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A bigger than Lehman Brothers collapse of the financial system is being engineered in order to make way for a new financial system,Asian secret society sources say.Recent trends in financial markets,notably a stock market bubble of biblical proportions,back up this assertion.Any financial veteran will tell you that when financial markets fight against reality,reality always wins in the end.This means stock prices could fall by 90%or more.

亚洲秘密社团的消息人士称,为了给新的金融体系让路,正在策划一场比雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)更大的金融体系崩溃。最近金融市场的趋势,尤其是股市泡沫的规模,支持这一说法。任何一位金融业的老手都会告诉你,当金融市场与现实作斗争时,现实总是会赢。这意味着股票价格可能下跌90%或更多。

However,in a sign the financial war is not yet over,European royals disagree,saying,"All of the world's investment banks have begun to migrate away from the old system,so it is just a matter of time before it seamlessly or frictionlessly just morphs from the old to the new."


This may work for payment systems,ATMs,and credit cards,etc.,but not for the Western system of Babylonian debt slavery as a whole.This system has resulted in the top 1%owning 53.2%of all stocks and mutual funds,and if you add in the next 9%,the rich control 93.2%,leaving the remaining 90%with just 6.8%.Further proof that this is a system of debt slavery comes from the fact the bottom 90%of the people owe 72.4%of all the debt.



This stock market,controlled and owned by the super-rich and their high-level servants,has become fraudulent and parasitical and is actually sucking money out of the real economy.This makes a collapse mathematically inevitable.


Let's take a look at some more numbers that prove this.From January to October of this year worldwide,$339 billion has been put into bonds and$208 billion has been taken out of stocks,and yet the stock market keeps hitting record highs.That's because since 2009,institutional investors and households have taken$1.9 trillion out of the stock market while corporations,using private central bank funny money,have bought$3.6 trillion of their own shares.




Plus,according to the Wall Street Journal,97%of listed companies are not using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP)in releasing their profits,meaning basically they are cooking their books.




Coca Cola is a good case study.To quote from The Daily Bell:


"If we just go back a few years to 2010,Coca Cola's annual revenue was$35 billion.By 2018 the company's annual revenue had fallen to less than$32 billion.In 2010,Coca Cola generated$5.06 in profit(earnings)per share.In 2018,just$1.50.And Coca Cola's total equity,i.e.the'net worth'of the business,was$31 billion in 2010.By 2018,equity had fallen to$19 billion.So over the past eight years,Coca Cola has lost nearly 40%of its equity,sales are down,and per-share earnings have fallen by 70%.Clearly the company is in far worse shape today than it was eight years ago.Yet Coke's share price has nearly DOUBLED in that period."


To summarize,the families that own the Western(and Japanese)central banks are printing money and handing it to the corporations they also own,while sucking the lifeblood out of 90%of the population.


The financial system has become a giant black hole,which makes perverted sense since many of the ruling families worship the black sun.


One likely trigger will be the collapse of Deutsche Bank,which just announced a third quarter loss of 832 million Euros.



This chart of their stock price bears an uncanny resemblance to Lehman Brothers just before they collapsed.



A collapse of Deutsche Bank would pull down the European Central Bank and bankrupt the EU,the Asian sources say.


Needless to say,while it's easy to spot a bubble,it's harder to predict when it will burst.However,Asian secret society and White Dragon Society(WDS)sources believe a collapse is likely in 2020.This will be followed by a jubilee(a one-time write-off of all debt and redistribution of assets)and a huge campaign to fix the planet.This plan includes setting up a meritocratic future planning agency that anybody can apply to join.


Before that becomes possible,though,some serious battles remain to be fought.Right now,the main action is taking place in Saudi Arabia and Mexico,where the Khazarian mafia is fighting to preserve its oil and drug money pipelines.


Let's start with the situation in Mexico,where according to Pentagon sources,U.S.President Donald Trump has"declared war on Mexican drug cartels,and indirectly the Democrats who are their secret supporters."However,Mexican sources say recent events in Mexico such as the supposed murder of nine American women and children are just false flags.


The evidence leads to"Yunque,an extreme right-wing occult sect with traces of pedophilia(Father Marcial Maciel was a part of it),"say Mexican patriots.

墨西哥的爱国者们说,证据指向"Yunque,一个极端右翼神秘的宗派,有恋童癖的痕迹(Marcial Maciel 神父是其中的一部分)"

The Mexican sources have compiled a damned case,stating that the recent attempt to arrest El Chapo's son and the alleged murder of the Americans were part of a desperate survival effort by the US conquering North Mexico and its oil fields.

墨西哥的消息来源编纂了一个该死的案件,声称最近逮捕 El Chapo 的儿子的企图和所谓的谋杀美国人是美国占领北墨西哥及其油田的绝望生存努力的一部分。

The LeBaron family,which was supposed to be the victim of nine women and children,stole water,threw farmers off their land,smuggled drugs and among other things is involved in the sex cult of the NXIVM,according to the sources.

