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August 15, 2022


This time there will not be a big situation update as not much has changed.


By now there is exchange being established with those who brought life on Earth as we know it today and made human life and more possible. These descendants of the prime creator arrived approximately 300 million years ago and were already followed by a swarm of parasites (chimera/primary anomaly) back then. That is why around 300 million years ago the first ‚big‘ lifeforms emerged on this planet. Things tend to develop these ways even before these descendants fully arrive at the destination systems. As you can easily see, they could not finish their colonisation perfectly yet as we still got problems on Earth with the chimera today. What has been decreed approximately in this post is even more relevant in this context than it was till now. At that time Earth has been declared as a successful colonisation other descendants of the prime creator who came to liberate Earth (the central race is highly connected but these are rather very ancient, individual people). These descendants who came to accept or neglect the colonisation of Earth are of course even closer to the prime creator himself than those who came 300 million years ago. So the evaluation of Earth centered around 2012 was deemed successful and therefore investments of time and energy are being made to get rid of all parasites and prepare Earth as a blooming home for the living beings here. That IS the liberation of Earth and the Lightforces proceeding and processing in the final clean up.


What this means all in all is that fulfilment for the Earth is nearing, which means evacuation for many humans and ascension for those who are able to stay. But generally this means the fulfilment of life on Earth in general may it be a better life through evacuation or via ascension as a fully healed human being.


As I said in the last update already, life is close to take back the surface of Earth once and for all. That means the first islands of light will finally be fully established and the lifes of some Starseeds will therefore become much safer and better. There will be a lot of relief for those involved in the liberation as soon as the surface gets administered by the Lightforces part by part.

正如我在上一次更新中所说,生命即将一劳永逸地夺回地球表面。这意味着第一个光之岛将最终完全建立起来,一些 Starseeds 的生命将因此变得更加安全和美好。一旦星球表面被“光之力量”一部分一部分地管理,那些参与解放的人们将会得到很大的安慰。

If you can, please orient to the Lightforces and concentrate your consciousness on Liberation as much as possible - that is pretty much which counts most by now - we are still in red alert.


There will be random topics following again, unveiling more of the current scenario on Earth:


  • The chimera and their tactics rely heavily on the illusion that all humans are the same or the same size. As we already know via Cobra, quite the opposite is true and approximately every 16th human is even completely their puppet. This is how the chimera uses energetic dynamics against humans and creates anti-life tendencies in the target species (humanity):


  • Let us say we have person A who is a big soul and person B who is ensouled by a tiny soul not bigger than a mouse. What the chimera does is they pretend they are the same size and what they get in life is dependent on how hard they work and luck. First off they are not really the same size. Secondly the chimera will give person B more than A no matter how hard each one of them works. Other persons will see that as luck or rather bad luck in case of person A, the chimera will keep it in a threshold so other persons still perceive the discrepancy between A and B as 'normal'. What happens is that person B, the smaller one, gets all the pleasurable stuff while the bigger one, A, gets just a tiny bit of those fulfilling things (may it be love-partners, travels or anything a human perceives as fulfilment). What happens energetically by this dynamic is the following: the fulfilment of person A is the maximum person B SHOULD get in percent. So if person A gets a journey which fulfils a human to let's say '100 points' and person B would get the same journey for 100 points but the size difference is that person B is 5% of person A, then person B should have gotten a journey fulfilling only maximum of 5 points if life on Earth should stay balanced. What the chimera does is the opposite, they give person A a journey for 100 points (or less, just so this seems like a normal or unlucky life) and person B a journey for 1000 points. What happens is this person B was legitimately ready to receive a journey for 5 points but got one for 1000 points. That means person B is in debt for 995 points and the drag for fulfilment for person A is enormous, as smaller people have much more fun (person B) which is a heavily negative experience for A (thinking he/she would have done something wrong).

