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2022年1月10日,我的美国陆军内部人士 JP 透露,他参与了一项机密任务,前往位于佛罗里达海岸附近的大西洋下的一个外星空间方舟。


On January 10, 2022, my US Army insider, JP, revealed that he participated in a classified mission to an extraterrestrial space ark located under the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast in the vicinity of Bermuda. This was the second space ark that he has encountered in covert military missions – the first involved a space ark found on the Moon, as reported in an earlier article.

2022年1月10日,我的美国陆军内部人士 JP 透露,他参与了一项机密任务,前往位于佛罗里达海岸附近的大西洋下的一个外星空间方舟。这是他在秘密军事任务中遇到的第二艘太空方舟——第一艘涉及在月球上发现的太空方舟,正如之前一篇文章所报道的那样。

JP described how the mission began with an official briefing he received at the military base where he is currently serving. Then he was taken by Osprey helicopters to a large donut-shaped platform in the Atlantic, which was placed directly over a submerged space ark. JP estimated to be at least a mile long ovoid-shaped.

JP 在他目前服役的军事基地听取了官方简报,描述了这次访问是如何开始的。然后他被鱼鹰直升机带到大西洋上一个大甜甜圈形状的平台上,这个平台被直接放置在一个水下的太空方舟上。JP 估计至少有一英里长的卵形。

What follows are extracts from our skype call where he described different aspects of the mission. Here is the first extract where he describes being taken to some kind of large platform suspended over the space ark:

以下是从我们的 skype 电话中摘录的内容,他描述了任务的不同方面。下面是第一段摘录,他描述了自己被带到某种悬挂在太空方舟上方的大平台上:

I think he was one of the pilots that flew us to the ships, these massive boat ships I was telling you about that has a big surface. They’re huge. We got there and then they line up everybody in formation. You can see the painting on the floor. This ship is the same ship that I visited a couple years ago but now it had paintings on the floor saying OK Chinese and then it says Russian but it says in their language. Like where the formation is so everybody formation. So I was in a where you know United States park square. Well everybody forms up. There’s at least 20 or 30 people United States and there are at least 15 Chinese….

我认为他是飞行员之一,带我们飞到船上,这些巨大的船,我告诉过你,有一个很大的表面。它们是巨大的。我们到了那里,然后他们让每个人排成队形。你可以看到地板上的那幅画。这艘船和我几年前参观的是同一艘船,但是现在它的地板上有画,画上写着 OK 汉语,然后是俄语,但是用他们的语言写着。就像那里的队形一样,所以大家都是队形。我在一个你知道美国公园广场的地方。每个人都要列队。美国至少有20到30人,至少有15个中国人... ..。

JP recognized the ocean platform as the same one he was taken to by a triangle shaped antigravity spacecraft around 2014, which is when he first told me about the platform. Rather than being allowed to descend from the platform to whatever lay beneath, he was denied entry by a senior military officer (a General) and told to leave. At the time, JP was a civilian.

认出这个海洋平台就是他在2014年左右被一个三角形反重力航天器带到的那个平台,那是他第一次告诉我关于这个平台的事情。一名高级军官(一名将军)拒绝他进入,并要求他离开,而不是允许他从讲台下到地下的任何东西。当时,JP 是一名平民。


JP next described an elevator that carried mission members from the surface down into the interior of the craft. Personnel were mainly drawn from the US and China. Apparently, China had been allowed access to the space ark found under the Atlantic as a reciprocal favor after it had allowed US access to the space ark found by its Yutu 2 Rover described in an earlier article.

接下来,JP 描述了一个电梯,它将任务成员从表面送入飞船内部。人员主要来自美国和中国。显然,中国获准进入位于大西洋下面的太空方舟是对美国的回报,因为中国允许美国进入前一篇文章中描述的玉兔2号探测器发现的太空方舟。

What follows is what JP had to say about the US China deal, and his 2014 trip where he was denied entry into the platform:

以下是 JP 对中美交易以及他2014年被拒绝进入平台的行程所说的话:

Because of the Chinese they let us go on the moon and because they helped us investigate that ship now we have to let them investigate the one we found here in the Atlantic. It is a deal that we made with the Chinese that you know all if we go over there now we let you go on this massive ship that we’re gonna do the mission with and it started this you know start this mission. So there was just talking with Chinese generals and uh about the deal about. OK, you let us on the Moon but now we’re gonna let you on this ship, but there’s stuff here in this location that was not on the moon that is gonna be groundbreaking. Like it’s it’s crazy the technology that is in this particular ship that is in the Atlantic that got activated with all these other ships that got activated.


