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Despite the Fake News helping the Scaramucus 666 spread his lies,are you following how this species is miserably failing at trying to divide the Maestro's base?Instead,his recent statements against Trump made everybody rally around the fact proven earlier that he's a bitter and broke Satanist who lost his hedge fund and who hopes to be bailed out by China.Once again Mooch,you are proving you are not very good at numbers.Don't you realize China is currently more concerned about how to pay their next multibillion dollar tariff bill and find a way to sit down with the Maestro?Based on the past failures of Alex Jones with his Syria meltdown,Omarosa with her White House recordings and Ann Coulter with her rotted M&Ms,it seems the Scaramucus 666 lacks the ability to learn from third party experiences.That's fine Fredo,have fun going from one TV show to the next to spit your venom.Our screens are Maxine Waterproof and we actually enjoy watching you self-terminate in real time.

尽管假新闻帮助斯卡玛库斯666散播他的谎言,你是否了解这个物种是如何在试图分裂大师的基地上惨败的?相反,他最近发表的反对特朗普的言论,让所有人都站在了一个更早的事实周围:他是一个痛苦的、破产的撒旦主义者,失去了他的对冲基金,希望得到中国的救助。再一次,你在证明你不擅长数字。你不知道中国现在更关心的是如何支付他们下一个数十亿美元的关税账单,并找到与这位大师坐下来谈谈的方法吗?根据亚历克斯·琼斯(Alex Jones)在叙利亚问题上的失败,奥玛罗莎(Omarosa)在白宫的录音,安·库尔特(Ann Coulter)在她那颗腐烂的m&m巧克力豆上的失败,斯卡玛库斯666似乎缺乏从第三方经验中学习的能力。很好,弗雷多,从一个电视节目到下一个电视节目吐毒液玩得开心。我们的屏幕是Maxine防水的,我们实际上很享受看到你实时自我终止。

Q941 These people are stupid.Maxine stupid.Q


Now let's talk about the Maherus Panicus.Did you solve the Bill Maher riddle?Img1 Were you able to use the hint I gave you about Idaho being the“potato place”?Did you notice the Maestro tweeted about Idaho 3 days after my article?Coincidence?Here is the tweet.Did you solve why Bill Maher attacked the QAnon and the Q Movement 2 days after my article with the riddle about him and why he mentioned Instagram?This is good Bill,it seems the riddle caught your attention and you successfully solved it…Let’s watch:video

现在我们来谈谈马赫鲁斯·帕尼克斯。你解开比尔·马赫的谜语了吗?Img1你能用我给你的关于爱达荷州是"土豆之乡"的提示吗?你有没有注意到大师在我的文章发表3天后就在爱达荷州发推特了?巧合?以下是推文。你解决了比尔·马赫为什么在我的文章发表后两天攻击 QAnon Q运动
的问题了吗?他为什么提到 Instagram?这是很好的比尔,似乎这个谜语吸引了你的注意,你成功地解开了它...让我们看:视频

As you can see,Bill is desperately trying to link the 3 shooters to Q.Hahaha!They are terrified by Q.


Q1534 For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage.

Q1534对于 LARP,我们确实得到了大量的覆盖面。

Q2859 Our reach is a direct threat to their control.Would the largest news co's in the world attack us(daily)if we weren't a threat to their narrative/control?You attack those who threaten you the most.Q


They have tried and are still trying everything they can to prevent Q from posting in a failed attempt to demobilize us.


Well,once again Bill,we are a peaceful movement.We don't advocate violence and the reason is simple:we don't believe in it and don't need it until its use becomes unavoidable.We believe in the power of the Love of God,Love of Country and the might of the Intellect.We will take down all Satanists and criminals against mankind and its children in a beautiful and elegant way.It's right here:


Q22 No war.No civil unrest.Clean and swift.


If you doubt it,pay a visit to the Deep State Museum in Q2381 and Q2714.All this was done with Requiem in D minorplaying in the background…Peacefully…Beautifully…Lethally…Inexorably…

如果你对此表示怀疑,可以参观位于 Q2381 Q2714的深层国家博物馆。所有这一切都是在安魂曲(福莱)的背景下完成的...平静地...美丽地...致命地...无情地..

You got that?


Let's now solve the Bill Maher riddle.


Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed the Maestro's Idaho tweet confirmed my article in a spectacular way!Yet another confirmation from POTUS!Thank you POTUS!


The trick was to analyze the timestamps.Img2 My article with the Bill Maher Idaho riddle was posted on Aug 13 2019 at 16:58:08 GMT and the Idaho tweet was posted on Aug 16 2019 at 17:23:59 GMT.The tweet therefore pulls Q1723 where we read HUSSEIN and the time difference between the article and the tweet is 4345 minutes and 51 seconds.Do you see it?The number 4345 elliptically pulls 44 which represents HUSSEIN as confirmed in Q1223.Then,the Maestro added 51 seconds so that the additional information 59 appears in the second count of the tweet timestamp 17:23:59,giving us RENEGADE=59,which is HUSSEIN's secret service code name!

