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By Judy Byington as published in Before It's News:US Under Military Law,Congress Arrested,War With CCP Won and No One Knows It|Politics|Before It's News


Joe B*iden was sworn in as president of a bankrupt and defunct US Inc.Corporation.Just prior to his pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock Entertainment Inauguration,Washington DC,Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of barbed wire fences and 60,000 National Guard troops.


Now over a week later,over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencing remained.Why?


An answer came early Mon.morning 25 Jan.when from 3am to 6am arrests of 80 to 140 Congress people appeared to be underway at Capitol Hill–after which Congress seemed to have disappeared.Why?https://www.bitchute.com/video/oYzu0wcwa3GE/ House cancels business during first full Biden week - Washington Times US Military at the White House Arresting Congress | Politics | Before It's News


In reality an Interim Military US Government had taken over Washington DC and was running our country.The two US governments:(1)a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3,and(2)an illegal,fraudulent foreign paid-for,foreign controlled(on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia)B*iden Administration.


The US Military appeared to be in charge of Biden and making him sign blank Executive Orders on a stage set of the Oval Office.The White House was said to be empty.Why?https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=164754


The whole operation began way last Jan.2020 during a government shutdown.President Trump was said to have reorganized several agencies including the US Treasury,IRS and Federal Reserve.Now the US Military had control of all assets including taxpayer dollars at the new US Treasury near Reno.Why?


The Military had been tasked with conducting a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and to insure that the US Republic was restored to original laws of the Constitution as written prior to 1871.http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=115613


This was all made possible after a Sat.9 Jan 2021 raid by US Military Special Op Teams on CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia.The raid produced firm evidence that the CIA,Democrats and other traitors had conspired with foreign entities led by the C*e Communist Party(*C*P),to interfere in the 2020 Election.


Earlier that Saturday morning 9 Jan.there had been two attempts on Trump and his wife Melania's lives(there were said to have been twelve plus such attempts since he gained office).


Trump had had enough.He immediately instigated the Insurrection Act(put into law by George Bush Jr.after 9/11),and then turned his authority over to the US Military.


With the nation now under Martial Law,Trump would remain as US President until all those who committed treason were arrested,including those who certified the illegal 2020 Election.


Some in the Pentagon had been preparing for this for over twenty years.US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very busy since 2016.The US government was corrupt throughout including Congress and the three letter agencies.There were a lot of traitors whose cases had already been processed through State Grand Juries.There was an estimated 80 to 140 Congress people thought named in over 223,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts since Trump took office.


Of those,85%to 95%indicted were Democrats,intermixed with a few Rino Republicans.The majority of charges were said to be pedo*philia,chi*ld exploitation,misappropriation of US Taxpayer funds and conspiring with foreign powers to influence the 2020 Presidential Election–an act of Treason.Some serious charges couldn't be brought because O*bama pardoned so many in his last days in office.


By Jan.2 2020 Military Tribunals were said to have already began at GITMO for high profile elites such as the C*lintons,O*bamas and B*ushes.Charges against them were believed to include Capital High Treason,Election Fraud,Chi*ld Se*x Traffic*king,Money Laundering,Misappropriation of US Taxpayer Funds,plus Uranium One,9/11 and Benghazi crimes.


D*eep State Special prosecutor Robert Mueller was believed to have been charged for his involvement in the 9/11 cover-up(he was appointed FBI Director 7 days before 9/11 and oversaw 9/11 so-called"investigations"),plus he conducted an ongoing fake Russian witch-hunt against Trump.https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/168059921/

迪普州特别检察官罗伯特穆勒(Robert Mueller)据信因参与掩盖9/11事件而受到指控(他在9/11事件前7天被任命为联邦调查局(FBI)局长,负责9/11所谓的"调查"),此外,他还进行了一场针对特朗普的假俄罗斯政治迫害。

It was no wonder the Democrats wanted to impeach Trump,again.On Thurs.28 Jan.certain traitors in both the House and Senate did in fact recognize Trump as the acting US President when they voted,again,to try to impeach him.Under rules of the Constitution you could not impeach a US President if he didn't presently hold the office.


Donald Trump wasn't worried about being impeached from the presidency of the bankrupt and defunct US Corporation.He had other plans.On 11 Jan.2021 Donald Trump was inaugurated as head of the Patriot or Constitutional Party,which made him a candidate for US President,again.

唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)并不担心被弹劾出破产倒闭的美国公司(US Corporation)的总统职位。他有其他的计划。2021111日,唐纳德·特朗普宣誓就职,成为爱国者或制宪党的领袖,这使他再次成为美国总统候选人。

The US Military was about to restore the US Republic to laws underlying the original Constitution as written prior to 1871.That election was planned to be held on 4 March 2021 through use of a transparent,secure and instantaneous Quantum Voting Computer where citizens could vote using their own computers,or phones.


For many years the C*e Communist Party(not the C*e government,which was working to become a democracy)had been involved in a takeover of America.That war culminated when just prior to the 2020 US Presidential Election,the *C*P bought Dominion Voting machines that through use of an Italian satellite loaned with money at the Vatican,threw what was believed to be millions of Trump votes to B*iden.And,the CIA raid proved it all.

多年来,*C*P (不是中国政府,它正在努力成为一个民主国家)一直参与接管美国。2020年美国总统大选前夕,*C*P购买了"Dominion"投票机,通过使用从梵蒂冈贷款的意大利卫星,将据信数百万张特朗普选票投给了拜登,这场战争达到了高潮。中情局的突袭证明了这一切。

The war between the *C*P and the US actually ended on Thurs.28 Jan.Former Navy Intelligence officer Simon Parkes reported a showdown in the South China Sea.The *C*P had been trying to take over Taiwan.Taiwan was where gold was stored that would back countries including the US,for a Global Currency Reset.Parks said that there were air battles between America and Taiwan fighter jets against *C*P jets and"the *C*P lost big time."


The New World Order fans had lost their war.A banker source out of Zurich said they had promised to settle everything by Fri.29 Jan.https://www.simonparkes.org/blog


Rinus Verhagen reported that"the *C*P has abandoned their Big Restart Operation and the liberal elite-scheduled reboot of Globalism has failed.Operation C19,expressed in the book"Great Restoration"by Klaus Schwab,President of the Davos Global Economic Forum,has also failed.The *C*P would not impose a Global Order.Their power,like any commercial empire,was limited to an economic expansion."http://www.takecare4.eu/panic-in-dc/Take care 4–

Rinus Verhagen 报道说,"*C*P已经放弃了他们的重启计划,自由派精英计划的全球主义重置计划已经失败。达沃斯全球经济论坛主席克劳斯·施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)在《大重置》(Great Restoration)一书中表达的 C19行动也失败了。*C*P不会强加一个全球秩序。他们的权力,就像任何商业帝国一样,仅限于经济扩张。"



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