2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

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 November 22, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图片2023年11月22日

2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

There isn’t much bad news for We, the People of Earth/Terra unless we abhor change and fear the truth. There will be plenty of change and truth as we demolish the establishment’s predatory systems and rebuild in a previously hidden reality. The news for Humanity is mostly good, once we get past the reality check for those who are in denial or refuse to see what is happening around them.


There is no good news for the deep state bad actors. The bad news for them is that some of us are not in a forgiving mood, and once crimes are established the punishment may be swift and unofficial. Crimes against children and mass murder/torture are considered particularly heinous. While lawless retribution is not sanctioned, it probably won’t be opposed because Humanity declared open season on the Khazarian mafia years ago. We all know Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.


2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

Most of us know that the mobsters’ FEMA officials have been a plague on Humanity in situations when they most needed support and assistance. In fact, FEMA staff arriving on the scene usually meant the opposite was about to happen. They were agency thugs—like the TSA groping bodies, ogling backscatter X-ray images, and stealing while rummaging through personal belongings in the name of “security”.

我们大多数人都知道,匪徒的联邦应急管理局官员在他们最需要支持和援助的时候,一直是人类的灾难。事实上,联邦应急管理局的工作人员到达现场通常意味着相反的事情即将发生。他们是机构暴徒ーー比如美国运输安全管理局(TSA)的人在摸索尸体、盯着后向散射 X 光图像、以“安全”的名义在翻找个人物品时偷窃。

We understand for some reason FEMA was deployed to Maui before the Directed Energy Weapon [DEW] attack on Lahaina, stayed in lavishly appointed hotels, and the White Hats had to send in Special Forces and perhaps others to get the nightmare under control. The situation there was so appalling it was difficult to believe it was real.


The point is, few tears would be shed over the following news. It’s always possible it is shared as a way to scare remaining cabalists and may be embellished. It may also be a deterrent to service members and law enforcement thinking of taking justice into their own hands. You decide.


Flashback from the Q Map:

Q 地图闪回:

2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球
David Bowdich

I recollect seeing a post by Q from October 2020 which featured this guy, David Bowdich. It’s hard to say whether they pointed to him as a White Hat or Black Hat. It my have been a comm for insiders. Perhaps he was then “activated”. Due to his posting with law enforcement and Disney, it’s still difficult to know the significance. If he is a White Hat, he may have infiltrated and probably has the goods on some of the things that have been unfolding at Disney.

我记得看过 Q 在2020年10月的一篇文章,里面提到了这个叫大卫 · 鲍迪奇的家伙。很难说他们指认他是白帽子还是黑帽子。我一直是内部人士的通讯器。也许他被“激活”了。由于他在执法部门和迪斯尼公司任职,我们仍然很难了解其中的意义。如果他是一个白帽子,他可能已经渗透,可能已经在迪斯尼展开的一些事情的商品。

This bit is concerning. We know the cabal honours their own for crimes committed but Bowdich may have fooled them.


For his service to his nation, Mr. Bowdich was bestowed the Meritorious Service Award by President Barack Obama in 2016. In 2020, he was selected by Attorney General William Barr to serve on the President’s Law Enforcement Commission, and, in 2021, FBI Director Christopher Wray awarded him the FBI Director’s Medallion for Exceptional Leadership upon his retirement.   

由于对国家的贡献,鲍迪奇先生于2016年被巴拉克 · 奥巴马总统授予荣誉服务奖。2020年,他被司法部长威廉 · 巴尔(William Barr)选为总统执法委员会成员。2021年,联邦调查局局长克里斯托弗 · 雷(Christopher Wray)在他退休后授予他联邦调查局局长杰出领导奖章。   

It’s just something I noted and mention now that Disney is in the news again. Q told us everything has meaning. The online bio at Disney follows at the link below.

这只是我现在注意到和提到的迪斯尼再次上了新闻。Q 告诉我们一切都有意义。迪斯尼的在线个人简介如下。



2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

As we personally mourn the journey of a friend’s canine family member over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, the following references in the news is a little odd for us.


I’m seeing lots of Rainbow 🌈 Comms




Today we saw another example of “domestic terrorism” after an explosion in a vehicle at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, the US/Canada border. There might be the potential for shutting down the border. Telegram shows the moment it happened. 


And there it is. Twelve minutes ago Reuters published the following and later updated it to four total border crossings. That might hamper the efforts of criminals to flee, mightn’t it?


WASHINGTON, Nov 22 (Reuters) – A vehicle exploded on Wednesday on the Rainbow Bridge linking Canada with the United States at Niagara Falls, prompting authorities to close that border crossing and the three others between western New York and southern Ontario, officials said.


Vehicle explodes at Niagara Falls, forcing US-Canada border closings


BREAKING: The “vehicle explosion” at Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls between U.S. and Canada border was an “attempted terrorist attack” with “a lot of explosives in the vehicle at the time.” – Fox News

最新消息: 位于美国和加拿大边境之间的尼亚加拉大瀑布彩虹桥发生的“汽车爆炸”是一起“未遂的恐怖袭击”,“当时汽车内装有大量炸药”福克斯新闻

“Unnamed sources.” Like that has validity.