假设我们有一个人 A 是一个大灵魂,另一个人 B 被一个不比老鼠大的小灵魂赋予灵魂。奇美拉所做的是他们假装他们是一样的大小,他们在生活中得到的取决于他们有多努力工作和运气。首先,他们并不是真的一样大小。其次,无论 B 多么努力地工作,嵌合体都会给B多于A。其他人会认为这是运气,或者更确切地说是人A 的运气不好,嵌合体会把它保持在一个阈值内,所以其他人仍然认为A和B之间的差异是“正常的”。结果就是,个子较小的B得到了所有令人愉悦的东西,而个子较大的A只得到了那些令人满足的东西中的一小部分(可能是爱情伴侣、旅行或者任何人类认为是满足的东西)。这个动态过程中发生的积极变化如下: a 的满足是 b 应该得到的最大百分比。因此,如果 A 的旅程能满足一个人,比如说“100分”,而 B 的旅程也能满足100分,但大小差异是B 是 A 的5% ,那么 B的旅程最多只能满足5分,如果地球上的生活保持平衡的话。奇美拉做的是相反的,他们给人A 一个100分的旅程(或者更少,只是这看起来像是一个正常或不幸的生活)和人B一个1000分的旅程。实际情况是,这个人 B本来准备好以5分获得一次旅行,但是以1000分获得了一次。这意味着B 有995分的债务,而 a 在完成任务方面受到的拖累是巨大的,因为小个子的人有更多的乐趣(B) ,这对A 来说是非常消极的经历(认为他/她会做错事)。

  • That scheme does not happen just once with a journey but it happens all the time, so person B is a very happy human (although completely controllable, having the soul-size of a mouse) while person A will become disappointed and knows that he/she should have had what person B had and more. That is of course an inversion of life the chimera achieves here. What makes it most cruel is that humans do not know any of that dynamic but are just passive victims of the mechanism. And person Bs are the majority by the way, so all the person Bs among humanity will be very inclined to like the chimera and support them (mostly subconsciously). While the mechanism is even worse for all the person Bs in the end, because of the heavy debt they have towards life itself, you could even call it traitorship because it tends to become conscious that they are doing something wrong - but who would deny happiness rolling in for ‚free‘?

这个计划不会在旅途中只发生一次,但它总是发生,所以B 是一个非常快乐的人(尽管完全可控,有老鼠的灵魂大小) ,而A会感到失望,知道他/她应该拥有B所拥有的甚至更多。这当然是奇美拉在这里实现的生命倒置。最残酷的是,人类并不知道其中的任何动态,而只是被动的受害者。顺便说一下,B 人格占大多数,所以人类中所有B 型人格都会非常倾向于喜欢并支持他们(大多数是下意识的)。尽管这种机制最终对所有 B族人来说更加糟糕,因为他们对生活本身负有沉重的债务,但你甚至可以称之为背叛,因为它往往意识到他们正在做错事——但谁会否认幸福是“免费的”呢?

  • The chimera though knows exactly what they are doing and that person B is in debt. So when person B has to pay the debt which the chimera cast upon them back, the chimera comes and takes the 5%-mouse-soul. This is highly probable, as paying back the energetic debt is so hard it is almost impossible and means for example living a life like a beggar for several hundred years. That is depending of course on how long person B received the treats - but think of a long very uncomfortable life person B would have to live to get their own balance back into the positive. So the chimera then prepares person B for a pact with them, which they cannot really refuse as their continuation without that pact would become unbearable for them.

尽管奇美拉确切地知道他们在做什么,而那个人 B 负债累累。所以当 B不得不偿还奇美拉施加给他们的债务时,奇美拉来了,带走了5% 的老鼠灵魂。这是很有可能的,因为偿还能量债务是如此困难,几乎是不可能的,例如意味着像乞丐一样生活几百年。这当然取决于 b 接受治疗的时间长短,但是想想 b 要活很长时间才能让自己的平衡变得积极。于是奇美拉准备让 b 与他们签订契约,他们无法真正拒绝,因为如果没有这个契约,他们将无法忍受继续下去。

  • You see that by this mechanism the chimera wins all the time, person A is disappointed and very unfulfilled while the chimera collects all the smaller souls, person Bs, into pact or into a life which is only torture for them - and even rightfully so to some degree. So the chimera causes the fall of person A and person B at the same time while constantly harvesting energy from both.

