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Thank you for your overwhelming amount of subscriptions and heart-warming comments on my last episode 'The Return of JFK Jr.'I've been writing geo-political articles for 3 years now and 3 months ago I added the video's because that gives a more personal touch to the content,and it looks like my labor of love is finally coming to fruition.Thank you!It's an honor to be part of the army of digital soldiers,bringing you the Great Awakening to the Truth

感谢你们对我最后一集《小肯尼迪的归来》(The Return of JFK jr.)的大量订阅和温暖人心的评论。我已经写了三年的地缘政治文章,三个月前我添加了这个视频,因为它给内容增加了更多的个人色彩,看起来我的热爱之旅终于开花结果了。谢谢!能够成为数字化军队的一员是一种荣耀,为你带来了通向真理的大觉醒

Last episode I asked why the gravesite of JFK is in the shape of the letter Q.I found a video that showed that the license plates of Kennedy's car read:GG 300.The letter G is the 7th letter of the alphabet.When you add the numbers:7+7+3=17=Q.

上一集我问为什么肯尼迪的墓地是字母Q的形状,我发现一段视频显示肯尼迪的车牌是 GG 300。字母 G 是字母表中的第7个字母。当你把这些数字相加:7+7+317= Q


Last episode we talked about Kennedy's magazine George.Platform 2020."…so buckle up your chin strap and hold on as George enters the time warp and reemerges in the year 2020."Time warp?Doesn't that sound like time travel?



Then I suddenly thought of an article I wrote some 2 years ago called'Is Trump an Angel in Disguise?'where I covered the bigger Illuminati/Deep State connection and a higher dimensional aspect of Trump's role in the planetary liberation of the evil Luciferian forces at work.I ended the article with the mention of Ingersoll Lockwood's 1893 book'Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey'.A little boy called Baron Trump,who lives in Castle Trump,embarks on an adventure to Russia,guided by'the master of all masters',a man named'Don',to find a secret portal to travel through time.



But Ingersoll Lockwood's 1896 novel'The Last President'gives an even more unexplainable similarity to today's political situation.After an enormously opposed'outsider'political candidate is elected,turmoil and panic erupts in the city of New York,citing an address on Fifth Avenue where now Trump tower stands.After the candidate's inauguration he picks his cabinet,which includes a man named Pence.



I couldn't explain the creepy parallels until I wrote the article'The Curious Connection between Professor John Trump,Richard Nixon and Donald Trump'a few months ago,and connected those finds to George's magazine'Survival Guide to the Future.'

直到几个月前我写了一篇文章《约翰·特朗普教授、理查德·尼克松和唐纳德·特朗普之间的奇怪联系》(The Curious Connection between Professor John TrumpRichard Nixon and Donald Trump),并将这些发现与乔治的杂志《未来生存指南》(Survival Guide to The Future


So,buckle up your chin strap because this episode,we'll even go a little further into this mysterious connection.


We have to go back in time to the extra ordinary genius inventor Nikola Tesla.Since only the Tesla-Coil is remembered,it is clear that a great injustice is done to this man as he was the one who basically invented the 20th century.Tesla's approximately 700 inventions and some 200 patents included'alternating current'motors,rocket engine designs,particle beam weapons,and a wireless electrical system.Less known are his experiments with antigravity,invisibility and even time travel.


In 1885 Tesla discovered that time and space could be influenced by using'highly charged,rotating magnetic fields'.With these experiments in'high voltage electricity and magnetic fields'Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached or warped,creating a'doorway'that could lead to other time frames.



If Tesla had perfected his time travel invention,the military Tesla-based research surely was disastrous as we know through the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia experiment.



With the Illuminati conspiracy in mind it shouldn't come as a surprise that when Nikola Tesla died in 1943,he was a poor man,and his inventions and papers were classified as nothing but speculative and philosophical thoughts.As I said before,when investigating history and politics,always keep the Luciferian NWO conspiracy in mind,which I have covered in my 4-part Illuminati series.And for further research,don't miss the 5-part series from Edge of Wonder on the Cult of Communism.

当尼古拉·特斯拉在1943年去世的时候,他是一个穷人,他的发明和论文被归类为纯粹的投机和哲学思想,这一点不应该让人感到惊讶。正如我之前所说,当调查历史和政治,始终保持在心中的路西法 NWO 阴谋,我已经在我的4部分光照派系列报道。为了进一步的研究,不要错过《神奇边缘:GCZY崇拜》的5集系列。

The man who wrote the Illuminati blueprint for the WWI,WWII,and the WWIII,was the Luciferian general Albert Pike.I recommend a short 10-minute video on this top Illuminati Grand Wizard,which explains in detail how the blueprint for a WWIII is being executed,fomenting the rise of extreme Islam,thus using this Muslim cult as an instrument to force a nuclear Armageddon.


The end of this video,however,sounds a little gloomy.We are winning this war against pure evil.All we need to do is inform ourselves and share this information.Once you are awake,the spell is gone.And yes,meditation and prayer helps more than you know.In the name of Jesus Christ.


When you come to realize that world wars are planned ages ago,and that some key players,Deep State puppets and stooges like HRC,have been groomed from birth for their position to diabolically destruct everything that is beautiful,sacred and divine,you must come to the conclusion that the white hats of the Alliance have equally prepared certain individuals to fight these sick and evil forces.


