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September 21,2021 2021921

I felt inspired to write a general post.Here goes...


Firstly,I believe that the Aussie construction workers protesting is THE most exciting thing that has happened during the Alliance war since President Trump was elected.I am not kidding.This is it...!The critical mass point has been reached.When laid-back Aussie blokes get enraged,you know it's serious.There is no going back now.


I think the next two weeks will be pivotal.Super busy.Stock up on food,stay calm and buckle in.We are about to go down that last part of the roller coaster ride-or Pepe riding the gigantic wave-whichever you prefer.


Secondly,I had an interesting insight on my daily walk(in the rain,no one else around...).It seems that the first jab may not be as harmful as the second one-which seems to make a lot of people unwell.What if people who took the first jab,then resist the second one,are people sitting on the fence regarding Ascension...?One foot in 3D and one in 5D.Not decided yet.


Loosely speaking,people who refuse the jab outright are clearly destined for Ascension and 5D.We are talking ADULTS who are fully-consenting,not children.If children succumb to peer pressure and get jabbed,they will be protected because they are too young to know what they are doing.


People who lined up eagerly for the first jab,second jab and ten daily booster shots for the rest of their lives clearly are not ready to ascend.They may have chosen to be here on Earth for this time of Ascension for the experience-and to help teach the rest of us about compassion and unconditional Love.They may depart this plane because of the jab,their soul contracts fulfilled.In being here,those people helped to expose the TRUTH about the dark forces.Job well done.


It is predicted that millions may leave the earth plane in the next few years.Maybe this is how it happens.


Finally,it has been weeks since I experienced several particular Ascension symptoms including heart palpitations,nausea and dizziness.What I am experiencing at times is overwhelming exhaustion.Also I get ringing in my right ear which signifies a download from Upstairs.Apart from that,I am having an easier time in the physical,thankfully.Please feel free to share your own Ascension symptoms in the comments.


As with anything I write on this blog,please use your discernment.I am just a messenger,sharing my thoughts and interesting information I find while trawling around on-line.


Thank you for reading this post.You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety,including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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