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9月30日,我收到了埃琳娜·达纳安 和她的外星联系人 Thor Han Eredyon 的最新消息,关于猎户座的高个子灰色外星领导人分遣队刚刚被世界银河联邦抓获。



作者:MICHAEL SALLA 博士2021103日发表于《银河外交》专题栏目

On September 30,I received an update from Elena Danaan and her extraterrestrial contact,Thor Han Eredyon,concerning a contingent of Tall Gray alien leaders from Orion who had just been captured by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.It was claimed that the Tall Grays were the same aliens that had in the 1950s reached an agreement with the Majestic 12 Group without President Eisenhower's approval,and selling out humanity in the process.If accurate,the capture marked a major step forward in humanity taking back control of the solar system.

930日,我收到了埃琳娜·达纳安 和她的外星联系人 Thor Han Eredyon 的最新消息,关于猎户座的高个子灰色外星领导人分遣队刚刚被世界银河联邦抓获。据称,高灰人是同样的外星人,在20世纪50年代未经艾森豪威尔总统批准就与雄伟12集团达成协议,并在此过程中出卖人类。如果准确的话,这次捕获标志着人类在夺回对太阳系的控制方面向前迈出了一大步。

What follows is the update I received from Elena about the capture of the Orion Tall Grays:


[Elena]Thor Han connected to share with me telepathically where he was:in a dark room with other personnel of the Federation,looking at high transparent cylinders containing a blueish gel.Nine of them contained each a tall Grey in stasis.I could identify in the room High Commander Ardaana,the science commander Denethor,some Ummites,and other beings from different races.

[埃琳娜]索尔·汉通过心灵感应和我分享了他的位置:在一个黑暗的房间里,和联邦的其他人员一起,看着装有蓝色凝胶的高透明圆柱体。其中的九个包含了每一个处于停滞状态的高大的灰色。我可以在房间里辨认出高级指挥官 Ardaana,科学指挥官 Denethor,一些 Ummites,以及其他来自不同种族的生物。

[Thor Han]–These are Eban,a very rare and exceptional catch,Thor Han said.([Elena]I knew that the Eban are at the head of the Orion Nebu group and the ones responsible for the treaties with MJ12&MIC).It is extremely difficult to catch them,he continued,as they play with frequency shifts,interdimensional jumps and temporal hide-and-seek games.And when we happen to catch one,it discorporates instantly.As you know,we found the frequency to lock all their portals in this star system.This is how we caught these ones,trying to escape via one of the portals near Saturn.

[Thor Han]-这些是依邦,一个非常罕见和特殊的捕捉,Thor Han 说。[埃琳娜]我知道埃班是 Orion Nebu 集团的头目,也是负责与 MJ12 MIC 签订条约的人。要抓住它们是极其困难的,他继续说道,因为它们玩的是频率转换、跨维度跳跃和暂时的捉迷藏游戏。当我们碰巧抓到一个,它立刻就会解体。如你所知,我们发现频率锁定他们所有的入口在这个星系。这就是我们如何抓住这些人,试图通过土星附近的一个入口逃跑。

It's important to emphasize here Thor Han's intel that the Ebans are the leaders of the Orion Nebu,Tall Grays from the Orion constellation,and it was this group that met with and made agreements with the Eisenhower administration.These meetings and agreements with the Tall Grays were first discussed by William Cooper in his 1991 book,Behold a Pale Horse.He wrote:

这里需要强调的是 Thor Han 的情报,Ebans 是猎户座 Nebu 的领导者,猎户星座的高灰人,正是这个小组与艾森豪威尔政府会面并达成协议。1991年,William Cooper 在他的著作《十面埋伏擒蛟龙首次讨论了这些与高灰人的会面和协议。他写道:

Later in 1954,the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base.A basic agreement was reached.This race identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse.They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there

1954年晚些时候,环绕地球飞行的大鼻子灰色外星人在霍洛曼空军基地登陆。达成了一项基本协议。这场比赛证明他们自己来自于一颗围绕猎户座中一颗我们称之为 Betelgeuse 的红星的行星。他们说,他们的星球正在死亡,在未知的未来某个时候,他们将不再能够在那里生存

Elena later added that the captured Ebans come from Betelgeuse,matching what Cooper had earlier revealed.It's also worth pointing out that the ability of the Tall Grays to transport themselves via"frequency shifts,interdimensional jumps and temporal hide-and-seek"explains the need for a frequency grid being created around the planet.