Back to Nikola Tesla.Who was the man asked by the FBI to review Tesla's personal papers upon his death in 1943?That was professor John Trump.Why him?As professor at MIT he was a widely acknowledged expert in classified government studies like the Rosswell UFO crash,in high voltage radiation and Van de Graaf generators,a key component of the propulsion systems in flying saucer research.

回到尼古拉·特斯拉。特斯拉在1943年去世时,FBI 要求他查看他的个人文件,这个人是谁?那是约翰·特朗普教授。为什么是他?作为麻省理工学院的教授,他是政府机密研究领域公认的专家,比如罗斯韦尔 UFO 坠毁事件,高压辐射和范德格拉夫发电机,这是飞碟研究中推进系统的关键组成部分。


If Tesla's work was nothing but speculative thoughts,then why would professor Trump have abandoned his work on high voltage energy and continued to study Tesla's work on the acceleration of heavy particles to high energies,which is the closest thing to time machines,according to Stephen Hawking?


Back to Ingersoll Lockwood and his prophetic books about time travel and political turmoil.Isn't it curious that Tesla and Lockwood lived in the same city of New York during the same time that Tesla worked on his time travel machine and Lockwood wrote his books?Could Lockwood have traveled to the future in one of Tesla's time travel machines and based his prophetic books on his visions of the future?



We've come to the conclusion that the Cabal/Deep State has groomed certain people from birth for positions of power,and their final piece of art,Hillary Clinton,would lead us to the creation of their Luciferian NWO through a nuclear Armageddon.

我们已经得出结论,阴谋集团/深层国家已经培养了某些人从出生的权力地位,他们的最后一件艺术品,希拉里克林顿,将带领我们创造他们的路西法NWO 通过核末日。

The Alliance of white hats naturally had picked their candidate to fight these sick and evil people and liberate humanity from a life of satanic slavery.Was professor Trump informed about Ingersoll Lockwood's books and was he aware that his nephew Donald Trump would play a vital role in the political future of the United States?Was professor Trump playing an important part in the grooming of his young nephew?Was the nuclear uncle preparing the young Don for his future responsibility:defeating satanic and demonic forces to prevent a nuclear Armageddon?

白帽联盟自然而然地选择了他们的候选人来与这些病态和邪恶的人作斗争,并将人类从邪恶的奴役生活中解放出来。特朗普教授是否知道英格索尔·洛克伍德(Ingersoll Lockwood)的书,是否知道他的侄子唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)将在美国的政治未来中扮演重要角色?特朗普教授在培养他年轻的侄子方面发挥了重要作用吗?这位核大叔是否为年轻的唐未来的职责做好了准备:击败邪恶和恶魔势力来阻止核大决战?


If professor Trump continued to work on Tesla's work on the acceleration of heavy particles to high energies,or time travel machines,did he share this work with his nephew Donald Trump?Rumors are that Donald Trump traveled to the future under the name of soldier John Titor,where he discovered a nuclear dystopia.He then returned and worked tirelessly to become president and thus,prevent this future.Is this true?I don't know.



What I do know is that,just like in Lockwood's book'The Last President',the United States is in turmoil because of this'outsider'president.The Alliance knew that the Deep State would do everything in their power to vilify and demonize the one person that could drain the Swamp.And the Deep State had the most powerful weapon in their hands:a perfect working propaganda machine called mainstream media that had been in place since the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations even before the WWII.


The Alliance also knew that JFK Jr.never would be safe from the Deep State,so they brought him to safety and allowed him to work from behind the scenes on the take down of the Deep State,and the murderers of his father,with his good friend Donald Trump.



The Alliance knew they needed a special event to turn the tide on the negative image the Deep State had created of Donald Trump,with their constant lies and propaganda.This special event is the return of JFK Jr.Even Simon Parkes acknowledged in his radio show from past Sunday at minute 9.22,that this event will be so big that it will swing the necessary electors behind Trump.Then imagine that JFk Jr.will be running as vice president next to Donald Trump?

联盟知道他们需要一个特殊的事件来扭转深层国家用不断的谎言和宣传给唐纳德·特朗普塑造的负面形象。这个特别的事件就是小肯尼迪的回归。就连西蒙·帕克斯(Simon Parkes)也在上周日922分的广播节目中承认,这一事件将如此重大,以至于必要的选举人都会支持特朗普。那么想象一下,小肯尼迪(JFk jr.)将与唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)一起竞选副总统?

Remember that video I mentioned earlier about the license plates GG 300?In that same video at 0.48 minutes you can hear JFK Jr.saying to Jay Leno who just asked him if he will run for president:"…being the vice president,I guess."

还记得我之前提到的那个关于车牌 GG 300的视频吗?在同一段0.48分钟的视频中,你可以听到小肯尼迪对杰·雷诺说:"我想,我是副总统。"雷诺刚刚问他是否会竞选总统

Last but not least,let's have a look at Melania's latest fashion statement,a bright yellow dress she wore at trump's rally at Orlando.In nautical terms the yellow code flag means Q!

最后,让我们来看看梅拉尼娅最新的时尚宣言,她在奥兰多的特朗普集会上穿的亮黄色连衣裙。在航海术语中,黄色代码旗的意思是 Q




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