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Unlimited Energy
Vibration Healing through Frequency Therapy
Pythagoras’ discovery of sound healing
40,000 years ago vibration healing was applied through 111 Hz

Free energy available throughout the atmosphere


 自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟Of all Tesla’s inventions, there was one that never saw the light of day. It was a revolutionary idea that had the potential to reshape our world in a profound way. It was also an idea more than a century ahead of its time, known as Free Energy, and wireless energy distribution.


Conventional power lines are expensive, ugly and wasteful, losing up to 14 per cent of energy through cable resistance. An important aspect of Tesla’s wireless energy network is the distribution of electricity to remote areas, as well as densely populated urban locations. Nicola Tesla said more than 120 years ago;

传统的输电线路昂贵、丑陋而且浪费,通过电缆电阻损失高达14% 的能源。特斯拉无线能源网络的一个重要方面是向偏远地区以及人口稠密的城市地区分配电力。尼古拉•特斯拉(Nicola Tesla)在120多年前说过;

Electric energy is everywhere in unlimited quantities and can power the world’s machines without the need for coal, oil, gas, or other applied fuels.


Tesla built a rather unusual looking tower for his time, called the Warden Tower on Long Island. Originally and officially, he planned to use the facility to develop technology for wireless communication across the ocean with Europe.


However, he also secretly wanted to use the tower to demonstrate wireless power distribution on a very large scale. His vision was to have multiple towers radiating energy throughout the atmosphere. This energy would be used by aircraft, cars and even ships, designed with special receiving equipment to capture the wireless energy.


He even converted an internal combustion engine car into an 80 HP electric vehicle in the 1920s, and drove around for more than a week on wirelessly supplied electrical energy. This was a thorn in the side of the cabal elite, and was buried as quickly as possible.


On a large scale, this technology would allow ships to sail the seas without the need to stop for refuelling. Planes could remain airborne indefinitely, constantly powered by energy from Tesla’s towers.  When, cabal member JP Morgan discovered Tesla’s hidden motive, his funding stopped.

在大规模上,这项技术将允许船只在海上航行,而不需要停下来加油。飞机可以无限期地在空中飞行,不断地使用特斯拉发射塔的能量。当阴谋集团成员 JP 摩根发现特斯拉的隐藏动机时,他的资金停止了。

Unlimited energy


There are many reasons to thank Nikola Tesla, when it comes to modern technology. Had the Deep State not stood in his way, Tesla’s contributions to society could have gone much further. Despite  自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟his mental breakdowns later in life, probably caused by opponents and capitalists who refuted his utopian visions for society, Tesla created a plethora of inventions, with the aim of transmitting energy from the universe to earth at little or no cost.

说到现代科技,我们有很多理由要感谢尼古拉 · 特斯拉。如果深层国家没有挡住他的路,特斯拉对社会的贡献本可以走得更远。尽管特斯拉后来精神崩溃,可能是因为反对者和资本家反驳了他对社会的乌托邦式愿景,但他创造了大量的发明,目的是以很少或没有成本的方式将能量从宇宙传输到地球。

The world could have been lit up for free 120 years ago! Thanks to the inventions of the genius Nikola Tesla, if he had not stopped his invention of free energy generated from the magnetic fields around planet Earth. Then there would have been no carbon emissions tax or global warming hoax!

120年前,这个世界本可以免费亮起来!多亏了天才尼古拉 · 特斯拉的发明如果他没有停止发明地球周围磁场产生的自由能的话。那么就不会有碳排放税或全球变暖的骗局!

Most of today’s technology comes from the knowledge that Tesla possessed, as he feverishly laid it out for the world. All of it important improvements for humanity, to be stolen by the Cabal and used devilishly for their own evil devices.


Donald Trump ‘s uncle John Trump knew how to interpret Tesla’s ingenious patents and strange drawings. When Donald Trump ran in his first election in 2016, he told during his campaign for president; that his uncle had told him everything about Tesla’s work and patents.