CNN, citing unnamed sources, said the car was coming from the Canadian side toward the U.S.


The latest updates before press time is the following. No surprise here. There are always 20 versions of these events.


Fox News is now walking back it’s claims of bombs in the car.


BREAKING REPORT: Buffalo International Airport has been SHUT DOWN following TERRORIST ATTACK in Niagara Falls, New York..

突发新闻: 水牛城国际机场在纽约尼亚加拉大瀑布遭受恐怖袭击后关闭。

BREAKING REPORT: Eyewitness to the Niagara Falls TERRORIST ATTACK reveals the vehicle EXPLODED AND SHOT 15 FEET UP IN THE AIR and ended up in secondary checkpoint on the Rainbow Bridge.

突发报道: 尼亚加拉大瀑布恐怖袭击的目击者透露,汽车在15英尺高的空中爆炸并被击中,最终停在彩虹桥的第二检查站。

Join Us: https://t.me/AMGNEWS2022

加入我们: https://t.me/amgnews2022

What a movie. It’s our Thanksgiving entertainment. Link to Telegram.


The vehicle exploded at 11:22am on November 22.


Weird, Right?

很奇怪,对吧? 留言?



OMG. You’ve got to be kidding me. They really went there with the planted passport again. How many will wake up to this tactic?


🚨🚨🚨 per @jihadwatchRS An Iranian passport was found next to the car that exploded today at the US-Canada border on Rainbow Bridge. Days ago, @JoeBiden sent $10 BILLION more dollars to Iran, after sending $6 BILLION on 9/11/23.Iran funded and trained the HAMAS and... https://t.co/06eEFKSrUL

What are the chances of this happening after the ruling below? Government overreach is AOK in New York and Kathy Hochul is vindicated and ready to champion the cause. It sounds contrived to me.

在下面的裁决之后,发生这种情况的可能性有多大?在纽约,政府越权是 AOK,而 Kathy Hochul 被证明是正确的,并准备好捍卫这项事业。在我看来是人为的。


2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

Here’s another lovely distraction:


BREAKING: Lockheed Martin is reportedly in possession of an alien UFO wreck pic.twitter.com/u7OXKxHZKh

Something else we’ve discussed for years has surfaced in the mainstream news. I have been telling my subscribers that radiation, more specifically in the form of X-rays they tell us are wonderful for cancer diagnostic purposes, are both cumulative and carcinogenic. Wow, all those “C” words, and all bad.

我们讨论多年的另一件事已经在主流新闻中浮出水面。我一直在告诉我的订阅者,辐射,更确切地说是 X 射线的形式,他们告诉我们,对于癌症诊断的目的是美妙的,是累积的和致癌的。哇,这么多“ C”开头的词,全都不好。

How many X-rays do we get in a lifetime? There are the dental X-rays—which must be powerful if they put a lead apron on you and leave the room to blast you. There are the aforementioned X-rays at the airports and perhaps other places where they are looking for weapons hidden on the body.

我们一辈子能照几次 X 光?还有牙科 X 光检查ーー如果他们在你身上系上铅围裙,然后离开房间,让你受到冲击,那么 X 光检查的力量一定很强大。在机场或者其他地方有上述的 X 光检查,他们在那里寻找藏在尸体上的武器。

Worst of all are the medical staff who glibly provide diagnostic imaging for women to prevent breast cancer. They preyed more than anywhere else on poor, black communities by gifting them with mobile scanning units for mammograms; calling it “screening”. They love to treat us for diseases we don’t have. Radiation, masks, quarantines… It’s all about fear and they’re not above shaming to do it.

最糟糕的是医务人员,他们巧妙地为妇女提供诊断成像,以预防乳腺癌。他们给贫穷的黑人社区配备了移动扫描设备进行乳房 X 光检查,并称之为“筛查”,这种做法比其他任何地方都更为猖獗。他们喜欢治疗我们没有的疾病。辐射,口罩,隔离... 都是关于恐惧的,他们不会羞于这么做。

2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球


Who but someone who absolutely hates women would dream up these machines which inflict pain and in many cases, suffering, and tell us it’s for our own good? There has long been a war against women specifically, and it’s still raging today. Very few are telling women that radiation is dangerous and can be the CAUSE of cancer rather than preventing it. The squeezing of that delicate tissue can also cause damage.


If you do your research, you might learn that thermography is a safe diagnostic tool that can detect changes in cells up to seven [7] years before they ever go rogue and become problematic.


It seems the Swiss are the first to call into question the safety and efficacy of mammograms. No one but we truthers are talking about the ethics of it or the war on women and the Divine Feminine.