M: OK so it’s the similar ship to what was found on the moon just a massive kind of sphere shaped extraterrestrial craft.

M: 好的,所以它和在月球上发现的类似,只是一个巨大的球形外星飞船。

JP: it’s bigger. 

JP: 它更大。

M: It’s bigger.

M: 它更大。

JP: It’s bigger

JP: 它更大

M: And this is like somewhere in the Atlantic near the Bermuda area and it’s at the bottom of the ocean.

M: 这就像是在大西洋的某个地方,靠近百慕大群岛,它在海底。

JP: Bottom of the ocean, there’s a ship that we get on right where the Ospreys land, and they land there and then there’s like an elevator. It looks like a donut this massive ship that we get on it looks like a massive donut, but in the middle there is a in the middle there’s like an elevator, like an oil rig kind of thing looking thing and then there’s an elevator that goes down to this massive ship that is under the Atlantic.


M: Oh, so this ship or craft that you were taken to is actually floating above the extraterrestrial craft at the bottom of the ocean

M: 噢,所以你被带到的这艘船或飞船实际上是漂浮在海底的外星飞船上面

JP: Yeah there’s this is how I was talking about that everybody lights up, remember I got in trouble one day because I think “Shen” or “Lovent” I don’t know who it was, but we were like they were talking, like oh you shouldn’t be here. Remember I was telling you about the guy that was doing the briefing, he saw me he got mad that I was there, and they took me back. Yeah I wasn’t supposed to be there

JP: 是的,我就是这么说的,每个人都开心起来了,记得有一天我遇到了麻烦,因为我想到了“沈”或者“洛文特”,我不知道是谁,但是我们就像他们在说,哦,你不应该在这里。还记得我跟你说的那个做简报的家伙吗? 他看到我了,他很生气我在那里,然后他们把我带回去了。是啊,我不应该在那里的

M: He was a general right I think you said he was a general.

M: 他是个将军,我想你说过他是个将军。

JP: He was a general.

JP: 他是个将军。

MS: Yeah that he was briefing everyone and it’s like said what are you doing here you shouldn’t be here.

MS: 是的,他给每个人都做了简报,就像在说,你在这里做什么,你不应该在这里。

JP: Yeah exactly.


MS: OK, so that that structure it’s like you say it’s like a mining rig. It’s just built over the abandoned ship or the you know the ET craft and they go to it down the middle like a mining rig, like a rig.

MS: 好的,这个结构,就像你说的,像一个采矿设备。它只是建立在废弃的船或你知道的 ET 飞船,他们去它的中间像一个采矿钻机,像一个钻机。

JP: Yeah.

JP: 是的。

It’s important to note that the Atlantic ark is much larger than the one found on the Moon, both were activated when a large fleet of spacecraft arrived and parked in the vicinity and Ganymede, which involved another mission that JP participated in.

值得注意的是,大西洋方舟比在月球上发现的要大得多---- 当一个大型航天器舰队抵达并停靠在邻近地区和 木卫三时,两艘航天器都被激活了,JP 参与了另一项任务。

JP next explains what happened when he traveled down the elevator with the rest of the mission members which also included a group of indigenous Aztec looking Indians into the interior of the giant space ark:

接下来,JP 解释了他和其他任务成员乘电梯下去时发生的事情,这些成员还包括一群阿兹特克土著印第安人,他们正在观察巨大的太空方舟的内部:

We were there talking and everybody it’s like talking about the discovery and how it got activated and how you hear the humming noise because everybody is like really scared to go into this ship, because once you get close to it it’s like is going like a wave like if it’s stuck in time like. You look at your hands and you wave it and you can see your hand in a wave like if you’re stuck in time so a lot of people are really scared to go into the ship but when a group of us we went. You know I was dressed in black, we change, they took us to his room uh on the back part of the donut part of the ship and they put us in roll, and then we went through um like sprays and disinfecting and all that because whatever was in this ship we didn’t want to bother it with anything that you know infected or if there is something living’, cause they found like oxygen like really pure pure pure pure oxygen inside this ship and they’re thinking that is plants that are still living. Type of like not fungi but like a Algae kind of plant,and one of the scientists they were telling me that this fungi kind of plant it is glows in the dark in this glowing it’s stuck to the walls. It is connected to this to the moldavite type of rock that is is on the walls and it’s glowing. The whole ship like a like a light blueish greenish color that goes on and off and humming and we didn’t need those drones that we used on the moon because in this massive ship it was more activated than the other ones.


