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It is always a delight to communicate to you in this way. You are transforming so much inside it is always important to keep connected to your highest wisdom and that is always within. The outside world continues to spin off that which no longer resonates with the higher frequencies of light that are being bombarded upon your planet. Do not get injured by the immense debris field!


Stay in the quiet eye of the storm, always in the middle, always in the calm. From this perspective you can see that which is effluvia and that which remains as truth. Intend always to be in the light of truth and so it shall be. It takes all of your strength and all of your attuned faculties to NOT attach to the debris. Observe and don’t absorb. This is a constant calibration and a constant intent to focus on the present now moment and not in mental calculating and future deciphering. Stop. Rest. Go within. Breathe. Connect. Let the crap fly by. An awake master can observe with neutrality and remain unharmed by what is being witnessed. Witness with natural observation, and this high state is attained through compassion. If you are all things and have been all things and know all things and are connected to all things, then the highest way to witness this mass clearing is from a place of compassionate neutrality, trusting that you came here to help in this way at this time. You are part of the solution and not the lower density that is being released. Any other reaction than this place of compassionate detachment is not in support of the higher plan. See as God sees. Know as God knows.


You are well supported during these tumultuous times. You are not alone, nor ever could you be. Your strength comes from your divine connection within and also your deep knowing that you are not alone. And it is vital that you feel the power of unifying with others of like intent. There are many awakened souls joining you on this incredible journey and being together will help keep your fires lit and remind you that the unification of purpose is the way of the higher dimensions. We are originally One with Source and we split off to experience remembrance and creation that we can once again return to Source as One. So, unification is the way. Even if you feel you are desperately alone in your daily experience…keep seeking the omniscient presence within, all the while seeking the solace of others who are doing the same. Humans need to be in community, it is an important part of the Earthly experience. Find it wherever you can in media, books, groups, classes, neighbours…you will be surprised how close they are and how easy it is to connect when you set your intention. Do what you love, and love will show up. Know, feel and trust that you are not alone. Get strong in this, for as others awaken more suddenly, you will be there in strong community to attract them, help them, catch them, support them. This is an important part of your role as an awakened One, and where your service to the New Earth continues.

在这动荡的时期,你们得到了很好的支持。你不是一个人,也永远不会是。你的力量来自于你内在的神圣连接,也来自于你深刻的知道你并不孤单。感受到与其他有同样意图的人团结一致的力量是至关重要的。有许多觉醒的灵魂加入你们这个不可思议的旅程,在一起将帮助你们点燃火焰,并提醒你们,目标的统一是更高维度的方式。我们最初是与源头合一的,我们分离去体验记忆和创造,我们可以再次回到源头合一。所以,统一才是正道。即使你觉得自己在日常生活中孤立无援... ... 继续寻找内在的无所不知的存在,同时寻求其他正在做同样事情的人的安慰。人类需要团体,这是地球经验的重要组成部分。无论你在媒体、书籍、团体、课堂、邻居中找到它... ... 当你设定你的目标时,你会惊讶于他们是多么的亲密,联系是多么的容易。做你喜欢的事,爱就会出现。知道,感觉和信任你并不孤单。在这里变得坚强,因为当其他人更突然地觉醒时,你会在强大的社区中吸引他们,帮助他们,抓住他们,支持他们。这是你作为觉醒者角色的重要部分,也是你对新地球继续服务的地方。

If you are wondering what your purpose is, it is to embody the attributes of the master: remain calm, go within, stay in the centre, avoid debris, observe don’t absorb, be in the present, rest, breathe, connect, recalibrate constantly, stay in compassionate detachment, connect with others, be in service, and most of all – emanate the love that you already are.

如果你想知道自己的目的是什么,那就是体现主人的属性: 保持冷静,深入内心,留在中心,避免碎片,观察而不是吸收,活在当下,休息,呼吸,连接,不断重新校准,保持富有同情心的超然,与他人联系,服务他人,最重要的是——释放出你已经拥有的爱。

Being all of this will be your greatest accomplishment. What will come of it will be magnificent!


And remember – you are not alone.


We are, The Council of Light Within



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