人类 DNA 的非物理性质

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我们的 DNA 是否存在形而上学的、多维的方面?我们是否已经开始理解 DNA 是什么以及它代表了什么?

人类 DNA 的非物理性质

事实:1995年,科学家将人类 DNA 放入一个密封的、气密的光子管中。如果没有 DNA,光子会自行排列成随机的散射模式,但是当 DNA 被插入时,光子会形成一个排列。

反思:我们的 DNA 是否存在形而上学的、多维的方面?我们是否已经开始理解 DNA 是什么以及它代表了什么?

Vladimir Poponin is a well known Russian scientist who in 1995,with his colleagues,including biophysicist Peter Gariaev,conducted a very interesting experiment during their time at the Russian Academy of Sciences.In their paper(P.P.Gariaev and V.P.Poponin.Vacuum DNA phantom effect in vitro and its possible rational explanation.Nanobiology 1995(in press)),Poponin states,in the introduction of the report,that,"We believe this discovery has tremendous significance for the explanation and deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying subtle energy phenomena including many of the observed alternative healing phenomena."

弗拉基米尔·波波宁是一位著名的俄罗斯科学家,他在1995年和他的同事,包括生物物理学家彼得·加里亚耶夫,在俄罗斯科学院进行了一项非常有趣的实验。在他们的论文中(P.P.garieev V.P.Poponin。真空 DNA 体外模拟效应及其可能的合理解释。纳米生物学1995(出版),波波宁在报告的导言中说,"我们相信这一发现对于解释和深入理解潜在微妙能量现象的机制具有重大意义,其中包括许多已观察到的替代性愈合现象。"

Why did he feel this way?We will get to that.


Poponin and Gariaev tested the behaviour of DNA on photons,little tiny bits of matter,in the"quantum"that our world is made up of.They put photons into a tube specially designed to simulate a vacuum,just like the vacuum of space.With no air inside,they inserted the photons as they wanted to see what they did and how they behaved.The photons were distributed in a way that was completely unordered and random,scattered all over the container.This of course was what the team of researchers expected.

波波宁和加里亚耶夫测试了 DNA 在光子上的行为,光子是一种微小的物质,是由我们的世界所组成的"量子"。他们把光子放进一个专门设计的管子里,用来模拟真空环境,就像真空环境一样。在没有空气的情况下,他们将光子插入,因为他们想看看光子做了什么以及它们是如何表现的。光子的分布是完全无序和随机的,散布在整个容器里。这当然是研究团队所期望的。

Next,samples of human DNA were placed inside the tube with the photons,and what happened next is what's truly mysterious.The photons reacted to the DNA,and changed their pattern and formed a specific alignment.In the presence of living material,the human DNA,the photons organized!This signified that the DNA was clearly having a direct influence over the photons.It's one of many examples hypothesizing that something within us has a direct affect on the physical material matter outside of us.This experiment was repeated and confirmed,and it was further observed that human DNA has a direct affect on the quantum'stuff'that our world is made up of.Fascinating to say the least.

接下来,人类 DNA 样本与光子一起被放入试管中,接下来发生的事情才是真正神秘的。光子与 DNA 发生反应,改变了它们的排列方式,形成了一种特殊的排列。在有生命物质存在的情况下,人类的 DNA、光子组织起来了!这意味着 DNA 显然对光子有直接的影响。这只是众多例子中的一个,假设我们内在的某种东西对我们外在的物质有着直接的影响。这个实验得到了重复和证实,并且进一步观察到人类 DNA 对我们的世界所由的量子物质有着直接的影响。至少可以说很有趣。

The Next Big Surprise


The next big surprise was observed when the researchers removed the DNA from the container.The scientists assumed that the photons would simply return to their original scattered state,but this didn't happen.Instead,the photons remained ordered as if the DNA were still in the tube.Poponin described the light as behaving"surprisingly and counter-intuitively."

当研究人员从容器中取出 DNA 时,观察到了下一个大惊喜。科学家们假设光子会简单地回到它们原来的散射状态,但是这并没有发生。取而代之的是,光子仍然是有序的,就像 DNA 仍然在管子里一样。波波宁形容这种光的行为"令人惊讶,与直觉相反"

The researchers hypothesized and were"forced to accept the working hypothesis that some new field structure is being excited."Is there something being left behind?Something in non-physical form?This experiment tells us that DNA is communicating with the'stuff'our world is made of,and that there is some sort of invisible field that exists.Perhaps DNA represents a place of storage and communications to the past?To the future?To others in the universe who have left their mark,so to speak.Who knows.