MS: So you did go inside, or the elevator from the from the surface ship goes all the way from the surface of the ocean into the ship.

MS: 所以你确实进去了,或者说从水面船上的升降机,从海面一直到船上。

JP: Yeah into the surface into the ship into the ship so after we change these black clothes they put us elevator and everybody was nervous, everybody’s looking at each other. The Chinese they were laughing, they were laughing at us like making fun of us they’re like oh you pussies. You know like huh they’re laughing turn off I remember seeing Mexican looking people there as well. But they didn’t speak Spanish they spoke a like a like an ancient Aztec language, and they were really short, and you can still see the paint on their faces but they had these suits on to. So I guess when because scientists already went onto that ship but they couldn’t open certain locations that’s what happens and when they came up they were talking about oh wow time is different down there you can see your hands like multiple times when you wave it like the type of matrix you know. Like time is really slow and when you jump it takes a couple seconds to jump back down like it’s crazy, and then we started going down, and then and you look around and then when it goes to the ocean and two or three or four seconds it turns black, puh, so that’s how fast it goes. It goes really fast and we have to buckle up.

JP: 是的,进入水面,进入船里,所以我们换了这些黑色的衣服后,他们把我们放到电梯里,每个人都很紧张,每个人都看着对方。中国人在笑,他们嘲笑我们,就像取笑我们一样,他们就像哦,你们这些娘娘腔。你知道,就像哈,他们在笑,关掉我记得看到墨西哥长相的人在那里。但是他们不会说西班牙语,他们说一种类似古代阿兹特克语的语言,而且他们真的很矮,你仍然可以看到他们脸上的油漆,但是他们穿着这套西装。所以我猜是因为科学家们已经上了那艘船,但是他们不能打开某些地方,所以当他们上来的时候,他们会说,哇,时间不同了,在那里你可以看到你的手像你知道的那种矩阵一样多次挥动它。就像时间真的很慢,当你跳的时候,需要几秒钟才能像疯了一样跳回来,然后我们开始下降,然后你环顾四周,然后当它下降到海里,两三四秒就变黑了,噗,这就是它的速度。时间过得真快,我们得系好安全带。

I’m in an elevator but we’re standing up there’s no seats so we stand on the walls and you buckle up and you stay standing up and it goes down and you can feel your ears popping, like it pops, like really fast but and then the elevator has this pressurized, it pressurizes itself and then you could see it turning small because of the pressure but it’s the type of metal that is really unbreakable, it doesn’t break the type of metal so when it goes down the pressure it doesn’t it doesn’t squeeze the elevator but when it goes up and down you can see expanding and turning small.


There was a time dilation effect that mission members experienced inside the craft, and the air was compressed to facilitate their trip into the interior of the craft that would have been pressurized to some degree to withstand the enormous ocean pressures at the bottom of the Atlantic.


Once inside the space ark, JP revealed that the Mexican Aztec looking members recognized some the hieroglyphic writing and reacted very emotionally to what they were seeing. He again elaborated on the space time effect in the Ark:

一旦进入太空方舟,JP 透露,墨西哥阿兹特克族的成员认出了一些象形文字,并对他们所看到的东西作出了非常情绪化的反应。他再次阐述了方舟中的时空效应:

MS:  So when you’re down there what do you see?


JP: We see the lights of the algae like all around the place and then the little Mexicans they started pointing at the wall on these kind of writings that they were familiar with. So we went over there with them, and they were like touching it and they were like crying and happy and they were like looking at it, and they were like A curia Marte I remember that particular word “A curia Marte”, “A curia Marte” and and they were like touching it and they were really happy. That’s a particular phrase that I remember, A curia Marte, A curia Marte, A curia Marte. They were crying and say that word. They were like almost dancing because they saw this particular writing. I think it was a missing writing on their temples and Mexican or or one of these Aztec writings that they they they were like really looking for, and I guess the ruins the ruins is actually connected to a tunnel, a tunnel that goes in, goes in the earth, but we wasn’t allowed to go in there.