后来埃琳娜补充说,捕捉到的 Ebans 来自 Betelgeuse,与 Cooper 早些时候透露的情况相符。同样值得指出的是,高个子灰人通过"频率转移、空间跳跃和时间捉迷藏"传送自己的能力解释了为什么需要在地球周围建立一个频率网格。

In a previous update from Val Nek(received from Megan Rose),it was described how new technologies were being provided to US Space Command to prevent the Tall Grays and other negative groups from using such sophisticated means to infiltrate Earth,and create havoc here.

Val Nek( Megan Rose 提供)之前的一次更新中,描述了如何向美国太空司令部提供新技术,以防止高灰人和其他负面团体利用这种复杂的手段渗透地球,在这里制造混乱。

Elena continued the update she received from Thor Han:


[Thor Han]It is a great catch for the Galactic Federation because for the first time,we are about to triangulate their brain frequency in an attempt to neutralize the frequency transmission from their queen-consciousness,and get to it.As you know,the Nebu function as a hive-consciousness;for the first time in the history of this galaxy,we are going to crack this code.They won't stay here on this ship,they are about to be transported to a safer place.

[Thor Han]这对于银河联邦来说是一个巨大的收获,因为我们第一次将三角测量他们的大脑频率,试图中和他们的女王意识的频率传输,并得到它。如你所知,Nebu 的功能就像一个蜂群意识;在这个星系的历史上,我们将第一次破解这个密码。他们不会呆在这艘船上,他们将被转移到一个更安全的地方。

[Elena]-Why are they kept in the dark?


[Thor Han]-They thrive on ultraviolet light.Our regular light harms them,we need to preserve them alive.All the Nebu try to leave this system.Many have already,hoping to gather forces and come back.Hence comes the need for deactivating their central consciousness.Once disconnected from it,they will be useless,neutralized.

[Thor Han]他们靠紫外线茁壮成长。我们常规的光线会伤害它们,我们需要保护它们的生命。所有的内布人都试图离开这个星系。许多人已经这样做了,希望能够集结力量回来。因此,需要去激活他们的中心意识。一旦脱离它,它们就会变得毫无用处,毫无作用。

This is a point that both Elena and Megan have made about the Draco Reptilians and Orion Grays now departing our solar system due to intervention by the Galactic Federation upholding their Prime Directive.


Comparing Prime Directives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds & Star Trek

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The Dracos and Grays have the intention of returning with new allies,and time was short for humanity/the Earth Alliance to prepare advanced planetary defense technologies and a powerful space fleet to protect the rest of the solar system.


In Thor Han's update,I was intrigued by the parallels with the Borg as depicted in the Star Trek series and how brain frequencies were used for individual members to link with the collective.I asked Elena about it,and what follows is the Q&A between us:

在索尔·汉的更新中,我被星际迷航系列中描述的与博格人的相似之处以及个体成员如何使用大脑频率与集体连接所吸引。我问了埃琳娜 这个问题,接下来是我们之间的问答:

[Michael]That is good news Elena.So they are like the Borg.Once separated from the hive mind,they are useless since they haven't developed individuality.


What is it about their brain frequency that connects them to the Queen mind?We are talking about something very different to implants,right?