唐纳德 · 特朗普的叔叔约翰 · 特朗普知道如何解读特斯拉的独创性专利和奇怪的图纸。当唐纳德 · 特朗普在2016年第一次竞选总统时,他在竞选期间说,他的叔叔告诉了他关于特斯拉的工作和专利的一切。

Tesla also understood God’s limitless energy, the complex system of creation and the generation of energy for humans in relationship with God.


 自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟The Cabal knew and feared that this would awaken humanity and consequently hid his inventions along with other knowledge buried in secret, away from the public eye. In other words, just criminal censorship!


Here are some excerpts from Nikola Tesla’s work that he published in Century Magazine, June 1900, entitled: The Problem of Increasing Energy for Man with Special Reference to the Utilisation of the Energy of the Sun.

以下是尼古拉 · 特斯拉1900年6月在《世纪杂志》上发表的一些作品的摘录,题目是: 人类增加能源的问题,特别是太阳能的利用。

Nikola Tesla, who knew the upward energy movement for hymanity – the energy of movement – and the three ways of increasing human energy. Described it in this way:

尼古拉 · 特斯拉,他知道向上的能量运动是为了崇拜——运动的能量——以及增加人类能量的三种方法。这样描述它:

 “Of all the infinite variety of phenomena that nature presents to our senses, there is none that fills our minds with greater wonder than that unimaginably complex movement which we call human life in its entirety; its mysterious origins are obscured in the forever impenetrable mist of the past, its character is rendered incomprehensible by its infinite complexity, and its destiny is hidden in the unfathomable depths of the future.

“在大自然呈现给我们感官的无数种现象中,没有什么比我们称之为人类整体生命的那种难以想象的复杂运动更让我们感到惊奇的了; 它的神秘起源被永远无法穿透的过去的迷雾所掩盖,它的性格因其无限的复杂性而变得难以理解,它的命运被隐藏在未来深不可测的深处。

While Tesla is known for his advances in alternating current, radio transmission and induction motors, there is one vision of his that has not yet fully blossomed, and that is the mass wireless transmission of energy. Although the Tesla coil is widely known and can be found in most science museums, the basis of this technology for practical use is still in its infancy.


During the past decade, wireless technology has become a viable technology product, but its scale has not yet reached the level Tesla originally envisioned. While some companies used the concept to create wireless chargers for mobile phones and small electronic devices, Tesla’s original intention was to provide a wireless network of power that everyone in the world could use.


Vibration Healing through Frequency Therapy


 自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟Anyone who is not on the specific Earth frequency for awakening and healing, i.e. is not open to incoming ascension energies; or incoming waves of harmonic resonance, which lead to unity consciousness, will either have to transform or fail.

任何不在特定地球频率上觉醒和疗愈的人,也就是说,不对即将到来的提升能量开放; 或者即将到来的和谐共振波,导致统一意识,将不得不转变或失败。

This process consists of body and soul, and is not a fantasy, it is measurable, real science and fact; called Schumann resonances. These are global


Electromagnetic resonances, generated and activated by energies from our Universe, visible as lightning, among other things.


Nikola Tesla’s Vibrational Healing Device: Sound & Vibrational Medicine is explained here.

尼古拉特斯拉的振动治疗装置: 声音和振动医学在这里解释。

The Egyptians used certain resonant vowel sounds in their ancient rituals; these vowels were considered extremely sacred so that they were removed from the common language and did not appear in the written hieroglyphic language. Furthermore, the Egyptians used during ceremonies an instrument called “sistrum“, a rattle with metal discs, which has been shown to produce exceptionally high levels of ultrasound.

古埃及人在他们的古代仪式中使用某些共鸣的元音; 这些元音被认为是极其神圣的,因此它们从通用语言中被移除,不出现在书面象形文字中。此外,埃及人在仪式中使用一种叫做“ sistrum”的仪器,这是一种带有金属圆盘的拨浪鼓,已被证明可以产生异常高水平的超声波。

In the 1890s, the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla was loitering in his laboratory with his good friend Samuel Clemens, also known as the famous writer Mark Twain. The two had a long-standing relationship, and Twain, who was notoriously fascinated by science and technology, was a regular visitor to Tesla’s laboratory.