据消息人士透露,勒巴伦家族曾被认为是9名妇女和儿童的受害者,他们偷水,把农民赶出自己的土地,走私毒品,还参与了 NXIVM 的性崇拜活动。

They find that the video of the massacre showed no bodies,no clothes and no witnesses,and that the bulletproof survivors allegedly walked six hours and 15 kilometers through hostile desert terrain,all in Arizona and not in Mexico.


According to the sources,the failed attempt to arrest El Chapo's son was made by the US drug agency and the Governor of Culiacán without informing the President of Mexico.

根据消息来源,逮捕 El Chapo 之子的未遂企图是由美国毒品机构和库利亚坎州长在没有通知墨西哥总统的情况下实施的。

The cartel reacted like a well-organised army.The stench of CIA activists is omnipresent,the sources say.


With the excuse of these attacks,the US Congress will describe drug cartels as terrorist organisations and thus,thanks to the Patriot Act,open the door to wage war in Mexico,they close.


A detailed report of the Mexicans can be found in a letter to the editor on this page.


Let us now turn to the situation in Saudi Arabia,where the Khazarian Mafia is struggling to maintain the petrodollar system by listing the Saudi oil company Aramco on the stock exchange.

现在让我们谈谈沙特阿拉伯的情况,可萨黑手党(Khazarian Mafia)正努力通过将沙特石油公司沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(Aramco)上市来维持石油美元体系。

Iran's announcement of a new 53 billion-barrel oil field should derail Aramco's IPO and make it richer than Saudi Arabia,whose proven depleted reserves could be well below 200 billion barrels,Pentagon sources say.

五角大楼消息人士称,伊朗宣布开发新的530亿桶原油田应该会阻止沙特阿美的 IPO,并使其比沙特阿拉伯更加富有。沙特阿拉伯已探明的石油储量可能远低于2000亿桶。

Until Saudi Arabia signs a non-aggression pact with Iran and a peace agreement with Yemen,and S-400[anti-aircraft batteries]is operational to protect its oil assets,no one will invest in Aramco,the sources continue.

在沙特阿拉伯与伊朗签署互不侵犯条约和与也门签署和平协议,以及 S-400防空炮组投入使用以保护其石油资产之前,没有人会在 Aramco 投资。

While China pretends to be interested in Aramco to help Mohammed Bin Salman,it may be forced to resign because of Saudi human rights abuses,war crimes,genocide,crimes against humanity,torture,mass murder and terrorism,they conclude.

他们总结道,尽管中国假装对 Aramco 感兴趣以帮助穆罕默德··萨勒曼,但它可能会因为沙特践踏人权、战争罪、种族灭绝、反人类罪、酷刑、大规模谋杀和恐怖主义而被迫辞职。

Of course,the battle for Saudi Arabia is also about the Rockefellers and other cabal families trying to use the oil to bribe the Chinese to join in,WDS sources say.

当然,WDS 的消息人士称,争夺沙特阿拉伯的战争也与洛克菲勒家族和其他阴谋家族有关,他们试图利用石油贿赂中国人加入进来。

That's why they handed over 100 billion dollars of Saudi money and control of Japan's machinery to Softbank's son Masayoshi,a relative of Sun Yat-sen,the founder of modern China,for the campaign,according to sources in the Asian secret society.


The sources of the Asian secret society,however,say that they will not be deceived by this maneuver,which is why Son suddenly has no more money.


Instead,sources say they are working with the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank to bankrupt the Bank of Japan.


The sources say that they are setting up a bank in Serbia to replace the European Central Bank.Serbia receives Russian S-400 air defense to protect the planned bank.This would be a great historical justice for the destruction of Yugoslavia.

消息人士说,他们正在塞尔维亚建立一家银行,以取代欧洲中央银行。塞尔维亚接受俄罗斯 S-400防空系统保护计划中的银行。这将是摧毁南斯拉夫的一个伟大的历史正义。


In a sign that the US military is on board this plan,the Pentagon sources say:"Trump may participate in the military parade on Victory Day in Russia in May 2020 to send a message to the Deep State,the Zionists and China.


The Chinese,for their part,are now preparing to establish a space-moon economic zone of$10 trillion a year by 2050.



Underneath the surface there is much more going on about which we cannot yet write for reasons of operational safety.


However,we can say that more and more high-ranking cabal politicians are disappearing.


The desperate cabal activists try to give the impression with tweets,letters,press releases and computer graphics that their favourite politicians are still there.


We hear,however,that they are being held in detention without any contact with the outside world,while they are faced with fierce questions.


Most of them sing like canaries,according to the Pentagon sources.Once the clean-up in the US is complete,attention will be focused on Europe and Japan,according to WDS sources.

根据五角大楼的消息来源,他们中的大多数人唱起歌来像金丝雀一样。据 WDS 消息人士称,一旦美国的清理工作完成,人们的注意力将集中在欧洲和日本。

In a sign that the Israelis have withdrawn their Samson Optio threats,the Israeli embassies have reopened for 25 days on the orders of a judge,a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Tokyo said.


This could be an indication that the Zionists are negotiating a surrender.


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