[Elena]Oh yes,totally.All Greys with a reptiloid genome,such as the Eban,Zeta,Grail,Solipsi Rai,Do-Hu etc…,are on a hive type social structure.Yes,like the Borgs!No,we are not talking about implants,it is something totally different.There is no technology involved.We are talking about consciousness.Although they have individual thinking of their own,their minds are calibrated on a specific same brain frequency connected to a central consciousness called the"queen".


When orders come from this centralized"queen",they cannot resist and they obey,just like the Borg.I am not sure if it is a real"queen",it may be a super-computer or a sort of supra-AI I don't know,but it is called"queen".This"queen"is located in the Orion M42 nebula.They have individuality but it is very basic.When the"queen"sends an order,imagine a quantum spider at the center of a web:everyone receives it and it takes over the brain functions and the basic individual thinking.Once disconnected from the queen,and so from the hive,they are lost and useless.

当命令来自这个中央集权的"女王"时,他们无法抵抗,只能服从,就像博格人一样。我不确定它是否是一个真正的"女王",它可能是一个超级计算机或一种超人工智能,我不知道,但它被称为"女王"。这个"女王"位于猎户座 M42星云。他们有个性,但这是非常基本的。当"女王"发出命令时,想象一下位于网络中心的量子蜘蛛:每个人都收到它,它接管大脑功能和基本的个人思维。一旦与蜂王失去联系,也就是与蜂房失去联系,它们就会变得毫无用处。

So the Galactic Federation is trying to hijack this queen.Exciting.


The Nebu agenda was to do the same thing with humanity.

Nebu 的议程是对人类做同样的事情。

This was a fascinating answer,the Tall Grays were linked through consciousness with a queen,and implants were not part of their communication process.This means the communication process is similar to bees and other insect species where the hive mind is conveyed through consciousness alone,allowing the queen to control the collective.


Star Trek: First Contact (4/9) Movie CLIP - I Am the Borg (1996) HD

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Importantly,implants would be used by Tall Grays for tracking purposes rather than communication,as exemplified in the abduction phenomenon where millions of human abductees have been implanted over decades.


The Gray implants appeared to be more sophisticated than the crude RFID chips that were mass produced by major companies such as Siemens to track humans abducted and/or taken into the slave trade,as I explained back in December 2015.

正如我在201512月解释的那样,Gray 植入物似乎比西门子等大公司大规模生产的原始 RFID 芯片更为复杂,用于跟踪被绑架和/或被带入奴隶贸易的人。

An abduction happened to Elena when she was nine years old,and the Gray implant was repurposed so it could act as a communication device with Thor Han and the Federation.


Elena's update from Thor Han appeared to be very good news.The same group of Tall Gray leaders that had reached agreements with the Majestic 12 Group were now in custody.I was intrigued by what their fate would be and asked Elena/Thor Han some questions about it.Here's the relevant Q and A with Thor Han[TH].

埃琳娜从雷神汉那里得到的消息似乎是个好消息。与 Majestic 12集团达成协议的同一批高灰色领导人现在被拘留。我对他们的命运很感兴趣,于是问了埃琳娜/Thor Han 一些相关的问题。这里是与索尔汉相关的问题和答案[TH]

Michael:There were 9 of them in capsules.Are they part of a governing Council of some kind or just one or two leaders and their minions?


TH:"They are the equivalent of officers,part of a special high command.They were fleeing Dulce base and trying to escape by the Saturn portal,located near their former Saturn base.They are not part of a council.We need to examine them first,and when we reach satisfaction,we will revive them and take them through the usual procedure.No negotiation.Nebu don't negotiate,they kill the elements of the hive who have been"infected",to use the term they employ."

TH:"他们相当于军官,隶属于一个特殊的最高指挥部。他们当时正在逃离杜尔塞基地,并试图通过靠近他们以前的土星基地的土星入口逃跑。他们不是委员会的成员。我们需要首先检查他们,当我们达到满意的时候,我们将恢复他们,并采取通常的程序。没有商量的余地。Nebu 不谈判,他们杀死了蜂巢中被"感染"的成员,用他们的术语来说

Michael:Also,will there be negotiations for their release,a trial of some kind,or will they just be experimented on to crack the code,etc?


