X22报告|第2698集: 央行失去控制,深层国家体系正在崩溃

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X22报告|第2698集: 央行失去控制,深层国家体系正在崩溃

Ep. 2698a – [CB] Just Lost Control, They Are No Longer Calling The Shots

2698a-[ CB ]失去了控制,他们不再发号施令

Ep. 2698b – Attacks Intensify, You Attack Those Who Threaten You The Most, [DS] System Is Collapsing

Ep. 2698b 攻击加剧,你攻击那些威胁你最多的人,[ DS ]系统崩溃



The cost to produce food is skyrocketing, this will show up in the grocery stores and restaurant. The [CB] system can now bee seen by everybody. [NP] is now saying that those in congress should not trade stocks, interesting timing. Another broken promise by [JB]. The [CB] of Russia backs off, Bitcoin will be currency.



The [DS] system is collapsing, the narrative is in shambles and soon these people will start to turn on each other. Big pharma is now preparing for the fallout. The election fraud is now dripping out and more and more evidence is being produce. DHS and other agencies are preparing for truth and facts, anyone that is pushing the truth will be designated a terrorist. Think back to the founding fathers, they used pen names, they met in the green dragon bar, they pushed for freedom, truth and the facts, they pushed against a tyrannical government. 



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