研究人员假设并被迫"接受一些新的领域结构正在兴奋的工作假设"是不是有什么东西落下了?非物质形态的东西?这个实验告诉我们,DNA 正在与构成我们世界的"物质"进行交流,并且存在着某种看不见的领域。也许 DNA 代表着一个与过去交流和储存的地方?为了未来?可以说,对宇宙中其他留下印记的人来说。谁知道呢。

Quantum Physics and Consciousness


Nobel laureate of the twentieth century Richard Feynman once said,with regards to quantum mechanics,"we choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible,absolutely impossible,to explain in any classical way,and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics.In reality,it contains the only mystery."

二十世纪的诺贝尔奖得主 Richard Feynman 曾经说过,关于量子力学,我们选择去研究一个不可能,绝对不可能,用任何经典的方式去解释的现象,而这个现象就是量子力学的核心。事实上,它包含了唯一的奥秘。"

Another great quote that comes to mind anytime the world of science dives deep into the mysterious world of quantum physics:


There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field will be tarnished by studying a phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition,spiritualism and magic.Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important than encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom.But this may be changing."–Cassandra Vieten,PhD and President/CEO at the Institute of Noetic Sciences(source)

人们似乎深感忧虑的是,通过研究一种与迷信、唯心论和魔法有关的现象,整个领域将会受到玷污。防止这种可能性有时似乎比鼓励科学探索或保护学术自由更重要。但这种情况可能正在改变。"-Cassandra Vieten,思维科学研究所博士兼总裁/首席执行官

The reason why the association with superstition,spiritualism and magic mentioned in the quote above exists when it comes to examining certain phenomenon is simply because the observed phenomenon is unexplainable.But it's important to remember,just because something is unexplainable does not mean that it's not real,it simply means we don't fully understand it yet.Academia has a long history of rejecting phenomenon,that's clearly real,yet simply unexplainable.


Quantum physics clearly has a strong connection to consciousness,and metaphysical phenomenon.Max Planck,a physicist who originated quantum theory,regarded consciousness as"fundamental,"and matter as"derivative from consciousness."He said that"we cannot get behind consciousness.Everything that we talk about,everything that we regard as existing,postulates consciousness."


This has been demonstrated quite clearly by multiple experiments,like the quantum double slit experiment.


A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays by Dean Radin,PhD,explains how this experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality.(source)


In this experiment,a double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function.Photons were shot through two slits,in multiple different ways.The study found that factors associated with consciousness"significantly"correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double slit interference pattern.In this experiment,tiny bits of matter(photons,electrons,or any atomic-sized object)are shot towards a screen that has two slits in it.On the other side of the screen,a high tech video camera records where each photon lands.When scientists close one slit,the camera will show us an expected pattern,as seen in the video below.But when both slits are opened,an"interference pattern"emerges—they begin to act like waves.


You can refer to the actual study to find out more about that.(source)If you want to see a visual demonstration of the quantum double slit experiment,here's a great little short animation.The point is,consciousness changes the behaviour of the particles.


"Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured,they produce it.We compel the electron to assume a definite position.We ourselves produce the results of the measurement."(source)


The study sourced above points out that"factors associated with consciousness,such as meditation experience,electrocortical markers of focused attention,and psychological factors including openness and absorption,significantly correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double-slit interference pattern.The results appear to be consistent with a consciousness-related interpretation of the quantum measurement problem."


The Takeaway


DNA is fascinating,and it's probably the least understood part of our biology.There are definitely interesting metaphysical non-material aspects to our DNA,and changes to our DNA can come as a result of our thoughts,feelings and emotions alone.HeartMath researchers have shown that physical aspects of DNA strands could be influenced by human intention.The article,Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention–McCraty,Atkinson,Tomasino,2003–describes experiments that achieved such results.(source)

DNA很吸引人,而且它可能是我们生物学中最难理解的部分。我们的 DNA 中肯定存在着有趣的形而上学的非物质方面,我们的 DNA 的改变可能仅仅是我们的思想、感觉和情感的结果。心数学的研究人员已经表明,DNA 链的物理方面可能受到人类意图的影响。2003年,McCratyAtkinsonTomasino,描述了通过心脏聚焦意图调节 DNA 构象的实验结果。(来源)

We have so much more to learn and discover about human DNA,and DNA in general.

关于人类的 DNA 和一般的 DNA,我们还有很多东西要学习和发现。

I believe there are interdimensional aspects to it,but it's a deep topic that goes far beyond the discussion of the phantom DNA effect.This article doesn't even scratch the surface when it comes to studies within the realm of consciousness,and non material science.What's good to know is that more people are becoming aware of non-material science.If you're interested in this,I suggest you start doing more research into quantum physics and parapsychology.

我相信这其中有跨维度的方面,但这是一个深层次的话题,远远超出了关于幽灵 DNA 效应的讨论。当涉及意识和非物质科学领域的研究时,这篇文章甚至没有触及表面。值得庆幸的是,越来越多的人开始意识到非物质科学。如果你对此感兴趣,我建议你开始在量子物理学和超心理学方面做更多的研究。



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