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最近针对“ C 生物”的行动使得光明势力能够在表面上对阴谋集团采取更有效的行动。例如,一些阴谋集团成员现在越来越难以在不被公众注意的情况下运作。


Since March, the increased Mars energies have been active and so the situation on the Earth's surface (in combination with the increasingly stronger influence from the Sun and Galactic Central Sun) is currently becoming more and more chaotic and also increasingly warlike. I do not want to go into geopolitical, sociopolitical or financial events at this time, as some of these topics are physical effects of certain energetic processes, while other things are merely happening to keep the surface population distracted, panicked and divided. It is much more interesting to see what is going on behind the scenes and what new information is being brought to light.


Lately, the Light Forces have taken massive action against the underground systems and tunnels of the "C-beings". There are probably also many Lightwarriors incarnated here on the surface who are reading this blog and are astrally involved in these operations. Maybe some of them are able to remember fragments of their missions during daytime consciousness. If they don't, this is not a bad thing because it's for their own protection. For the human self, such experiences are not easy to process, as clearings of these underground facilities are most comparable to a mixture of Torech Ungol (Tolkien's Lord of the Rings) and the military science fiction novel Starship Troopers. Let's just say it's not for the faint-hearted.



Conducting these operations has also allowed the Light Forces to gain and release new information about the Dark Ones. For example, many Lightworkers on the surface (including myself) have assumed that the "C-beings" were actually previously high evolved and positive spiritual beings who became disconnected from Source through contact with the Anomaly. But this is apparently no longer 100% correct. Just as, for example, angels were born from the Heart of the Source, there are apparently "C-beings" who were created out of the Darkness/Anomaly without having been in contact with the Source before. So, they have always been negative and presumably will continue to be so until they are dissolved by the Light. I don't know if this applies to all, but at least to some of them.

执行这些行动也允许光明势力获得并发布关于黑暗势力的新信息。例如,地表上的许多光之工作者(包括我自己)已经假定“ C 级存有”实际上是先前高度进化和积极的灵性存有,他们通过与异常点的接触而与源头断开联系。但这显然不再是100% 正确的。就像,举个例子,天使是从源头之心诞生的,很明显,有些“ C 生物”是从黑暗/异常中创造出来的,他们之前并没有接触过源头。所以,他们一直都是负面的,并且大概会一直这样下去,直到他们被光所溶解。我不知道这是否适用于所有人,但至少适用于其中一些人。

The second piece of information I have received concerns the question of who first set foot on Earth, Light Forces or Dark Ones?

我收到的第二条信息是关于谁第一个踏上地球的问题,光明势力还是黑暗势力? �


So far, the general narrative, which I also have assumed, has been that the Light Forces colonized this planet with humans to create a paradise out of uninhabited Earth and thus spread the Light even further inside this galaxy ... until the Dark Ones came along. They invaded, took over and installed the Grid with the incarnation prison ... which is still true, except for one thing: the Light Forces apparently didn't get here first.

到目前为止,一般的说法,我也假设过,是光明势力和人类一起殖民了这个星球在无人居住的地球上创造了一个天堂,从而将光明传播到这个星系更远的地方... 直到黑暗者出现。他们入侵,接管,并安装了电子网络与化身监狱... 这仍然是真的,除了一件事: 光明势力显然不是第一个到达这里。

It looks as if a faction of the "C-beings" already landed earlier and hid under the surface before another faction set foot on the planet.

看起来,在另一个派别踏上这个星球之前,“ C 生物”的一个派别已经提前登陆并藏在地表之下。

Though it is the case that the Light Forces carefully scan every uninhabited planet before planning colonization, they apparently were not able at that time to detect the Dark Ones, perfectly camouflaged by their exotic technology beneath the surface of the Earth.



Currently, I cannot say whether the "C-beings" deliberately hid inside Earth (so that Light Forces or humanity would fall into their trap in the event of possible colonization) or whether they simply wanted to just hide and were then surprised themselves that the planet was suddenly colonized ... but either way, that doesn't matter anymore. The trap snapped, as that is the characteristic of arachnoid beings when prey runs into their web.

目前,我还不能确定这些“ C 生物”是否有意隐藏在地球内部(这样光明势力或人类就会在可能的殖民事/件中落入他们的陷阱) ,或者他们只是想隐藏起来,然后惊讶于这个星球突然被殖民了... ... 但不管怎样,这已经不重要了。陷阱突然断裂,因为这是蜘蛛生物的特点,当猎物跑进他们的网。

So, they were able to manipulate the structure of Atlantis from the beginning, secretly bring in reinforcements from other sectors of the universe through underground portals, and in the end call in their entire fleet to finally invade from the surface, bring Atlantis down and install the Grid. This perhaps explains even better why Atlantis failed back then, and why we are where we are today. Unfortunately, we were caught like flies in a web.


If the Light Forces had recognized at that time that the Dark Ones were already lurking below the surface, i.e. that the planet was "contaminated", the Earth would have never been colonized. Instead, the planet would have been completely sealed off and declared a restricted zone. Only military units would have been allowed to set foot on or under the surface, for the purpose to remove the "C-beings". After that, the Earth would presumably remain under strict military observation by the Light Forces until today and beyond ... a colonization would still not have taken place.

如果光明势力在那个时候就认识到黑暗势力已经潜伏在地表之下,也就是说,这个星球已经被“污染”了,那么地球就永远不会被殖民。相反,这个星球将被完全封锁,并被宣布为禁区。只有军事单位才被允许踏上地面或者潜入地下,目的是为了移除“ C 生物”。在那之后,地球可能会一直处于光明势力的严格军事观察之下,直到今天,甚至更久... ... 殖民仍然不会发生。 


These are the difficulties that the Dark Ones cause through their exotic technologies: On the one hand, there are the Toplet Bombs, which make action against them incredibly dragging, on the other hand, there is their ability to camouflage, which also makes them so incredibly difficult to detect. But this is all water under the bridge now. The important thing is that the Liberation continues as quickly as possible.

这些就是黑暗势力通过他们奇异的技术造成的困难: 一方面,有顶夸克炸弹,这使得针对他们的行动变得异常拖沓,另一方面,他们的伪装能力也使得他们难以置信地难以被发现。但现在这些都是水到渠成的事。重要的是,解放工作要尽可能快地继续下去。

The recent operations against the "C-beings" enables the Light Forces to take more effective action against the Cabal on the surface as well. For example, it is now becoming increasingly difficult for some Cabal members to operate unnoticed by the public. Things will not go so easily and well anymore. Some Cabal minions will begin to struggle with their health or lose their drive for the agenda.

最近针对“ C 生物”的行动使得光明势力能够在表面上对阴谋集团采取更有效的行动。例如,一些阴谋集团成员现在越来越难以在不被公众注意的情况下运作。事情不会再那么容易和顺利了。一些阴谋集团的爪牙将开始与他们的健康斗争或失去他们的动力议程。 


The inner core of the Cabal will panic and possibly try to stage a nuclear war. The Light Forces assure that it will not come to that, but we could be getting pretty close to that scenario, similar to the compulsory vaccination during the pandemic which also seemed to be about to be introduced, but then ultimately failed. So, a similar scare scenario might threaten us during the current East-West conflict. At least it will appear so to the broad mass of people. In this case, my advice to Starseeds is to remain calm, just as during the pandemic.


Finally, I would like to thank you for all the e-mails. I have read through but unfortunately couldn't answer all of them. Although a few black sheep wanted to exploit the contact opportunity, which was to be expected, the majority of the messages were really extremely positive and contained interesting information and questions, so again, thank you very much.



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