At this point in his life, Twain was, as Tesla described,


“in the worst condition, suffering from a variety of alarming and dangerous maladies.”


On that particular afternoon, Tesla suggested that Twain could try out a new invention he had been working on, a mechanical oscillator that sends vibrations of different frequencies through the body. Twain agreed and stepped on Tesla’s machine. At the end of the process, Twain suddenly jumped up and rushed to the toilet with terrible diarrhoea.

在那个特别的下午,特斯拉建议马克 · 吐温可以尝试一项他一直在研究的新发明,一种机械振荡器,可以将不同频率的振动传送到全身。吐温同意了,并踩上了特斯拉的机器。在这个过程的最后,吐温突然跳起来,带着严重的腹泻冲进了厕所。

Despite this, Twain continued to use the machine daily for almost two months and by the end of it he had, in Tesla’s words, “regained his old strength and ability to enjoy life to the full”. This was exactly what Tesla had expected, the same results that Tesla and his assistants had achieved during their experiments with this invention. As Tesla described in his reports:


“I stepped onto the platform and the vibrations generated by the machine were transmitted to my body. The feeling was as strange as it was pleasant, and I asked my assistants to try it too. They did so and, like me, were stunned and satisfied. But a few minutes later, some of us who had stayed longer on the platform felt an inexpressible and urgent need that had to be satisfied immediately, and then the awesome truth dawned on me.


“When I started practising mechanical therapy with my assistants, we had the habit of finishing our meals quickly and rushing to the laboratory. We suffered from dyspepsia and various stomach complaints, dropsy, constipation, flatulence and other disorders, all natural consequences of such an unregulated habit. But it was only after a week of application, during which I improved the technique and taught my assistants how to make the treatment work best, that all these forms of illness disappeared as if by magic for almost four years. During this period of use, we were all in excellent health.”


Tesla described this discovery and invention as his greatest contribution to human welfare, a bold statement for an inventor on the level of Nikola Tesla. For the rest of his life, he would use his oscillation machine to treat people with a wide variety of health problems – from constipation to heart disease, injuries and infections, sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances.

特斯拉将这一发现和发明描述为他对人类福祉的最大贡献,对于尼古拉 · 特斯拉这样级别的发明家来说,这是一个大胆的声明。在他的余生中,他将使用他的振荡器来治疗各种各样的健康问题——从便秘到心脏病,伤害和感染,睡眠障碍和荷尔蒙失衡。

But what was it exactly that he had discovered? As Tesla himself said:

但他究竟发现了什么? 正如特斯拉自己所说:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


What does this advanced technology mean to someone who is 80 years old? He/she can be 30 years old again in less than three minutes. Fifty years of his/her life peeled off. Now they can have children again. They can build a whole new family if they want to. It seems, Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.


Med Bed technology looks at the body and corrects imperfections. This technology has been around  自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟for quite some time. It has been hidden from humanity for a very long time. Some people may think that this healing technology is Science Fiction. Too good to be true. It is not even too complicated to manufacture Med Beds in quantities and distribute them wherever they are needed.


However, its introduction awaits the downfall of Big Pharma, which has resisted its application for over a hundred years.


Pythagoras’ discovery of sound healing


More than 2500 years ago, the legendary Greek thinker Pythagoras – the father of mathematics and  自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟geometry, and the first person to use the term “philosophy” – was walking past a blacksmith’s shop, when he heard the sound of hammers hitting iron coming from within. He stopped and noticed that the hammers were producing curious harmonies. Intrigued, he walked in to investigate. After some investigation, Pythagoras discovered that the hammers that were harmonious with each other had a simple mathematical relationship, namely that their masses were ratios or fractions of each other.


This set his mind racing and he began to experiment, investigating and testing with liquids in glass, different pipes, and multiple lengths of stringed instruments that he had made. The results of these experiments led Pythagoras to a stunning conclusion – that music was not just an expression of ‘sacred geometry,’ but that it was, in fact, a medicine.


