machine performs the medical operation or procedure.Finally,lasers close the points of entry from where the procedure commenced.The Med Beds diagnose,treat and perform a wide range of surgical procedures with ultra fine-laser incisions that are guided by 3D anatomical scanning.The 3D scanning has refractory lenses that take live scans of the body in order to perform various medical procedures.

全息医疗吊舱或地中海床是自动化的工作站,医疗专家治疗选择类型的程序进行从电脑数据库,病人躺在吊舱或床和机器执行医疗操作或程序。最后,激光关闭了从程序开始的入口。地中海床诊断,治疗和执行广泛的外科手术程序与超精细激光切口,由3D 解剖扫描引导。三维扫描有耐火晶体,可以对人体进行实时扫描,以执行各种医疗程序。

治愈的新方法|最后的警钟The technology of the Holographic Medical Pods is not from planet Earth.It is not a humanoid created technology.It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world extraterrestrials.A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy those are hypothetical faster-than-light particles and plasma energy.Plasma energy comes of the universe,balancing planets to keep them in their position,in order they do not collide with each other.In other words;the solar system is in balance with itself and with all the planets.


The soil,atmosphere,water,everything is plasma energy,actually,everything in the universe is plasma energy,it's just in a different form amid dissimilar vibrational frequencies.


The Med Beds have controllable Artificial Intelligence(AI)so it cannot get out of control and run wild,actually a computer.It operates like a magnetic resonance imaging–MRI,that makes a magnetic oscillation and resonance scan of your body to diagnose disease.


Med Bed scans skin,muscle tissue,all organs and everything else in the body.It shows everything–all the way down to the micron level of the blood.It actually identifies your DNA and it does a complete internal analysis of the body.Doing so,it picks up any disease and any genetic imperfection.For example,stage 4 leukaemia on a Med Bed is cured in about 2.5 minutes,without any side effect.

医疗床扫描皮肤,肌肉组织,所有器官和身体的其他一切。它展示了一切——一直到微米级的血液。它实际上识别了你的 DNA,并对你的身体进行了完整的内部分析。这样一来,它就能检测出任何疾病和遗传缺陷。例如,在医疗床上4期白血病大约2.5分钟就能治愈,没有任何副作用。

If an organ has been removed;Med Bed's re-atomisation process regenerates that organ as if it had been never removed.Due to the body's original resonance,its vibrational frequency.The body always remembers when an organ has been removed or stopped functioning.Med Bed's artificial intelligence links into the body's vibrational frequency and DNA to regenerate the organ.It is simple like that.

如果一个器官被移除,医疗床的再分子化过程使这个器官再生,就好像它从未被移除过一样。由于身体的原始共振,它的振动频率。当一个器官被切除或停止工作时,身体总是记得。医疗床的人工智能链接到身体的振动频率和 DNA 再生器官。就是这么简单。

Concealed Technologies Med Bed,Quantum,Anti-Gravity Propulsion,Replicators


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟Again,Med Bed technology has been"suppressed"and"concealed"from the public for a long,long time.This technology is not available for purchase or services to the general public,until after the Deep State Cabal is rendered powerless.

再一次,Med Bed 的技术在很长很长一段时间里一直被公众"压制""隐藏"。这种技术不能购买,也不能向公众提供服务,直到深州阴谋集团失去能力为止。

Fortunately,because of the recent planetary shift from 3D to 5D,and increasing demand for transparency by the human collective consciousness;courageous people are coming forward to disclose what has been hidden for decades,even centuries,and most likely for thousands of years.


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟The global transition for decades,and has information about many topics the general public is not aware of,including but not limited to,off-world ET technology gifts to humanity like the Quantum Financial Monetary System,Anti-Gravity Propulsion,Replicators and Med Beds.


It's not difficult to imagine that there are suppressed technologies today that are being purposely hidden from the common masses for the benefit of those who are at the top of the society;those who are"in charged"of the system to maintain their control on everything–natural resources,institutions,the military,political,and even the psychological aspect of every individual.What is difficult to accept,however,is the claims that these advance technologies are not from earth but was given or left by extra-terrestrial beings existing from other planets.


There exist three types of Med Beds:Holographic;Regenerative which regenerates tissue and body parts,and finally Re-Atomisation Med Bed that in about two-to three minutes regenerate the whole human body,head to toe.


Perpetual Fountain of Youth


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟What does this advanced technology mean for an 80-year old person?He/she could be 30-years old again in less than three minutes.Fifty years pealed off his/her life.Now,she can have children again.They could have a whole new family if they want.It looks like,Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.


Med Bed technology looks at the body and corrects imperfections.This technology has been around for quite some time.It has been kept hidden from the human race for a very long time.Some people may think this healing technology is science fiction.Too good to be true.It is even not too complicated to manufacture those Med Beds in quantities and distribute them everywhere it is desired.Jered Rand says;


"When you are in a Med Bed,you don't go through any pain,you don't go through radiations.It's not like some evil event.You go into a deep sleep.There's no injection,no needles or anything.You wake up and look in the mirror and your creepy skin is gone.Your white hair is the colour it was when you were in your twenties(20s).It's the same for your eyesight,your hearing,your taste,your smell.Everything is restored to a perfected younger state again,"


This is the new age for the new Earth and new human race.It's totally the opposite of what we've lived.These technologies are already here.It's a matter of getting them safely to the people that can use them."At last,since year 2020 Med Beds technology is not available to the general public.