你可以看到,通过这种机制,奇美拉总是获胜,人 A 感到失望和非常不满足,而奇美拉收集所有较小的灵魂,人 B,达成协议或进入一种生活,这对他们来说只是一种折磨,甚至在某种程度上是正确的。所以奇美拉导致 A 和 B同时倒下,同时不断地从两个人身上获取能量。

  • Very few humans know about these dynamics obviously and when Cobra tells that only 500 persons worldwide have reached a level of understanding of what really is going on Earth, it rings a bell.

显然,很少有人知道这些动力学,当 Cobra 告诉我们,全世界只有500人达到了了解地球真实情况的水平时,我想起了一件事。

  • That is how the chimera hurts the big souls and forces the smaller ones into pact and even earns while doing it.


  • The problem with the coming Event is that the pacts will not hold the contractees of the chimera stable, so equalisation comes anyway and it will be most painful for those humans in debt or in pacts - another win for the chimera. What this leads to is that the corresponding humans in debt cannot heal on Earth and have to be evacuated while the contractees will be gotten rid of to judgement planets. Problem is that this kind of debt has been accepted as normal by most humans subconsciously. Most smaller humans live a life much better than the life of several huge souls on this planet. And the chimera knows exactly about these energetic dynamics and what they are doing. They know that they cause the mass evacuations by that and simply want to destroy as much life as they can, and for them each evacuation of a human is a win against the prime creator and creation itself.


  • Since the last black alert on the portal blog, many old cabal members have been transported off Earth for neutralisation in the central sun almost daily. That means those people who handle and are behind nearly all popular people in the media are running thinner and thinner. It also means there is not much room anymore for those people in the media to keep the cabal lies active and that they will at some point have to lay open as much truth as they possibly can.


  • Basically all stars who are talking of problems of humanity but do not lay open the cabal behind those problems will stay the hired clowns they are.


  • That whole star phenomenon on Earth is heavily fabricated by the cabal anyway and while some might have had talents, it is obviously the cabal who gives them more skills and blows them up into the media for several reasons. They have to be 100% controllable or they will be taken back down. Look how much for example Rhianna's career suffered since she confessed on video that she had visions of the devil at night and wanted to get out of that pact (you can probably still find that video on Youtube).


  • Also the star life is a bit like having fun, partying and having orgies on floor 2 of a one-family-house while at the same time humans are being raped and starving on floor 1 of the same house. No human would live that way in such a house. But on Earth, being seen as that house, humans think it is ok to not care for the most fundamental problems of the species first.


  • Also the problems stars and politicians address are usually layer 1 of a 10-layer-problem. Layer 1 is the superficial problem which humans are educated and told about. Sometimes the stars and politicians even come up with a layer 2 view on the problem, but that is pretty much it (just to be seen as ‚highly intelligent‘). Their income is based on keeping it to layer 1 or 2 which is why they regard every higher layer being exposed as "to be proven" or even as a conspiracy theory - but generally they tend to ignore the higher layers of the problem as their income suffers if the truth is getting out.


  • Sometimes the cabal lays open higher layers of problems to contractees or people they are interested in. Naturally people are enlightened with that truth and get a boost of being special by that acquisition of such knowledge. However they will stop at a certain layer which would get too close to the truth, let's say layer 5 will lead people to the cabal being the root-problem, then the cabal obviously tries to keep people to a maximum of layer 4. And those will be astounded by their enormously high world-view already (while it is still just part of the cabal lies). That is why the cabal hates people like Cobra and other Starseeds so much, they have achieved a complete view of the problems up to layer 10 and tell about it openly. That of course makes the main course of the cabal, which sadly are humans, wake up and their food suddenly runs and tries to escape (these are pretty much mainly the ascendants by now).