JP: 我们看到藻类的灯光,就像在这个地方到处都是,然后小墨西哥人开始用他们熟悉的字迹指着墙壁。于是我们和他们一起去了那里,他们喜欢抚摸它,他们喜欢哭泣和高兴,他们喜欢看着它,他们喜欢“ a curia Marte”,我记得那个特别的词“ a curia Marte”,“ a curia Marte”,他们喜欢抚摸它,他们真的很高兴。这是我记得的一个特别的短语,a curia Marte,a curia Marte,a curia Marte。他们哭着说了那个词。他们就像在跳舞,因为他们看到了这个特别的文字。我认为这是他们神庙和墨西哥,或者他们真正在寻找的阿兹特克文字的遗迹,我猜废墟实际上连接着一条隧道,一条通往地下的隧道,但是我们不被允许进入那里。

The little Mexicans looking people that try, the Indians, they went in, and they were only allowed to go in there because I think it was sacred to them that that particular area where they went under and then when they went under they never came back and everybody was like wow OK what do we do now what do we tell upstairs when when we come back and they’re not coming back, and we were like oh crap oh shit, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna say,


And then the Chinese they were starting walking towards over there but and then they started going slow, like everything was going like time, and then the one of the Chinese came back and he was out of breath. He was like, he was like, really mad that they couldn’t go, and then … they started arguing with one of our guys. Saying, “hey you guys promised us that … we were gonna go in there and investigate everything the same way we … you know we went to the moon and we’re not getting access.” So they were getting mad because they weren’t … getting access, but it wasn’t our fault the ship itself lets certain people in and certain people out.


This is a fascinating observation by JP about how the extraterrestrial ark would react to different visitors. The Mexican Aztec group was allowed to proceed far ahead, presumably because their genetics and/or frequencies were acceptable. However, when the Chinese tried to do the same, they were blocked by the craft which recognized some incompatibility. Could this have anything to do with Communist China’s materialistic philosophy influencing behavior and beliefs, thereby precluding them access deeper into the craft on their own?


JP continued his account of what happened as the multinational mission members moved forward in their exploration of the Ark:

JP 继续讲述多国使团成员在探索方舟过程中发生的事情:

So, when we went in we started going through and everything started going slow, like … slow motion, and we felt like a peace and happiness. And then the Chinese, after we started going in, the Chinese were behind us, following us. So, we were going little by little and then in the distance you could see like lights of certain kind of like crystals like Moldavite, like shining into the walls and it was beautiful, and you could see certain kinds of plants that glow. Amazing, it’s mind blowing the experience, and everybody was like almost in a chain, because we were like holding each other to get to this particular spot. And after we got to a particular place where it was full plants that glow, we saw the little Mexicans like out in the distance, but we couldn’t reach them. We scream, we talked to them but they couldn’t hear us, but we still saw them keep going but it’s slow motion, but they probably, like was … gone, but we could still see the reflection of their bodies, like leaving, like disappearing, like you could see it disappear.

所以,当我们进去的时候,我们开始经历,一切都开始慢下来,就像... 慢动作,我们感到平静和幸福。然后中国人,在我们进去之后,中国人在我们后面,跟着我们。所以,我们一点一点地走,然后在远处,你可以看到某种类似水晶的光,像捷克陨石,照进墙壁,它很漂亮,你可以看到某些种类的植物发光。令人惊奇的是,这种经历让人兴奋不已,每个人都像是被拴在一条链子上,因为我们彼此相拥,才能到达这个特别的地方。当我们到了一个特别的地方,那里到处都是发光的植物,我们看到了远处的小墨西哥人,但是我们无法接近他们。我们尖叫,我们和他们说话,但他们听不到我们,但我们仍然看到他们继续走,但这是慢动作,但他们可能,就像... ... 消失了,但我们仍然可以看到他们身体的反射,就像离开,消失,就像你可以看到它消失了。

This disappearance of the Mexican Aztec group was unanticipated, but the Mexican scientist/translator accompanying them stayed with the mission.