Replicators recycle old things back into plasma energy.There's no waste,no trash,no garbage,nothing to pollute the environment or to destroy the eco-system.Soil is plasma energy.Plants are plasma energy.Take a replicator to a poor village and those people can have everything they ever dreamed of in a matter of minutes.Replicators will eliminate the need for massive amounts of land to feed the population.Anything you want,you can have it.


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟3D printers are the forerunners of replicators.Accelerate that a hundred times and you have a Med Bed replicator.Everything in creation and is composed of plasma energy.Replicators are off-world technology,given to us by the Galactics,who are sharing this technology with the human race.This technology is coming!It's going to be available everywhere.You will be able to have a phenomenal future.

3D打印机是复制机的先驱。加速一百倍,你就有了一个 Med Bed 复制器。宇宙万物都是由等离子能量组成的。复制机是外太空的技术,由银河人给予我们,他们与人类共享这项技术。这项技术就要来了!它将在任何地方出现。你会拥有一个非凡的未来。

There is a list of genetic diseases and disorders so long it's unbelievable!Once you understand how DNA,RNA,mRNA,and proteins work,you soon understand that all diseases are genetic mutations.Those mutations,or variants are all caused by something that changed the information of the RNA,which the mRNA gave to the protein to tell the cell what it would become.

遗传病和疾病的名单太长了,简直令人难以置信!一旦你了解了 DNARNAmRNA 和蛋白质是如何工作的,你很快就会明白所有的疾病都是基因突变。这些突变或变异都是由某种改变了 RNA 信息的东西引起的,这些信使核糖核酸给予蛋白质以告诉细胞它将变成什么。

Think about;Vaccines cause genetic diseases;since the 50's these are the causativeness of all variants/mutations which cause a genetic disorder.In other words,the medical establishment causes every disease on earth,while curing none of them!They have destroyed the quality of life for billions of people over the years.


Moving to new channel


治愈的新方法|最后的警钟Our fast growing awakening capacity is motivation behind the move to our new channel.Everybody is requested to move with us to our new channel,the old group site will be cancelled soon.


Don't worry,all important previously published information has been moved to a new channel site.You will not miss anything from previously published articles.We hope you will enjoy our expansion and want to contribute to our further dynamic growth.Thank you for understanding and helping us spread this vital information.


Motivate every awake to join us and become a true patriot for our new world order,owned and governed by we the people.Be an active,independent and innovative thinking patriot.And join the new FWC channel to promote and reveal inspiring ideas.

激励每一个觉醒的人加入我们,成为真正的爱国者,为我们的新世界秩序,我们的人民拥有和管理。做一个积极、独立、创新的爱国者。并加入新的 FWC 频道,推广和揭示鼓舞人心的想法。

治愈的新方法|最后的警钟Our freedom must be fought for by ourselves from below,not from above.All of us together must reject our government and their rules,they are the puppets of the DS.Remember:if we do not start this liberation process ourselves,freedom has no value and will not last!

我们的自由必须由我们自己从下面而不是从上面来争取。我们所有人都必须拒绝我们的政府和他们的规则,他们是 DS 的傀儡。记住:如果我们自己不开始这个解放进程,自由就没有价值,也不会持久!

Stay tuned join The Final Wakeup Community on TELEGRAM created to bring readers and participants around the world closer together.It is the awakened who have become patriots,to join the fight to remove the Global Mafia from planet Earth once and for all.Planet Earth is ours,we will decide for ourselves how our world will be run in harmony and everlasting peace and prosperity.To which each individual contributes according to his/her insight and ability.Keep following FWC on Telegram for daily updates on developments in our fight against the Deep State Mafia.If you cannot open TELEGRAM from your computer,try it on your mobile or iPad,due to software update.

请继续关注,加入最后唤醒社区的电报创建,使世界各地的读者和参与者更加紧密地联系在一起。正是那些已经成为爱国者的觉醒者,加入到将全球黑手党从地球上一劳永逸地清除出去的战斗中。地球是我们的,我们将自己决定我们的世界将如何在和谐、持久和平与繁荣中运行。每个人根据自己的洞察力和能力为之做出贡献。继续关注 FWC 对电报每日更新的发展,在我们打击深州黑手党。如果你无法从电脑上打开 TELEGRAM,可以在手机或 iPad 上试试,因为软件升级了。

Participation in FWC on TELEGRAM is free,and offers the advantage of being constantly informed about the latest developments.We are in the final phase of our struggle,so reliable updates are essential.Become a member,and join our global fight against the Global Mafia.

参与 FWC 的电报是免费的,并提供了不断被告知的最新发展的优势。我们正处于斗争的最后阶段,因此必须进行可靠的更新。成为一个成员,并加入我们打击全球黑手党的全球斗争。

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