  • So basically all their stars and politicians are set up to stay at layer 1 or 2 and will be quietened fast if they would wake up anyone - which is highly improbable after they were treated for stardom by the cabal for years.


  • Just look at the climate crisis for a good example. Cobra laid open that the climate changes are coming naturally because of certain cycles the solar system goes through. Even several human scientists agree with that view. While the mainstream media still goes for humanity being the cause of the changes and all politicians swinging in to actionism, basing their whole income off the version in which humans are responsible for the climate-changes. You see by now almost the whole planetary politics are working out things because of climate change - they are 'solving' layer 1 of the problem. And that all happens while the problem in fact has a completely different root cause which is a cycle of the solar system. They are working to solve a blatant lie set up by the cabal which can of course not be solved at all.

看看气候危机就知道了。Cobra 揭示了气候变化是自然发生的,因为太阳系经历了某些周期。甚至一些人类科学家也同意这一观点。虽然主流媒体仍然认为人类是变化的原因,所有政治家都投身于行动主义,他们的全部收入都建立在人类应对气候变化负责的版本之上。你可以看到,现在几乎整个地球政治都在解决气候变化带来的问题——他们正在“解决”问题的第一层。这一切发生的时候,问题实际上有一个完全不同的根源,那就是太阳系的周期。他们正在努力解决阴谋集团编造的一个公然的谎言,当然这个谎言根本解决不了。

  • There you can see what happens, so much income worldwide has been based on the assumption of humanity being the cause for climate change and the measures against it. So if someone has the unpopular truth held up, people all over the world will suddenly hate him, because they invested so much time into a completely cabal-made-up topic. Even being educated on the television is such investment for people that they will tend to hate the truth and go with the veil of lies the cabal presents.


  • You can expand this example to nearly all problems discussed in the mainstream media. If those people do not mention a globally acting cabal or at least the Khazarian mafia as being one of the core problems, then those people are (oftentimes still unconscious) pretenders and will soon lose all their ground. It will soon be obvious that they are just pretenders, wanting to have an income based on superficially treating artificial problems (set up by the cabal) - an income they demand from the real people for presenting those lies.


  • The more the truth comes out, the more those people will stand in the open as the clowns they always were (and never even knew of themselves). Most of them will not even know yet that they are just being used by the cabal to push artificial problems and ‚solutions‘ through. That will be the hard reality of the shift into the next cosmic cycle taking place, truth coming in and pretenders falling everywhere, trying to cover up.


  • Needless to say, most stars and politicians or even popular people in general will probably not make the shift into the age of Aquarius, simply because they were partying on floor 2 while people are being raped on floor 1 of the same one-family-house.


  • That is also why humanity was not accepted as one species and why the judgement taking place is so highly individual. Some humans are behaving so bad and have latent sociopathic tendencies, that the rest of humanity will not want to back those - rightfully so.


  • The chimera wants the be the invisible third in everything you get, in every wish fulfilled. Even if you need to invest a lot into idealistic or intellectual things, they want to be in between you and your fulfilment. That happens for one reason, they want to be involved to take whatever you achieved back from you if you do not comply with them once they come to you. They will then claim that they realised what you wanted to achieve and as you do not comply, they could take it from you again.


  • That is why, at least in this stage of liberation, you should rather depend on your own and things you completely know in whatever you do.