诀窍在于分析时间戳。Img2我关于比尔·马赫尔Idaho 谜语的文章发布于201981316:58:08 GMT,爱达荷 tweet 发布于201981617:23:59 GMT。因此,这条推文引用了 Q1723,我们在这里读到了侯赛因,文章和推文之间的时差是434551秒。你看到了吗?数字4345省略号44,代表侯赛因,在第1223季度得到确认。然后,Maestro 增加了51秒,这样额外的信息59出现在第二个计数的 tweet 时间戳17:23:59,给我们 RENEGADE= 59,这是侯赛因的秘密服务代码名!

This gives us a triple confirmation on HUSSEIN and the important information that private email addresses and twitter accounts,which are code for online comms,are relevant to the Bill Maher riddle.

这给了我们三重确认侯赛因和重要信息,私人电子邮件地址和 twitter 帐户,这是在线通讯的代码,是相关的比尔马赫谜语。

Let's now analyze the tweets in depth and extract the Maestro's hidden message using our regular Cap/Timestamp/Q-Board method.Read very carefully:Img3




With the election of Trump, the buck stops here. Those who had an insurance policy thinking they were above the law and could disrespect the People because they were part of some Club or were Clinton donors are now back to being normal citizens subject to the full extent of the law.
The handling of the Epstein case and the numerous sealed indictments are proof there is a new Sherriff in town and things are being done by the book.
POTUS caring about not disrupting Manhattan during his vacation illustrates that respecting the People is more a state of mind than just about enforcing laws..……






Perfect.We now have 3 important pieces of the Bill Maher puzzle:HUSSEIN,online comms and rigged system correction.What do we do next?Yes:we pursue the IDAHO clue.We look around for Bill Maher+IDAHO and BINGO!We findthis April 2014 article on the snake's blog and guess what?The article is about the rigged system in America.He's not even hiding.He called it"Two Americas,literally".With the training you now have received,you will easily decode the general meaning and purpose of his article and detect that instead of being morally worried there are two Americas,he's actually advocating for the exact opposite:there SHOULD BE two Americas.One for his Club who are above the law and us,the Deplorables.

完美的。我们现在有3个重要的比尔·马赫难题:侯赛因,在线通讯和操纵系统修正。我们接下来要做什么?是的,我们在追踪爱达荷州的线索。我们四处寻找Bill Maher+IDAHOBINGO!我们在snake的博客上找到了这篇20144月的文章,猜猜怎么着?这篇文章是关于美国被操纵的制度的。他甚至没有藏起来。他称其为"两个美国"。通过你现在所接受的训练,你将很容易理解他文章的大意和目的,并发现他不是在道德上担心有两个美国,而是在倡导完全相反的观点:应该有两个美国。他的俱乐部凌驾于法律之上,而我们这些可悲的人。

To illustrate his point,he reports about a 70 year old Colorado resident who is suing the Idaho police,after he was pulled over and arrested because his license plates were from a state where marijuana is legal.As a good big government socialist,our Maherus Panicus of the day writes this:Img4




"Two Americas that have widely divergentlaws, cultures, and attitudes.
One America where pot and gay marriage are legal, where the poor have insurance, where evolution is taught in schools. And a second America where none of that applies.
We' ve always had slight differences from state to state, like you can't buy booze on Sunday in Arkansas or whatever, but the dlifferences are getting more and more stark.
You can be married in one state, but not in another?
That shit's crazy."



在美国,大麻和同性婚姻是合法的,穷人有保险,学校教授进化论。 而在另一个美国,这些都不适用。




As you can see,he's betraying himself.Since he mentioned l.aws and talked about how they were geographically disparate,the healthy hypothesis for a logical and honest analysis would have been to axiomatically say there are as many Americas as States and see where he gets.But no.He says there are 2 Americas.Why?Because there is the America he wants and there's the rest.For him that's 2.He has no clue what America is about,what a federal union of States is and what the Founding Fathers were trying to accomplish and that we have the responsibility to continue.Do you now see why they want to abolish the Electoral College?


This Manichean way of seeing the world,US vs THEM is the common denominator for all satanists and sociopaths.Why?Because it's rooted in Satan's original belief that Mankind should not have been granted Divine Election over other species and should be socially eradicated,enslaved and used for food…This was explained in the Q Occult Series in this episode.