瑞士人似乎是第一个对乳房 X 光检查的安全性和有效性提出质疑的国家。除了我们真理论者,没有人在谈论它的伦理道德,或者是对女性和神圣女性的战争。

Please read the following and be apprised of the truth of yet another “medical malpractice” class action lawsuit begging to be filed, in my opinion. Have they actually banned it, or is it under recommendation? I don’t see anything saying it’s a done deal but perhaps it’s censored. The following was news in 2016.


The evidence of harm and the lack of benefit led the Swiss Medical Board to recommend abolishing mammography as a mass‑ screening program. This is the first step at making an objective evaluation not influenced by politics and industry’s propaganda. One can only hope that other countries and policy decision makes will take this message seriously.

危害和缺乏益处的证据导致瑞士医学委员会建议废除乳房 X 线摄影作为大规模筛查项目。这是客观评价不受政治和行业宣传影响的第一步。我们只能希望其他国家和政策决策者将认真对待这一信息。


Regardless, it should be banned, like most other allopathic cut/burn/poison treatments for cancer. It’s all butchery and the perfect way for them to attack women with free-will complicity for uninformed choices. Then they are part of the “system” which will gladly profit off their misery in later years.


It has little to do with “screening”. The only screening going on is that those who reject it are safer, and those who consent to the weapon increase their chances of getting cancer.


Meanwhile, the cancer “research” charity organizations don’t look for cures for cancer; their R&D is about creating new deadly pharmaceuticals to poison us and extend our misery. Humanity must stop donating to anyone offering “cancer research”. How many decades will we fall for that when no cure was ever provided by the allopathic community?

与此同时,癌症“研究”慈善组织并不寻找治愈癌症的方法; 他们的研发是创造新的致命药物来毒害我们,延长我们的痛苦。人类必须停止向任何提供“癌症研究”的人捐款。如果对抗疗法社区从未提供过治疗方法,我们还要上这个当几十年?

Today we won’t venture into the many cures for cancer and the ways to reduce the chances we will get it which are far less unpleasant and are much safer than irradiating our tissues. That’s a topic we have addressed countless times and doubtless will again.


In case you missed it…



The full Linked In post is excellent and demands to be shared.

完整的 LinkedIn 帖子非常棒,需要分享。

Knowledge is power, and the precedent has been set.


For the open-minded intrepid truth-seekers, the crew shared a good video about the construct of Earth/Terra and some of it is similar to what Yellow Rose for Texas told us years ago about the setup being similar to an orrery, kind of like the following.

对于思想开放、勇敢的真理探索者来说,工作人员分享了一个关于地球/Terra 构造的好视频,其中一些与多年前德克萨斯州的黄玫瑰告诉我们的设置类似于太阳系仪器,有点像下面这样。

2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

What do you think of this video? I must say it’s getting more and more difficult to say what is impossible and what isn’t. Nearly all the “weird” stuff we conspiracy theorists have stated has proven to be true. 46 min.


As far as the incoming energies to boost our frequencies, we have a little commentary on the relatively new “magenta” colour witnessed in the “auroras” recently.


Currently happening in Lofoten, Norway pic.twitter.com/LgvJVJqjRD

Magenta corresponds with the number 44 which goes with the 4th Gate of the 11:11, which is much of what we are currently experiencing as we build the foundations of our New Lives. The Magenta Ray is cosmic energy and divine love. It combines the Red and the Violet ray and brings with it a deep sense of spirituality. It connects both the root and crown chakra and brings in a very grounded perception of higher levels of communication. It opens the medulla oblongata to align the crown chakra, third eye, throat chakra and heart center creating the sensation of being wrapped in the divine Mothers arms restoring balance, hope, unconditional love and focus to move forward into our true potential. Link to Telegram for more breathtaking visuals.

品红对应的数字是44,它与11:11的第4道门相连,这是我们目前正在经历的大部分,因为我们正在建立我们新生命的基础。洋红光是宇宙能量和神圣的爱。它结合了红色和紫罗兰色的光线,并带来了深刻的灵性意识。它连接了根脉轮和冠脉轮,并带来了一个非常根深蒂固的更高层次的沟通感知。它打开延髓,使皇冠脉轮、第三只眼、咽喉脉轮和心脏中心保持一致,创造被神圣母亲的手臂包裹的感觉,恢复平衡、希望、无条件的爱和专注,进入我们真正的潜能。链接到 Telegram 获得更多惊人的视觉效果。~ JeanneRoman


2023年11月22日: 有好消息,也有坏消息|星际飞船地球

That concludes our pre-Thanksgiving post. Tomorrow is turkey day in America, and Cornish hen day here, bless their little hearts. Stay safe everyone, enjoy your families and friends and try to avoid controversial topics for just one day.  ~ BP

感恩节前的帖子到此结束。明天是美国的火鸡节,这里是康沃尔鸡节,祝福他们的小心脏。保证每个人的安全,享受你的家人和朋友,尽量避免有争议的话题只有一天。~ BP


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