He began using the instruments he had created to perform what he called ‘soul adjustments’, and learned that these adjustments could not only harmonise the soul, but also purify the mind and heal the body. As the Syrian philosopher Lamblichus noted in the 3rd century,

他开始使用他所创造的乐器来进行他所谓的“灵魂调节”,并且学到这些调节不仅可以协调灵魂,而且还可以净化心灵和治愈身体。正如叙利亚哲学家 Lamblichus 在3世纪指出的,

“Pythagoras invented musical medicines that could suppress and cure diseases of the body and mind.


In other words, Pythagoras used vibrational medicine to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, just as Tesla would do thousands of years later.


Under the guidance of Pythagoras, the ancient Greeks became adept at vibrational medicine. They treated their soldiers by stroking the strings of a bow over the wounds, generating vibrations that allowed push to drain off more freely and wounds to heal much more quickly. They also used healing chambers for “dream sleep“, where echoing rooms in temples allowed practitioners to, in effect, bathe in sound and vibration while they slept.

在毕达哥拉斯的指导下,古希腊人变得善于使用振动医学。他们通过在伤口上抚摸弓弦来治疗士兵,产生振动,使推力更自由地排出,伤口更快地愈合。他们还将治疗室用于 "梦幻睡眠",在寺庙中的回音室中,练习者实际上可以在睡眠时沐浴在声音和振动中。

The Greeks were not the only, nor even the first, ancient culture to use vibrational medicine. It is exciting to note that Pythagoras was the first Greek to be taught the Egyptian secrets of science, medicine, mathematics and astronomy, during a stay of more than 20 years in the country. A fundamental part of this secret Egyptian knowledge, to which Pythagoras must inevitably have been exposed, is the belief that sound and vibration have healing powers.


40,000 years ago, vibration healing through 111 Hz was applied


Archaeologist Fernando Coimbra and his team found that all the underground chambers resonated  自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟at the same frequency – exactly 111 Hz. This is important, not only because 111 Hz is called the “sacred frequency”, but also because when Pythagoras created a scale during the experiments that followed his experience with the blacksmith’s hammers, it began with an A note, which resonated at, yes, 111 Hz.

考古学家费尔南多 · 科英布拉(Fernando Coimbra)和他的团队发现,所有的地下室都以同样的频率共振——精确到111赫兹。这一点很重要,不仅因为111赫兹被称为“神圣的频率”,还因为当毕达哥拉斯在实验中创造了一个音阶,随着他的经验与铁匠的锤子,它开始了一个 A 音符,共振在,是的,111赫兹。

But vibrational medicine goes back further and extends to all cultures of mankind; it is not just the terrain of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. 40,000 years ago in Australia, the world’s oldest wind instrument, the ‘yidaki’ – now known as the ‘didgeridoo’ – was used to heal bone fractures, muscle tears and disease.

但振动医学可以追溯到更久远的年代,并延伸到人类的所有文化; 它不仅仅是中东和地中海的地形。4万年前,在世界上最古老的管乐器澳大利亚,“意大利管”——现在被称为“迪吉里杜管”——被用来治疗骨折、肌肉撕裂和疾病。

The “pow wows” of the Indians, involving drumming, chanting and singing, have been used for thousands of years to treat mental and physical illness. 自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟The Buddhist monks of Tibet have long incorporated the vibrations of singing bowls and gongs into their ceremonies and meditations.


The list could go on, but the point seems clear. Ancient cultures appear to have possessed knowledge about the healing powers of sound and vibration, a knowledge that was rediscovered by Tesla at the end of the 20th century.


Step out of the box, with your new DNA upgrade! Don’t miss this message!

走出盒子,与您的新 DNA 升级! 不要错过这个消息!

 自由能量与频率疗愈|最后的警钟Junk DNA does not exist, 97% was disabled and is now being restored.

垃圾 DNA 并不存在,97% 被禁用,现在正在恢复。

As a Lightworker, you are protected in a bubble of light, because the Darks shun the Light


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