这种看待世界的摩尼教方式,美国 vs 他们,是所有撒旦崇拜者和反社会者的共同点。为什么?因为它植根于撒旦最初的信仰,即人类不应该被授予超越其他物种的神圣选举权,而应该被社会根除、奴役和用作食物......这一点在本集的Q超自然系列中得到了解释。

After reading Bill Maher's article,I found in this Fox article that the“70 year Colorado driver”he does not mention by name was David Roseen.This incident made all the March/April 2014 headlines:Img5


The Fox article mentions a similar incident involving another Colorado driver named David Adkins who was also pulled over under the same circumstances in Nevada and who also filed a law suit against local police.The article provides a link to a KRDO interview of Adkins and his girlfriend.Let's watch:video

福克斯的文章提到了一起类似的事件,涉及到另一名科罗拉多州的司机戴维·阿德金斯(David Adkins),他也在内华达州的同样情况下被拦下,并对当地警方提起了法律诉。这篇文章提供了一个链接到 KRDO 对阿德金斯和他的女朋友的采访。让我们看看:视频

Did you spot the phoniness?Every time the Fake News serves you a'happy'couple smiling for no reason and gives you details like"this white Chevy Avalanche"or"20 mn outside Las Vegas",you should know you are in Cabal coded area and should decipher.The interview was scripted,the article coded and the couple was a C_A asset hired to cause people's sympathy and isolate law enforcement in their fight against illegal drugs.Our Maherus Panicus pulled the article through his"blog"to send messages to the Network.Read very carefully:Img6




The Maherus Panicus is clever. He uses the Darien Roseen law suit against the Idaho police to code confirm the KRDO article about David Adkins and send a signal to the Skull & Bones-Freemason -C_A-network.
This law suit should be monitored, controlled and driven by the Network to threaten police departments and prevent them from disturbing the marijuana market through zealous searches.
With police fearing additional law suits, the Network has the insurance of being part of the' other' protected America and can safely distribute its C_A products..



Maherus Panicus很聪明。他利用达里恩·罗塞德(Darien Roseen)对爱达荷州警方提起的法律诉讼,对KRDO有关戴维·阿德金斯(David Adkins)的文章进行了确认,并向骷髅会-共济会- c_a网络发送了一个信号。



The Roseen case against the police of Idaho was dropped a year later link,but you already know the law suit was not about winning.It was about drawing enough attention to scare away police departments from efficiently catching interstate drug dealers.


Puzzle coming together?


Do you know why POTUS tweeted about Afghanistan exactly 334 minutes and 45 seconds after his IDAHO tweet?You know 45 is his signature right?Now what is this 334?If you know Afghanistan is the world largest producer of opium and supplier of cannabis link,this will be an easy ride.Read very carefully:Img7




SOLUTION PATH Capital letters in the second tweet add up to 24, hinting attime calculation as confirmed by "19 year war". This is howl knew I had to analyze the timestamp delta.
This analysis brings the message:








The Cabal ordered its C_A and Secret Society politicians like Bush, Clintons and Hussein to start and maintain the war in Afghanistan whose primary purpose was to serve as a militarily secured area for leading the world's production of opium(heroin raw ingredient) and cannabis.
The sales model is simple: use states where the productsare legalized as distribution hubs and run a network of corrupted politicians, judges and C_A Fake News operatives using private comms to disseminate into other states.
When in these other states law enforcement looks to zealous and makes it hard to distribute the end product peacefully, the Fake News screams as loud as possible with sopranos like the Maherus Panicus heading the choir to get the police off the back of distributors like the "happy couple".
Unfortunately for them, POTUS says under his watch, the White House will no longer COLLUDE to favor production and importation and Law Enforcement will no longer beOBSTRUCTED in their effort to shut down distribution.





在其他这些州,当执法部门看起来很热心,让最终产品难以和平分发时,假新闻就会发出尽可能大的尖叫声,因为像马赫鲁斯·帕尼库斯(Maherus Panicus)这样的女高音在唱诗班中唱主角,让警察远离像“幸福夫妻”这样的分销商。


Do you now see the extreme power of the Maestro saying:"NO COLLUSION,NO OBSTRUCTION"?


He's shutting down the Cabal's main source of revenue and control and this is why all those involved at the lower levels of the pyramid are going CRAZY:Secret Societies,the Swamp,the Fake News,Wall Street launderers,Hollywood etc…


I know you are still waiting for me to tell you why it was reported the Maestro wanted to buy Greenland the same day this Idaho tweet was posted link.He confirmed it 2 days later:until 4:35.


Our Maherus Panicus knows the answer.Watch until 0:58


Did you solve?


You know that since ”green”is another name for"weed",Greenland is code for the international drug trafficking platform.


Why did he say the joke Trump wanted to rename Greenland Ivanka?


Answer:the Maherus Panicus is better at numbers than the Scaramucus 666 and he quickly realized GREENLAND=80,which is also the value for BILL MAHER!

答案:巴尼亚马赫鲁斯比斯卡拉穆克斯666更擅长数字,他很快意识到格陵兰岛(GREENLAND=80,这也是比尔·马赫(BILL MAHER=80)值!

He knew the Maestro was referring to his riddle and was talking directly to him.





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