X22报道|第2642集: 美联储陷入自己的计划,渗透而非入侵

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美国是从内部渗透而不是入侵,[ DS ]知道如果他们不能从人民那里拿走武器,他们就会失去。[ DS ]现在所做的一切都暴露了他们是谁和他们是什么,人们现在看到了渗透,他们清醒了,人们正在反击并清除那些推动[ DS ]计划的人。

X22报道|第2642集: 美联储陷入自己的计划,渗透而非入侵

Ep. 2642a – [CB] Trapped Themselves In Their Own Plan, Tick Tock

Ep. 2642a –[CB] 把自己困在自己的计划里,滴答

Ep. 2642b – Infiltration Instead Of Invasion, J6 Narrative Collapsing, Nobody Escapes This

第2642b 集-渗透而非入侵,j6叙事崩溃,无人逃脱



The [CB] pushed their Great Reset/Green New Deal plan via the pandemic, they put everything in motion to have a controlled economic collapse, now they are caught in their own plan. The people will hold the accountable, this will unite the people.



The US was infiltrated from within instead of an invasion, the [DS] knew if they could not remove the weapons from the people they would lose. Everything the [DS] is now doing is exposing who and what they are, people are now seeing the infiltration and they are awake and the people are pushing back and removing those who are pushing the [DS] plan. The J6 narrative is falling apart, Bannon is now pushing discovery and wants all docs, the narrative is about to collapse, Trump already told us that it would be exposed just like the Russia hoax. Nobody escapes this, nobody. 

美国是从内部渗透而不是入侵,[ DS ]知道如果他们不能从人民那里拿走武器,他们就会失去。[ DS ]现在所做的一切都暴露了他们是谁和他们是什么,人们现在看到了渗透,他们清醒了,人们正在反击并清除那些推动[ DS ]计划的人。J6的叙述正在崩溃,班农正在推动发现,并希望得到所有的文档,叙述即将崩溃,特朗普已经告诉我们,它将像俄罗斯的骗局一样被揭穿。没人能逃过这一劫,没人能。


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