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"Omission Is The Most Powerful Form Of Lie"~George Orwell


X22 Report News Flash(C-VINE Vetted)X22新闻快讯(C-VINE 审核)


'The X22 Report gives accurate political daily news.X22


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X22视频2285解读|选举的影响无法阻止即将到来的一切During the probe into President Trump with Russian Collusion,the phrase that the mainstream media(MSM)always used was,'The walls are closing in around Trump.'Did they?In actuality,the walls are closing in on the Deep State players.Who are they closing in on…HRC,Joe Biden,Obama,Brennan,Comey and many more!


Since the Senate report came out,surprisingly the MSM reported a slight amount about Hunter Biden.However,the WAPO,CNN,New York Times,The Hill,The Daily Beast,NBC News,The Wall Street Journal,CBS News,and Forbes,omitted something quite important.They omitted the parts about human trafficking,sex trafficking and also the$3.5 million wire transfer to Hunter received from the widow of the former mayor of Moscow,Russia.Why did the media leave this out?This is a pretty big deal!Are they hiding something?

自从参议院的报告出来,令人惊讶的是,MSM 报告了少量关于亨特拜登。然而,《华尔街日报》、CNN、《纽约时报》、《国会山报》、《每日野兽》、NBC 新闻、《华尔街日报》、CBS 新闻和《福布斯》都忽略了一些相当重要的内容。他们省略了人口贩卖,性交易,以及从前莫斯科市长的遗孀那里收到的350万美元的电汇。为什么媒体没有报道这件事?这是一个相当大的交易!他们在隐瞒什么吗?

    A while back,Don Jr.met with a Russian?He was accused(which later was debunked)of Russian Collusion,trying to get something on HRC.But in this scenario with Hunter receiving$3.5 million indirectly from the mayor of Moscow while his father was Vice President of the United States,is indeed Russian Collusion.Don Jr.was front page news for weeks.Shouldn't the media return the favor for Hunter Biden?Are they being controlled?


    We also know in the Senate report that former Secretary of State John Kerry,got caught lying to reporters in 2019,when asked whether he was aware of former VP Joe Biden's son serving in a lucrative war position for a Ukrainian energy company.Hunter Biden raked in upwards of$50,000 per month from serving on the board,despite no prior experience in the industry. Why was Hunter being compensated far beyond other board members in this field?


    President Trump has filled the Federal Judge positions across the country.He has the Department of Homeland Security electronically monitoring the elections at the polls.He acknowledged the potential fraud with mail-in voting.Now,he will nominate a new Supreme Court Justice.With all this,once he has the Supreme Court Justice confirmed,they can then decide the election if the votes are not clear.Patriots are in control!


    Will the Deep State players concede defeat?No.Adam Schiff tweeted,"This is how democracy dies.A president so desperate to cling to power that he won't commit to a peaceful transition of power.That he seeks to throw out millions of votes.And a Republican Party too craven to say a word.But we will fight back.America belongs to the people.Why is Schiff projecting?None of these accusations are anyting Trump as embraced.What kind of fight are the DS players planning?Should we be concerned?

深州的球员会认输吗?没有。亚当·希夫在推特上写道:"这就是民主的消亡。一个总统如此渴望抓住权力不放,以至于他不会承诺一个和平的权力交接。他试图投出数百万张选票。还有一个胆小得连一个字都不敢说的共和党。但我们会反击。美国属于人民。为什么希夫是突出的?所有这些指控都不是特朗普喜欢的那种。DS 玩家计划进行什么样的战斗?我们应该担心吗?

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report

    Trump said if it's a fair and free election he will concede.But we must remember,it was Hillary Clinton who said Joe Biden should not concede,no matter what.She never got over the fact she lost the election and now her poor sport attitude is being fanned into the whole Democratic Party.The same people who wouldn't concede in 2016 are the same people who won't concede in 2020.These people are such poor sports.


    Ruth Bader Ginsburg(RGB)passed away.President Trump attended and paid his respects to her.The crowd around him booed him during the viewing of RGB!They were chanting,"Vote Him Out,Vote Him Out!"What's wrong with some people?Was this the time or place to have a political protest?It certainly showed what Trump is made of.Obama didn't even go to Justice Scalia's funeral.President Trump,

鲁思·金斯伯格(RGB)去世。特朗普总统出席并向她表达了敬意。在观看 RGB 时,他周围的人群向他发出嘘声!他们高喊着,"投他出去,投他出去!"有些人怎么了?这是进行政治抗议的时间或地点吗?这无疑表明了特朗普素质。奥巴马甚至没有参加斯卡利亚大法官的葬礼。特朗普总统:

    Christopher Wray testified in front of Congress today.He was asked if he had witnessed any type of voter fraud with mail-in votes.He said he has not seen any evidence of national voter fraud at all.So to be clear,he has not seen the mail that was dumped behind the beauty salon,nor the ballots found in Patterson nor the ballots that went missing.How could that be when just recently,the FBI found mail-in ballots which were discarded in Pennsylvania.All of them were cast for President Trump.Why isn't Wray looking where the FBI is looking?Isn't he the Director of the FBI?


    We caught China duplicating American ballots,we know ballots are being sent to new and old addresses,people can steal or swap them out.This is what the DS wants.

我们发现天/朝复制了美国的选票,我们知道选票被送到了新旧地址,人们可以窃取或交换它们。这就是 DS 想要的

    We know there will be a lot of October surprises.One is the censorship of Social Media.Facebook,YouTube,and Twitter have decided their definition of hate speech is the one the world must embrace.But,in the U.S.Constitution,Section 230,does not break down hate speech.Each group might find something hateful or each group might not find something hateful.We have the freedom to scroll on by with things we don't agree with so why is social media dictating to us the definiton of hate speech?The advertisers have decided what hate speech is.Why?Control?An agenda?Elections?Why all at the same time?