TH:They have security brain shields we need to crack through.As long as they remain stunned,they can't send a signal to the hive,which would result in their remote removal.




TH:Their consciousness would be instantly removed from their body-envelops and merged back into the global consciousness of the hive,in Uru An Na.It's the equivalent of killing them remotely,getting rid of them before they release more info.


Thor Han's response makes clear why the Orion Grays are a formidable force in space that operates much like the fictional Borg collective does when it comes to terminating the lives of its captured personnel.The reference to Dulce base is also significant since that is the same location identified by the whistleblower,Phil Schneider,who described a 1979 firefight there that led to a significant number of US special forces being killed by the Tall Grays.


What supports Elena's latest update is that long-time contactee Alex Collier has just come forward in an interview corroborating the information being released by Elena and Megan Rose about the recent liberation of the solar system from the Orion Grays and Draco Reptilians.Alex gave a timeline for how this is playing out today,and how negative extraterrestrial groups such as the Tall Grays are being captured:

支持埃琳娜最新更新的是,长期联系人亚历克斯·科利尔(Alex Collier)刚刚在一次采访中站出来,证实了埃琳娜和梅根·罗斯(Megan Rose)发布的有关最近太阳系从猎户座灰人(Orion Grays)和天龙座爬虫(Draco Reptilians)中解放出来的信息。亚历克斯给出了一个时间表来说明今天的情况,以及负面的外星团体如高灰人是如何被捕获的:

Somewhere around the middle of December,before Christmas,this should be over.In other words,the battle between the light and the dark,at that point it will just be cleaning up,rounding up,tribunals,things of that nature but the war itself would be over.Most of the regressives[Orion Grays and Draco Reptilians]that have been on the planet have been removed,and those who were still here hiding,they virtually have surrendered because they have no choice.


The information from Alex's Andromedan extraterrestrial contact,Mornay,directly supports the information that the Orion Grays are losing their temporal war with the Galactic Federation,Andromeda Council,and allied extraterrestrial groups.

来自 Alex 的仙女座外星人接触 Mornay 的信息直接支持了猎户座灰人正在失去他们与银河联邦、仙女座议会以及外星人联盟的短暂战争的信息。

The apparent capture of this group of Tall Gray leaders involved with the agreements reached with the MJ-12 Group is yet another sign of a profound shift in terms of humanity's expansion into space.This suggests that the underlying power structures behind space exploration have been altered in fundamental ways,as Elena and Megan have been reporting,and as we are witnessing today with the rapid expansion of space operations by the US military and aerospace corporations to bring about a Star Trek Future.

这群高大的灰色领导人的明显捕获与 MJ-12集团达成的协议是又一个迹象,表明在人类向太空扩张方面发生了深刻的转变。这意味着太空探索背后潜在的权力结构已经发生了根本性的改变,正如埃琳娜和 梅根所报道的那样,正如我们今天所见证的,美国军事和航空航天公司为了实现星际迷航的未来而迅速扩张太空行动。

I wish to thank Elana Danaan for relaying Thor Han's update and answers to my questions.Her YouTube channel is here.

我要感谢埃琳娜·达纳安转播索尔·汉的更新并回答了我的问题。她的 YouTube 频道在这里。

Note:On October 9,I will hold my final webinar for 2021 on the topic of "Galactic Federations,Councils&Secret Space Programs." The Webinar will conclude with a special panel featuring Elena Danaan,Megan Rose,and myself.

:109日,我将举行2021年最后一次网络研讨会,主题是"银河联邦、议会和秘密太空计划"网络研讨会将以 埃琳娜·达纳安Megan Rose 和我为特色的专题小组结束。

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