X22报道|第2699集: 通货膨胀是毁灭者,科罗纳离线,[ DS ]混乱,我们人民是治愈者

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(DS)已经失去了corona的叙事,现在已经离线,他们需要迅速退出,世界各地的人们正在觉醒,我们人民是治愈。[ DS ]正在努力寻找关于特朗普的东西。[ DS ]正在使用与俄罗斯勾结一样的剧本

X22报道|第2699集: 通货膨胀是毁灭者,科罗纳离线,[ DS ]混乱,我们人民是治愈者

Ep. 2699a – What Advantages Do You Have If You Know The Economic Playbook, Inflation Is The Destroyer

Ep. 2699a-如果你知道经济剧本,你有什么优势,通货膨胀是破坏者

Ep. 2699b – Corona Offline, [DS] Scrambling, We The People Are The Cure

2699b-Corona 离线,[ DS ]扰乱,我们人民是解药

X22 报告发表于2022年2月10日


Inflation has hit, this is just the beginning, inflation is the destroyer of the [CB], the D’s unleashed it and now it can not be controlled. Wages are not keeping up with inflation, [CB] will have to raise rates, playbook known. The [CB] bank system is being destroyed using their own system.

通货膨胀已经到来,这仅仅是个开始,通货膨胀是(CB)的破坏者,D’s释放了它,现在它已经无法控制了。工资跟不上通货膨胀,(CB)将不得不提高利率,这是众所周知的。[ CB ]银行系统正在被他们自己的系统摧毁。


The [DS] have lost the corona narrative, it is now offline and they need to back out of it quickly, the people around the world are waking up, we the people are the cure. The [DS] is scrambling trying to find something on Trump. The [DS] is using the same playbook as Russian collusion, producing information that is meaningless but trying to make it look like they have something on Trump. The trap has been set, everything they are doing, all the rulings will be used against them in the end, down she goes. 

(DS)已经失去了corona的叙事,现在已经离线,他们需要迅速退出,世界各地的人们正在觉醒,我们人民是治愈。[ DS ]正在努力寻找关于特朗普的东西。[ DS ]正在使用与俄罗斯勾结一样的剧本,制造毫无意义的信息,但却试图让人觉得他们掌握了特朗普的把柄。陷阱已经设好,他们所做的一切,所有的裁决最终都将被用来对付他们,她下台了。


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