JP described recognizing one of the Chinese scientists as the same person he witnessed during his visit to the ancient space ark found on the Moon:


So we got to this location and then the Mexican scientists that was there, he stayed with us and the other little people that were Mexicans they left and we could we didn’t see it no more and we were also investigating the walls the writings of the walls and that same Chinese archeologist that was on the moon he was there as well, I saw him. But the guy that I was with in the moon he was not there. There was another different guy there, investigating the writings and all that and we were there just to, you know, to be with him and make sure everything is you know he does his work right, and the other guy was told to watch over the Chinese because they wanted a particular information that they didn’t tell us that they found on the Moon.


It is noticeable that even though the US and China were conducting a joint mission to explore the submerged craft, there were deep suspicions on both sides that the other was holding out on key information vital to mission success. It appears that this is going to be a perennial problem between the US and China as they collaborate in joint missions vital to planetary security.


In the next extract from our Skype call, JP responded to one of my questions:

在 Skype 通话的下一个片段中,JP 回答了我的一个问题:

MS: What was it about the ship that activated. I mean you said you know the scientists or the military got very interested or that this craft activated so before they were there they saw it and they were inside and it wasn’t activated, so when it activated what happened?

MS: 那艘被激活的船是怎么回事。我的意思是,你说你知道科学家或者军方对此很感兴趣,或者这艘飞船在他们到达之前就被激活了,所以他们在里面看到了它,但它没有被激活,所以当它激活时发生了什么?

JP: Well everything started glowing. Everything you could see the writings glowing because you know the writings they’re like, they’re like carved but because of the algae that’s grow on them and it glows you can see, you can see, you can see the language easier with the glowness of the algae that is on top of the writing. So you can see it with more perfection. So that’s what really intrigued scientists. That there were some parts that they didn’t know that there was writing, there were writings you know, and they found some similar language of the Aztecs.


The strange hieroglyphic writing could be clearly seen glowing under the algae that covered it.



I next asked JP to describe what he was feeling when inside the craft:

接下来,我请 JP 描述一下他在游戏中的感受:

MS: So, when you’re inside the craft you know you said you felt good can you talk more about your feelings, you know, what you were sensing?

MS: 所以,当你在这个行业里,你知道你说你感觉很好,你能谈谈你的感觉吗,你知道,你感觉到什么?

JP: Similar to what we felt near that Ganymede, in that particular building. You feel that happiness, and similar to what you feel on the Moon, but it was more intense. What we felt here on this ship.

JP: 和我们在木卫三附近感觉到的一样,在那个特别的建筑里。你感受到了那种幸福,和你在月球上感受到的一样,但是它更加强烈。我们在这艘船上的感受。

MS: Yeah, well when you say more intense … just describe what was going on.

MS: 是的,当你说更强烈的时候... ... 只是描述一下发生了什么。

JP: It was you see everything slow and you feel so happy that you feel like crying that you feel, like good. Only people that were mad was the Chinese because they wasn’t  given access, but you could also see their face that they were astonished with what they received. They were happy, they were almost crying, but not like these two little Mexican people, they are really happy. They were like dancing, and they were like you know they were really happy…. Then I remember looking at these other writings, I remember seeing it actually in Ganymede, because it looked really similar to these writings and I felt so much bliss like if everything was connected. Like I felt like [when] I was on the moon and Ganymede, like the same feeling.

JP: 你看到一切都慢下来了,你觉得很开心,你觉得很想哭,觉得很好。只有中国人才是疯子,因为他们不能进入,但你也可以看到他们的脸,他们对自己收到的东西感到惊讶。他们很高兴,他们几乎哭了,但不像这两个小墨西哥人,他们真的很高兴。他们就像在跳舞,他们就像你知道的,他们真的很快乐... ..。然后我记得看到其他的作品,我记得在木卫三看到过,因为它看起来和这些作品非常相似,我感到非常幸福,就好像一切都是连接在一起的。就像我在月球和 Ganymede 的时候一样,有着同样的感觉。

MS: OK, just remind me when you’re on the moon, when you’re on Ganymede, you went to some different locations and spots on the on the surface of Ganymede, different locations were any of these kind of similar like ships, similar ships or were [they] just similar technology?

MS: 好的,只要提醒我当你在月球上的时候,当你在木卫三 的时候,你去了木卫三表面的一些不同的地方和点,不同的地方有没有类似的船,类似的船,或者只是类似的技术?

