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Elohim|选择在你,狮门门户Greetings my beloved Masters of the Universe!I have just received a channeling from the Elohim of the Highest Order of Light.A very important gateway is opening for all of us right now.A gateway of such magnitude that it is going to be a key moment in your life where you will need to make a very important decision which will effect your life for the next 3 years and 3 months.In the channeling they say that you will be presented with 3 choices and you will need to choose the right one for your heart.This has to do with your occupation.I'm told that it will be happening from July 28–August 12th,give or take a few days.And that you need to tune into your heart in order to make the right decision.

你好,我亲爱的决胜时空战区!我刚刚收到来自 Elohim 最高光之秩序的通灵。一个非常重要的门户正在向我们所有人打开。这将是你人生中的一个关键时刻,你需要做出一个非常重要的决定,这个决定将影响你未来3年零3个月的生活。在通灵中,他们说你将面临3个选择,你需要为你的心选择一个正确的选择。这和你的职业有关。我被告知,它将发生在728日至812日之间,误差在几天之内。为了做出正确的决定,你需要调整自己的内心。

Here is the channeling that I have received:


What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that on your planes of existence at this very moment in time a gate of transcendence,benevolence and might shall open her gates for all to witness the timelines of their very own vocations on this planet.The timelines are being extricated and brought into alignment with the highest order,in order to unify the messianic pathways and allow each of you stationed on Gaia to instigate a birth of a new momentum for your very own paths.


Your collective energies have reached a point of exasperation and much of the stored vesicles of time and space must be realigned to meet the higher vibrational frequencies of the creator gods that you indeed you are.


For through your very own vocations,and we repeat vocations,you are bringing through the ever-unfolding messianic energies which must be anchored onto your planet in the next few days before the welcoming of the transcendent energies from the very distant galaxy within the solar system of Ram.From said solar system,and yes indeed such a solar system exists in the outskirts of said constellation of Ram,you shall receive notices of a change in your vocational statuses.


For much shall begin to swiftly shift in your lives specifically in regard to your present earthly vocations,and a new vocational blueprint shall be laid before you allowing you to choose from three choices in which direction you are to move into for the next three years and three months of your stationary experience on your planet.


What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that upon entrance into the world of light known in your world as particles of ascension and transcendence,you shall find yourselves brought before a blueprint,a map form which you shall be asked to select one vocational pathways to expand your consciousness for the next three years and thee month of your earthly time frame.


Why is this moment so significant for all of you?It is significant primarily because through said experience your consciousness will expand,and you shall understand even more intricately the workings of the universe through the interconnectedness and inner viewing of your vesicles of times and space within the human biological structure of being,within the human timelines.


From said experience the biological timeline of human souls stationed upon your planet shall begin to shift,and it is precisely at the three year and three months mark that the event that you are all waiting for shall occur,the event which shall shift the dogmatic pathways of human misconception of time and space into the timeline of that which they have and you have chosen to experience during this monumental moment in the history of your palent,your universe and all of creation.


For the timelines have indeed been shifted away from the trajectory upon which earthlings shall thrive and in so doing have postponed the arrival of a new wave of light.


Yet it is precisely at this very moment in time that due to your collective consciousness and your collective reawakening to self,that your energies have again shifted the trajectory onto the right path for all who are currently arriving and are birthed onto your planet as we speak.


All who have been birthed and who shall be birthed within said timeframe shall fall into the circle of light immemorial from which a new human experience can begin to be built in your lifetime.A new human experience which shall shift away from all the"negativity"that you have experienced thus far in your journeys and return humanity onto the right pathway that shall indeed connect human souls with the divinity of that which they are.


What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that tremendous shifts are taking place in the invisible world all around you,condensing timelines and expanding them as we speak and such condensation is at the root cause of all the issues that are presently engulfing your societies,and human collective consciousness.


And so,and thus,it is once again going to be your mission to transcend said moment and transfigure it through your very own vocation thinking patterns and through the choices that you are to make in the days to come regarding your vocational blueprint for the next three years and three months of your time.


And so and thus,on or around your new moon(July 28-August 12)repatterning of your own timelines and your own occupational structures shall occur.


We await your decisions as to which timelines you wish to transition your very own vessels of time and space to experience and how you wish to experience the next three years and three month of your life.


Albeit the deciding factor lays with you,we advise each and every one of you to carefully weight all the options that you shall be presented and select the option that is closest to your heart of hearts,disregarding the material outcome of said choices.For it is the experience that you are selecting at this very moment in time and not the material gains that shall come from said experience.For it is only through being fully present and fully engaged in said vocation that you shall be able to shift the collective consciousness onto the right path for all involved.


Thread carefully in your decision-making process and arrive at the RIGHT decision for your very own selves and for all whom shall be affected by your decisions.Indeed,the task that lays ahead is a very important one and again we await your decisions eagerly anticipating a new planetary trajectory to occur within the aforementioned time frame.


Shall you require assistance in making such a decision it is to your very own heart that you are to look to for answers for it is only and only through the intricately designed heart space that you shall be able to connect to the creator within and make the right decision for your soul.


That is all that we have for you now.WE love you.WE are with you.Goodbye for now."


**Channel:Anna Merkaba

**频道:Anna Merkaba




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