我们知道十月会有很多惊喜。一个是对社交媒体的审查。和 Twitter 已经决定了他们对仇恨言论的定义是这个世界必须接受的。但是,根据美国宪法第230条款,仇恨言论并没有被打破。每个群体都可能会发现一些可恨的东西,或者每个群体都不会发现一些可恨的东西。我们可以自由地滚动我们不同意的东西,那么为什么社交媒体对我们定义仇恨言论发号施令?广告商已经决定了什么是仇恨言论。为什么?控制?一个议程?选举?为什么是同一时间?

    Before,Facebook,YouTube and Twitter seemed to all be separate.Now,with this censorship definition,they are connecting everything!We will be watched,censored and/or banned.If they are all connected,will we be downed on all these platforms at the same time?

在此之前,FacebookYouTube Twitter 似乎都是独立的。现在,根据审查制度的定义,他们把一切都联系起来了!我们将被监视、审查和/或禁止。如果它们都连接在一起,我们会同时在所有这些平台上被击倒吗?

    So many people are waking up asking,'What is going on?'We don't want to live in this type of communistic country.Why is Trump allowing this?"He's not!The governors and mayors are!


    In Florida,a couple was dining outdoors at a restaurant when a few'brown shirts,'hijacked their table,chanting very loudly and began harrassing them.What does this have to do with Black Lives?Why were these chanters terrorizing unsuspecting customers?Is this even legal?


Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report

    Christopher Wray has admitted ANTIFA is real at both the regional and federal level.They are being investigated.If this is true,why doesn't Wray act on what Trump said,that ANTIFA is designated as a terrorist organization?Trump can use the military once this is set in stone.What is Wray waiting for?


    Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing Florida's AG to investigate Mike Bloomberg for assisting felons in paying their fines so they can vote for Joe Biden.Is this even legal

佛罗里达州州长罗恩·德桑蒂斯正在推动佛罗里达州检察长对迈克·布隆伯格展开调查,因为布隆伯格协助重罪犯支付罚款,使他们能够投票给。是这个 ?即使是合法的?

    Here is the COVID truth!Laura Ingraham retweeted Adam Creighton's tweets:'The U.S.Gov't last week updated the survival rates(i.e.,IF infected)for COVID19.

这就是COVID的真相!Laura Ingraham 转发了 Adam Creighton 的推文:"美国政府上周更新了 COVID19的存活率(即,如果感染)

0-19;99.997%[survival rate]

20-49;99.98%[survival rate]

50-69;99.5%[survival rate]

70+;94.6%[survival rate]

Are we really in a pandemic?The world is waking up!Virus or election?Watch magically,the virus disappear after Election Day!


    In 2017,former AG Jeff Sessions,directed John Huber to observe the Clinton Foundation.What he discovered was parts of the evaluation was incorporated into John Durham's investigation.Uranium One and Crimes Against Humanity are being looked at.What other things might John Durham be looking in to?

2017年,前 AG Jeff Sessions 指导 John Huber 观察克林顿基金会。他发现评估的一部分被纳入了约翰·达勒姆的调查。铀一号和反人类罪正在受到关注。约翰·达勒姆还会考虑其他什么事情呢?

    The Biden information was revealed,the Epstein flight logs have been subpoenaed,Durham is giving us information regarding the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.If someone says,'Nothing is happening,'it's because they don't want to see it.Things are happening all around us!


    RED OCTOBER COMING?'Make your depth 50ft.Zero bubble!'This is a submarine term for we're at the right depth and the target is in our sites.What comes next?Fire at will?Nothing can stop what is coming!Turn Durham lose,the truth is the only way forward!


    D's can't lose control over the black population.At some point the Great Awakening will occur whereby these false local national black leaders are corrupt and paid off to help keep the black pop.poor and in need.D's formed the confederate states against freeing slaves.D's formed the KKK.Hillary Clinton's mentor is who?Who is Senator Byrd?What happens when Americans discover the truth about Haiti?Will D's lose the majority of their vote?Is the Clinton Foundation involved in Haiti?

D's不能失去对黑人人口的控制。在某种程度上,大觉醒将会发生,凭借这些虚假的地方国家黑人领导人是腐败的,并支付帮助保持黑人流行音乐。穷困潦倒。D's 组建了联盟国反对解放奴隶。组成了三K党。希拉里·克林顿的导师是谁?谁是伯德参议员?当美国人发现海地的真相时会发生什么?D 党会失去他们的多数选票吗?克林顿基金会银行介入海地事务了吗?

    Trump tweeted,'Trump Was Right':Explosive New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of'Crossfire Hurricane'Investigation—Newly disclosed internal FBI notes&text messages detail the extent of the FBI's desire to take down Trump&his associates at any cost.'Wasn't this deemed a conspiracy theory?

特朗普在推特上写道:"特朗普是对的":爆炸性的 FBI 新短信披露了 FBI 内部对处理"交叉火力飓风"调查的愤怒ーー最新披露的 FBI 内部笔记和短信详细说明了 FBI 不惜一切代价扳倒特朗普及其同伙的愿望这难道不是一个阴谋论吗?

X22视频2285解读|选举的影响无法阻止即将到来的一切    It looks like Flynn will be freed very soon.Trump tweeted out today,"LAW&ORDER!"Everything is coming together.Take heart…the election infection cannot stop what is coming!


'The X22 Report gives accurate political daily news.X22报告提供准确的每日政治新闻

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion and reports of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点和报告)


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