JP:  Similar technology, it … is the same type of technology but I think this was even more like … older. You can tell it’s more older, … like the wear of it. It’s older and so I think there’s, like the same, I think the same age

JP: 类似的技术,它... ... 是相同类型的技术,但我认为这更像... ... 更古老。你可以看出它更古老,... ... 就像它的磨损。它比较老,所以我认为它们是一样的,我认为它们是一样的年龄

JP described how he and a few other individuals had the ability to activate the ark by simply being physically close to it. JP described how the ark lit up in areas that he walked into, but this was not the case with other personal. 

JP 描述了他和其他几个人是如何通过身体接近方舟来激活它的。JP 描述了方舟是如何在他进入的区域亮起来的,但是对于其他个人来说却不是这样。

MS: So when you went down there … your job was to accompany or assist a archaeologist studying the writings?

MS: 那么当你去那里的时候... 你的工作就是陪同或者协助一个考古学家研究那些文字?

JP: There are some things that were activated when I got there.

JP: 有些东西在我到那里的时候就被激活了。

MS: Tell me about that, well you know … when you arrive things began to activate.

MS:告诉我关于那个,你知道... 当你到达的时候,事物开始被激活。

JP: Yes, things became to light up when I was, like with certain people go no lights turn on, but when I went certain lights came on, and they were like what the hell. People were like the hell you know, like there were like surprise… it was weird but it was good feeling….  It was certain lights on the walls that were not on and they glowed on when I arrived.

JP: 是的,当我岁的时候,事情变得明朗起来,就像有些人不开灯,但是当我走的时候,有些灯亮了,他们就像是地狱。人们就像地狱,你知道,就像有惊喜... 这是奇怪的,但感觉很好... 。墙上有些灯没有亮,我到的时候它们还在发光。

MS: OK, alright so … actually your physical presence is part of the activation process or maybe you have genes or there’s something you carry.

MS:好的,好的... 实际上你的身体状况是激活过程的一部分,或者你有基因,或者你携带某种东西。

JP: Also, with the Chinese there was a guy that I could not see his face he had a hoodie and he was with the Chinese and he was also activating … you know lights and all that. And then when I … wanted to see his face always he never let me see his face. Never ever let me see this guy’s face, like I couldn’t see his face. He had a hoodie and he was also working with the Chinese but on the other side you could see the lights activating when he waved his hand. Like he knew what he was doing like activating the lights and he knew that you know what he was doing. I did not know. I just walked in and like turn on and but I think there’s certain people around the world that have, you know, that they can activate these ruins

JP: 还有一个中国人,我看不到他的脸,他穿着连帽衫,他和中国人在一起,他还激活了……你知道的,灯和所有的东西。当我想看到他的脸时,他总是不让我看到他的脸。永远别让我看到他的脸,就像我看不到他的脸一样。他穿着连帽衫,他也在和中国人一起工作,但在另一边,当他挥手时,你可以看到灯亮了。他知道他在做什么,比如激活灯光,他知道你知道他在做什么。我不知道。我走进来,打开了但是我认为世界上有一些人,他们可以激活这些废墟

Some have inquired about the rather mundane roles JP appeared to play in his covert missions to Ganymede and the Moon, given his low military rank and rather dreary armed escort duties for archeologists studying the strange hieroglyphic language. One of the things JP shared in our communications since 2008, is that he was often taken by human-looking extraterrestrials into large hemisphere structures, which he described as arks. He witnessed ancient plants, animals and technologies that were being preserved for a future time. He also said that he met several other individuals being taken to these arks—one of whom was a Chinese national.

一些人询问 JP 在他的木卫三和月球秘密任务中扮演的那些相当平凡的角色,因为他的军衔很低,而且对于研究奇怪象形文字的考古学家来说,他的武装护卫任务相当枯燥。自2008年以来,JP 在我们的交流中分享的一件事情是,他经常被看起来像人类的外星人带到大半球的结构中,他称之为方舟。他亲眼目睹了古代的植物、动物和技术被保存到未来。他还说,他遇到了其他几个被带到这些方舟上的人,其中一人是中国公民。

JP said he was taken to these large arks for a time when they would become important for humanity in dealing with planet-wide contingencies. JP began sharing this information with me around 2014, and I kept this information to myself since no one else was talking about it.

