Teri wade|负面议程终结

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Teri wade|负面议程终结

Major movements by the negative rulers towards the surface population for complete control of Earth is coming to a halt. This agenda has been reversed engineered shall we say and a push towards a more positive timeline is being activated.


A year or so ago the Draco Alliance made a major push for an end of the world programming using Loosh energy to open up a portal to bring in back up. But, at the same time a positive surface ground crew anchored in the physical shut down that particular portal to reset the original timeline and open up more Galactic consciousness to the programmed surface population.

大约一年前,德拉科联盟使用 Loosh 能源打开了一个入口来引入备份,大力推动世界末日的节目。但是,与此同时,一个积极的地面工作人员锚定在物质层上,关闭了那个特殊的入口,以重置原始的时间线,并打开了更多的银河意识到程序化的地面人口。

This operation by these positive beings also captured and quarantined some major players. The Dark forces have been in survival mode for more than a year now and are pushing for more and more fuel. This is why we are seeing so much social unrest, unstable weather, natural disasters, wars and rumors of war.


These Dark rulers have been running on razors edge for sometime now milking enough negative energy out of humanity to fulfill their end of the the world Armageddon agenda.


Without us they have no batteries and this is a major reason there will never be another world ending war like the annihilation of Maldek and the destruction of Mars atmosphere. Simply, because they need their livestock.


They are reaching the end of what their manipulation can handle without the collapse of their entire system. But, many are starting to see the collapse of the old world and are cultivating the bringing in of the New World.


The reason why many of us are here at this time in Earth's history is to bring in these higher energies that are ushering in this New World as painless as possible.


We are coming into some major times of chaos before the major transition. We all know there is something massive coming for humanity, something brilliant, something pure. Our path has never been more clear and we are beginning to see where it all leads. Remember, everything is connected, everything! 🙌🏼




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