  • One example is going to a fitness-studio: So you might want to train your body and many ascendents will realize that your body is a gift from godly origin or at least it can become yours if you get over certain problems with it (like implants). So some might go to the fitness-studio because it has gotten a cheap and easy way to train your body and get back into a shape that would be easier seen as God-like than many other human forms around you. Problem is you do not know those pieces of equipment - which pretty much means, you neither did build them yourself nor could you build them yourself. Even the ideas for those training-mechanics were not from you. That means for the cabal at the current stage that whoever build those machines and whoever owns the ideas also owns whatever you achieved with your body (their logic). Sounds completely nuts and it certainly is but that will not keep the cabal from demanding something for getting you what you wanted (a trained body) easier. And that even is (at least partly) based on cosmic principles - so they have some right for doing so. But even if you pay for using the machines in the gym and common sense would argue that whatever you achieve then after paying for it is yours, the cabal will nevertheless cause problems because of that kind of strange ownership.

一个例子是去健身工作室: 所以你可能想要训练你的身体,许多提升者会意识到你的身体是来自神的礼物,或者至少它可以成为你的,如果你克服了某些问题(比如植入物)。因此,一些人可能会去健身房,因为它已经得到了一个便宜和简单的方式来训练你的身体,并恢复到一个形状,将更容易看到像上帝一样比你周围的其他人类形式。问题是你不了解这些设备——这就意味着,你既不是自己做的,也不可能自己做。甚至那些训练机械师的想法也不是你想出来的。这意味着在当前阶段的阴谋集团,无论谁建立这些机器和谁拥有的想法,也拥有你的身体(他们的逻辑)所取得的任何成就。听起来完全疯狂,这当然是,但这不会阻止阴谋集团要求你更容易得到你想要的东西(一个训练有素的身体)。这甚至(至少部分地)是基于宇宙的原则——所以他们有权这样做。但是,即使你为使用健身房的机器付费,常识会认为,无论你付费后取得了什么成就,都是你的,但阴谋集团仍然会因为这种奇怪的所有权而引起问题。

  • Therefore it is usually better to just train your body with gravity and whatever you have available naturally - also it is much closer to what you would do when ascended, being more content with yourself even ascetic to a degree.


  • This applies to all other skills and what you want to learn or become as well - the less you depend on their systems (and most human systems were developed by them and rather ‚channeled’ through humans).


  • You can of course use all the systems normal humans use and they should rather be forbidden usage than the ascendents, but it might cause some problems or might become quite costly - a cost the Lightforces and the Goddess have to pay if you were accepted by them as one of the ascendants.


  • You can see the veil of lies which was set up by the cabal for humanity like an onion around each human. All the layers to the outside contain higher truths but each new layer is also another lie which is completely consistent with the layers to the inside which you passed already. So at nearly each layer, usual humans are feeling highly enlightened and think they found 'the' truth, while it is actually just an even more complex lie. Until you reach the outside, which approximately 500 people reached according to Cobra - 500 of approximately 8,000,000,000 humans which is quite tough.

你可以看到阴谋集团为人类设置的谎言面纱,就像每个人周围的洋葱一样。外面的所有层次都包含了更高的真理,但是每一个新层次也是另一个谎言,它与你已经通过的内部层次完全一致。因此,几乎在每一层,普通人都觉得高度开明,认为他们发现了“真相”,而实际上这只是一个更复杂的谎言。直到你到达外面,根据 Cobra-500,大约500人到达,大约8,000,000,000人,这是相当困难的。

  • The funny thing about those onion layers is that the chimera already knows approximately at which layer they 'get you'. That means they see it as easy as how far your eyes are opened if you would fall for the complex lie at ‚layer 7‘ for example. Then again you will open your eyes wider while you ascend, so chances are you will make it through since the Lightforces and the Goddess are already close and will help you up - also the truth bubbling up to the open will help. Nevertheless you can see that mechanism as parasitic bubbles or like an invisible cocoon around every human.


  • And when you ascended far enough you will easily see the later ascendents being stuck on certain levels you already crossed. You see them where you were and you see the problems and the solution with that, which will result in the earlier ascendents caring to get the later ones through.



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