JP 说,他被带到这些大方舟的时候,它们将成为人类应对全球突发事件的重要工具。JP 在2014年左右开始与我分享这些信息,我一直对自己保密,因为没有人谈论这些。

US covert operatives, however, have monitored JP’s extraterrestrial contacts and our communications since 2008. This is best evidenced in photos of classified triangle and rectangle shaped spacecraft he photographed near MacDill Air Force Base in 2017 that he sent to me for public release with the active support of covert operatives.

然而,自2008年以来,美国秘密特工一直在监视 JP 与外星人的接触和我们的通讯。这在他2017年拍摄的机密的三角形和矩形航天器的照片中得到了最好的证明,这些照片是他在秘密特工的积极支持下,发送给我供公众发布的,他拍摄的航天器位于麦克迪尔空军基地附近。


This leads me to believe that JP is doing far more than simply escorting scientists to these ancient arks and performing mundane escort duties. Due to his earlier access or innate genetic traits, he carries some energetic frequency, vibration, or code that activates parts of the craft he visits, thereby facilitating the safety and success of missions to these ancient space arks.

这让我相信 JP 所做的远不止是护送科学家到这些古老的方舟和履行世俗的护送职责。由于他较早的接触或先天遗传特征,他携带了一些能量频率、振动或代码,激活了他访问的飞船的部分,从而促进了这些远古太空方舟任务的安全和成功。

What is intriguing about JP’s January 10 mission to one of the ancient extraterrestrial arks being found under the Atlantic Ocean is that it matches with information released by Thor Han Eredyon through Elena Danaan on January 4. When asked by Elena where the ancient arks could be found on Earth, Thor Han replied:

1月10日 JP 前往大西洋下发现的一个古代外星方舟的任务令人感兴趣的是,它与1月4日 Thor Han Eredyon 通过 Elena Danaan 发布的信息相吻合。当被 Elena 问及地球上哪里可以找到古代方舟时,Thor Han 回答道:

South-America, Central Europe, North-West of Russia… One under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This one is the biggest. There are others as well but I won’t tell any precise coordinates, it is not my responsibility but that of the Earth Alliance.

South-America,中欧,俄罗斯西北部... 一个在大西洋水下。这是最大的一个。还有其他人,但我不会告诉任何精确的坐标,这不是我的责任,但地球联盟。

Less than a week before JP’s mission, Thor Han had already independently confirmed that a space ark was under the Atlantic and it was the largest of all those hidden throughout our planet. I found this to be stunning corroboration since JP had first told me about a location in the Atlantic to which he was taken around 2014 where a massive circle shaped platform was suspended over the top of something big.

在 JP 执行任务前不到一周,索尔 · 汉已经独立地证实了大西洋下有一艘太空方舟,它是地球上所有隐藏的方舟中最大的一艘。我发现这是一个令人震惊的佐证,因为 JP 第一次告诉我大西洋上的一个地方,他在2014年左右被带到那里,一个巨大的圆形平台悬浮在某个大东西的顶部。

He wasn’t allowed to enter the floating structure when he was taken there by covert operatives. In short, JP had learned about something hidden in the Atlantic years before Thor Han’s statement.

当他被秘密特工带到那里时,他不被允许进入浮动建筑。简而言之,在索尔 · 汉发表声明之前,JP 就已经知道了隐藏在大西洋里的一些事情。

In conclusion, JP’s trip inside the Space Ark located under the Atlantic Ocean is likely just the first step in these arks being revealed. Their activation signals that there is a timetable now in play, and it’s up to the Earth Alliance to reveal them. The Ark’s location does raise the question of any possible connection to ancient Atlantis, UFO sightings in the area, and of course the famed Bermuda Triangle. I hope to soon learn from others who may have insight into what lies hidden deep beneath the Atlantic which the US Navy is keeping hidden from American citizens and the world.

总而言之,JP 进入位于大西洋下方的太空方舟之旅很可能只是这些方舟被揭示的第一步。他们的激活信号表明现在有一个时间表在运作,这取决于地球联盟来揭示他们。方舟的位置确实提出了与古代亚特兰蒂斯、该地区的 UFO 目击事件,当然还有著名的百慕达三角的任何可能的联系的问题。我希望尽快向其他人学习,他们可能对美国海军向美国公民和世界隐藏在大西洋深处的东西有所了解。

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